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MediaTek 6582 Root/Backup ROM/CWM Installation Tutorial

Prepared by: GPM
Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Pre-requisites
III. Rooting
IV. Backing up ROM/Restoring from backup
V. Installing CWM Recovery
VI. Unlocking

The Polaroid MID0738 3GTV MT8312 (MT6582 Slim) is an almost All-In-One device that the
following features: Dual Camera, Dual SIM (3G), Analog TV, 8GB NAND Flash Memory, 1GB
DDR3 RAM, Multi-touch Screen, FM Radio, GPS (A-GPS), Bluetooth, WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), etc. It is
powered by Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

However, this device does not have any root (su) application or binary installed by default, also
no Clockwork Mod Recovery (CWM) installed nor available in the internet, the stock Recovery only
allows the user to Backup/Restore user files/settings and wipe data/cache. Also, based on my
observation, the device (depending on your location/country) has a Sim Lock on a particular network
provider. The device (on my location) is locked to the slowest network provider the SUN broadband
corporation, formerly Digitel now owned by SMART Inc. I did not find any way to unlock this device,
well I did not find any FREE unlocking tool in the internet. Let's continue to Root the device, Backup
the Stock ROM, and Install the CWM Recovery.

We need the following tools/programs to accomplish our objective:

1. Vroot (It is a Free Chinese Application that roots most phones/tablets in one click)
2. MTK Droid Tools v2.5.3 -
3. ADB Driver Installer -
4. MediaTek USB VCOM drivers
5. SP Flash Tools or MTK Flash Tool v. 5.1343.01 (18.10.2013)

1. USB Cable
2. Tablet PC that you're gonna root, backup, flash (at-least 50% charged, at-least 1GB storage,
USB Debugging Enabled)

Backup Android Device using the 'adb backup' command
Backup Userdata/Settings, using the stock recovery (if possible)


This may be the simplest part of this tutorial, okay let's start.
1. Download the ADB Drivers Installer and Install it.
2. Download the Vroot from their website: File size may vary
3. Install and Run
4. Plug in your tablet, make sure it is in 'USB Debugging Mode', wait for it to detect your device

5. Click the 'Root' button and wait for the device to reboot.

Note: The program may install program on your Android device, however I cannot read it
because it is in Chinese language, you can still uninstall those apps on your device.
6. If your device is still alive, Smile your device is now rooted! :D

Backing up Stock ROM/Restoring from Backup

I cannot find any Stock ROM of this device in the internet so we need to manually create a backup of
it, just in case we soft brick it.

1. Download the 'MTK Droid Tools', extract is somewhere and Run the application, wait for it to
detect your device.

2. After it detects your device, click the 'Root' button, this will grant the program with Root
privileges. The square on the left will now turn to color 'Green'.

3. Click the 'root, backup, recovery' tab and click the large 'Backup' button.

NOTE: This might take forever, in my case it took me about 13hrs to backup the
preloader_and_dsp, it depends on the device, so you may want to watch a movie, take a
bath, clean the house, was the dishes, browse the web, play games etc.

4. Also, a dialog box may appear that say 'Pack Backup?', something similar it asks you if you
want to compress the backed up files, I clicked NO to speed up the process. Here is the
screenshot of the finished backup process.

Preparing the Files to be used in SP Flash Tool

1. Open the MTK Droid Tools again, go to the tab 'root, backup, recovery' and click 'To prepare
blocks for Flash Tool, a new open dialog box will appear, you need to find the recent backup
files that you created using this tool. You need to select the 'files.md5'

2. After you selected that 'files.md5' it will automatically convert or parse the files that are needed
for the SP Flash Tools program. When it is done the folder '!Files_to_FlashTool ' will be
created, you may now flash your ROM using the SP Flash Tools program. You may now brick
your android device xD.

Flashing/Restoring the Stock ROM

Okay, so you did brick your android device, here's the steps to restore your backed up ROM.

1. Download and Install the MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers

2. Download the SP Flash Tool (MTK Flash Tool), extract and run.
3. Power off your device, prepare to plug it in the computer.
4. Click the 'Scatter-loading' button and search for a file in the directory !Files_to_FlashTool
named MT6582_Android_scatter.txt (depends on your device, but make sure it has the
'_Android_scatter.txt', Ignore any message that may appear.
5. IMPORTANT: Please uncheck the 'Preloader' checkbox in the 'SP Flash Tool' program,
flashing the incorrect 'Preloader' may/will likely result to a DEAD device, that means the PC
won't detect the device, treat is like a Resonance Cascade scenario.
6. Click the 'Download' button, plug-in your Phone/Tablet, click the 'Power' button if necessary
The SP Flash Tool will now begin to flash the device. Note: Please make sure that you plug
your device's USB cable on the back of the System Unit, near the Motherboard to make
sure that we will succeed, also do not plug it in USB Hubs and finally do not interrupt the

process, do not disconnect the cable or do anything. The entire process may fail and may
result in a broken device if the operation is interrupted by a power outage, or human
7. Here is the Screenshot of a complete flashed phone/tablet.

Installing CWM Recovery

The MID0738 does not have a CWM Recovery by default so we need to install it to backup the phone
regularly than using the Flash Tool to restore the Phone from its Stock Setting, might fry the Board if
we Flash and Flash and Flash.
1. Open the MTK Droid Tools,
2. Select the 'root, backup, recovery' tab,
3. Check the 'To use boot from phone',
4. Click the button 'Recovery and Boot',
5. Several Dialog Boxes will appear, just click 'Yes',
6. Your device will now reboot to the Installed CWM Recovery
7. Enjoy
8. Screenshot:


User: DR_MOOSAVI , oscarblue48
Credits to the Original Author of MTK Droid Tools rua1
User: xSkyFire
Prepared by GPM 2014

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

4.0International License.