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APPLICABILITY: This Schedule is applicable to all general purposes of any customer contracting for a demand of 100 kw or more but less
than 1000 kw.


CHARACTER OF SERVICE: Service supplied shall be alternating current three phase, 60 cycles. Voltage supplied will be at the
discretion of the Distributor and will be determined by the voltage available from distribution lines in the vicinity and/or other conditions. All
services installed will be overhead services unless otherwise provided for.


a. Basic Customer Charge
b. Basic Customer Charge $37.85 per billing month
c. Plus kwh Charge
First 24,000 kwh
Next 186,000 kwh
Additional kwh

@ $.04050 per kwh

@ $.03250 per kwh
@ $.027500 per kwh

d. Plus Demand Charge

All kw

@ $12.50 per kw

e. Plus rkva Demand Charge

All rkva of Demand @ $.15 per rkva
f. Fuel Adjustment: Each kilowatt-hour used is subject to adjustment for charges in fuel costs, provided such fuel costs are charged to the
Distributor by its supplier.
g. Wholesale Power Adjustment: From time to time the Distributor may charge the Customer for additional wholesale power cost charged
the Distributor by its supplier. The charge will be added to each kilowatt-hour purchased by the Customer.
h. Monthly minimum charge will be the demand charge as determined below.

DETERMINATION OF KW DEMAND: The kw of demand billed shall be the highest of:


The highest average kw measured in any 30-minute interval during the current billing month, or
90% of the highest kw of demand used for billing during the preceding eleven billing months, or
100 kw


DETERMINATION OF rkva DEMAND: The rkva of demand billed shall be the highest average rkva measured in any 30-minute interval
during the current billing month.


STANDBY AND RESALE SERVICE: All electric service (other than emergency or standby service) used on the premises of Customer
will be supplied exclusively by Distributor and the Customer will not directly or indirectly sell, sublet, assign, or otherwise dispose of the
electric service or any part there of. Standby and Breakdown service will be supplied only through negotiated contract. Where the Customer
has installed emergency generating equipment, the Customer will install and maintain approved manual or automatic transfer switches so
arranged that it is impossible to connect the Customers generator directly or indirectly to the Distributors system. Parallel and Relay service
will not be permitted.


PHASE BALANCE: Each three-phase Customer will at his own expense maintain reasonable phase load balance between phases. Service
unbalance will not exceed 25% of the kw contract, or 33% of the kw billing demand. If phase unbalance is not maintained by Customer to
within 25% of the kw contract or 33% of the billing demand, the contract demand will be increased to three (3) times the maximum phase kva.

VIII. BILLING AND PAYMENT: All bills will be rendered monthly and are due when rendered. If not paid on or before the past due shown on
the bill, a 5% delayed payment charge may be added. If payment of bill is received after past due date the delayed payment charge may be
included in the next months bill. Waiver of delayed payment charge can only be made by the Commission, and will be considered only upon
written explanation of reason for the request.

OTHER CHARGES: Customers supplied under this schedule are subject to deposits, connection charges, fees, taxes, etc. as set forth in
Schedule No. 11 of the Distributors Schedule of Rates and Charges.


SINGLE-POINT DELIVERY: The above rates are based upon the supply of service through a single delivery and metering point and at a
single voltage. Separate supply for the same Customer at other points of use or a different phase or voltage will be separately metered and


TERM OF CONTRACT: The term of service under this Schedule shall be as mutually agreed upon but never less than one year.


RULE AND REGULATIONS: Service under the above rate is subject to the Schedule of Rules and Regulations, as amended, of the
Distributor, which constitute a part of these rates.

Rate Approved May 22nd, 2012, Effective July 3rd, 2012

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