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Has science made Nature and Life

Complex as Religions made God

By John Paily

Yes is the answer. Nature is simple. It is ENERGY and MATTER that interconverts to sustain
certain balance. We have made nature complex in our quest to conquer nature in some
predictable mathematical language without comprehending ENERGY, how it manifests into
MATTER and vice-versa. Time direction in the universe can be visualized as unilateral
increase of energy or matter thus stressing the system. We have failed to understand how
the system maintains the balance of energy and matter. Before science was SPIRITUALITY.
Spirituality was the Knowledge of SUPREME SPIRIT or GOD SPIRIT. God Reality is
simple but is made complex by religions so that they can exploit people. Today we are
stressed to evolve to understand Nature and God in simplicity and develop new framework
to live in harmony with oneself, society, nature and Cosmos. The failure to evolve and
awaken to truth of nature and her functioning in simplicity could mean huge destruction
from nature and her forces. God is a Unifying, Creating and sustaining field and force that
works against gravity. Our separation into multitude of religions, each fighting to advance
the religion by quantitative manner than qualitative, can become critical in global scenario
where humanity has acquired weapons of mass destruction. We are clearly at danger point.
It is time we evolve and understand Nature and God in simplicity and act quickly to save
earth and Humanity.


We live in scientific world occupied to capture nature and its

reality into some mathematical language. The quest of science has led to
different perception of nature and the cosmos. The type of technologies it
has contributed has mesmerized the world. From simple mechanical worldview of Newton, we have advanced to more complex relativistic and chaotic
theories. In the last 3 decades, it has become further complex with string
and parallel world that has 11 dimensions. This is in addition to selforganizing theory and theories that religious people present. The article
explores a new line of thinking that is independent and yet includes all the
developments in science conceptually in simple and sensible way.
If you truly wish to explore and understand the article, I request that you that
you first see video links at the end that speak of major developments in
science and what point it stands now. This could help you comprehend the
simplicity of my visions that came more out of Grace as I approached nature
in freedom from all schools of science or religions.


Before science was spirituality. Religions formed as spirituality deteriorated.

Science emerged when religions were exploiting humanity amassing wealth

in the name of unseen God and were virtually ruling humanity with iron fist.
The scenario has not changed. Science pursued Truth separating soul and
mind from matter as it enquired into nature. Science is built on observation
of nature and logical formulation of its basic phenomena; motion. Science
originated as search for conceptualization of motion and its expression in
Chosen mathematical language. Passion of Predictability drove early
science and it is still driven by it. The capability science showed to
Predict Motion put a break on the rise of Religious Institutions.
Early science was simple but took a complex approach with wrong perception
and interpretation of Electromagnetic force. It eventually led to break down
of science into two incompatible branches [Reference videos 1,2, 3 and 4
can give insight to present state of science]. The search for truth now
became complicated and temples of science became industries feeding
technologies than a place seeking Truth and Light. Consequently, evil minds
in all realms only got more power to exploit nature and humans. Reckless
exploitation of nature and her resources without knowing the simple
Principle and Design and interconnectedness, has stressed earth to her
limit and she is wreathing in pain. Her forces are becoming increasingly
destructive. Energy is peaking and falling in an accelerated manner causing
huge destruction. The increasing uncertainty and turbulence has once again
become fishing ground for non-enlightened self-centered religious
institutions. They are playing on human minds trying to advance
quantitatively their institution. These unenlightened religious institutions are
becoming the greatest problem on earth. The time has come that unless we
awaken and evolve to know Truth we are poised for self-destruction.
Here are a series of picture for you to decide debate on science and its
development and comprehend it sensibly. I am not a trained physicist and I
do not understand mathematics. I was a Biologist and Bio-technologist,
turned a thinking soul that stood with consciousness and left my career in
science two half decades back. I was disturbed by basic unanswered
whys of biological science such as why gene is triplet code? Why dominant
and recessive gene exists? Why DNA is a double helix? Why pairs of
chromosomes? Why mitotic and meiotic division? --- And so on. At a critical
point in my life, I choose to revolt against modern science and religions than
surrendering my consciousness to be a salve. I chose to pursue my quest to
know Truth from point of freedom in nature. Nature appeared simple and
seems to be working on simple Principle and Design. Its fundamental

struggle is to sustain certain equilibrium at all cost. I have built my picture on

this core thought that nature was revealing to me. I did pursue the
conceptual and ideological developments in physical science as part of this
quest and found them fitting effortlessly into my thought and idea. It is for
you to judge. We are edging to critical period in History of Time, where we
are being forced to evolve our knowledge to take guard of earth. There is not
much time left to awaken.
I present here series of picture depicting my imagination and perception of
conceptual development in science. I also present new evolved imagination
that includes all developments in science sensibly. In all humbleness, I must
accept that it came to me by Grace. It speaks how motion and Quantum
Dance of particle originates, what drives the manifestation of matter and
complex system. What leads to formation of life and how cosmos exist
perpetually? And so on. I have extended this imagination to understand the
core of spiritual scriptures as a science of highest order- You can read the
links for further information.

The World of Galileo

Galileo rolled balls of different weight on a slanted table and measured the
time taken for the ball to reach the bottom. He also arranged a second
adjustable plank at the bottom. The ball moved up on second plank. As the
angle is reduced, the ball moved further and further and he assumed that in
the absence of friction the ball would roll eternally.

Newtons world
From the above logical thinking, Newton built the first law that says that in
the absence of external force everything moves in a uniformly accelerated
manner in straight line.
Important Point to Note and think - What causes the uniformly
accelerated motion is not answered.
Newton went ahead to
build his mechanical
world-view from this
point. The famous
saying is that he
observed an apple
falling and visualized a
natural tendency for
objects to fall to the
center. He visualized
an attraction between
two objects. He
assumed bodies are
attracted to each other
by a term mass that
nearly equivalent to
weight. Now smaller
body at a particular
distance from the
bigger body would
curve by gravity or attractive force and thus end up moving in circular orbit
around the bigger object. See Fig. His second law f=ma gave the edge for
application. His third law stated that for every action there is an equal and
opposite reaction

Important point to note and think

1] We are seeing two forces here a vertical force and horizontal force.
2] Life is involved in the process of lifting something in gravity. Without
Galileo the ball would not have gone to the top of the table, without the tree

apple would not have gone to a height. We the humans seem to be the cause
of accelerated motion and we are the recipient of the reaction. It is also
important to note that Newton never answered what property gives mass
and how gravity manifests. When encountered with this question Newton
reacted I frame no hypothesis

World of Electricity
Fallowing it Electric attraction and repulsions and current flowing between
positive and negative end of battery is discovered. A turning point
emerged when scientist discovered a magnetic force associated with a
current carrying wire. [See reference video -1]. This was misunderstood
and interpreted as New Force and thus emerged the concept of
electro-magnetic force. Light is visualized as an electromagnetic force
and it posed a serious challenge to Newtonian world-view. See Fig.

