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If you were in Vienna in the late 19th century and had gone to the coffeehouse The Red
Hedgehog you might have seen a composer who was a regular there. Who?
A: Johannes Brahms
B: Richard Strauss
C: Franz Liszt
D: Claude Debussy
2. Antonin Dvorak wrote some of his most beloved music while living in a small Midwestern
town name it.
A: Winona, Minnesota
B: Sioux Falls, S. Dakota
C: Spillville, Iowa
D: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
3. Which composer was nicknamed the red priest?
A. Francesco Geminiani
B. Antonio Vivaldi
C. Archangelo Corelli
D. Giovanni Sammartini
4. Giuseppe Tartini wrote a famous violin sonata that came to him in a dream. What's the
nickname of this piece?
A. Sonata de Camera in E-flat major
B: Satyr's Masque
C: Fantasy for Violin
D: The Devil's Trill
5. Louis Spohr claimed that he was the person who first introduced to England a musical
implement that is now very well known. What was Spohr referring to?
A: the tuning fork
B: the chromatic tuner
C: the conductor's baton
D: the metronome
6. This composer spent the last weeks of his life sick in bed, reading the novels of James
Fennimore Cooper. Which composer was this?
A: Franz Schubert
B: Robert Schumann
C: Sir Arthur Sullivan
D: John Philip Sousa
7. Name the composer who spent part of his life running an orange plantation in Florida.
A: Scott Joplin
B: William Grant Still
C: Antonin Dvorak
D: Fredrick Delius
8. What great composer is nicknamed Papa?
A: Franz Joseph Haydn
B: J. S. Bach
C: Josef Strauss
D: Antonio Vivaldi

9. This has to do with the title of Handel's Water Music. It's called that because:
A: it was inspired by the seven seas
B: it was first performed on a barge on the River Thames
C: it forms part of the opera The Kingdom of Neptune
D: the first five notes spell "water," in German music notation
10. The music of Bach fell into obscurity after his death, until another great composer mounted a
famous revival of the St. Matthew Passion. Who was this composer?
A: Felix Mendelssohn
B: Richard Wagner
C: Richard Strauss
D: Franz Schubert
11. Frederic Chopin is unusual because he composed almost exclusively for one instrument. What
A. the piano
B: the glass armonica
C: the accordian
D: the harpsichord
12. One of the most famous operettas is "Die Fledermaus". What does "Die Fledermaus" mean?
A. the ugly duckling
B: the Death of Count Von Fleder
C: the bat
D: the butterfly
13. One of the following composers did NOT compose music based on the theme of the four
seasons: Which one?
A: Milhaud
B: Brahms
C: Verdi
D: Vivaldi
14. Jean Sibelius is his country's most famous composer. What country?
A. France
B: Finland
C: Belgium
D: Denmark
15. Who was the first composer to have one of his works performed in space?
A: Dmitri Shostakovich
B: George Gershwin
C: Johann Strauss II
D: John Williams
16. According to the Guiness Book of World Records, who is the most prolific of all composers?
A. Mozart
B. Bach
C. Telemann
D. Vivaldi
17. What well-known composer & pianist was married in the Hollywood Bowl?

A: Van Cliburn
B: Elton John
C: Percy Grainger
D: George Gershwin
18. Some of the most visible concerts and recordings recently have been the ones featuring the
Three Tenors. Which of these does not fit?
A. Jose Carreras
B. Placido Domingo
C. Luciano Pavarotti
D. Carlo Bergonzi
19. Who was nicknamed the dean of Afro-American composers?
A. William Grant Still
B: Scott Joplin
C: James P. Johnson
D: Duke Ellington
20.If you listened to Minnesota Public Radio during the summer Olympics, you heard a new
piece called Javelin commissioned especially for the Olympics, by an acclaimed young
composer. Who wrote Javelin?
A: Michael Torke
B: Gloria Estefan
C: Hugh Wolff
D: Paul Schaffer
21. What famous composer was also a professional chemist and the author of "On the Analogy of
Arsenical with Phosphoric Acid"?
A: Modest Moussorgsky
B: Gustav Mahler
C: Sir Arnold Bax
D: Alexander Borodin
22. The Pulitzer Prize in music has only been given to a film score once. What composer won it?
A. Virgil Thomson
B. John Williams
C. Erich Korngold
D. Henry Mancini
23. Before he took up conducting, Toscanini played in the orchestra what instrument?
A. Cello
B. Timpani
C. Double bass
D. Oboe
24. Mendelssohn's Fifth Symphony makes use of a familiar hymn. Which one?
A: A Mighty Fortress is Our God
B. Arise, My Soul, Arise
C. O for a Thousand Tongues
D. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
25. Every year at King's College, Cambridge, a Festival of Lessons and Carols is presented. How
many Lessons?

A. Five
B. Twenty-five
C. Twelve
D. Nine
26. Who wrote the Farewell Symphony? At the end of which the musicians gradually stop
playing and leave the stage...
A. Leonard Bernstein
B. Leopold Mozart
C. Franz Joseph Haydn
D. John Cage
27. Everyone has heard the operatic excerpt in which a singer repeats, "Figaro, Figaro, Figaro."
What opera does it come from?
A. Mozart: Don Giovanni
B. Rossini: The Barber of Seville
C. Verdi: Rigoletto
D. Puccini: La Boheme
28. To whom did Beethoven originally plan to dedicate his Third Symphony (the "Eroica")?
A. Napoleon
B. Frederick the Great
C. Mozart
D. George III
29. This composer was born in New Orleans, died in Brazil, and is buried in Brooklyn who is
A. Scott Joplin
B. Louis Moreau Gottschalk
C. Aaron Copland
D. Heitor Villa-Lobos
30. Salzburg, Austria is the setting of the musical The Sound of Music what is its other musical
claim to fame?
A. home of the world's finest harpsichords
B: birthplace of Beethoven
C: birthplace of Mozart
D: the home of Europe's oldest boy choir
31. Which composer was able to write in spite of becoming almost totally deaf in later life?
32. About which composer was the 1984 film Amadeus?
33. Which one of the following composers wrote the six Brandenburg Concertos?
a: Johann Sebastian Bach
b: Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin
c: Franz Liszt
34. Pomp & Circumstance March No 1 by Sir Edward William Elgar is better known as what?

35. With which musical instrument do we associate Sir Yehudi Menuhin?

36. 6. Which of the following is the location of the annual Promenade Concerts, or "Proms", held
in London?
a: Royal Festival Hall
b: Royal Albert Hall
c: The Barbican Centre
37. To which family of musical instruments does the bassoon belong?
38. The Hallelujah Chorus comes from which work, often performed at Christmas?
39. La Boheme, The Marriage of Figaro, Rigoletto and Aida are all examples of what?
40. What term is used to describe a composition in which one or more solo instruments are
assigned leading roles, often with orchestral accompaniment?