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This   updated   text,   now   in   its   Third   Edi on,   con nues   to   provide   the   basic   concepts   of   discrete
mathema cs and its applica ons at an appropriate level of rigour.
The   text   teaches   mathema cal   logic,   discusses   how   to   work   with   discrete   structures,   analyzes
combinatorial   approach   to   problem‐solving   and   develops   an   ability   to   create   and   understand
mathema cal   models   and   algorithms   essen als   for   wri ng   computer   programs.   Every   concept
introduced in the text is first explained from the point of view of mathema cs, followed by its rela on
to Computer Science. In addi on, it offers excellent coverage of graph theory, mathema cal reasoning,
founda onal   material   on   set   theory,   rela ons   and   their   computer   representa on,   supported   by   a
number of worked‐out examples and exercises to reinforce the students’ skill.
Primarily   intended   for   undergraduate   students   of   Computer   Science   and   Engineering,   and
Informa on Technology, this text will also be useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students of
Computer Applica ons.

New to this Edi on
Incorporates   many   new   sec ons   and   subsec ons   such   as   recurrence   rela ons   with   constant
coefficients, linear recurrence rela ons with and without constant coefficients, rules for coun ng and
shor ng, Peano axioms, graph connec ng, graph scanning algorithm, lexicographic shor ng, chains,
an chains   and   order‐isomorphism,   complemented   la ces,   isomorphic   order   sets,   cyclic   groups,
automorphism groups, Abelian groups, group homomorphism, subgroups, permuta on groups, cosets,
and quo ent subgroups.
Includes many new worked‐out examples, defini ons, theorems, exercises, and GATE level MCQs
with answers.

Preface to the First Edi on
1.    Discrete Structures and Set Theory
2.    Induc on, Recursion and Recurrences
3.    Combinatorics
4.    Discrete Probability
5.    Mathema cal Logic
6.    Logical Inferencing
7.    Predicate Logic
8.    Graph Theory
9.    Rela ons
10.  Transi ve Closure and Warshall’s Algorithm
11.  Equivalence and Par al Ordering Rela ons

12.  Trees
13.  Algebraic Systems
14.  Languages, Automata and Grammars
15.  Prime Numbers and Cryptosystems
K.R.   CHOWDHARY,   Ph.D.,   Director,   Jodhpur   Ins tute   of   Engineering   and   Technology,   School   of
Engineering & Technology for Girls (JIET‐SETG), is visi ng Professor at Indian Ins tute of Technology
Jodhpur since 2010. Earlier, he served as Professor and Head in the Department of Computer Science
and   Engineering,   M.B.M.   Engineering   College,   Jodhpur   and   Scien fic   Officer   at   Bhabha   Atomic
Research   Centre,   Mumbai.   Dr.   Chowdhary   has   more   than   two   decades   of   teaching   and   research
experience and has published several ar cles in journals. He is the member of Board of Studies of
various universi es in the state of Rajasthan.

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