FIG: TURNING POINT - In a simple experiment a new force

that acts perpendicular to force acting between charge in
current carrying wire was discovered. Thus, a new force
called electromagnetic force came into existence. Light was
discovered as an electromagnetic wave/particle. The
concept of light began to break Newtonian world-view. This
gave way to Einsteinian World View [Relativity and General
Relativity Theory of Gravity]
History would have been different had we perceived
electromagnetic wave as spiral one see fig. The failure to
imagine quantum particle, its motion , how force manifest,
the cause for motion etc., led to complexity of wave particle

World of Einstein
Einstein came in when Newtons world-view was challenged by light and
electromagnetism. He stepped in with his Relativity Theory making bold
changes in space-time concept and using a new language; Riemanns
Geometry. There is a saying that during Einsteins time hardly few scientists
understood his Theory. I am not a physicist yet somehow his concept and
vision appeared real and simple to me. Here is a picture I wrote more than
two and half decades back See Fig.

This may not be the way physicists think and understood Einsteins work.
The figure explains Einsteins mind and his imaginations in a simplistic way.
He possibly perceived that nature is essential a curved one. The two forces
vertical and horizontal are one. History tells us that he visualized a spider
moving on a globe to develop his theories. The video reference-1 gives the
history of science giving way to Einsteins world-view.
Note Newtonian world had concept two masses; gravitational and inertial.
However, it was visualized as one and the same.
Instead visualizing the spider on Globe, I have imagined ball rolling in curved
path. The ball can exist oscillating only if a constant force is applied on it. In

the absence of constant force, the ball would tend to accelerate to the
middle point. Here I have visualized matter/mass as product of two light
particles moving in opposite direction. The accelerated motion now becomes
unwinding on one plane and winding on another plane by same proportion
thus giving resistance See Fig.

The two figures above speak two facets of Einsteinian thinking. The first
figure speaks of two light particles C1 and C2 particles uniting in space to
form a matter with a mass and reduced frequency. Separated these particles
are free in space and has maximum vibrancy and speed. First figure speak
how mass translates resisting the directed force acting on it. The second
figure speaks what happens when heat induced changes are supplied to the
mass. Einsteins world when extended in time including the laws of energy
leads us of Big Bang origin from a point at which the laws of physics fail. At
this point, the concept of space-time breaks down. Today scientists are
actually re-introspecting very concept of space-time an are trying to visualize

it as emergent property that arises from black hole. See video reference
-3, 4
Unlike Newton who built his world-view on matter that moves with a minimal
speed [force] and has reduced freedom, Einstein built his world-view based
light that has maximum speed and maximum freedom. He visualized energy
contained in vibrating particle of light and said that matter as an object
where vibration is greatly reduced. However, he failed to comprehend
how this happens.

Important Point to Note

and Think
1] Mass now becomes the measure of
non-equilibrium. Science could have
visualized mass as ratio of two masses
gravitational and inertial that are inter
convertible. Why scientist failed to
visualize it is a question mark
2] Motion in Einsteinian world necessitates the existence of Mover or
Shaker. Here the role of experimenter who lifts, pushes and heats calls for
3] Einstein failed to visualize the cause for vibration, and how light manifests
into matter. His E=mc2 suggest that matter is formed by the collision of light
particles. The key here is to visualize the cause for the vibration, the
design that facilitates this vibration, how this vibration manifests
into motion and how energy is stored in this vibration. This is
visualized and explore later.

Heisenbergs World The Uncertainty and

Quantum Entangled World
Before Einstein could rest on his laurels, Heisenberg came up with
Uncertainty Theory. This broke the notion of predictability of nature and led
science to split in the middle; one law and language emerged to predict the
micro world beyond atoms and another above it. Experiments began to
accumulate many paradoxes such as wave particle duality, Quantum
entanglement and so on, which science has failed to perceive even today.
Science has branched into linear science where small actions create

equivalent reactions and non-linear science where small actions can create
huge reaction and apparently irreversible situations. Science has discovered
black holes where information gets lost; it has developed string theory,
parallel and multiple worlds and so on. It has evolved making nature complex
beyond common person and even the scientific community. It has moved
humanity farther from Truth creating huge disorder and uncertainty. It has
only ended giving technological tools into pathologically criminal minds.
Let us now briefly review what we visualized. Here is a figure where we are
refiguring light particle and its quantum dance and its Quantum
Entanglement in three dimensions of space.

The actions and motion that scientists tried to understand were of essentially
of two types, lifting against gravity and pushing against gravity. The figure
below represents these two actions. These actions essentially have three
basic quantum steps before a reaction occurs. We know that as object is
lifted in gravity, its attraction with earth diminishes and eventually at around
a critical point, it finds orbit. Beyond it, it is lost into space. We know that as
speed increases mass increases and thus we have to give more force to
accelerate an object and thus speed of light becomes the maximum limit.
[See videos]

Let us now return to Galileo and his experiment. When Galileo lifted the ball
in gravitational field, he did supply a mass or energy [Increased the Potential
and decreased the kinetic] proportional to the weight. The body on its way
back had to exchange this energy with the environment to return to the
original state. Suppose we take the time taken for the exchange is
proportional to weight, we arrive at the same result. This is true when
surface area of interaction remains constant. The figure below elaborates a
quantum action.

Very Important Point

The actual process of lifting or accelerating the body is a QUANTUM SPIRAL
MOTION accompanied by unit contraction of matter in space in one or other
dimensions of space. Einstein visualized it as contraction of time [Ref -1].
The process of expansion in one plane and contraction in the other
is dimensionless process. Hence, they are technically unpredictable.
The object wishes to pulsate and move around second critical point. When it
is pushed to third or first critical point, the system makes quantum leap to
next level; inner or outer world. This manifests as reaction. Depending on the
direction of force, it manifests into unwinding or winding. The figure clearly
expresses the two types of action taking place on earth. It tells why we need
more force to accelerate the body in gravitational field and why reaction
occurs. One should note that as the object reaches the third critical
point, the force is reversed on itself and it leads to quantum
reaction [See Fig above].

