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Course: Strategy Implementation

School of Business Management, NMIMS University

FTMBA- II Year: 2009-2010 (Trim V)
Prof.R.Kannan 98203 53825
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Strategic Management is a complete framework which looks at Strategy
Development/formulation, Strategy Implementation/Execution and also Strategy
Evaluation and Performance. For any strategy to be successful, along with formulation,
execution and its performance measurement are equally important. This assumes great
importance especially since research reveals that the failure of many an organization lies
in shortcomings in strategy implementation and success therefore lies in learning the
nuances of effective implementation. After understanding the important elements in
Strategy Formulation, critical elements that are needed for successful implementation and
evaluation of strategies are covered. We underline a broader approach through Mckinsey
7S framework which enables us to understand all the elements involved in Strategy
Execution and Performance in any organization.
With the knowledge of strategic implementation coupled with performance metrics, and
strategy formulation done in the earlier trimester, participants would obtain a holistic
understanding of the entire gamut of concepts related to strategic management and would
be well equipped to architecture and implement strategy when they assume senior
positions in their organizations.
Present a systems approach to the study of organizations and their
Understand the concepts of strategy and strategic decision making as they
apply to the organization as a whole.
Simulate the decision environment facing senior managers in various
Exposed to various strategic issues pertaining to the survival and growth
organizations in a rapidly changing environment.
Develop conceptual skills and analytical framework to formulate and
strategies at the business and corporate levels.
Handson experiences and teamwork.
Objectives: To facilitate post graduate students in developing analytical skills for
dealing with complex business problems. The course focuses on exposure to
management functions and decision making skills by the case method of
To understand the structural and skill levers of strategy implementation

To understand structural changes and transformation that affect strategy

implementation To look at opportunities for linking performance measurement with strategy
implementation -instilling organizational learning and continuous improvement
To provide a perspective on the integration of different parts of the organization
using Mckinsey 7S framework fostering cross functional integration and
companywide collaboration

Evaluation Criteria
Class participation thru case analysis and participation
Group Assignment
End Term Exam

20 Marks
30 Marks
50 Marks

All class work to be carried out in groups formed for the subject and case discussions
and pre reading to be completed before the class. Every group will assign the leader to
discuss the questions assigned for every case/ article assigned
Session Details:
Session Topics
Readings and case details
Concept of Corporate
1.Building a capable organization: The eight
Strategy: A background to
levers of strategy implementation
strategy implementation
Victoria L. Crittenden a,*, William F. Crittenden
Basic elements of Strategy
execution resources and
capabilities- Industry
structural Change
Understand when and
where to allocate resources

Note on Implementing Strategy,

Kenneth R.Andrews, 9-383-015 Rev.Oct.31,1988
Modern Competitive Strategy, by Gordon
walker, Chapter 1 pp 3-18
Classroom Session
What is strategy?
Anticipating competitive action probing into
Indian companies looking at the challenges faced
by the companies during turbulent times
Implementing strategy- what does it entails?
Group work
Article analysis


Industry Transformation
establishing supportive

Industry Structural Change, Prof.Michael

E.Porter, 9-377-051 Oct.1,1976
Donald C. Hambrick and James W. Fredrickson,

Are You Sure You Have a Strategy? The

Academy of Management Executive, 15 (4),
November 2001, p.48-59.
Modern Competitive Strategy, by Gordon
walker, chapter 5 pp 123-147
Classroom Session
(80 min)
Resources and capabilities, Building capabilities,
The value Chain, Activity systems,
Organizational dimensions of capability
Group work
Case analysis:


Background preparation
What is the structure of the tire industry in India?
What is the structure of competition in the tire
industry in India?
What is the performance and strategy of main
players in India?
Is this industry and its various segments
attractive to new entrants?
Answer the following questions:
(1) Why does Michelin, the world leader of the
tire industry, not operate in Indian market?
(2) How should Michelin enter Indian Market ?
Role of Structure in
Strategy Implementation

Industry Transformation, Prof.Michael E.Porter

& Jan W.Rivkin, 9-701-008 July,10,2000
Develop the Strategy- The Starting Point for
Strategy Execution -Excerpted from The Execution
Premium: Linking Strategy to Operations for
Competitive Advantage
By Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton

Modern Competitive Strategy, by Gordon

walker, chapter 4 pp 89-116
Classroom Session
(80 min)

