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A: General Works
B-BD: Philosophy
BF: Psychology (also parapsychology and the occult)
BH-BJ: Aesthetics, Ethics, Etiquette
BL-BX: Religion
o BL: Religion: General, Miscellaneous, and Atheism
o BM: Judaism (Jewish Bibles and biblical commentary are found in BS)
o BP: Islam, Baha'i, and New Religions
o BQ: Buddhism
o BR-BX: Religion: Christianity and the Bible
BR: Christianity (General)
BS: The Bible (Hebrew and Christian)
BT: Christian Doctrine
BV: Christian Practice
BX: Christian Denominations
C: History: Auxiliary sciences
o CB: History of Civilization
o CD: Diplomatics, Archives, Seals
o CR: Heraldry
o CS: Genealogy (see also Biography and History for more genealogyrelated titles)
o CT: Biography (General) (many people's biographies are filed under the
subject class they're most closely associated with)
D: History: General, and Regions Outside the Americas
o DA Great Britain and Ireland
o DAW Central Europe
o DB Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia
o DC France, Andorra, Monaco
o DD Germany
o DE Mediterreanean Region, Greco-Roman World
o DF Greece
o DG Italy
o DH-DJ Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands
o DJK Eastern Europe
o DK Russia, Former Soviet Republics, Poland
o DL Northern Europe, Scandinavia
o DP Spain, Portugal
o DR Balkan Region
o DS Asia
o DT Africa
o DU Oceania, Australia, New Zealand
o DX Roma (Gypsies)

E: History: United States (General)

F: History: United States (Regional), and the Americas
G: Geography, Anthropology, Folklore, Recreation
o G-GB: Geography (General and Physical)
o GC: Oceanography
o GE: Environmental Sciences
o GF: Human Geography
o GN: Anthropology
o GR: Folklore
o GT: Manners and Customs (see also Etiquette in BJ)
o GV: Recreation and Leisure
H: Social Sciences
o HA: Statistics
o HB-HJ: Economics and Business
HB: Economic Theory and Demography
HC-HD: Economic History and Conditions
HE: Transportation and Communications
HF: Commerce
HG: Finance
HJ: Public Finance
o HM: Sociology (General)
o HN: Social History, Problems, and Reform
o HQ: Family, Marriage, Sex and Gender
o HS: Societies and Clubs
o HT: Cities, Communities, Ethnicity
o HV: Social Service, Welfare, Criminology
o HX: Socialism, Communism, Utopias, Anarchism
J: Political Science
K: Law (see also J for some constitutional works)
L: Education
M: Music
N: Fine Arts
P: Language and Literature
o PA: Classical Languages and Literature
o PB: Modern European Languages; Celtic Languages and Literature
o PC: Romance Languages
o PD: Old Germanic and Scandinavian Languages and Literature
o PE: English Language
o PF: West Germanic Languages
o PG: Slavic (incl. Russian) Languages and Literature
o PH: Uralic and Basque (incl. Finnish and Hungarian) Languages and
o PJ-PL: Literature: African, Asian, and Pacific
o PM: Indigeneous American and Artificial Languages
o PN: Literature: General, Criticism, Collections

PQ: Literature: French, Italian, and Spanish

PR: Literature: English (non-American)
PS: Literature: American
PT: Literature: Germanic
Q: Science
o QA: Mathematics and Computer Science
o QB-QE: Physical Sciences
QB: Astronomy
QC: Physics
QD: Chemistry
QE: Geology
o QH-QR: Biological Sciences
QH: Natural History and Biology (General)
QK: Botany
QL: Zoology
QM: Human Anatomy
QP: Physiology
QR: Microbiology
R: Medicine
S: Agriculture
T: Technology
o TA: Engineering (General and Civil)
o TC: Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering
o TD: Technology and the Environment (including pollution)
o TE-TG: Highways, Railways, and Bridges
o TH: Building Construction
o TJ: Mechanical Engineering
o TK: Electrical Engineering (and computer networks); Nuclear Engineering
o TL: Motor Vehicles, Air and Space Technology
o TN: Mining and Metallurgy
o TP: Chemical Technology
o TR: Photography
o TS: Manufacturing
o TT: Handicrafts; Arts and Crafts
o TX: Home Economics (including food and cooking)
U: Military Science
V: Naval Science
Z: Bibliography and Library Science