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Space travel to the Moon is often cited as one giant leap for mankind.

Yet some people argue

that this achievement made little difference to our daily lives. What is your opinion?

Despite numerous setbacks and daunting expenditures, travelling in the outer space has never
failed to attract peoples attention. Sixty years after the first Moon landing, people question
whether the feat, previously thought of as a giant leap for mankind, has substantially benefited
peoples lives. In my opinion, landing on the Moon has enormous relevance for the quality of life,
albeit not always explicit.
The first implication of Moon landing is reflected in the likelihood of traveling on other planets.
Moon, as the object in the outer space closet to their Earth, can serve as a launch site for the
journeys to other planets. Having no atmosphere, the Moon is permanent base for people to

observe the universe easily and provide them with sufficient evidence they require for decision
making on a great many significant issues, which are likely to have direct impact on them. For
example, one can learn more about the treat of potentially hazardous objects that are likely to hit
the Earth and destroy our civilization.
Another remarkable breakthrough made by the Moon landing is that it reignites peoples
enthusiasm in the natural sciences. When todays youths become increasingly interested in such
subjects as commerce, finance and business, space exploration successfully attracts and retains
talents in space-related technologies. These young minds are convinced that unravelling the
unknown of the universe is feasible, despite all challenges. They are inspired to think for the
future, instead of being preoccupied with contemporary issues only.
It should also be noted that the Moon has water, the basic resource for peoples survival, and it
abounds in solar energy, a clean and readily obtainable resource. It is also believed that minerals
are plentiful there to be exploited. Someday, if people are forced to move off the Earth, the Moon
might be the best shelter. Although people have not yet fully explored this possibility at this
stage, preliminary investigation is imperative.
Based on the aforementioned facts, one can conclude that the Moon landing greatly impacts on
distant future, although its effect is not apparent for the time being. The moon is the eventual
gateway to other planets and potentially the place of residence for the future generations. The
scientific knowledge and economic benefits to be gained by building a sustainable Moon base are
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Feat = achievement = accomplishment
Relevance = significance = weight
Explicit = overt
Unravel = find an answer to = work out
Feasible = practical = viable = practical = realistic
Obtainable = available = accessible
Preliminary = initial = preceding
Imperative = necessary = crucial = vital
Gateway = entry = doorway = access