Stages of industry transformation

Group Work
Case analysis:
Jollibee Foods Corporation A
Jollibee Food Corpn.(A) Intl.Expansion,
Prof.Christopher A.Bartlett, 9-399-007
Answer the following questions:
1. How was Jolibee able to build the
dominant position in fast food in the
What sources of
competitive advantage was it able to
develop against McDonalds in its home
2. How would you evaluate Tony Kitchners
effectiveness as the first head of Jolibees
international division? Does his broad
strategic thrust make sense?
effectively did he develop the
organization to implement his priorities?
3. As Noli Tingzon, how would you deal
with the three options described at the
end of the case? How would you
implement your decision?
Intel Corporation 1968- 2003 Intel
2005 Prof.Ramen Casadesus-Masanell
and David B.Yolfie, 5-704-465 Rev
Answer the following questions:
(1) How would you explain intels initial
dominance and subsequent decline in DRAMS
(2) Why has Intel been more successful in micro
processors ?
(3) Evaluate Intels shift in Strategy under CEO
Craig Barrett and CEO Paul Otillini?
Strategy ChoicesCompeting in global

Shaping Strategy in a World of Constant

Disruption by John Hagel III, John Seely Brown, and
Lang Davison

General Electric Strategic Position1981


GEs Two Decade Transformation: Jack

Leadership (HBS Case 399-150), GE's
Growth Strategy: The Immelt Initiative
(HBS Case 302-001),
Case Cooper Industries Corporate Strategy A
Cooper Industry Corporate Strategy B
9 & 10

Strategic Shaping of
corporate culture

Industry structural Change- Michael Porter, HBS

Thompson and Strickland, Managing the
Internal Organization to Promote Better Strategy
Execution, in Strategic Management: Concepts
and Cases, Ch.12, p.378-406.
Modern Competitive Strategy, by Gordon
walker, chapter 5 pp 123-147
Classroom Session
(80 min)
Structure and





Group Work
Case analysis:
R.R. Donnelley & Sons: The Digital Division
1. Answer the following questions:
How do the critical success factors
for Donnelley's traditional printing
businesses compare with those for
on-demand digital printing?
2. As the Digital Division evolved, what
were the critical challenges:
a. Prior to April 1994?
b. Between April 1994 and
January 1995?
c. Between January 1995 and
June 1995?
3How do the jobs of Schetter and
Clarke compare?
Do you agree with the current
division of responsibility?
4.What is your evaluation of the
reengineered Technology Development

5.How should Schetter and Schneider

convince the Books Group to bring its work
to the Digital Division?
What do you have to do well to succeed in
the two businesses?
What do customers want?
How do you make large profits in each
How do these differences affect the
agenda and tasks of Rory Cowan?
A.)- What posture must he take toward the
rest of the company?

B) - Why does he feel that a separate

division is necessary?
C) - Can he afford to create a totally
autonomous group? Why or why not?

11.& 12 Strategy development

Managing the multi
business Firm

Having Trouble with Your Strategy? Then
Map It by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton
Saving the Business Without Losing the
Company by Carlos Ghosn
Anne Mulcahy leading Xerox through the
perfect storm A & B

13& 14

M& A implementation

Finland and Nokia: Creating the World's Most

Competitive Economy
Case on M& A

and Haier: Taking a Chinese Company Global
Implementation of growth
Case 2
15 & 16 Management of Innovation
Group Final Presentations
17 & 18 Group Final
19 & 20 Group Final

Group 1 and 2
Group 3,4,5,6
Group 7,8,9,10

Recommended Text book

Modern Competitive Strategy, by Gordon Walker, Second edition, Tata McGraw-Hill

company edition 2008
1. Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes; Richard Wittington, Exploring Corporate
Strategy -Text and Cases Pearson Education, Seventh edition 2005
2. Porter Michael E., Competitive Strategy-Techniques for Analyzing Industries and
Competitors, The Free Press, 1980.
3. Porter Michael E., Competitive Advantage, The Free Press, 1985
4. Ghemawat, P., 2005, Strategy and the Business Landscape. 2nd Edition, PrenticeHall, 2005ISBN: 0-13-122512-X.
5. Hitt/Hoskisson/Ireland Management of Strategy-Concepts and Cases, Indian
Edition 2005