In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The QADIANIS are apostates and are not within the mainstream of Islam. They attempt to deceive Muslims and non-Muslims with their trickery and missionary zeal by claiming that they are Muslims. This leaflet is a brief exposition of the Qadianis. MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD, the founder of the QADIANI CULT was born in a family who were stooges of British Imperialism in 1839 AD in the town of Qadian in India. His forefathers were traitors to the Muslims of India, served the British in every way possible. The Qadianis were a creation of the British. Since Mirza abrogated the duty of Jihad, which is compulsory on all Muslims, he found favour with the British and rendered meritorious services to their cause, and the British in turn used him to divide and rule the Muslims. Mirza Qadiani initially claimed to be a reformer of Islam and later declared that Allah (God) sent him as His prophet and also in the person of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him, PBUH). Muslims universally believe that the HOLY PROPHET HADHRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH) is the Last Messenger of Allah and that there will be no other prophet after him, because the FINALITY OF PROPHETHOOD (KHATME-NABUWWAH) ended in the HOLY PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH). The Muslim scholars of India had in the early stages respected Mirza as a fellow-scholar and preacher of Islam; but later discovered his true intentions when he declared that he was a prophet and the Christ. They rebuked and condemned him and declared him to be an apostate and kafir (unbeliever). Mirza Qadiani eventually died in 1908, of cholera in the toilet, as a result of Allah's curse on him! Muslims and their governments the world over have openly declared Mirza and his followers as being apostates. Below we have cited a few beliefs of the QADIANIS in order to give shed some further light on this heretical denomination. We seek refuge with Allah from the Accursed Satan: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Allah is anthropomorphic. He observes fasts and prays; he sleeps and wakes; He commits mistakes and errors; He cohabits and mates; He gives birth and impersonates. The Prophets and Apostles will continue to receive ministry from Allah till the Day of Resurrection. Ghulam Ahmad is a prophet and apostle of God. Ghulam Ahmad is superior to all the apostles including Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He received revelation from Allah. The angel entrusted to bring revelation to him was Gabriel. Their religion is distinct from all other religions, they have a regular Shariah (Law) of their own and they are a new Ummah (nation) - the Ummah of Ghulam Ahmad. They have a regular Book which ousts the Holy Qur'an in rank and status. It is called 'Kitab AlMubeen'. Qadian is like Makkah and Medinah in status and position – no, even superior to the two most holy cities.

10. Their ''Hajj'' is their attendance at the annual conference in Qadiyan, India.

Published By: Imam Ahmad Raza Institute International