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Method of Investigation

To collect data for this research paper, the researcher has

decided to use the questionnaire as the main instrument to
collect data. The questionnaire was used as a tool for collecting
data and has a number of advantages which are listed below:
It requires a little time to complete.
It guarantees confidentiality since respondents are not required to
attach their names.
It can be done at the convenience of the person required to
complete it.

The distributions of condoms to teenagers are very effective and good
for the community of Wellington in St. Mary, Jamaica and the wider
society. The distribution of condoms within my community would
reduce / prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spreading of transmitted
disease. The researcher highly recommends that parents/care taker have
frequent conversation with their teenagers about their sexual
development. Parents/guardian need to discuss with their teenagers the
consequences of being engaged in sexual intercourse.
The media and government need to promote abstinence and have sex
education taught in all schools. The government can implement laws that
permit existing clinics and pharmacy to distribute condoms free of cost
to teenagers. Teenagers should be educated on how to use the condoms
properly when they visit these facilities.

In order to solve this problem the researcher would advise the

Write and print brochures and booklet for distributing within my
community dealing with the topic sex and the effect of having sex
at this early age.
Invite members from health center to lecture the teenager of my
community about sexually development and how they should react
to these changes. The members will also educate them about sex
and its consequences.
Organize and develop a youth club in my community with this in
place teenagers can seek help and information about issues that
affect them.

The survey reported that majority of respondents of Wellington in
St. Mary Jamaica agreed that condom should be distribute to

If condom should be distributed to teenagers there will be

reduction in unwanted pregnancy and the spreading of Sexually
Transmitted Diseases.

Distribution of condom can influence teenager to be engage in

sexual active which lead to an increase in unwanted pregnancy and
the spreading of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

while 30% of respondents reported that it will prevent teenagers from

being infected with sexually transmitted disease.
However 30% of respondents disagree that condoms should be
distributed to teenagers. Phyllis Scalfly (December, 1994) states
condom distribution programs produce an increase in teenage sexual
activity. Phyllis Scalfly does not see it fit to distribute condoms to
teenagers. She believes that if condoms are distributed to teenagers it
will encourage them to have sex. From the survey 35% of respondents
believe condom distribution to teenagers will influence them to engage
in sexual activity.

Appropriate Age to Begin Sexual Activity

Age/time begin sexual activity
Under 16
When they get married
When they fall in love with someone

Number of

(Table 1)

Table 1- shows the age at which the respondents believe individuals

should begin having sexual activity. The majority of the respondents
(60%) think that a person should be involved in sexual activity only
when they are married, while 20% indicates that sexual activity should
begin between ages 19-18. Only 15% of the respondents believe it
should begin when they fall in love with someone. 5% believe between
ages 16-18 are suitable. Respondents completely disagree with sexual
activity starting before age 16.

Should teenagers under 18 years be

sexually active?-Respondents Views

(Figure 2)

Figure 2 -The Pie Chart above shows 100% of the respondents disagree
that teenagers under the age of 18 years should be involved in sexual

Reaction of Respondents
to their children involvement in sexual
(Figure 3)

Figure 3 -Evidence from the survey indicates that 50% of respondents

would provide their child/children with condoms or other contraceptive
if they discovered that he/she was sexually active.10% of the
respondents said that they would take their sexually active child for
counseling. While 20% said they would punish him/her and tell him/her

never to have sex again and the final 20% would throw him/her out of
the house.
19. Which of the following contraceptive method would you recommend
for teenagers?
The pill
Diaphragms or caps
Other please be specific _____________________
20. If condoms are distribute to teenager what is mostly likely to
Prevent unwanted pregnancies among teenagers
Prevent teenagers from being infected with sexually transmitted
Influence teenager to be engage sexually activities
Provide reason for your
21. Should sex education be taught in school?
Provide reason for your answer

4. Do you have child/children?




5. If yes, how many?
6 or more
6. Do you think that teenagers under the age of 18 should be involved in
sexually activities?

or No

7. If you find out that your teenager is sexually active, what would
you do?
Throw him/her out of the house
Take him/her for counseling
Provide him/her with condoms or other contraceptive
Punish him/her and tell him/her never to have sex again
Other, please be

11. Would you give or expose your teenager to sexual information?


12. How often do you speak to your teenager about sex?

During family discussions
Every time the topic comes for discussion
Sex is never discussed
13. At what age should people start having sex?
Under 16
19 and over
When they get marred
When they fall in love with someone
14. Which of the following are factors that encourage sexual activity
amongst teenagers?
Interaction with the opposite sex
Parent lack of supervision

Poor parent and children relationship

Prevalence of sex in the mass media