BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

The BMP-2 [BMP = Boyevaya Mashina Pyekhota - Infantry Fighting Vehicle] infantry combat vehicle, fielded in the early 1980's [initially designated BMP 1981], is an improved version of the BMP-1 incorporating major armament changes. The new twoman turret mounts a 30-mm automatic gun with a long thin tube and double-baffle muzzle brake that can be used against aircraft and helicopters. The ATGM launcher on top of the turret can employ either AT-4 SPIGOT or AT-5 SPANDREL missiles, though the AT-5 Spandrel canister is normally mounted. Given the enlarged turret, there are two roof hatches in the rear fighting compartment, rather than the four of the BMP-1, and the the BMP-2 accommodates one less passenger. Each side of the troop compartment has three firing ports with associated roof-mounted periscopes. The BMP-2 is fully amphibious, and the upper part of the track has a sheet metal cover deeper than that of the BMP-1 which is filled with a buoyancy aid. A French SNPE explosive reactive armor (ERA) kit and others are available for use on the BMP-2. However, during dismounted troop movement, ERA would be a hazard. Thus, passive armor is more likely and ERA application is doubtful. For amphibious use, additional armor application is unlikely. Other options are spall liners, air conditioning, and a more powerful engine. Russian AG-17 30-mm automatic grenade launcher modification is

offered for BMP-2. Russian KBP offers a drop-in one-man turret, called Kliver, with a stabilized 2A72 30-mm gun, a 4 Kornet ATGM launcher, thermal sights, a coaxial 7.62mm MG and improved fire control system. ATGM load consists of one ready on the launcher and four stowed. They are readily accessible, but require hand loading from an open hatch. The AT-5 and AT-5B are more likely than AT-4 and -4B. French-German Flame-V adaptor kit permits the BMP-2 system to launch Milan, Milan-2, and Milan-3 ATGMs. Thermal sights are available, and the Russian SANOET-1 thermal gunner's sight is available. The Russian Trakt/1PN65 thermal imaging (TI) ATGM night sight is optional. Acquisition range is 2,500 m (NFI). For the launcher in dismount

configuration, the Slovenian TS-F ATGM night sight is available and has a detection range of 4,500 m and recognition range of 2,000 m. The Russian Mulat/1PN86 lightweight TI ATGM thermal sight has 3,600 m detection range and 2,000 m identification range. VARIANTS A number of product improvements were made to the BMP-2 in the late 1980’s.
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BMP-2D: Variant with add-on plate armor, but which cannot swim BMP-2E: Variant with 6-mm steel plates added and track skirts BMP-2K: Command variant with additional radio

Alternative Designations Date of Introduction Yozh (Russia), Sarath (India) 1980

Proliferation Description Crew Troop Capacity Combat Weight (mt) Chassis Length Overall (m) Height Overall (m) Width Overall (m) Ground Pressure (kg/cm 2 ) Automotive Performance Engine Type Speed (km/h) Max Road Max Off-Road Average CrossCountry Max Swim Fording Depth (m) Radio Protection Armor, Turret Front (mm) Applique Armor (mm) Explosive Reactive Armor (mm) Active Protective System Mineclearing Equipment Self-Entrenching

At least 20 countries 3 7 passengers 14.3 6.72 2.45 3.15 0.63

300-hp Diesel

Cruising Range (km) 600 65 45 35 7 Amphibious R-123M transceiver or R-173

23-33 On BMP-2D Available N/A KMT-8 mine plow available N/A

Blade NBC Protection System Smoke Equipment ARMAMENT Main Armament Caliber, Type, Name Loader Type Ready/Stowed Rounds Elevation (°) Fire on Move Auxiliary Weapon Caliber, Type, Name Mount Type Maximum Aimed Range (m) Max Effective Range (m) Day Night Fire on Move ATGM Launcher Name Launch Method Guidance Command Link Launcher Dismountable Firing Port FIRE CONTROL FCS Name BPK-1-42 or BPK-2-42 9P135M1/M3 Tube-launched SACLOS Wire Yes 4 on left side, 3 on right side 1 in left rear door 1,000 INA Yes 7.62-mm (7.62x 54R) machinegun, PKT Turret coax 2,000 30-mm automatic gun, 2A42 Dual-belt feed 500/0 -5 to +74 Yes Rate of Fire (rd/min) 550 cyclic in bursts/ 200-300 practical Collective 6 smoke grenade launchers, VEESS

Rate of Fire (rd/min) 250 practical/650 cyclic, 2-10 round bursts

Main Gun Stabilization Rangefinder Infrared Searchlight Sights w/Magnification Gunner Day Field of View (°) Acquisition Range (m) Night Field of View (°) Acquisition Range (m) Commander Fire Main Gun MAIN ARMAMENT AMMUNITION Caliber, Type, Name 30-mm AP-T Maximum Aimed Range (m) Max Effective Range (m) Day Night Tactical AA Range Armor Penetration (mm) 30-mm APDS Maximum Aimed Range (m) Max Effective Range (m) Day

2-plane Laser Yes

BPK-1-42 or BPK-2-42 8 2,500-4,000 (est) BPK-1-42 or BPK-2-42 II/IR INA INA No


1,500 INA 4,000 18 (RHA, 60°) at 1,500 m



Night Tactical AA Range Armor Penetration (mm) 30-mm APFSDS-T M929 Maximum Aimed Range (m) Max Effective Range (m) Day Night Tactical AA Range Armor penetration (mm) 30-mm Frag-HE Maximum Aimed Range (m) Max Effective Range (m) Day Night Tactical AA Range Armor Penetration (mm) Other Ammunition Types Antitank Guided Missiles Name Warhead Type Armor Penetration (mm) Range (m) Name Warhead Type

INA 4,000 25 (RHA) at 1,500m


2,000+ INA 4,000 55 (RHA) at 1,000m/45 at 2,000m

4,000/ 2,500 point target

4,000 INA 4,000 INA 30-mm HEI-T

AT-5/SPANDREL Shaped charge (HEAT) 650 (RHA) 4,000 AT-5B/Konkurs-M Tandem shaped charge (HEAT)

Armor Penetration (mm) Range (m) Name Warhead Type Armor Penetration (mm) Range (m) Name Warhead Type Armor Penetration (mm) Range (m)

925 (RHA) 4,000 AT-4/SPIGOT Shaped charge (HEAT) 480 (RHA) 2,000 AT-4B/Factoria Tandem shaped charge (HEAT) 550 (RHA) 2,500