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Project title: - E_music_world. A web portal for music

fans and talent generator.
Scope :
(1) A web space where music lovers can listen the
music of their choice, see the video of choice, take the
nodes or see the lyrics of well known artists belonging
to private album, band, group, concert or songs sung
in movies in desired language.
(2) Portal shall provide facilities to upload as well as
download their personal preferences in their own
repositories as personal web music site. Associated
facilities like search, elimination, re-induction, and
reorganization of their personal preferences would be
made available to users for limited period of time as
free trial period.
(3) Facilities as mentioned in (2) above shall be made
available to paid registered user after trial period is
over with allotted space for each kind of contents that
user has made the registration.
(4) Web space would be provided to new talents by
allowing them to upload their outstanding work in

different categories of songs / lyrics etc. under various

moods in different Albums / videos etc.
(5) Casual Users would be allowed to listen the
songs/music or lyrics uploaded by new talents by
exhaustive search engine facilities on portal and can
even rank their performances.
(6) Portal shall maintain and record the hits on
particular song, video, lyrics accessed by casual users
and shall display the ranking as popularity with number
of stars.
(7) Opportunity shall be provided to users who wish to
rank the work of particular talent to rate the work.
Mailer agent can send their comments, to talents email
address, using automatic facility made available by
(8) As per ranking provided by users their ranking can
be sent to special talent hunt groups for independent
evaluation through mailer agents if talent hunt group
makes request.
(9) Availability of power search engine which can help
user to find its choice based on various combination of

(1) Content spread control module.

a. Content definition module.
i. Build major category.
ii. Build minor category.
iii. Assign major & minor category to
iv. Modification in assignment as stated
v. Search and view assign contents.
b. Content
i. Define languages to be used.
ii. Define talent profile.
iii. Assign contents to talent private space.
iv. Build search engine to search contents
private to talent.
(2) Mechanism generation module.
a. Build Video-streaming facility.
b. Build content control panel for each talent.
c. Content transfer module
i. Build Uploading facility
1. File uploading facility.
2. Bytes uploading facility.
a. Size control
b. Encryption
c. Confirmation of completion of
ii. Build Downloading facility
1. File downloading facility
2. Byte downloading facility
a. Size control
b. Encryption

c. Confirmation of completion of
(3) User authentication and authorization
a. Generation of trial user.
i. Creation of trial user profile.
ii. Provide facility for changing profile to
trial user.
iii. Generate validation and restrictions to
limit the profile of trial user.
iv. Assign c above to trial user.
v. Generate expiration of trial user after
specified trial period is over.
b. User registration control module
i. Make registration by getting existing
profile information available in system.
ii. Make registration by filling new
information by new user.
iii. Make provision for changing profile of
registered user.
c. Talent type users capability control module.
i. Assign facility that Talent user can use
by administrator
ii. Extend more facility to talent user by
iii. Withdrawal of facilities from talent user
to reduce profiles, by administrator.
(4) Ranking Control module
a. Create hit generation for any work of talent
b. Build ranking policy

c. Build ranking criterion selection for any or

multiple work of talent.
d. Build ranking giving mechanism by any user
to any talent for one or more work.
e. Show rankings for any task or tasks of any
(5) Promotion controller
a. Generate promotional user
b. Build promotional policy
c. Build promotional user applicable policy
d. Manage contents to be sent as promotion to
other users.
e. Manage mailer agent to send promotion
material to users
f. Facility for stop sending promotional
material to those users who declined to see
the promotion.
(6) Talent hunt sender module
a. Build talent hunt group who wish to seek
information from our portal.
b. Record talent hunt group interest area.
c. Record requirements for sending frequency
the contents to talent hunt interest group.
d. Build sending mechanism to send contents
to talent hunt groups.

Minimum Hardware And Software Requirement


: RAM 512MB, 40 GB HDD,

Processor 2.4.


: Windows Xp/2000




: .Net Framework 2005


: ASP.Net(C#).