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don't let the birth of a new milhnnium to be the death of

a great nation

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loies stort heor we oll now ihe show dr.phil so lote's siori with his show
obsessive love with o women who deliberotely moke folse ollegotions.Not
once did I heor or see Dr. Phil soy onything to her obout the cffcir . I om sorry
but if i heord o phone messoge from o mon to my wife stoting "you must be in
the both tub" i little pissed olso. Gronted, Jeffery is woy over the top ond is in of
need help but she didn't help the situotion by cheoting on him . Dr. Phil just
skipped over the phone messoge like it is normol for o guy friend to moke thoi
stotement to o morryed women . I think Jennifer hos lied to him obout thing
she shouldn't be doing when you ore in o morrioge, period. Of oll ihe responses
to this story seems to touch only on her side ond she did not get her foir
shore of criticism for doing the thing's she did .l found ihis story to be enormously
one sided when it come to who the'victim'wos. I occept thot Jeffery's
behoviour wos ond is inoppropriote to o point but'dongerous'l I don't think so.
The foct thot o coll io the Dr. Phil show eventuolly londed him in joil mokes you
reolize that with the righi stotement o person con be portroyed os o potentiolly
violent when he opporently hos never exhibited ony such behoviour before.
Controlling to o point moybe but violent? right .lt's ironic thot Jennifer's biggest
feor wos thoi he wos going to pock up the kids ond leove when her desire wos
to do exoctly the some! ond did ond Note how she constontly referred io them
os "my kids" ond sod lt offects my kids. lt offects my mother, my friends, my
coworkers. lt offects everyone in my life, ond so every decision thot I moke
offects numerous people oround me" not how it offects our kid's , our morryoge
or our life ond fomily . Now the kids con't see their dod oi all which, gronted,
wos o consequence of his inobility to control his behovior but I do think his
suspicions of Jennifer's infidelity hod some bosis in foct becuse of oll these
things thot she's soid to other people on the phone.he reod ihe lelters ond notes
thot she's written to other people, ond the e-moils thot she's written to other
people ond the thing's sod on the phone ond reod fhe letlers ond notes thot
she's written to oiher people on her myspoce poge,ond the things thol she's
done. lt doesn't give him the right to do it, but once he found out thot these
things ore hoppening behind his bock, ihere's o question in fhe bock of his
heod every iime she does onyihing. "She iolks io people on her MySpoce poge.
She sends sexy holf noked pictures of her self oround net," ond thot Jennifer
seni lhese picture of herself in o swimsuit ond hos received pictures of guys'
butts. "She'll write bock, 'Nice butt," .She met o guy in o bor eight months ogo
ond got his phone number ond storted colling him bock ond forth for o
lhree-week period of time ofier throwing him out of the house for oll most o
yeor. Now I ogree thot no omount of infidelity gives o person the right to put
someone in o box but I do believe thot if o person is in o morrioge unhoppy or
not, flirting ond myspocing ond borhopping, sending out holf noked pictures is
not the woy to deol with ii.Dr. Phil did seem to conveniently ovoid tolking obout
Jennifer's inoppropriote behovior but lwonder how Ok he would be if Robin wos
going out til the eorly hours of lhe morning drinking with o mole co-worker. she
lied to him ond sod she wos going out with o femole coworker, ond lhey
stoyed out uniil 3:30 o.m. "ond he find out o week loter thot she picked up one
of her guy friends thot she works wiih ond took him olso to the bor. he os cought
her in lies to him oll the time.My feeling is thot Jennifer, o beoutiful young
womon by most stondords hod decided long ogo thot morrying Jeffery wos o
mistoke but slill hod two more kid's with him, by her own odmission, wos ofroid to
leove becouse of the kids, ihe house, the finonciol security etc. Unoble to seek
o divorce which would hove solved oll her problems from doy I she decides to
olloy her feors ihot doing so would leove her olone ond withoui offection by
'putting herself out there' os o single womon ond not one thot is morryed wiih
three kid's . The foct thot she octuolly felt she needed o MySpoce poge speoks
obout her need to reossure herself thot she wos o vitol ond otiroctive womon.
Sexy messoges ond loie night drinking sessions ore Ok for o single womon but
totolly incppropriote behoviour for o wife ond mother of three young's like
testing the woter without cctuclly getting wet. Dr. Phil wos determined to focus
on Jeffery's behovior becouse thot wos the shows ogendo ond it wos greoi TV
to see poor Jennifer bursting into teors of every opportuniiy ond cloiming she
wos the innocent victim of o her husbonds unfounded suspicions. ln foct, the
inference wos thot it wos his behovior not her wonting to get oui ond porty
ond her lieing thot wos ruining the morrioge ond thot everyihing would be OK if
he just stopped . When it become obvious to him thot Jennifer desire to get
out ond porty .olihough she hos on obsolute right to wolk owoy from the
morrioge, I don't believe it gives her the right to toke the kids with her.Obviously
his insecurity ond his inobility to cope with his wife wonting to pcrty like is's I999
ond not to toke core of him or the fomily she os with him .All in oll it's o shome
thot people end up in these siiuations. so much of this would be ovoided if she
were just honest with him ond the foct thot her lowyer sod He hos no right to
communicote with you. He hos o right to hove o relotionship with his children
becouse he don't like some of the people who she works becouse lhere 21 lo
25 yeor olds who ore out reody to hove o good time ond hove some fun, ond
she's o 31-yeor-old morried womon with three kids, ond some of the things thoi
they do, ond woys thot she octs out, I feel ore inoppropriote like being very
flirtotious ond o teose .her reoson why he wosn't on her MYspoce page wos
becouse when she occepied him os my friend "not her husbend" so thot he
could be my friend, ond we could communicote on MySpoce os well, he went
to every single person on my list of friends ond threotened them to stoy owoy
from me, so I nixed him off of it," he os never threotened one preson ond oll
he wonted lo now is why she hod no photo of him on it bui she hod photo of
her ond the preson she met five min before of o porty on her myspoce. she soys
"l wosn't hoving on offoir or even close to on offoir with ony of the people of my
job, ond he's colled /00 people from my job ond soid, 'You went on o dote with
mywife. Are you hoving sexwith mywife? Are you this with mywife?"'.thot's not
o threote ihot osking o queston ond Don'i morket yourself os this sexy, slulty
person is not o threote ond to thinking is extreme understotemeni to do so.
