Scoring 101 League Scoring

With an Example 1. Competition is as in stroke play. There are points for team stroke play and individual match play. 2. All holes must be completed. Failure to hole out will result in forfeiture. 3. Players match up based on handicaps. The maximum handicap is 18. 4. A player who does not have an established handicap (less than two rounds in the league) will be assigned a handicap after his round based on his score for that round. The handicap is determined by subtracting 36 from his score. 5. The player with the higher handicap is given a stroke handicap on the number of holes equal to the difference between his handicap and his opponent’s handicap. The strokes are used on the hardest holes on the course, as shown on the scorecard (hardest to easiest: 2, 6, 7, 4, 3, 5, 8, 1, 9).

yer 1 yer 2

16 13




6 6




In the above example, Player 2 gives Player 1 a total of 3 strokes on holes #2, 6, and 7. The hole handicaps are circled for the handicapped holes. Hole #1 is won outright by Player 2 as it is not a stroke hole; Hole #2 is won by Player 2 because it is a stroke hole; Hole #3 is halved, so both players score 0.5 points. 6. In a given match, there are 11 points competed for between two players. 7. On a hole when no stroke is given, the player with the lower score wins the hole and is awarded 1 point. If the hole is halved, 0.5 points are awarded to each player. As in Holes #1 and #3 above. 8. When a stroke is given, the player with the lower handicap must score two strokes better in order to win the hole and 1 point. If the score the same, the hole and 1 point is won by the player with the higher handicap. If the lower handicap player scores one better, the hole is halved and 0.5 points are awarded to each player. As in Hole #2 above. Since Player 1 scored 6, Player 2 would have had to score 4 on Hole #2 to win and 5 to half.

9. At the end of the match, the player who scores the most points is awarded 2 bonus points for winning the match.

4 5

49 48

33 35

7.5 3.5

Player 1 scores 5.5 points for the match and is awarded the 2 bonus points for winning the match, for a total of 7.5 points. Player 2 scores 3.5 points. Notice that the total number of points is always 11 for the match. 10. Total Gross Score, Net Score, and Individual Points on the scorecard. Transfer these results to the Men’s League Results sheets in the clubhouse.
# Player Name HCP GROSS NET PTS # Player Name


Player 1






Player 2

Record the competitors in the same row on the Team Scorecard in the clubhouse. Also record the results for the other competitors in the group. 11. When all results have been recorded total the Team Net. Add 10 bonus Team Points if your team has low net. Add 5 bonus Team Points if you have tied for low net. Total your team’s Total Points. 12. A player who forfeits or who is disqualified receives no points while his opponent receives all 11 points. Additionally, the player’s team will receive no Team Points while their opponents receive all 10 Team Points.