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News of the World, 6 March 2011

Disgust of masseuse groped by Andrew

THE masseuse whose breast was groped by Prince Andrew for a "jokey photograph" told yesterday
how she was stunned that he had continued his friendship with jailed paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.
Johanna Sjoberg, who worked for the billionaire for four years, was 21 years old when she sat on the
Prince''s knee for the picture during a 2001 meeting in New York.
Now she says she feels disgusted that the prince had met up with Epstein after his release from
"I find it sick that he had still been seeing Epstein," she said. "That man (Epstein) messed up my life
and it is wrong that he still has friends in high places."
Johanna, now 31, recalled how she was introduced to Andrew after flying to Epstein''s mansion in
New York. She said the prince had a Spitting Image puppet on his hand which he put on her breast
while she sat on his lap.
"There was nothing sexual about it," she added. "But looking back it was strange." Johanna was
working as a masseuse for Epstein after being brought to his Palm Beach mansion in Florida by his
close pal Ghislaine Maxwell.
"Ghislaine asked if I would like to earn $20 an hour doing odd jobs around the house for Epstein," said
Johanna. "It was mostly to be small errands and that was good money. The first time I met him he was
just wearing a small towel. I thought that was odd, but that was how rich people behaved.
Johanna, then a psychology student at college, was later asked if she wanted to give Epstein foot
She agreed, but his demands later turned more sinister. "The first time he asked me to massage his
nipples I walked out. I think he was surprised as no-one had done that."
Johanna said it was too painful to detail what took place behind closed doors at Epstein's home, but
she was "worn down" by his demands. When he was arrested she did not press charges.
Another girl caught in his web also spoke for the first time. Haley Robson was 16 when she was
asked to bring girls for massages to Epstein''s home. She was never charged but has struggled with
the guilt. "That was a period I want to forget," said Hayley, now 26. "My relationship with my family
was ruined. I regret ever meeting Epstein."