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1. Look at the image and choose what it indicates?

Gas tanker
2. Look at the image and choose what it indicates?
Bulbous bow
3. Choose the correct option? RORO stands for.
Roll on roll off
4. Choose the correct option? ETA stands for.
Estimated time of arrival
5. Which of the following is the correct abbreviations for two most common standard
sizes of containers?
6. What is the most common name for ships, which carry oil in bulk?
Product tankers
7. Who has the overall responsibility of the engine room and its maintenance?
Chief Engineer
8. SAFETY Onboard is to ensure that all work procedures and operations are planned
keeping in mind the following:
The protection of personnel
The protection of the environment or (Protection from pollution)
The protection of property
9. Which IMO Convention deals exclusively with the Environmental Pollution?
10. What is the most widely used general emergency alarm onboard ships?
Signal of seven short blasts, followed by one long blast
11. What should you do when you hear a General Emergency Alarm?
Proceed to your designated muster station
12. Which is the recommended colour of the Foam Type Fire Extinguishers?
13. Where on ship would you find a Fire Blanket?
14. When a man falls overboard, which of the following is not the required
immediate action?
Keeping sickbay ready
15. When a man falls overboard, we should immediately throw the nearest lifebuoy
overboard. Is the statement correct?
16. Choose the correct option. In ABC of first aid, A stands for
Air Way

17. Choose the correct option. In ABC of First Aid, B stands for
18. Which list details the duties and responsibilities in case of emergency onboard?
The statement is:
Muster list
19. Choose the correct option. OSC stands for
On scene co-ordinator
20. Which Publication gives detailed guidelines about conduct of various parties
during Search and Rescue?
21. What is the Maximum possible Latitude?
90 degrees north
22. What is the Maximum possible Longitude?
180 degrees east
23What is the primary function of echo sounder?
To provide depth of water underkeel
24. Safe speed is defined as that speed where __________.
Vessel can take proper and effective action to avoid collision
25. Any action taken to avoid collision shall __________.
Be a positive action, made in ample time and using good seamanship
Be carefully checked until the other vessel is finally past and clear
Result in passing at a safe distance
26. This picture represents a power driven vessel more than 50 meters in length
underway. Drag and drop the correct image for various lights shown here.
Masthead light
Port Side lights
Starboard Side lights
Stern light
27. Look carefully at the navigational lights shown by this vessel and click on the
right option what these lights indicate.
Vessel constrained by her draft
28. Here is the image of four cardinal marks on one side. Match the light
characteristics associated with each type of buoy.
N - Q or VQ
W- Q (9) or VQ (9)
E - Q (3) or VQ (3)
S - Q (6) + LFl or VQ (6) + LFl
29. To indicate a new danger, a duplicate mark is provided besides the normal
original mark. Is the statement correct?
30. Is the statement correct? The sheet bend is used to join two ropes of different
size together.


31. Is the statement correct? Reef Knot is used to tie two ropes of equal size or
thickness together.
32. Which is the correct type of stopper to be used for wire ropes?
Chain Stopper
33. Select the most appropriate phrase to indicate that eye of first mooring line has
been laid around the bollard on jetty?
First line ashore
34. Drag and drop on to the image
Od gory obrazka
1. Headlines
2. Forward Breast Lines
3. Forward Springs
4. Aft Springs
5. Aft Breast Lines
6. Sternlines
35. Identify the flag and its meaning.
B - BRAVO; I am taking in, discharging, or carrying dangerous cargo.
36. What is the meaning of Flag Hotel depicted above.
I am in process of embarking a pilot.