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The Philippines is well known as a country that is over populated.

This over population causes

people to be with others more often, which make them more prone to sickness, commonly, the
communicable diseases such as cough and colds.
The government then observed this
kind of problem, so they created agencies
that will help them prevent and control
different communicable diseases. Every
time that the Department of Health will
conduct programs and new policies, the
local government units (LGUs) will follow it
because they are connected to each other.
They work hand in hand to reach the whole
country and its corners just to prevent and

control the spreading of the dangerous diseases.

This group of students went to Barangay San Joses main health center to check the condition of the
latter and if it still updated to the programs and policies.
All of them working in the aid centers are all volunteers. One was interviewed with few questions.
She was asked if their center was connected to the DOH, and she replied that they are indirectly
connected to DOH. It is, as the announcements of the department will first go to the local government
before it will go or reach on them. The local government officials support them, especially when it comes
to the materials, tools and equipment needed for the center.

She was asked again with another question, what are some of the department campaigns that were
reached into theirs and are still campaigned until now. She said that they have feeding programs, and
they are following the reproductive health bill (RH Bill). When it comes to major burns, cuts, or injuries,
they are first given first aid and cleaning procedures before they are proceeded to the nearest hospital for
further medication. It is because they do not have such that kind of medicines or tools needed in injuries
and cuts, as in fireworks or firecrackers.
Despite the absence of many other kinds of medicines, they still have free medicines and vitamins
given, although cannot control, but can prevent somehow. They give free medicines for common
communicable diseases such as cold, cough and flu. They are
also giving free vaccines that may prevent BCG, OPV 1, OPV 2,
OPV 3, DPT 1, DPT 2, DPT 3, HEPA B1, HEPA B2, tuberculosis and
The health worker explained that vaccines are very
important because they offer great protection to a range of
deadly diseases. The health worker also said that people,
especially the ones who have a weak immune system, must get
their vaccines regularly so a range of deadly diseases will not be
able to infect them.
The students found out that the Barangay health center
also offers free condoms and pills. The injectable, however, costs
100 pesos. We highly recommend people to use these condoms
and pills to
help them
sex safely.
people are
more likely
to be
with sexually transmitted diseases, such as Herpes,
Gonorrhea, Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome,
or AIDS, and many more diseases, which are fatal to
human life.
Despite of the numerous programs that the
Barangay health center implements, they still admit
that it is still not enough. The health worker said
that the students must practice healthy habits every day to ensure optimum health and fitness. They must
also perform physical and mental exercises regularly to strengthen their mind and body. In addition, the
students must eat a balanced diet full of healthy foods, especially the green leafy vegetables and fruits.
With all of those health habits, she ensures the students will reach their optimum health. She also
reminded them that health is wealth and prevention is better than cure.

Just like the other Barangay health centers, the

Barangay health center in San Jose also suffers
problems. She said that sometimes, they run out of
vaccines, and that is why some of their patients are
forced to go to farther places just to get their
vaccines. They also lack facilities and medical tools,
that is why their medical services are limited and are
referred to as too basic. She also said that
whenever the Department of Health comes up with a
new program, their health center is always left behind.

Because they are

volunteers, they do not
have that big amount of
money in terms of monthly
payment. They just wanted
to have an improved health
center or clinic with new
facilities and complete
medicines. Another thing is
they also wanted to have
uniforms, to make them
organized and proven that
they are real volunteers
that wanted to help the
government prevent and
control the spreading of
different diseases in a
country where many people
live with each other.
At the end of their interview, the group of students learned that good health could not be
substituted with good healthcare, but with good and healthy habits. Moreover, they wanted to say that if
someone wants to live their life at their fullest, they should take care of their body because it is a Gods
gift to them and nothing will ever replace it once it was destructed. It can be cured, but it cannot bring you
back to where it was from the start. To sum up, all should work with unity, patience and understanding to
defend each one from diseases and illnesses that may lead to death. And remember, you do not need to
have money; you just need God and you yourselves.