Why uncertainty exists

It is apparent from the above figure that our local action of lifting and
pushing are not separable from one another. It is not only interlinked but also
interlinked with actions taking place in parallel world and multiple worlds, all
of which are linked. Our local actions cannot be understood in
separation of the whole of which we are only a part.
Now let us expand the vision, including the parallel world and life

Expansion -1: The Parallel World

The figure above explains the parallel world reality. The parallel world
reality is best visualized by the separation of east and west and day
and night cycle. When west awakes to sunlight and heat and unwinds,
simultaneously east goes into darkness and winding state. When west peaks
in energy, the design helps it to give way to darkness and simultaneously the
opposite happens in east. The system is designed to balance itself. The
parallel and multiple world design is a reality that resists the gravity directed
to collapse to singularity.

Important Point to Note - Here there are four worlds in pairs; One
hiding in the other and supporting it from within. The dark world exists within
light world and light world exist within dark world thus opposing and
balancing the system. These pairs of parallel world are communicated
instantaneously and in time. They seem to exchange information to sustain
the balance. I am tempted to call your attention to a parallel phenomenon in
life; the pairs of DNA and pairs of Chromosomes that constantly exchange
information to sustain life.

Expansion-2: Parallel World including Life Gravity and Time

directed to a singularity is real. We cannot overlook the second law of
energy. The Parallel world alone cannot account for stability of the design. A
higher level of stability becomes visible when we include life into the above
design. Plant we know absorbs Light and heat and as night falls, it
assimilates energy and matter to create biological mass that grows against
gravity. Thus, plant life opposes gravity and helps sustain the world from
collapse. Earth with Plants alone can lead the world to antigravitational collapse. This is controlled by the existence of herbivore.
Carnivore in turn controls herbivore. The earth is self-sustaining Gaia as
Noble laureate James Lovelock presented to the world. However, the
theoretical physicists of the world have failed to give any importance to this
Now let us introduce Adult Humans into the above model. Adult humans as
we note are self and material centered. An adult human mind is aligned with
material force directed to gravitational collapse. In other words, he drives the
destruction of the world. We do not see any other species that kill its
own species and destroys its own abode that supports life with such
enormous greed as humans. Humans who claim he is conscious and

intelligent is actually the least conscious and intelligent life on earth. We are
the only species that fails to connect to the BASIC FORCE FIELD that
sustains the cosmos. Every other species of life on earth and virtually all
atoms resonate one with the changing universal frequency. Why humans
fails to resonate one with cosmos is because he is self-centered and
lives by his mind, its extension and its power. Introspection into our
own being and our actions, our thinking thus is very essential.
Einstein said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking
we used when we created them."

Where Human Mind of its Power is leading?

Human mind is powerful. The spiritual statement that we are created in the
image of Creator, speaks the immense power of our mind. The technological
world we live in speaks this. However, human mind by its self-centeredness
and slavery to material world has aligned his power with material force than
LIFE FORCE and leading the world towards complexity, disorder and selfdestruction. Human mind because of its slavery to material world is failing to
introspect and comprehend some basic facts of nature and ecosystem in
which he lives. Here is the primal point to which I have tried to call the world
The Earth is designed to sustain the temperature within some limit, much the
same as a living body works to sustain the temperature of the body. [Read
article Truth about Climate Change, How it is Unfolding and Can We Survive ]. The article
speaks how earth is designed with two simultaneous cycles heating and
cooling that works to maintain certain ENERGY TO MATTER RATIO and
thus temperature within limit and how we are influencing it. From industrial
era, we have been exponentially increasing the heat and thus the mass of
the environment. This coupled with the fact that we have intruded into the
night cycle when earth cools the environment and the fact that we
destroying the forest and greenery that absorbs light and heat and converts
into biological mass, is pushing earth to her critical limit. The grid point
around earth is breaking and environmental change is accelerating gaining
immense power. We are witnessing this as huge climate catastrophes.
If we do not awaken to manage the energy of the environment, it could lead
to chain of catastrophic event that can virtually destroy humanity. Our earth
and the whole cosmos are built on non-linear design and are tending to that

critical point, where small actions can create huge reactions. In our
ignorance of Principle and Design and the basic ecological fabric, we are
disturbing the vital energy to matter ratio that sustains the material fabric
of nature. By losing greenery, we are upsetting another vital ratio; the ratio
of O2 to CO2 that supports the animal kingdom including humans. The hike
in mass death of fish and birds does raise the alarm bells. If we delay to
awaken, we are poised for huge destruction and even virtual annihilation of
humanity. Noble laureate James Lovelock in his book Vanishing Face of
Gaia The Final Warning has predicted large-scale destruction of
humanity because of increasing heat. We are doomed unless we change our
thinking, awaken to manage the energy to matter ratio and develop new
technologies that release less heat into the environment

Reviewing Developments in Science in Right

Perspective A Step towards Awakening
It is important that we note that the basic quest of science
has been to unearth the building blocks, to know the cause
for motion, the know the forces that bind the building
blocks to form atoms, molecules and the big structures like
stars and galaxies, the planets and ultimately the life that
we are. The most important question is that how time manifest and
the system survive in time. In other words, how the whole
cosmological system comes into being and survives in time. In spite
of all apparent advancement, we have not progressed to answer
these questions sensibly.

Let us approach the problem from different perspective trying to put

together all partial concepts in simplicity and in a sensible way
The figure above shows how string exists and how it manifest into particle
and why it Quantum Dances with maximum speed. The vision unites
gravity and electric principles. It brings up basic SPIRAL MOTION in a
particle and system. It tells how energy or force manifests in the process.
The motion by virtue of non-equilibrium design is spiral and thus it
tells us why gravity manifests. Objects moving in a spiral have the
potency to pull the parallel world towards it. The process is driven by an
instinct to reach equilibrium and it is denied by design leading to perpetual
Quantum Dance between two states
The figure below shows how two quantum particles or light particle can
collide to form hydrogen atom in space and how hydrogen atoms in space
can unite to form helium atom and helium atom can unite to form a living
molecule and double torus. One thing we have to note is hierarchy of ratio
relationship. Suppose A and B form one particle 4:3 ratio, it can collide with
another particle C and D. Here C=B but A is not equal to D. When two
hydrogen atoms ABCD fuse with another Hydrogen atom EFGH a similar
hierarchy comes into effect.



Table: Shows the strength and ratio relationship in

space between the left and right of quantum particles,
the ratio relationship of Hydrogen atom forming two
quantum particles and the ratio relationship as two
hydrogen atom fuses to form helium atoms.

