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Outbound Order Schedule Line Reliability

Technical name of query: ZZSDSOSM1_SD_Q001

This report is rolled out globally in GPS.
Original Version RFC 208187-Pablo Brunoldi
This version replaces old report based on line items
Purpose of this report is to measure our ability to deliver parts according to our
This new version of Reliability report is based on Sales Order Schedule lines. Order
item level is not on enough detailed level to measure the reliability; the measure
needs be done on schedule item level. One sales order item can have several
different confirmed dates = schedule items and they all need to be measured
separately by comparing to the actual goods issue date.

When a user creates and saves a Sales Order for the first time, this First promised
date for each schedule line is recorded into a separate table as the Confirmed date.
This separate table is YSD_FIRSTDAT_SCH. In this table the Confirmed date field is
EDATU and it comes from original VBEP-EDATU.
Without this separate table we could not report based on the original dates and
quantities (we would only have the current ones that can be different from original in
case the dates on schedule lines have changed after initial creation).
It is possible that the user changes these dates in the sales order later however the
records saved in the separate table as Confirmed date will remain unchangeable.
The Confirmed date YSD_FIRSTDAT_SCH-EDATU is the initial date when Metso
has confirmed the First Promised Date to the customer for each schedule line.
For more information on internal logic for this recording please read FD E.SD.G042
First promised date on schedule item level or check with the SD Configuration

This report compares the Confirmed date against the Last goods issue date/s; if last
goods issue date is the same or smaller than the Confirmed date, Metso has
delivered as agreed with customer. If actual goods issue is bigger than confirmed
date, Metso has failed on delivering in time.
Because this comparison is done on schedule line level, for one sales order item we
can have both reliable and late delivered schedule items.
Metso 2012

Main Variables:
Company Code: Mandatory selection for Company code. Company code
is authorized by the user role.
(C)onfirm Month / (G)oods Issue Month: Select a C or a G in this variable.
C: by selecting a C the month variable will filter the Confirmed Month
G by selection a G the month variable will filter the Goods Issue Month
Month: Select the month that you want to filter here. Depending if you
have selected C or G, the Confirmed month or the Goods Issue Month will
be filtered.
By using the C or G filtering we provide more flexibility allowing different kind of

If you select C and filter 01.2012, you will see all sales orders schedule lines
where the confirmed date is inside this month. Your view will look like this:

If you select G and filter 01.2012 you will see all sales order schedule lines
where the last goods issue date is inside this month, independently of the
confirmed date.
When you select this second option you will see different periods for the
Confirmed Month because it is not filtered now.

For that reason in the cases you select G it is better to replace the Confirmed
Month on top of the report with the Goods Issue Month

Metso 2012

Then your view will look like this

Key figures
o Reliability: This is the rate between Schedule lines and Schedule lines
delivered according to promise.
o Schedule lines: This is the total number of schedule lines found in the period
you have selected. If C was selected, this is the total number of schedule
lines confirmed in that period. When G is selected, this is the total number of
schedule lines delivered in that period.

Schedule lines delivered: This is the number of delivered schedule lines. If

G was selected then this number is the same as the previous key figure.

o Schedule lines delivered according to promise: This is the number of

delivered schedule lines where the goods issue date is same or lower than
the confirmed date.
o Schedule lines delivered late: This is the number of delivered schedule lines
where the goods issue date is greater than the confirmed date. This key figure
also includes the schedule lines that are already late even if no delivery was
made yet.
o Average number of days late: this is the number of dates that the sales
order schedule lines are late. As you drill down the report to the sales order
item level you will get the exact number of days late
o Confirmed Quantity: this is the quantity that was confirmed and recorded
when the sales order schedule lines were saved by the user for the first time.
Metso 2012