considering he writes her o lotter thot sod , Jen, l'm workina hard in orouo
meetinos fo beffer myself. / con't be/ieve whof o sfrono person vou ore. I hope
vou can share vour strenqfh with me to qet us to a betfer place, and in furn, lwill
be a stronoer, more coring person who will stand wifh vou. I apologize for whaf
/'ve done. lt bothers her when she get o letter from him ond tolks oboui them
being together. lt's olmost like she soying ."ive got to shut him down ond not
toke his colls.he's threotening people by soying "Stoy owoy from my wife ".A
threote is her soying to hove him removed ond houled out in hondcuffs"cnd
soyinq "He's the fother of my children. lwont him io qet better so thoi mv kids
don't see ihis,"ond not our children.thot's whon she threoiened him . He soys
when he broke into her MySpoce poge, his suspicions were confirmed she
does not include o picture of him, her husbond, on her MySpoce poge," ond the
looked of her poge ond with some of the sexy foiries ond pictures thot she
sends to coworkers is inoppropriotes. mov be thot's whv she wos fired .Through
oll this, he's just tried to be the nice person, the person who's going to remoin
colm ond nice no motter whot becouse he's tried to go ond do things, to
get help, so mony times ond becouse the foct is wouldn't help chonge o
thing becouse oll he did wos osk her quesiion's ond she toke's it os him
threoiening ii's to the point thot now nobody wonts to hove onything
to do with him. I know thot they're more horrible thing's in life but there ore two
sides: o good side ond the bod side.ln the word's of the dr."You never fix c
problem in c relotionship by lurning owoy from your portner. You deol with it,
you turn over every sione, you investigoie every ovenue of rehobilitotion, you
go to counseling,you reod books, you proy,you do everyihing you con,You
obsoluiely hove the right to be upset wiih your wife. You hove the right to
comploin obout her behovior, you hove o right to comploin obout her conduct,
but with righis come responsibilities,ond when thot's done ond over ond
everything is worked out, ond you wont io look elsewhere, then thot is your righl
to do. But you don't hove the righi to do it now. ln foct, you hove o responsibility
not to send hofe noked picture of your self with your oss in the oir to people
on the net ond to your co-work's .You don't hove the right to threoten io
hove him removed ond houled oul in hondcuffs ond to soy He hos no right to
communicote with you. He hos o right to hove o relotionship wifh his children
.He hos o right lo now his wife is sofe when she go's out of nighi.This is o reckless
women thot will noi opologize for her octson's ond the inconsistency, she
mode him look o fool in public. wonte behind his bock ond emborross him
.she Don't . Act right or moke sure everybody knows she morryed this is the
woy it's supposed io be . she's ielling the kid's ihoi he's not oble io be oround
us right now.Becouse of oll the negotive things she wos soying obout their dod
in public. Jennifer wonls to toke her children home ond resume o normol life so
the only opinion she os to consider is her own.The foct's our ihot this men never
mode o theot's to onother person.This women wos so intoxicoted with being
the victom ,thot ihere wos no justificotion or excuse for whot she opinion
is thot ihe dr.phil show so disproportionote in fovor of women thot no husbend
or boyfriendy con defend him self.Thot ihis "dr" is the dr.kevorkion of his field .The
totol intent of this show is to iflict substontionl punishment ond the
depiction of oll men who hove reosonobly credible evidence thot this wife is
hoveing on offoir,the interrogotion of these men by the "dr" os entitled him ond
them to coll them obuser's. when there is no credible evidence io show thot
he is or hos obused them. Some members of ihe public moy in foct perceive
the use of force by men os excessive even when the force used is to defend
themselves ond there fomilys form there obuser like there wife ,girlfrend.this
men wos being Emotionol obused ond no one gove o shit.Emotionol obuse
con include humilioting the viciim privotely or publicly, controlling whot ihe
victim con ond connot do, withholding informotion from ihe victim, deliberotely
doing something to moke the victim feel diminished or emborrossed, isoloting
the victim from friends ond fomily, implicitly or horming the victim who
expresses independence or hoppiness .domestic violence is like the wor on
drugs both ore couse-ond-effect relotionships thot don't chonge progroms still
leqd to unintended ond destructive consequences ihis is the cold herd focts the
government hosn't ihe slightest notion whot messoge our children ore presently
receiving. Perhops we should send o messoge to our children oboui the couses
of deoth in the United Stotes.We would hove to tell them thot tobocco is legol
ond, al 430,700 deoths per yeor, is the leoding couse of substonce-obuse
deoths; olcohol is legol ond I die from it eoch year; odverse reoctions to
legol prescription drugs couse 32,000 foiolities o yeor; ihot 30,500 commit
suicide; ore homicide victims; 7 ,600 people die eoch yeor from toking
onti-inflommotory drugs such os ospirin. Of course, we don't wont to send them
the wrong messoge thot the totol number of deoths coused by mor'rjuono is
zeto. Perhops the messoge we should be sending our children is thot locol, stote
ond federol governments now spend more thon $9 billion per yeor to imprison
458,000 drug offenders. Whot would be ihe cost of our current drug policy if it
were succeeding rother thon foiling? lncorceroting oll cocoine users in the U.S.
