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Origins of the British Empire: America and Asia, Sugar and Silk Task 1 ▪ CUT and PASTE each of the points below into the correct cell of the table (TIP: If you find a point difficult, move on to the next one and return to it later). ▪ Compare your answers with a partner. Your teacher will be able to give you the correct order. Give yourself a point for each one you got right. Britain defeated France in the Seven Years' War. Britain now "ruled the waves" and controlled trade out of India British emigrants established Virginia (named for Elizabeth I) and married native American women like Pocahontas The "Spice Wars" with Holland saw Dutch ships sail up the River Thames towards London in 1667 British settlements in North America threatened French settlements in Canada Sugar was imported into Britain from Jamaica. Most was re-exported to Europe, making Britain wealthy The Mughal rulers of India sided with the French during the Seven Years' War - so the British attacked them The pirate Captain Morgan used his riches to establish sugar plantations in Jamaica The British established trading bases which became the cities Bombay, Madras and Calcutta Captain Morgan stole gold from Spanish galleons coming from the "New World" Robert Clive exploited and then defeated the ruler of India at the Battle of Plassey Trade bases were established in places like Bantam in Java The Protestant "Pilgrim Fathers" emigrated to North America to escape persecution in England The East India Company was established to establish trade links with Asian countries Tobacco, first discovered by Walter Ralegh, was imported into Britain from North America. The English wanted a Protestant Empire in the "New World" to rival that of Catholic Spain Gold, tobaco and sugar generated wealth for the British, who wanted to spend it on Asian spices and clothing The "Spice Islands" of Indonesia sold pepper, nutmeg and cloves to the British British pirates attacked Spanish ships in America. The British seized Jamaica from Spain in 1665 The Pilgrim Fathers sailed from England on the Mayflower and settled in North America India provided cotton and silk which was very popular in Britain What products did they gain? Tobacco: ??? Who were they rivals with? France: ???


Where did they settle?

How did this happen?

Why did this happen?

1610s West 1650s

North America: ???

Pilgrims: ???

Religion: ???

West Indies: ???

Pirates: ???

Religion: ???

Sugar: ???

Spain: ???

1660s East 1750s

Indonesia: ???

Merchants: ???

Economics: ???

Spices: ???

Holland: ???

India: ???

Politicians: ???

Politics: ???

Clothing: ???

France: ???

Task 2 (Extension) Add a row under the table covering the "South" – to cover Australia.

Worksheet to accompany the interactive unit at / 2 Task 3 Choose ONE of the following tasks to complete in a second lesson and / or a homework. What ▪ Produce a labelled map OR a Google Earth Tour designed to products did show the early growth of the British Empire by the 1750s. Each they gain? placemark should outline what products the British gained from the location. Where did ▪ Produce a "before and after" picture designed to illustrate the they settle? goods which came into Britain as a result of the Empire. How did this ▪ Come up with 5 questions which you could ask EITHER Robert happen? Clive OR Captain Morgan for a "beyond the grave" interview. Half the group can then research the answers to these questions from Clive's point of view; the other half from Morgan's. Your teacher may later choose to role-play the interviews in class and then take a vote on which individual was more important. Who were ▪ Conduct some research on the Spanish OR the Dutch OR the they rivals French Empire. Present your findings as a labelled map, a with? timeline, a travel brochure or something else of your choosing.