Note the triplet code and dominant and recessive

relationship [BCE and DFG]

Note We are also doing away with complexity of

atoms and visualizing particle and waves within that can

dynamically change around a center point, in relation to changes in external


Single Torus or Helium atom

Double Torus or Living


The formation of hydrogen atoms, formation of H2 molecules and fusion to

from helium atom is struggle of the system to reach higher state of
equilibrium in space. It is important to note that helium fills the three
dimensions of space. By virtue of its non-equilibrium design it develops an
inner space, that can open up to heat induced winding and unwinding and
communicate in threes steps. When two helium atoms forms a Double Torus
or Parallel worlds it becomes a highly stable molecules in space capable of
showing creativity. When it is pushed into near first critical point, it can resist
gravity by adding matter on to itself. We can visualize here the development
of DNA and double helix molecules. They are designed for information
exchanges through the inner hole [Black hole] and is capable of directing the
gravity force back to nature. We saw a similar design and information
exchange in day and night cycle of earth. The difference is that the
parallel world in earth in reality enclosed two more worlds that give
way to one another. Note this has parallel in Paired DNA and Paired
Chromosomes in Life.
Time is inevitable to living system and thus the Living molecule gets pushed
to second critical point. Here the DNA helix can open creating images of
itself. The one world thus gives way to dual and multiple worlds. These
aspects can be compared to breathing, mitotic division and vegetative
growth in life. It also can be compared to energy cycle manifesting into day
and night and climatic cycle on earth. A third level of stress is experienced
when time pushes the living molecules or system into near third critical
point. Here the dominant world [male] collapses and enters the
recessive world, evolves its information content and explodes into

Big Bang creating new space-time for it to live. Life is explosion of

information or Light or Life Force. In time, it emerges to start a New Time
Cycle. See Fig.

Important Point to Note

There are two phases to life. There is

short singular phase where masculine world exist in the recessive world in a
creation mode. This is then fallowed by dual and multiple world state.

We can now perceive the universe we live in

sensibly and in simplicity
We can imagine strings forming quantum particle and colliding to form atoms
and atom with opposing spin fusing to form helium atoms and helium atoms
of same spin fusing to form stars and galaxies and star and galaxies
directing its force and particle to a center, where hydrogen and helium atoms
again form. Here helium atoms of opposite spin can form Double
Torus molecules or Life molecules that can show creativity and gives
birth to life. Life creates reverse force making universe cyclic. See Fig. This
makes Earth that is supporting life a special Place an off centered center of
the universe as heart is off centered center of Life

Very Important Point Note - We are visualizing here a quantum

pulsating world, where rivers of energy or force and information SPIRALS
towards a center only to be transformed and flow back to the edge of the
universe. The origin of this pulse cannot be traced in the outer world, but to
life in the center. Life especially humans thus play an important role
not only on earth but in the whole cosmos

Singularity and big collapse and Big Bang origin is inescapable reality that
we have to account. This reality can only be accounted from a biological
point, where life survives the time and time direction through evolution of
information and unfolding of information. Since time direction is related with
humans, we can leave out all life and trace time back to a Supreme Human

Being that can arrest time and reverse the time direction. The Big Bang can
be traced to two Primal Double Torus molecules; one masculine and other
recessive. The creation or Big Bang Manifest when, the masculine breaks
down and wriggles carrying all its information to be conceived in the
feminine. This state is a unique singular state, which in time gives way
to dual world and multiple worlds. See fig in previous heading.
This line of thinking can lead us to one Supreme Living Molecule and
its Creative potential. The whole universe exists on top of this Single
Molecule that has differentiated in to parallel world; male and female. When
this Living Molecules is stressed in time, the masculine part experiences a
winding force, the feminine part unwinds in proportion to balance the system
and eventually it reached a critical point where it cannot handle any more
stress. At this point, the masculine part breaks de-differentiates into string
and the dominant string wriggle into feminine carrying immense energy. At
the same moment, the feminine part would have unwound and reached a
maximum point of collapse. In other words, one world reaches maximum of
kinetic energy and the other maximum of potential energy. When the
masculine world lodges in the feminine world, it resists the collapse of it by
giving it New Life. Imagine the egg cell being fertilized. This is a singularity
phase of creation or conception, which in time gives rise to duality. This can
be visualized as evolution of information. We can visualize this from one cell
dividing into two and eventually building new body out of the old for the
information to survive. The question is can the whole universe be supported
by force field, information, energy or light unfolding from a single Primal
Living molecule. I say Yes.

The Proof of Biological Big Bang Creation

The proof comes from Max Planks work. Max Planks works suggest that,
immense energy can be packed into one quantum particle. In scientific
circles, it is understand as Ultra Violet Catastrophe. We saw time
direction manifest from human mind that become self-centered. This means
the Primal Living Molecule is stressed by our self-centered actions and our
slavery to material Force. As 3/4th of the souls, turn against the Primal Force
field, masculine part of the Primal Molecule now is stressed and wound to
certain maximum. Simultaneously the feminine part of the primal souls
unwinds and reaches a critical point. In short, one Part reaches maximum of
Kinetic energy and the other maximum of potential energy. The creation
process now manifests. The masculine part of the Primal Living Molecule

breaks down, wriggles to conceive in the feminine to evolve the information

and explodes from within to initialize the system.
We saw time direction to darkness and disorder manifest from self of humans
and thus anti action to this should be an act of absolute selflessness of a
human being. This human being now becomes God Being or the Creating
Entity. Universal time cycle now needs to be understood as information
unfolding and enfolding. What we call evolution has physical content that
can evolve both ways. The time direction to the universe manifest form
spiritual content or information content. Universal time cycle now need to be
understood as spirituality, information or knowledge deteriorating letting the
world to go into darkness only to return to conquer and lead the world from
darkness to light. Ancient India understood it as Universal
Consciousness and intelligence Unfolding and enfolding.
This path of thinking also creates a path to rediscover spiritual
scriptures, which says that universe is thought projection of Mind of God
and we humans create our world with our own thoughts. The difference is
that God creates without Self but we humans create with Self.

Emerging Picture of Space Time and Gravity

Newtonian world gave us a picture where space and time scales that are
separate. Here Gravity is instantaneous force connecting the two objects.
However, Einstein visualized and invented new scale where space and time
are united and form single scale;
Space-Time. He visualized gravity
as vibrant flexible net [See Fig].
Matter creates dip in the net and a
smaller body tends to rotate around
the bigger body in the net. Here the
net is attributed with the property
of gravity. The question arises what
this net is made up of.
The serious flaw of this model is that, in time it leads all matter collapsing to
a point in Black Hole and originating from this point in Big Bang. All the laws
of physics fail at this point and space-time disappears. Science pathetically
struggles to visualize what happens in the black hole. The model is
untenable without force that opposes the singularity. Einstein searched for it.

