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Action Team Name: Nutrition Note Taker name: Annie Rojas Telephone #: 215-386-5211 Meeting Date: 2/29/08 Facilitator: Robin Rifkin

e-mail: McDowell, Allison; Parents United for Public Education Morrison, Kelly; Phila Corp. for Aging Ortiz, Jeanne Parents United for Public Education, Pennsylvania Environmental Council Pepe, Connie; Jefferson Univ. Diabetes Prevention Program Rifkin, Robin; Health Promotion Council Rojas, Ann; White Dog Community Enterprises Schneider, Barbara; Community Health Collaborative Sherman, Sandy The Food Trust Solomon, Aaliyah; PHMC Sung, Connie UPenn student comm.-based environmental health Visard, Frank; SDP food service Walker, Alia PARCC- Philadelphia Area Research and Community Collaboration at Penn Washington, Barbara; PHMC Asthma Link Weiss, Norman; Weaver’s Way

Attendees: Brown, Linda Awbury Arboretum Apprentice Program Bynum, Colleen; SJU Student, Albert Einstein employee Chung, Jen; Temple medicine student, nutrition advocacy group SNACwell Coffin, Ed nutrition student at UMDNJ, vegan baker Dubrow, Matthew; Fundamental Wellness nutrition medicine practice Elder, Linden student from Haverford “Food Fight” Federici, Leslianna; fitness consultant and New Bold Neighbors Gym, Helen Parents United for Public Education Grasela, Wayne Senior VP Food Services, School District of Philadelphia (SDP) Guidry, Marilyn; Cheyney University GIS professor Ingram, Karl Johnson, Danni; Philadelphia Health Management Corp.(PMC) Kendrick, Lamarr Margarita, Mona Awbury Arboretum
Agenda Item Introductions Synergy: List examples of synergy provided at meeting Discussion: Main Points Review of PUFFA- working to make it easier to be healthy by increasing safe places to play and easy access to healthful food Karl has been meeting with Lamarr and talking about potential opportunities in North Philly. Linden- PA Real Food Summit at Penn brought students together Robin- Common Market is continuing to progress; School of the Future project has progressed: salad is now provided on the menu, next step whole grains; studies being done at 6 k-8 schools (3 control schools) 1.5 years left in the study, will

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Discussion: Main Points shed light on how menu’s impact obesity Sandy Sherman- informed Joe Woodlock about programs that may help provide food to rec center A copy of “the sort” was distributed and reviewed. Initial list fell into 4 groups- food in communities, smarter food policy in institutions, educational campaigns, and community economic development. The ideas were categorized into those general groupings in the sort. Ideas were also sorted as to whether or not they were vision, program, or policy/system changes. Kellogg gave us healthy, affordable, accessible, and local criteria. This definition was distributed. Draft “vision” statement distributed as a starting point. Question- why can’t the city provide more funding for food and fitness initiatives; need to engage council and staff at the city. Response: PUFFA has engaged city and council through health commissioner and health department representation. The various ways that the city can support the plan (beyond funding) will be clearer as the plan is developed. Sustainability needs to be a separate component it is as important as local Vision needs to include nutrition education at an early age to establish long life eating habits Nutrition education is implied in the statement of “all Philadelphians valued good nutrition..” Need to mention cultural groups in the vision Good nutrition is a community value beyond just to stay healthy

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Nutrition Policy Statement

Send comments to Robin and when web format is established post comments there

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March 15, 2008

New Topics PUFFA Update We are working on a vision for our nutrition group. The next few months we will be analyzing Annie will distribute roadmap with minutes

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Parents United for Public Education

Discussion: Main Points the vision to see what is needed to accomplish it. Finally we’ll look at what strategies we will need to include in our plan to get there. Helen and Jeannie explained their organization’s focus- school budgets and how they are used to prioritize issues in the school, they previously worked with Aramark contract issues and then became more involved in general food service issues. Goal is district-wide change. They presented an initiative they will bring to the school district in April. A draft of the initiative was distributed. Question: Can PUFFA take a stand before the school reform committee in April? Response: Our coalition is not evolved enough to “take a stand” but individual partners can be approached for support. We are working to nurture communication and create an environment that will allow us to solve problems creatively. 1. Be open minded- “try-on” other views 2. Listen with respect 3. It’s okay to disagree 4. Keep criticism constructive 5. No blame, shame or attacks 6. Confidentiality 7. When communicating take responsibility for words and action: Use “I” instead of “we” or “you” Use I feel” or “I think” instead of “you made me” “it made me” 8. More than 1 thing can be true “Both/And” instead “or/but” 9. Notice process- what are we doing, how are doing it, intent, and impact 10. Let everyone participate and be heard 11. Everyone’s in charge of sharing time We are not program oriented but there are policies that may support programs. System or policy level change is made to affect a broad population. Robin distributed hand out explaining the differences between policy and programs.

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Looking for institutional support to bring before the commission. (2nd and 3rd Wednesday). Looking for people to testify. 215-236-2100 ask for Aissia or email Annie to bring to PUFFA staff meeting

All interested partners

ASAP, but before March 26

Annie Rojas

March 5

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Discussion: Main Points Robin also distributed Rick Nichols article “on the side: obesity expert sides with chain restaurants” and a food policy options list from Center for Science in the Public Interest. Request for feedback about merging food system and nutrition action teams. MG: Bigger group might not lend itself to discussion. The groups are talking about different things KM, LK: From time-to-time it makes sense RR: Or if there is overlap in topic maybe it would be helpful. LF: Periodic combined meetings might be helpful ie common vision meeting Next step is to analyze vision and compare it to existing data that paints the current picture. Not applicable Friday March 14 12:30-1:00 networking, 1:003:00 meeting, location to be announced Friday April 11 12:30-1:00 networking, 1:00-3:00 meeting with Food System Action Team, Awbury Arboretum- tours available before and after

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Annie to discuss concerns and ideas with Allison Harris


March 10

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