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"Fossil Frankensteins, Do Aliens Make Hybrid Species?






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Fossil Frankensteins:
Do Aliens Make Hybrid
Fossils and DNA analysis indicate that animal DNA from
different species has been combined from time to time, in
order to make hybrid species. Several life forms known to
mainstream science attest to this. Among them are whales,
primitive sharks, sabre-toothed barking deer, mammallizards, as well as animals known only from fossils, such as
Necrolestes, Kelba, ichthyosaurs, Tully Monster, horseheaded animals that walked like gorillas, and various freaks
from the Cambrian that had five eyes and arms growing out
of their nose.
There is a wealth of data from ancient Babylonian and
Jewish texts that the gods and/or angels spliced and diced
the DNA of various species, mixing species together. These
texts assert that when the hybrids died, they became
demons. Oddly enough, artistic depictions of hybrid species
can be seen at the United Nations building in Manhattan.

The creationist narrative in Genesis 1 is contradicted by

many ancient Christian texts. Instead of an Almighty
Creator God, ancient Christian texts espouse that the
universe is born from blind arrogance and stupidity. The
angels caused evolution to occur from species to species.
There are many gods, (or aliens?), and the Christian God is
just one among them. Satan the Devil writes scripture, and
thus the Bible was polluted with Genesis 1. Archaeology and
modern scholarship demonstrate that Genesis is indeed
Cavemen walk with Adam and Eve. Esoteric
FRANKENSTEINS prophecies reveal the coming of Christ, and also reveal the
dark forces that govern the cosmos. Such are the ancient
Christian writings.
Science vindicates the truth of these ideas. Evolution often
happens too fast for Darwin's theory. Gaps in the fossil
record indicate that some kind of unnatural force acts
together with natural selection. Astrobiology reveals that
intelligent life probably evolved long before us. The fossil
record reveals strange clues that aliens abducted species and
transported them across oceans, and that DNA from diverse
lineages was combined to spawn hybrid species. Evidently,
aliens influence evolution, and they are the gods of the


"Fossil Frankensteins, Do Aliens Make Hybrid Species?"

world's religions.

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"Fossil Frankensteins, Do Aliens Make Hybrid Species?"

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"Fossil Frankensteins, Do Aliens Make Hybrid Species?"

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