He introduced the concept of Anti-gravity and Cosmological constant and

later retracted it. Modern theoretical scientist now dabble with the idea of all
together dropping the space-time and visualize universe in terms of
information and energy [see video Reference 3 and 4].
We have approached this problem, including life and specially humans and
their mind. Life we noted is essentially anti-gravitational. It has inner spacetime field in which it transform gravity into anti-gravity. We saw that universe
is self-sustaining Gaia. The picture of the Universe that emerges is that of
ONE BEING with inner and outer space-time fields. The material world we see
is juxtaposed between these two space-time fields. Energy and information
constantly flows in and out of the center sustaining the material body in the
middle. In short, our living picture does not do way with space-time
fields. It visualizes the space-time field as the field that contains the
information that creates and sustains the material world.
It visualizes Universe as Cosmic information field unfolding and enfolding.
The ancient people understood it as Cosmic Consciousness and intelligence
or God the Spirit Unfolding. We are probably in that monistic state, where the
Cosmic Spirit or being is Unfolding from within. The information era I believe
will awaken our collective consciousness and intelligence. At a critical point it
would help us break the darkness and lead us into Knowledge Era.
In fact, we note that the living picture includes all developments in science
sensibly. A time direction and black hole is a reality, but collapse to
singularity cannot happen by design. The system reacts when it is pushed to
third critical point. Parallel world and Ekpyrotic Scenario of Creation also
becomes real. Life we note has parallel worlds and designed to conquer time
perpetuate in time cycle by a process of evolution of information that
explodes from within resisting the Quantum Collapse or death. All system in
nature wishes to exist around a middle equilibrium point and reacts when the
system is pushed to third critical point. A quantum collapse and
reorganization begins to take place the moments the system touches the
third critical point. [See figure Quantum Action and Reaction and Uncertainty
and Quantum Entangled Reality].
The backdrop of our thinking calls us to review and REINVENT BIG BANG and
EkPyrotic Scenario, including life especially we humans. The most sensible
way is to visualize it as explosion of information or light or
knowledge. The physical body of the system remains the same but its

Spiritual or Informational Content evolves transforming the body and giving

it New Life. The ancient Indian saints probably right when they said universe
is Living being that is Conscious and intelligent. The CREATOR here is the
SPIRIT OF THE MASCULINE. Creation now becomes the process of
Creator unfolding from the Black hole to conquer time and death by
transform everything in it and initializing it into New Time Cycle. Universe
now needs to be understood as information or Light unfolding and enfolding.

God and Science

Note - This is not in support of any religion. It is in support of Light
and Truth. It is aimed at leading humanity closer to Living Light, Truth and
Science originated against religions and its oppression of humanity in the
name of unseen God. Science separated Spirit, Soul, Consciousness and
mind, left it to the religious people, as it began to enquire into matter. The
scenario has changed today. The concept of soul, spirit, mind and
consciousness that was once averse to science is now big fields of research.
In the preceding sections, we saw how life has inherent potential to
transform gravity into anti-gravity in the black hole and has creative
potentials that help material world survive gravity and time. Life we know
has parallel world; male and female and survives time through exchange of
information and evolution of information in an Ekpyrotic way. This leads to
controlled Big Bang explosion that conquer time and initializes life into New
Time Cycle [Reproduction]. What survives in the process is information.
Reference video-2 and 3 speaks of physicist visualizing energy and
information as ultimate and that even space-time manifest from it. This
means we have option to visualize universe as information, Light or energy
or information unfolding from black hole creating new space and time. In
short, it calls us visualize universe from a living point as the ancient
spiritualist thought.
Before science came, Spiritual knowledge ruled the planet. The central
reality to spirituality is God the Spirit an Unseen Force that governs
the system. This is known as Brahman in Vedas, Holy Spirit in Bible,
al-Ruh al-Quds in Koran. Ancient Scriptures speaks to us about God the
Spirit manifesting from time to time as Super Human Being on earth or

speaking to humanity through prophets for specific purpose. The purpose as

I understand is to protect Truth and justice and help maintain the balance.
The purpose of Gods direct or indirect intervention through
prophets in simplicity is to help Humanity connect to His
Consciousness and Intelligence within and help him walk the path of
Truth and Justice. Vedas of east tells us that universe is conscious and
intelligent field and we all exist as individuated consciousness and
intelligence within it. Universal consciousness and intelligence field tries to
balance the system. The Balance seems to get upset when souls turn selfcentered and work against universal consciousness. Vedas thus understand
Universal Time Cycle is a cycle where of Truth and justice deteriorates in four
quantum proportions. It could be understood as Living Light or knowledge
deteriorating and the world entering into darkness.
Spiritual institutions have a role to play in society. They are
supposed to hold light and resist darkness. All the culture and
practices developed by spiritual institutions are resistive by nature and their
efforts are to direct humanity to light. Here the ancient east and its culture
possibly stand as the most scientific approach to truth. However, careful
analysis of history tells occupants of these very spiritual institutions and its
occupants deteriorated creating time direction in the world or Quantum

The question at stake is the understanding the cause for

deterioration or Quantum Collapse of the universe and
how it is returned to the original state Today the scientific
world knows that everything in this world is manifestation of energy or spirit.
The question is how the spirit manifests into all that we see including, we the
humans without breaking the two basic laws that relates to energy.

Earlier we noted that the

earth is self-organizing
system. However, humans
made in the image of God
and given power, challenge
this self-organizing capacity
of cosmos. Hence, search
for Truth and knowledge can
be limited to knowing our
relationship with the one
Creator from which
everything comes into
existence. In short, the
Quantum Gravity
singularity and Origin
has to be traced to Supreme Human Being, a Supreme Human Cell, a
Supreme Living Molecule, its inner space or black hole and Absolute
Information contained it.
Our picture of cosmos visualized in the preceding parts has two basic parts a
central one where life exists and creates flux of force away from the center.
Every life on earth transforms gravity force into anti-gravity and thus works
against the flow directed to the center or Black hole. In other words, it works
against singularity. This cyclic self-sustaining picture takes time direction
when we introduce an adult human who thinks. An adult human who
thinks actually thinks self. He tries to create His kingdom at the
cost of Kingdom of God. He thus not only disconnects from his
consciousness and intelligence but also from the Universal Consciousness
and Intelligence and ignorantly works against his own Life Force or Field and
Life Force or Field sustaining the cosmic system [God Force]. The Cosmic
Force or Living Force needs to be understood as a Conscious and Intelligent
field as ancient east understood it, which works against gravity and sustains
the Life and cosmos. Dr. Amit Goswami and Dr. John Hagelin and many more
speak about it.

