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Final Examination in General Psychology

Test I. Modified True or False. Write True if the statement is true and False if the statement is false. If
the statement is false, you explain why it is so.
1. Personality comes from the term persona which originally refers to the mask being worn by
the soldiers during war.
2. Projection is a defence mechanism where person tries to overcome his weakness or lacking
by excelling in a certain field.
3. One basis of personality is the body build, so that it if is mesomorphic, one will have a big
tummy and has a tendency to dominate others.
4. Phobia, like aquaphobia, is a form of psychosis that is incurable.
5. While neurosis is a physical ailment, psychosis is a mental aberration which still allows an
individual to live a normal and productive life.
6. Based on Maslows hierarchy of needs, a persons physiological needs come next to his need
for esteem.
7. Fugue is one form of neuro-psychosis where a person suffers from amnesia for a long period
of time.
8. The JOHARI window tells us that the widest pane, in order for a person to live a healthy life,
must be the blind spot where only he and none others knows about himself.
9. Adjustment or defence mechanisms provide solution to ones problems.
10. Psychosomatic ailment is a bodily or physiological pain that is caused by abuse and
carelessness like excessive drinking or smoking.
11. Compared to psychotic, a neurotic person is able to manage his life well and can still live a
normal life.
12. Suppression is a type of neurosis where a person tries to forget things in the past.
13. Persons abundant with black bile are considered choleric and are very warm individuals.
14. Both neurosis and psychosis are psychological disturbances that affect mans life, only that
psychosis is in the milder form compared to neurosis.
15. One form of escapism from the harshness of life is through fantasy where we think of a
beautiful life in a perfect world.
Test II. Matching Type. Match Column A with column B. Write the letter only.



a. I am super rich, and I can buy everything I want.





b. Sheila is angry and always criticizes women who are flirt

because she is also one.
c. Edwin thinks that someone is there to kill him.













10. Reaction Formation

d. Tina was scolded by her mother, she shouted at her

younger brother instead.
e. Its fine if I am not included in the deans list, it will make
my life miserable anyway.
f. No matter how hard I try, I cannot remember anything
during my elementary years.
g. Instead of giving in to temptations, I rather devote my time
working for the poor and the needy.
h. I am guilty of dishonesty, thus I have to be extra honest to
appease myself.
i. I have to move on and forget all my painful past.
j. I am not intelligent, but its alright since my friends are all
scholars and intelligent so I feel that I am also one.
k. I may not be good in academics, but I excel in sports.

Test III. Multiple Choices. Choose the best answer of the items below. Write only the letter.
1. The way to understand the behaviour of a person is by
a. Asking his friends about him
c. Look at his Facebook profile
b. Getting to know his background
d. Reading his diary
2. If Marlon is suffering from hydrophobia, then he is a
a. Psychotic
c. Lunatic
b. Neurotic
d. Psychologically disturbed

3. A person who is suffering from masochism gets sexually satisfied when/by

a. the person refrains from sexual activities.
b. the partner is an animal.
c. showing or displaying his/her body to the public.
d. he/she is inflicted with physical pain by the sex partner.
4. When one resorts to rationalization, the person
a. denies that the experience is painful.
b. blames other people for the painful experience.
c. accepts that things in this world are not perfect.
d. drinks alcohol and gets himself drunk.
5. Aidas experience of frustration is best illustrated when she
a. wants to attend her mothers birthday but she needs also to attend to her son at the
b. wants to take away the pain her son is suffering from but she cannot.
c. likes to give a gift to her mother but her money is intended to buy medicine for her son.
d. needs to get some rest but she has to take care of her son.
6. If Marlon is a kleptomaniac, he steals things from someone because
a. he needs the thing the he stole.
b. he likes the thing that he stole.
c. there is a compulsion for him to steal .
d. all of the above.

Projection is an adjustment mechanism where a person

a. appreciates the positive qualities of other people.
b. thinks that others posses negative qualities that he/she actually has.
c. is proud of himself/herself and looks at others as inferior.
d. feels bad of himself/herself and so pass this to others.

8. The part of the self that thinks always of goodness, morality, and the like is the
a. Superego
c. Ego
b. Conscience
d. Spiritual side of the person
9. The consciousness of our self is like that of an iceberg where only a small portion of it is
protruding above the water. According to Freud, consciousness contains
a. the conscious part.
c. the subconscious part.
b. the unconscious part.
d. All
10. Dina feels that she has been denying her kids quality time because of her work, and she feels
guilty for this. Granting that she will resort to reaction formation to appease herself, Dina most
probably will
a. buy toys for her kids.
c. cook delicious food for her kids.
b. spend more time with her kids.
d. she will pray for her kids.
Test IV. Essay.
1. Explain the saying What I am today is just a product or result of my past.
2. Given that who and what we are today is simply the result caused by our past experiences,
can we then have an excuse that we can do nothing of our behaviour today because our past
has determined how we will behave today? Why or why not?
3. Differentiate a person who suffers from neurosis from a person suffering from psychosis.

That is all!