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Positive Impact of Social Networking

1. In Education Level
Discussion Media in learning
social networking for teens can solve a problem (discussions) about a lesson
together. So the problem is solved together.
Increase student Creativity
social networking for teens accelerated to create a work to attract the attention of
other users. That way, students will be stimulated to dig their skills. For example
by writing an article, or post on a blog.
Information can be accessed more quickly
With the social networking students can exchange information among fellow
users. That way, students will more easily access information that related to
academic and non-academic. Examples of information about the existence of a
contest, information about school enrollment, and others.
Train to Communicate
With the social networking,it will increase communication among users, even
enrich language skills because of the possibility to make contact with the youth
from different parts of the world
Increase Visual Reasoning
It includes how individuals perceive and process it visually until it reaches a
Several studies have shown that individuals who received training through
computer simulations in the form will show better performance in practice in the
real world than individuals who do not perform the simulation.
Teens today are also better at multitasking than previous generations. This seems
related to improving the visual information that must be processed at the same
time as when they interact with the internet.
2. Adolescent Lifestyle
help to build self-esteem
with the social network,teens can learn to do things that are
not embarrassing theirself. they are practicing to do something positive so
that their self-esteem not be underestimated
increase confidence
with the social network, teens can grow into a person that having high confidence in
life because they have been accustomed to
communicating with other friends in social networks, so they have no a sense of
Join a group, develop a sense of independence, and can engage in positive selfexpression
with social network,teens can join in a group that can develop their sense of
independence and can engage in positive self-expression, for example in the

group has an agenda of activities helping victims of natural disasters.

Increase solidarity among fellow
with social network,teens can communicate with fellow members
continuously , so there will be a high sense of brotherhood among them.
to engage in critical thinking and decision making.
with frequently involved in discussions among fellow members, it can
make teenagers think more critically, so that in making decisions more teenagers to
consider the pros and cons before they take the decisions.