History speaks of Spirit of God speaking to humanity by directly manifesting

in human form or through the prophets. In all these cases, the words are
spoken spontaneously by connecting to the consciousness. Scriptures were
written, much later when religious organizations began to form around God
or Prophet and their teachings. They were written by illuminated intellectuals
to save the message when they perceived the entry of evil and powerful
minds into the organization. Scriptures have strived to conserve the message
of God or the prophets and resist humanity take the forbidden path.
However, the world as a whole has been taking the forbidden path. The
power for this path often comes from the religious leaders who
preach but fail to practice even 30% of what they preach. Religious
leader fail to point to us to One God seated within all of us. Religions bind
God into idols in temples and churches, divide us in the name of religions
and pose themselves as custodians. Thus, they make us into slaves. What I
understand from spiritual scriptures is that

The primal goal of human soul is to connect to once own

consciousness and intelligence and rise up to meet the
Universal Consciousness and Intelligence. Such people who
are able to connect to the Universal consciousness become the
true Spiritual leaders holding Light to Humanity. The role of
spiritual institutions and people dwelling there is to help people
connect to their consciousness and walk the path of Truth and justice.
In simplicity, all scriptures and its cultures are an attempt to help
humanity to connect to the consciousness and walk the path of truth
and justice.
At secondary level, they are also called to resist the souls from taking
the forbidden path.
However, when the people in spiritual institution become ego and selfcentered and turn around to become salve to material world, the
collapse of the system become inevitable. Bible tells us that the
serpent that coaxes Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit is a fallen
angel that took the forbidden path. One must note that Jesus Christ did
not take one individual from the temples as His disciples. Modern
science came as anti to Christian religions when they were ruling the
west with iron hands and were amassing wealth.

Modern science wrongly assumes and studies consciousness as a

phenomenon of Brain. [Video Reference-4]. This is a wrong perception. A cell
is a replica of the whole that is conscious and intelligent. Now comes the

question where lies the consciousness of the cell? A Logical thinking is the
centriole, which appears on one side of the cell and divides one cell into two.
Dr. Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose are working in this direction.
However, my contention goes beyond it to Black hole and information in a
Living Molecule or Double Torus that exist in Centromere, where the pairs of
DNA and pairs of Chromosomes Unite to exchange information. Life
originates as little perturbation in s single cell when the SPIRIT or Information
from the Father enters it. This perturbation actually evolves and creates the
information that later causes the division. What modern science is studying
are the secondary aspects of a primary phenomenon that sustain life. The
information that is initialized in single cell then explodes into whole being
with trillions of cells to conquer time and perpetuate in time cycle.
Biologists think that Gene and DNA are information carriers and they control
life. This is wrong perception. Dr. Bruce Liptons work and recent researches
point to Epigenetic Nature of Control of Life. This is a valid point. The way
we live today and the way we think and manage our life and our abode is
based on information input from the external world. The minds and
information from religious centers, from temples of science, from
political power centers who are salve to material world actually
govern us. The world is unconscious reflection of the power centers that
rule us; both Spiritual and Political. In a democratic world, we as
individuals who elect select and feed these leaders are also
responsible. Crucifixion of Christ would not have taken place if people had
not stood with non-illuminated self-centered clergies and shouted for the
release of thief in place of Christ. The Light and darkness, good and evil,
wisdom and ignorance coexist in humans. The leaders both spiritual and
political work on the dark side of people to create slaves for their
survival and existence.
However, Nature and Cosmos are designed to survive. Life speaks this truth.
Life is controlled from within and has a dynamic information pool to survive.
We know today that only 2% of genes are active in humans and the rest are
assumed junk. This possibly means we have the information of the whole
system or Cosmos encoded in each one of us. Life survives by constant
information exchanges from inner and outer space-time field. Life
originate form little perturbation in a single cell. This can further be traced
back to Primal Living Molecules that opens as string to exchange information
and collapses to new order. Recall DNA duplication and cell division that
gives rise to a Human being with over 100 trillion cells. Each cell formed has

definite space-time position in relation to the Primal Cell. Each of these cells
technically holds all the information of the system, but the information is
truncated for specific purpose.
It is also worthwhile to compare it with statement in spiritual scriptures that
say we are Created in the Image of God and we were given dominion over
everything but was forbidden to eat form the Tree at the Center. The tree at
the center denotes the black hole and singularity into which the material
force of the world directs. This means we humans knew everything about
nature and cosmos so that we can manage and live in harmony with it. This
knowledge was possibly lost when people in spiritual institutions began hide
and use the knowledge for self-advancement. It happened when God that
was seated within and amenable to all who seek Him, is installed in
temples and churches and made it as means exploit humanity. Today
we are possibly in search of lost knowledge. The great question here is; can a
human mind ever know the Truth? My answer is that it can. I say it because
we have all the information within us. It is a matter of fathoming and
awakening this information. This however cannot be done with a mind that is
self-centered and is slave to material world. It cannot come to a mind that
belongs and is programmed by any schools; religious and scientific. It comes
to a mind that is free and exists in total surrender to Higher Mind that
creates and sustains.

It is important that we recall the words of Einstein "The only thing

that interferes with my learning is my education."

Our education, irrespective whether it is in religious schools or in temples of

science actually enslaves our mind and intelligence. It makes us incapable to
perceive the light and truth. This tells us why Jesus selected ordinary people
as His disciples. This is reflecting even in modern world. We see more of
ordinary people being spiritually enlightened and empowered than people
who are studying spiritual scriptures for years and spend lifetime in temples
and churches.
Vedas of east clearly speaks that Universe is thought projection of Mind of
God and we the individuated Mind born from this field create our own
universes. The difference is that the God and His Thought are pure, not selfcentered and it is Life Giving. In contrast human mind is impure self-centered
and slave to material world.