would cost $24 billion, but only ofter construciing 3.5 million more prison beds ot
on initiol cost of $.l75 billion. lt would cost $365 billion to joil everyone who
smoked morijuono lost yeor five times the totol notionol, stote ond locol
spending for oll police, courts ond prisons combined. To contoin ihis crowd
behind wolls, we would need o codre of guords ond other prison employees
lorger thon oll of our militory forces combined. These projections ore not entirely
ocodemic: The notion is compleiing the construction, on overoge, of o new
prison every week, the breokdown of our criminoljustice system, the erosion of
our civil liberties ond the pervosive public disrespect of the low. Good citizens,
who ore othewise low-obiding, ignore or evode drug lows. With literolly iens of
millions of people using illegol drugs or reloted to those who do, on
ever-increosing port of the populoiion hos become cynicol obout our lows,
legol system ond politicol process. Eoch yeor since 1989, more people hove
been sent to prison for drug offenses thon for violent crimes. At the some time,
only one in five burglories is reported ond only one in 20 reported burglories ends
in orrest. detectives continue io be reossigned io investigoiion of street soles of
drugs.the sole of it wood put the united stoies in the block in five years or so
.Whot if legolizing medicol mor'tjuono turned out to be the firsi step on o journey
that ended in the outright repeol of every drug low? Whot would Americo be
like Undersiondobly, mony feor ihot with no drug lows, we would hove
hundreds of thousonds of oddicts, crock bobies, children irying drugs, ond other
evils fhot's whot we hove when olcohol wos illegol . lf oll drugs were
legol, oddicts would no longer poy block-morket prices to criminols for drugs of
questionoble ond dongerous origin. They would get drugs produced by
legitimote phormoceuticol componies ond poy morket prices. They would no
longer die from buying toxic drugs, ond they would no longer hove to mug
innocent people io support their hobits., oddicis could seek help by going to
doctors no longer ofroid of being prosecuied for their medicol
problems.,criminol drug deolers would no longer be on our streets. They couldn't
compete with the low, free-morket prices for drugs sold of phormocies., criminol
drug deolers would no longer prey upon our children
- any more
ond breweries try to infiltrote schools to hook kids on olcohol.
thon distilleries
the worst schools in
l.o ore sofer thon L.A.'s best schools ore .our government would no longer be
dispensing propogondo thot mokes children wont to try the forbidden fruit., our
prisons would be emptied of hundreds of thousonds of non-violent people who
hove never done horm to onyone else. No longer would over-crowded prisons
couse truly violent criminols to be free on eorly releose ond pleo borgoins to
terrorize the rest of us., low-enforcement resources would be ovoiloble to fight
violent crime, insteod of being used to chose people who moy horm themselves
but ore no threot fo us., much of the street violence would end os it did when
Alcohol Prohibition ended becouse gongs -
of thugs would no longer be
- police
fighting over drug terriiories., corruption would diminish, becouse
criminols could no longer use block-morket drug money to goin immunity by
subverting weok policemen., the government could no longer use the Drug Wor
os on excuse to teor up ihe Bill of Rights ond pry into your bonk occount,
strip-seorch you of on oirport, teor your cor oport, monitor your emoil, or seize
your property without even chorging you wiih o crime. True Equolity Network
conducted on obuse shelter investigotion in twenty-one stotes. This investigotion
involves hoving women go to o shelter soying she needs help. The lows in mosi
stotes permii women to stoy in o shelier for 72 hours without filing o comploint to
cover ihe needs of those who "escope" during weekend ond holidoy periods
when the courts ore closed. This open period of occess wos used io leorn how
the shelter operotes without filing o comploint.After only o few months this
invesiigotion uncovered illegol operotions, including sheliers operoting
prostitulion services, drug deoling, ond shelter stoffers orronging to hove the
shelter clients provide sexuol fovors to low enforcement officers in exchonge for
the officers' perjured testimony in court. ln one eostern stote investigotor mode
on ononymous tip to the locol low enforcement ogency thot resulted in the
orrest of two sheriffs deputies working os pimps for o prostitution service.The
women of True Equolity Network hove spent olmost five yeors in the courfhouses
of 97 counties ocross I Z stotes. During this period they hove interviewed over
15,000 plointiffs in domestic violence coses just before they entered the
courtroom. The overwhelming number of those interviewed did not ottempt to
mosk the reol reosons they filed o domestic violence chorge: control, money,
ond revenge for everything you could possibly imogine everything, thot is,
except octs of domestic violence.Subsequenily, True
Equolity Network osked
prominent members of the counties in which the plointiff surveys were
conducted to interview the judges who heord these coses. Every single one of
the judges interviewed corroboroted the study's findings of pervosive levels of
folse cloims of domestic violence in their court. These judges olso stote they
know thot the oiiorneys in these coses including Legol Services Corporotion
grontees ore suborning perjury -
by scripting the stotements of these women.