The Real knowledge and Light comes from within. It is spiritual and
informational. This spiritual and informational field is the first thing to
unfold. On this spiritual and informational body, the flesh or
material body concretizes. Recall DNA Replication. There are two steps to
this process.
The conception to conquer time
Deliverance to initialize time
These two steps can be understood from the spirit of masculine entering the
feminine to form the one-celled zygote. Here all the information is
concretized. Around this spiritual information all the genes are rearranged
and activated and it then goes to form the full-fledged life in the womb. In
the second step, what is created is delivered to start of New Time Cycle. The
pain of the first step is borne by a pair of cells. However, the pain of
deliverance has to be borne by the Mother as well as child. The crux of
secret of Calvary and Second Coming exists here. Creator is unfolding
His Heart and mind for us so that we awaken to create world of Truth and
Justice, peace and order.
We cannot know truth and light from our mind and its extensions connected
to the external world. Life force comes from within. If I am to enquire my
origin and relationship with God the only way I can do is to go back in time to
that singularity and Big Bang at which I manifested. At that point, I see a
dual world [my parents] and a choice of path. Assuming that I took the right
path, I again encounter a choice [my grandparents]. Thus, it is humanly
impossible to search the truth using our human mind and its extensions. A
better approach was practiced by east, they meditated and conquered their
mind and focused their attention to the inner world where instantaneous
communications exist. They could fathom much deeper into secret of the life
and cosmos in this way. However, even this path has a limitation, for a mind
that seeks something, seeks with intent and thus all fail to open that final
door successfully to see life and Light. Instead of seeing life and Light, he
ends in seeing Darkness and Death. Recall Schrdingers cat in a Box
Vedas very clearly write that everyone fails at the final door. Here human
self comes into Play. Thus, scriptures say we human cannot seek Truth, but
truth comes in search through a Divine Plan for a Purpose. The Divine
Plan and Purpose could only be to restore Truth and Justice and thus the
Kingdom of God or lead us back to Golden Age or age of Knowledge and
Light. This means information and knowledge that Creates and controls

life and cosmos comes from within not outside. All that we see and
experience including the spacetime has its origin in the Black Hole.
Epigenetic phenomenon has limitations. The western approach to
truth is seriously flawed one.
Our line of thought prompts us to rediscover cosmic Singularity, Big Bang
and Creation form a Single Supreme Soul or Living Molecule and its
creative act. The whole cosmos exist on top of this Primal Soul or Living
Molecule. The life and motion of the whole cosmic system is driven by the
Quantum Dancing of this particle. Everything else is relative to it. The system
is supported by trillions of similar Living Molecules that are created in the
image of the Primary Living Molecule. To understand this imagine over 100
trillion cells forming from one fertilized egg cell. As long as all these cells
work one with Primal Molecule, the system is stable and expanding.
We can extend this picture to God and we humans. As long as we human are
conscious, awakened, and work to support of the Universal Consciousness
the whole cosmos is stable. When we direct our force with material force
directed towards the forbidden path, it begins to stress the Primal Soul or
Living molecule. The masculine part of Primary Living Molecule gets wound
and stressed to the third critical point, the feminine part or parallel world
simultaneously unwinds and is pushed also to third critical point. In short,
one tends to maximum kinetic energy and the parallel world tends
to maximum potential energy. Now the masculine part of the living
molecule breaks and wriggles into feminine, which has peaked to a
collapsing point. The masculine energy now supports the feminine from
within. This possibly happens when of the soul take the forbidden path.
This is conception and creation of the universe.
Searching for this supreme act of Creation leads us unmistakably to
Calvary and Self-Sacrifice of Christ. This reality is upheld by writings in
Vedas, which states that creation occurred through the self-sacrifice of the
Creator [Yajurveda VS 30-31]. Ancient understood this as consciousness and
intelligence of the Creator Unfolding leading us from darkness to Light, from
slavery to liberation. However, in the modern context this needs to be
understood as unfolding of Light or information leading us to knowledge Era.
It needs to be understood as transformation of souls and its initialization
giving it New Life with Free Will.

The present state of the world is depicted in the

figure below. We are in monistic state. The light
conceived in Calvary is growing from within forcing
us to transform to enter the world of light. The type
awakening of consciousness, enlightenment and
New Age movement we see in all religions around
the world is related to this stress. This is bound to
peak and collapse into new order when the Light
breaks the darkness. Jesus compared this time to pregnant women. Woman
conceived cannot carry the child indefinitely. She has to deliver it. It is
unavoidable. The Second Coming is the Spirit of God breaking the
darkness or Mind of God revealing to initialize us into light and new order.
What we are seeing here is transformation of human souls and the whole
system. This process thus full fills first and second law of energy.
The world is in endangered state. Humanity in the ignorance of Truth is
recklessly exploiting nature with immense greed. It is at the peak of darkness
and illusionary existence. It is peaking in disorder and destruction. Humanity
has used his mind power to fill the world with weapons mass destruction.
Humanity is split in the name of religions and is poised for self-destruction in
the Name of life giving God. If we fail to awaken we are to witness huge

Please Note
The Spirit of Supreme Creator Soul is unfolding to lead us to Light and
Knowledge. Therefore, in the midst of deep darkness there is hope for the
world. The reference to Christ is not a support for religion called
Christianity. In fact, the present world is direct reflection of the failure of
Christianity to know Christs Spirit and walk His path. Nowhere Christ has
said to build temples for Him and build institutions in His name. Christianity
as a religion built a material empire and has become hideout for many souls
that seek easy life and social respect. When new religion was formed around
Christ, history repeated itself. The Creating Spirit of God was again confined
to four walls of churches and a new bunch of people emerged who would
strive for quantitative and material advancement of churches making people
slaves. This was virtually opposite to what Christ preached and practiced.
Christ gave a call to spread Good News. He gave a call to be filled with Spirit
[Fire of Life] and help people to come back to Life. In simplicity, Christ

gave a call to his disciples to help people connect to their

consciousness and intelligence within so that he walks the path of
truth and justice, strengthening himself, His family, his society and
thus the whole of which he is only a part. Christ possibly knew how in
future people would misuse His Name and His Fathers [Gods] name. Thus,
He spoke of Second Coming and judgment. In saying so, I am not
overlooking the contribution Christianity to save the message of Christ. All I
want to point is that it is time to evolve beyond religions and deliver Light
dispelling darkness. The present Pope is showing signs of it as he spoke
emphasized the word, consciousness, Light, Truth.
When Christianity was of the track, I feel the Prophet Mohammed manifested
to warn us of impending judgment. However, it too has turned into another
religion. The history speaks of dark side of humans always thriving
and peaking. All organized institutions; religious, political, business world
plays on the weakness of humanity. The GOOD NEWS is that the Spirit of
God is in control and is open to help us transform from darkness to light. Very
clearly, religions of the world have made God complex beyond the
comprehension of common person and have used them as slaves. What is at
Risk is God and His Kingdom and thus God the Spirit is acting directly
salvage the system by liberating the souls and illuminating the mind and
bring us out of slavery with free will.
I feel organized Christianity that has seated Christs Spirit within four walls of
churches is a hindrance to spreading Good News and awaken the world to
the Spirit of God. Thus, we saw the Spirit awakening small groups creating
NEW AGE movement. This includes few clergies here and there in the
organized Churches. Their effort has awakened organized churches.
However, they still seem to divert this awakening force to protect the
institution than liberating people into light. As the world awakens, it is
inevitable these institutions break down and reorganize
Good News and the importance of Christs Calvary sacrifice can reach world
beyond religion and liberate people only when it is known as scientific reality.
In a world splintered in the name of religions and fighting and shedding
blood, I as child did developed an aversion to the term God. I was not a
churchgoer, occasionally I do go when people who love me stress me in to it.
I have not resisted anyone from going to churches. I am not total atheist for
I saw some depth in scriptures. However, I am not a blind believer. I could
see huge gap between what a preacher preaches and what he practices to

become a slave to religious heads. Thus, I turned a thinker and ended

choosing a research career basing it on my consciousness just hoping to
contribute something to humanity in the process of leading my life.
The immense loopholes in science and its foundation led me
thinking and seeking the simplicity behind the complexity of Science
and religions from neutral position. This quest has led me to God
the Spirit and the Reality of Nature in simplicity that I have
attempted to share.

My two Points of my Concern

1] My basic concern is instability of earth that is showing dramatic peak and
fall of energy due to exponential increase in heat in the environment. Earth
strives to maintain its temperature. It works on two basic cycles heating and
cooling which gives way to one another. With exponentially increasing
amount of heat in the environment, this change is accelerating. This is
manifesting into huge climate catastrophes. The destruction is bound to
increase exponentially as the heat we are releasing increases. The world
sees the problem from CO2 increase. The reality however lies at deeper and
fundamental level of energy and matter ratio. I am hopeful that we would
awaken and enter the Golden Age, but I am not sure, how much destruction
and misery we have to endure before we enter it.
2] Second and more important concern is our ignorance of God and peoples
blind association with religions. With all the weapons of mass destruction in
hand, these people can precipitate wars between nations and lead to great
internal strife and bloodshed. Religious hatred can instigate and explode the
dark side of humanity. The world has witnessed a huge catastrophe in Hitler.
Unless we individual awaken out of slavery to religions we would have many
Hitlers blooming and we are doomed.

God is a Force; A space-time field that carries immense energy and
information that unfolds from a point in space. This force/energy/information
creates new space-time. It acts against the gravity field that the scientist
studies. Unlike material field that is centripetal and directs to great disorder
and singularity in black hole, the God force and its field works against

gravity, it is creative and tends to order. It emerges from a single Soul or

Atom and its inner space.
To comprehend the above reality
we need to imagine a living body
with over trillions of cells coming
from a single cell and information
contained in it. Life we see
explodes when energy fields forms
from two parallel worlds; male and
female unite evolving the
information. A new space-time
reality unfolds at this point. We
know that this happens when
reduced information from the
Father pierces to unite with
reduced information in feminine
world. Life originates from a
quantum perturbation in this first
cell. We can extend this back to one Special Inert Atom and a Supreme
Light Particle with in it. The perturbation of this Supreme Light Particle
actually gives life to the whole system. This atom is possibly located in one
the centromere of the egg cell that is conceived. Formation of this inert atom
kick starts the creation that forms life with over 100 trillion cells, each with a
new Space-Time identity with the Primal Cell. This we know gives rise to a
super computer and virtually unimaginably intelligent machine that can selfsustain itself.
Modern science we know already has come to visualize parallel and multiple
world concepts. However, it is failing to comprehend how they are connected
to form one and survives time. This reality can only be understood from
biological point. We humans are universes born and contained in a Primal
Universe with a relative space-time location with it. We have all the
information within, but the information is contained with a purpose. Every
cell is a universe and is called for a specific duty. The duty is to sustain the
cosmic world or the Kingdom of God. When we the individual work for self,
we work against once own consciousness and takes path of untruth and
injustice [forbidden Path], the whole system deteriorates qualitatively. The
system resists the deterioration, but once the time direction is initiated
deterioration becomes in evitable. As more and more individual systems fall
and loses the light and intelligence the whole system fallows suit. The space-

time shrinks to a collapsing point in

to black hole See fig. When the of
souls fall the balance gets upset.
Something should happens at this
point by which the system is
transformed and qualitatively
initialized back into Light and Glory.
This phenomenon is happening since
Calvary Sacrifice of Christ. With
Christ Calvary sacrifice, the
Universal consciousness and
intelligence is reordering its
body with free will to all souls. The Light of Life shed in Calvary is
transforming the souls. It is not a phenomenon limited to religion called
Christianity. It is a global phenomenon that is taking place beyond religions.
The light, life or information conceived is exploding from within and the
whole world would be initialized into Light and Life. Christ rightly compared
the present state to pregnant woman. We are undergoing the stress to
evolve and awaken to Truth. Ancient East understood it as

Kundalini of cosmic Personality Awakening.

The question is, can energy or spirit or information contained in one soul,
one light particle can ever be able to support the whole cosmos and all its
material force directed to collapse. We already saw how this is happening. It
is a possibility from Ultraviolet Violet Catastrophe of Max Planck, which
states unlimited energy can be stored into one small light particle. We are
seeing one light, energy information contained in a Primal Soul or Double
Torus acting to support the system from collapsing and restoring the whole
system into New Order through Transformation. The process is well in

line with two laws of energy. A new order begins to form when 3/4th
of the souls are transformed. This leads us from Darkness to Light. We can
visualize it from one egg cell, which has concertized its information divides to
form two cells. This division is preceded by radiating object called centriole
at one side of cell wall, which then divides into two to move towards the pole
in the process twist one cell into two. Visualization is that of a Child taking
Birth. This completes creation process of Spirit of God. God then enters
sustaining phase or takes the role of Balancer or Judge.

God the Spirit is both Creator and Sustainer. Love and forgiveness rule
creative phase. The Spirit of God transforms everyone, who truly repents.
God is giver of everything, however we fail in seeking correctly. In the
presence of God, we end up asking for self and material gains. Thus, the
Bible says many who are in front would find themselves at back at the time
of judgment. In the end the ordinary people who have served the society
without self, who stood with consciousness and walked the path of truth and
justice will possible find themselves closer to light than those who spoke
about God but failed to practice or have spent lifetime churches in temples.
No amount wealth ill-gotten wealth you gave to building temples and
churches can ensure a higher place in Kingdom God. God Force or Field
knows the intent of every soul in His field.

In short I would call someone a spiritual leader, if he can

help another individual to connect to his consciousness
and walk the path of Truth and Justice without any ulterior
motive. Most religious leader as I see strive to advance
once religion and work for material gains for religions
institutions and builds huge churches from the sweat of
humans. These people ultimately will perish. Forgive me if
I am wrong. The cycle continues.

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