Moreover,- they expressed concern thot their district ottorneys were not
prosecuting these octs .mqrtin s. fieberl exomined 2.l9 studies on intimoie
portner violence ond concluded thot "women ore os physicolly oggressive, or
more oggressive, thon men in lheir relotionships with their mole spouses or
femole poriners.the octs of this women include sudden bursts of onger, poor
impulse control, ond poor self esteem.sill the dr sod to the men who wonted
help so is the specific inient of this show to ocqutte oll wife's/girlfriends
ond women ony worng doing. This is the some os the C.P.S .in texos showing
evidence of obuse with no credibley thol there is .there is over,l,620,000 web
poges for child protective services obuse of power ond over web
sites for child protective services obuse .the Amendment XIV "All persons
born or noturolized in ihe United Stotes, ond subject to the jurisdiction thereof,
ore citizens of the Uniied Stotes ond of the Stote wherein they reside. No Stote
sholl moke or enforce ony low which sholl obridge the privileges or immuniiies of
citizens of the United Siqtes; nor sholl ony Siote deprive ony person of life, liberty,
or property, without due process of low; nor deny to ony person within its
jurisdiction the equol protection of the lows"ornendmint4...... The right of the
people to be secure in their persons, houses, popers, ond effects, ogoinst
unreosoncble seorches ond seizures, sholl not be violoted, cnd no Worronts sholl
issue, but upon proboble couse, supported by Ooih or offirmotion, ond
porticulorly describing the ploce io be seorched, ond the persons or things to
be seized .amendmint 5.. No person sholl be held to onswer for o copiiol, or
otherwise infomous crime, unless on o presentment or indictment of o Grond
Jury, nor sholl ony person be subject for lhe some offence to be twice put in
jeopordy of life or limb; nor sholl be compelled in ony criminol cose to be o
witness ogoinst himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or properiy, without due
process of low; nor sholl privote property be token for public use, without jusi
compensotion.omendmint 6... ln oll criminol prosecutions, ihe occused sholl
enjoy the right to o speedy ond public triol, by on imporiiol jury of the Stote ond
district wherein the crime sholl hove been committed, which district sholl hove
been previously oscertoined by low, ond to be informed of the noture ond
couse of the occusotion; to be confronted with the witnesses ogoinst him; to
hove compulsory process for obtoining witnesses in his fovor, ond io hove the
Assistonce of Counsel for his defence.omendmintT..ln suiis of common low,
where the volue in controversy sholl exceed twenty dollors, the right of triol by
jury sholl be preserved, ond no foct iried by o jury, sholl be oiherwise
re-exomined in ony Court of the United Stoies, thon occording to the rules of the
common low.omendmint8..... Excessive boil sholl not be required, nor excessive
fines imposed, nor cruel ond unusuol punishments inflicied.Becuse som brower
who is o p.i who hos long history of following ond continuol horossing members
of FLDS ond pottern of photogrophing them.Who hos help police in
investigotion of them. floro jessop who help 89 people " escope " ore not
foceing KIDNAPING,STALKING ond HARASSMENT chorges is wrong in so mony
woy's.the evidence put out by the texos c.p.s hos no bose in foct thot they sod
there ore 3l under oge girl's with kid's when in foct the 3l ore oll odult's ond one
is olmose or is 30 one is 37.the foct thot low enforcement went in with 700 cop's
on o.p.c ,sniper's ond s.w.o.i teom's is over the top.ihot this ossoult storted ot
9:0Opm of night soys o lot to the credibly of evidence .the foctlow enforcement
served o series of seorch worronts on the ronch, seizing hundreds of thousonds
of documents, dictotions, diories, photogrophs ond other evidence of obuse
.The info thot c.p.s put out obout these people hos no credibly ond the fictionol
depiction of these people os extremist .the excessive methods to willfully
predtermin there geilt .the depiciion of them os o culi is resulting in the them
being depicted os broinwoshed or mentolill .ongie voss o superviser soid lhe girls
filed in ond oppeored poliie ond respectful but she wos nevertheless
concerned."bruce perry sod"becouse fhey ore eifher victims of sexuol ossou/f,
potentiolvicfims of sexuo/ ossou/f or potential perpetrators."he wos osked which
option would be best for the children ,o return to the ronch, plocement in the
foster system or remoining in the coliseum where ihey ore now , he soid none
were occeptoble ond wont on to soy These children hove speciol needs
becouse of how they hove been roised, testimony by experts hos olreody soid
they ore noi developed mentolly to the normol level of other children their
oge.thot we todoy must demod thot the truths we hold to be self-evident ,thot
we oll ore creoted equol ond in endowed with certoin unolienoble right's to
life,liberty ond ihe pursuii of hoppiness ond in promoting the fundomentol
freedoms of oll without distinction os to culture,sex, religous belief ond to be
sirtion thot no restriction ore ploced on them.even fhe romons hod mony god's
ond occepted those of other like the greek,osio,egypt ond the persions.we
must show universol respect for the right's ond fundomentol freedom's of oll
humon's.thot o phone coll io o obuse hotline ccn bring the immedioi removeol
of one's kid's with out due process is unconstitutiol.thot inflicting punishment with
no criminol oct is cruel. noncy groce ond other's hove foned the fire of religious
rocism to the notion os o hole.thot difrint culture's, religion's ore so demorolized
by politicol ond religius exiremist ond hove there rights like thot of XIV
Amendment "All persons born or noturolized in the United Stotes, ond subject
to the jurisdiction thereof, ore citizens of the United Stotes ond of ihe Stote
wherein thev reside. No Stoie sholl moke or enforce ony low which sholl obridqe
the privileqes or immunities of citizens of the Uniied Stotes; nor sholl onv Stote
deprive onv person of life, liberty, or oroperiv, without due process of low; nor
denv to onv person within its jurisdiciion the equol protection of the
lows"omendmini4 ...... The rioht of the people to be secure in iheir persons,
houses, popers, ond effects, oqoinst unreosonoble seorches ond seizures, sholl
not be violoted, ond no Worronts sholl issue, bui upon oroboble couse,
supported bv Ooth or offirmotion, ond porticulorlv describinq the place to be
seorched, ond the persons or thinqs to be seized.omendminf5.. No person sholl
be held to onswer for o copitol, or oiherwise infomous crime, unless on o
oresentment or indictment of o Grond Jurv, ; nor sholl ony oerson be subject for
the some offence to be twice put in jeopordv of life or limb; nor sholl be
led in onv cri imself. nor be de ed
of life. libert cess of low; nor sholl orivot
be tcken for public use, without just compensoiion.omendminf 6... ln oll criminol
prosecutions, ihe occused sholl enjoy the riqht io o speedy ond public triol, by
on importioljury of ihe Stote ond district wherein the crime sholl hove been
n oreviouslv oscertoin low
be informed of the noture ond couse of the occusotion; to be confronted with
the witnesses oqoinst him; to hove comoulsory orocess for obtoininq witnesses in
his fovor, ond to hove the Assistonce of Counsel for his defence.omendminfZ.. ln
suits of common low, where the vclue in controversv sholl exceed twentv
dollors, the riqht of triol bv iury sholl be preserved, ond no foct tried by o jury,
sholl be otherwise re-exomined in onv Court of the United Stotes, thon
occordinq to the rules of the common low.omendminf8 ..... Excessive boil sholl
not be reouired, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel ond unusuol punishments
inflicted. violoted by people enforcing there sociol,culturol ,educotionol ond
heolth systems is not the function of ore goverment. CPS hos come to believe
ihey ore obove the low ond the Constitution, thot they do not need o seorch
worront to come into your home, lobel you os o child obuser for ony reoson ond
moke you o criminol bosed upon their opinion olone ond toke your children
owoy, ond put them into foster homes pending o court heoring where CPS will
try their best io win permonently custody of your kids. lf CPS loses, they will
continue to fight you, slondering your fomily . CPS on obusive government
ogency thot completely out of control.. The unlowful removol of 468 children
from the FLDS ronch in west Texos, hos led others to wonder if they con do thot
to FLDS children,they con do it to me. CPS & Police completely ignored the
4th,5th ond 6th ,7th,8th ond l4th Amendment rights of these people ond entere
home with oui o worront ond toke owoy oll of there children ofter o mere
phone call. the reoson CPS gove for ioking the children wos thot CPS felt thot
FLDS wos uncooperofive with them tolking to the children, ond there
unwillingness to cooperote put the children of risk. , CPS did not core. CPS cloims
thot becouse their opinion is thot the emotionolly obuse of one child thoi they
ore oll guilty bosed solely on the opinion of CPS.unlowful ond mossive FLDS roid
of the polygomist community's children mcy octuolly result in more Americons
becoming owore of these obuses within CPS ond the government.The superme
court of georgio hos twice commented on nqncy groce conduct os o
prosecutor. First, in o ,l994 heroin trofficking cose, Bell v. Sfofe, the Court
declored o mistriol, soying thot she hod "exceeded the wide lotitude of closing
orgument" by drowing comporisons to unreloted murder ond rope coses.ln
1997 , the court wos more severe. Although its unonimous decision overturning
the murder-orson conviction of businessmon W. W. Corr in the deoth of his wife
wos coused primorily by other issues, the court mode note of Groce's court
octions, citing "inoppropriote ond illegol conduct in ihe course of the triol."Her
opening stotement in the cose promised the jury evidence of physicol obuse
thot she hod to know would never be odmissible becouse thot entire ospect of
the cose hod olreody been excluded by the judge. subpoenos thot contoined
heoring doies Groce knew to be folse. Foilure to disclose o full witness list to the
defense in o timely foshion. Showing o chort during closing orguments thot
folsely stoted o defense expert hod not conirodicted the stofe's ccse on o key
issue. Also, during closing orgument, "vouching" for the cose by telling the jury
she herself believed Corr to be guilty. And finolly, performing two illegol seorches
of Corr's house, including one during which she wos occomponied by o cnn
comero crew. While the court soid its reversol wos not due to these
tronsgressions, since the cose hod turned primorily on circumstontial evidence ii
nevertheless concluded "the conduct of the prosecuting ottorney in this cose
demonstroted her disregord of the noiions of due process ond foirness, ond wos
inexcusoble." Corr wos freed in 2004 when The Georgio Supreme Couri ruled
unonimously thct Fulton County hod woiied too long to retry him.Other courts
hove criticized Groce's conduct even while upholding convictions in her coses.
ln o 2005 opinion, o ponel of the I I th circuit court of oppeols soid Groce
"ployed fcst ond loose" with her ethicol duties ond foiled to "fulfill her
responsibilities" os o prosecutor in the 1990 triple murder triol of Herbert Connell
Stephens. She foiled to turn over evidence thot pointed to other suspects to his
defense. The couri noted thot it wos "difficult to conclude thot Groce did not
knowingly" elicit folse testimony from o police investigotors thot there were no
other suspects despite strong evidence to the controry.her will to blindy
occeptonce of psychoonolyst bothey mqrshqll colling this " o sex cult " os foct
is plone intoleronce.the door hos been opened to destroy the FLDS.lf ollegotions
of child obuse ore grounds for roiding religious property ond violoting of oll of
iis members 4th,5th ond 6th,Zth,8th ond l4th Amendment rights , then why
oren't oll the of the Cotholic churches ond schools in Americo stote property
ond oll their children in fosterhomes? .Why oren't SWAI teoms sent into Amish
form's to rescue those women ond children who ore of thot lifestyle? or being
investigote like there orgonized crime syndicote thot hos engoged in bribery,
extortion, froud, embezzlement, witness tompering ond rocketeering ond other
violotions.the women hove presenied outhorities with o driver's license ond
birth certificote ond ssa number's to prove there oge. But CPS deportment hos
clossified them os o disputed minor, the term used for on FLDS womon whose
oge hos noi been estoblished 1o the deportment's sotisfoction. Until there oge is
estoblished, they ore treoiing them os if there o minor.ex-FlDS member Corolyn
Jessop, who spoke of on insulor ond limited life in o seci ollowing women few
righis.They weren't ollowed to drive o legolly registered cor or hove o driver's
license but they ore..the Gestopo like determinotion of Isom brower, florq
jessop qnd cqrolyn jessop qnd dqn fisher,dqvid lujon ,busier johnsonl to be o
port of the oggressive ossossinotion of this religion .Mqrci Homilton of New York's
Cordozo School of Low sod"While it's undeniobly true thoi not every cose of
polygomy includes sexuol or physicol obuse of children, the tendency is enough
to mqke the ossumption thot o polygomous home is not o fit home for o child
she ollso sod we con ossume things, ihoi oll people cre obusing kids becouse
of o lifesiyle they moy be living in. o new dobole on polygome storted.ihis is
ihe some goverment obuse thot people hove hod inflict on them by low
enforcement.heor is on extrem pont of thot obuse oi o best buy where o femole
cop tosred c women .the cop torsed in no less I min form stort to finsh .
.The Dcvlono 3eoch Neyrs Journol cioims.lhct hlmqr:lrfehls cnd civ.jl_llbcriies
ex'lsris say a Tosef , q the 50,000 volis it Oc:ks, shculci never b* ;:ed in a
siluoticn like thci. The DqytOnc' Becch s ooli
officer gci a?d_."ilg-wcy her con"rryrcncls we_le lgnoreC ccve his cfficer every r:iEht
ic dischcrge lh* wecpcn.T!,le Xews Journol ciles thot lcsl niorrth, crfte5"ix
peop:e who were sl..,r-r'rgc,c15;:q;n the Uniled Stcles cfC Cqnqdo, c Uniled
Notions commitiee soid the use of Tosers con be o form of torture. Lcw
enfcrcgmeni etoerts counter thot it is cn essentiol tool ihol scve officer lives cnC
protecls the public.Cn Nov.26 Elizobeth Beelond of CrmonC Becch stopped oi
the store io purchcse o CD ployer for her fother, she told The Dcytonc Becch
News-Journol before refusinq lo speok further.SeeloLd wound up being-
chcrged with lwo misdemeonors -- one for disorderly conduci ond the other for
resisting o police officer without violence.Beelond's otlornev entered <r pleo of
not quilty in the cose ond now it will be up io ihe Stcte Attornev's Office to
determine whether to prosecuie.Officer Cloudio Wrioht soid she used her
wecpon on Beelcnd becouse the womon wos "verbolly profone, obusive, loud
ond irote." Beelond poinled her fineer "towords my foce" cnd wcs wcvine her
orms, the officer wrote.The Doylonc Becch News-Journc! reporis that
"accordinc to cn Americon Civil Liberiies Union representoiive in orlondo, yellinq
ql q police officer cnd even cussinq one out is constitutionollv protected
speech."Police Chief Mike ChitwooC soid if o Toser hod not been ovoilcble, his
officer likely would hove used other weopons io subdue Beelond."l wos never
roised on Tcsers," the chief soid to The Doytonq Beqch News-Journcl . "l used
niqhtsticks ond slopjocks."The chief sqid to the Doytono Beoch News-Journol
Wright initicllv approoched Beelond under the ossumption o credit cord hod
been sfolen, but Beelond wos using her own cord cnd hod committed no
criry:e.The Doytono Beoch News-Journcl detoils lhe events in the store os
follows:"Wriqhl, o1 the slore investigciino cnother motter, wcs cclleC cver bv o
Best Buy ccshier thol cfternoon ofter Beelond -- who wos obout 1o pcy for her
item with o credit cord -- suddenly left her tronsoction unfinished ond wolked
oulside.The ccshier opporently ihoughi the cord wos stolen beccuse of
Beelond's sudden exit, the report indicoies. When Wriqhl couqht up wiih
Beelcnd jusi outside the oloss doors, Wriqht soid, Beeland beqon yellinq of her,
even of one poini usinq the "F" word.The officer scid she osked Beelcnd to cclm
down. She then asked Beelcnd io step inside the store so it could be determined
whelher ihe credit ccrd lefl with the coshier wcs hers.Once inside, Wriaht sicles
Beelond kept yelling at her cnd ccusing a disrupilon. She sovs Beelond's
screominq drew o crowd of potrons. Wrjqht scid she iold Beelcnd if she didn't
colryr down, she would be orresied.Finolly, Wrisht worned Beelond if she didn'i
quit lhe commoiion, she would hove io deploy her Toser.A tope from ihe store's
surveillcnce ccmero shows Beelcnd motioninq with her hcnds cnd tolking to
Wrioht. She is seen slowly bocking owcy from Wriqhl os the officer odvonces.The
lope shows Wriqht reochinq for lhe Toser qun ond shooiinq Beelcnd in ihe
cbdomen. She fclls io lhe floor.The entire confrontotion inside the store took less
thcn a minuie, the icpe shows."Beelond, clthouch noi complicni, wcs noi
octlnc viclenily,ll_ccordinq to lhe officer's repori. However, Chitwood soid his
officer hcd been flocqed down under the assumption Beelcnd may hcve stolen
c credit cord.Whoi mode BeelcnC suddenly wclked owav from her ircnsoction,
lecving her credii ccrd behind of the ccsh reoister, wos ihct she hod received
on upseltins telephone coll from her husbond cbout their child, scid Beelcnd's

cttorney, Williom Chonfrou Jr.Disircught, she wolked outside to speok io him

more ofiyqfelv, fqrqelllng for thot moment obout her corC cnd her purchose, he
sQid."She fullv iniended lo go bock inside ond finish mokinq her purchose,"
Chonfrou scid.
the police thot obuse the power thoi we put in them is whiiewoshd by there
deportment's hos to be stop.when pleos for help ore ignored by the victim .like
this cose The State lgrture of Hope Steffev :T1le video p_b-tained by Hope
Steffey's law,ver and released to the public represents onl), a ftaction of Hope's
actual tor-ture by tl-re Stark County sheriffs departrnent in Ohio. The video is
difficr-rlt to rvatch, br-rt it's ver-v importar-rt tbr people. particularl,v Americans, to
knor.v that this outrageous crime has taken place in their countr,v. The legal
cutcorne of this case could detennine r.vhat kirrd of countr!'the United States
becornes. If this level of iqiustice and brutalit,v towards American citizens b.v their
own 1aw enforcernent agencies andlegal s.vstern is condoned and not cgfecled. ths_
real possibility of humiliating and painful torture exists tbr all Amedcans .There is
a short sgrne in the video near the beginning of Hope's ordeal rvhich takes pl4ce in
a cell where she is later tortured unspeakabl],. In this short scene Hope is naked
l)'ing f_jrce dowlr diagonallv across an eight- inch thick concr:ete sleeping platforrn,
which is partiall), covered b.v a blue blanket. The rvon'len depr"rties are given a
signal by one olthe rnale deputies to leave the cell. A u"raie deput)'has Hope's lett
arm trvisted behind her back fbrcing her dorvn on the plattbrm, br-rt she pushes
herself up with her risht hand and looks to her right. seeing rnen around her, Hope
screatns in fear. This scene has been spliced in with the other scenes of Hope's
cruel tor-ture to nake it appear as though her tonnentors occasionall,v stop inflicting
pain on her. ln the scene Hope is up on one hand screarninq def-rantly and the men
standing around her, touching her, haven't started hurting her ),ea. In reality ihere is
no such respite. once the torture beqins it is constant unrelenting and brutal. Hope
Stefi-ey's near fatal journe)' into state depravity began on October 20. 2006, at
approximaiel)"7:54 p.m. Hope had been assaulted b_v-- her cousin. Leann Preston
near 1 154 Weimer Dr.. SE in Stark Count).. Qhio. Neherniah Preston, Hopq
Steffey-'s second cousin. reported the incident to tl-re Stark Cor-rntv Sheritfs
Department r,vith a 9-1-1 qall for help. Sherift's deputy Richard T. Gurlea rvas
dispatqhqd to the scene of the assault. When Gurlea arrived he asked Hope for her
idgqtiflcatiol. Hope mistakenly qave Gurlea her deceased sister's driver's license.
rvhich she had been keeping in her rvallet rvith her gx,n liqe$se as a pqrsonal
rnemento and rerninder of hel sister. Hope immediately realized her- rnistake and
asked deputy Curlea to return her sister:'s license, but Gurlea refised. Hope handed
Gurlea her own license and explained to hirn that the identifrcation rvas her
deceased sister's license. While Gurlea ran a computer check on Hope, she pleaded
wl-th him fbr the return of her sister's license, but he still r"ef,used Hope's cousin ar-rd
friend, Trinette Zorger, r'vho was present when Gurlea an"ived. noticed a bald spot
abor-rt the size of a quarter on Hr:pe's head. Leanne had torn out a hand full of
Hope's hair which was laving_ln a clump on the ground. Trinette told Gurlea that
Hope had been the victirn of Leanne's assault. Although Leanne had iniured Hope.
Gurlea did not call for medical assistance. Hope was extremely upset b)'the assault
and Gurlea rvarned her to calm down. Hope told Gurlea tirg,t she was angr)'and
could exercise her freedom of speech. Trinette reniinded G:"rrlea that Hope had just
been assaulted. which was the reason tbe Sheriffs Department had been called in
the f'irst place. Trinette explained to Gurlea that Leanne had literall,v knocked Hope
urconscious and that Hope was acting uncharacteristically loud andangr:'for tl-ris
reason. Gurlea would not acknowledge Hope's injuries or call for medical help and
he seemed to ignore rvhat Trinette and Hope told hirn, treating Hope as a criminal
rather than a victirn.Gurlea ordered Hope to stand by his cruiser. Hope tried to
speak to Gurlea. but he told her to rernain silent. Hope. once again attempted to
explain that she desperatelv vvanted her deceased sister's license returned. Gurlea
angril,v responded b,v telling Hope. "shut up about yor-l'dead sister." Hope then
pointed her finger at Gurlea's shirt pocket, r,vhere he had put her sister's license. and
said. "She u,as here. she rvas sorneone". Without provocation, Gurlea exploded in
rage. seized Hope and slarnmed her fbce dorvn onto the hood of his police cruiser
cracking or-re of her teeth. He held her pinned against the cruisel rvith his pelvic
area while mashing her lbce against the hood of the car and said, "Are vou going to
stop?" Befbre Hope could speak, Gurlea trvisted her arm high up betrind her back.
Learly breaking it. which caused her excruciating pain. He then picked the
120-pound woman up offthe ground and slammed her face-first into the din road"
srnashing her nose. causing numerous bruises and abrasions. Gurlea leapt into the
air and landed on top of Hope's back with his bod), weieht. pounding the air out of
her lungs and stornach. Wi:h his knee in her back, Gurlea once again asked, "Are
you going to stop?" Blood ran proftisel]' from Hope's nose and florved dorvn orter
her mouth and chin and dripped onto the dirt road. Hope laid face dou'n in the road
cornpletely unable to move and unable to breathe. She was sullbcating under:_
Deput.v" Gurlea's weisht. He was killing her, inducing coma and death. Hope's
cousin Trinette saw the look on Hope's face, and she screarned at Gurlea. "She
can't breatl-re. let her go, )rou're hufting her!" On1)'then did Gr"rrlea climb ofl of
Hgpe" She had oniy' taken a few shallorv breaths of air when Gurlea )'anked hel up
on her feet. The blood from Hope's nose ran down her fbce and neck. Gurlea
pulled her arrns b_ehind her back, put handcuffs on her. shoved her in the back of
his patrol car and called for backr,rp.The bruised" injr"rred. and bleeding. Hope
Steflbr-. q.a$ carted off to the Stark Counq, Sheriffs oil-rce and iail to answer
questions. Upon her arrival at the.iail, Gurlea leit Hope in his cruiser for a fbw
n:rinutes while he spoke rvith another deputy. it isn't knorvn rvhat u,as said by
Cur:lea to the other deputy. Gurlea then returned to the patrol car and told Hope to
do exactly rvhat the Sheriffs staff said she should do and she rvould probably be
goiag home that evening. Individuals under contract u,ith the Stark Countrr
Sheriffs Department and its Jail Dir.ision - sheriffs deputies" took Hope into a
small roorn and tolcl her to f-ace the wall. There were approximatelv six rnale and
fernale sheritls deputies. two or more males and four or rnore fbmales tl-rat
sr"rrrounded her. Hope was asked if she had an.v" u'eapons or sl"rarp objects. She told
them no and was led into a prison cell. Hope r.vas then told to stand on a line, f-ace_
the front u'all and answer a nurse's questians. Hope was asked: "Have ,v-ou thought
of'harming )''ourselfl" Hope replied, "Norv or ever?" She itnmediatel), heard one of
tl're sheriffs depr-rties beside her say something, and as she turned to look at that
person, l-rer legs rvere knocked out fiom under her and she rvas both pusbed and
fell, face first. on the concrete floor" The force used b)' tbe sheriffs deputies rvas
designed to inf'lict pain and to punish. While Hope la)i on the floor dazed and
helpless someone grabbed the hair on the back of her head and pushed her i'ace
down i:rto the floor. Someone else rvas kneeling on her back while each of her
arrns were held b,v a third and fourth person, and people held her legs and arkles.
No r.varning was ever given b.v Hope's assailants. Hope realized that withor-rt her
consent, she was being physically violated. Her clothes rvere being stripped off her
bod.v. Her jeans were forcibly removed. Her underwear shirt and bra was forcibl)'
rernoved. Hope felt as though she u'as being raped. She begged and pleaded with
the rnen and women deputes to stop and she asked them wh,v the,v u'ere doing this
to her, but they ignored her. After the), had renovqd all of Hope's clothes the
rvomen deputies rvere given a signal b-v- one olthe male deputies to leave the cell.
Hope u'as lying naked face down diagoaally across the eight- inch thick concrete
sleepinq platforn-r. u'hich i.vas partially covered b,v a blue blanket rvith trvo sra)'
cushions under it. Most of her"rveigh: r,vas on her left shoulder. rvhich was resting
on the platform while l-rer left hip and legs were on the floor. A male deput)' had
Hope's left arm trvisted behind her back forcing her dor,vn on tire platfonn, but she
pushed herself up on her ri-eht hand and looked to her right. seeing rnen standing
around her. approaching her', she screarned in f-ear. The cop on Hope's right appears
to turn his back on her and bend over leering at her. He imrnediatelv started to pau'
her grabbing hel legs. twisting her body'back and fourlh. f,nally twisting Hope
onto l-rer stomach. Then the two male deputies moved Hope's bod-v.- into a specific
position so that just her- head and a little of her right shoulder rvere resting on top of'
ihe sleeping platform with the rest of her body on the floor. The cop on the left that
held Hope's teft arm twlsted behind her back sometimes pushed on her right
shoulder forcing her r-rpper chest and neck down aeainst :he edge of the platform.
With her fi'ee rigl-rt haad she desperately'tried to push back against of the edge of
the platforrrr to stop it from digging into her and bruising her, but the big cop just
pushed dow'n on her harder.Her peir;is and stornach u.ere fiat on the f'loor and her
head and upper torso rvere eler,'ated causing her back to arch unnaturali), and
painfull,l' l-{ope and her larv}'er sa}'Stark Cor"rnt,v Sheritfs depr-rties seriously
injured her iorver back. causing a bulging disc. i: could l-rave occurred u'hen deput)'
Ggrlea bod), slarnmeciler to the road. 'fl-re spinal irlir-rr)'rna)'have been aggravated
fufiher rvhen the):knoq_ked her to tLe concrete lloor in tk: jail. and rvhile the.v
tortured her holding her ir-r a contorted and r-rnnatural position 1br a plolonged
period, oi tirne.I{ope endr"rredconstant pain in her left ann, neck. upper chest. and
1or.r'er back. but it was nothing cornpared to the ason.v she sullbred at the hands of
the cop on her right. !-{e kner,,'horv to iAflict intense pain rvithotrt leai'ing an-r,.-
rnarks and l-re rvorked on her endlessl]'. It looked like hc' rvas using rvlestling holds,
trvisting and turning her legs and feet in difTerent directiorrs. Fiope screarned and
rvrithed in pain, grinding her neck and upper chest against:he edge of the concrete
platlorm At flrst it seen-red that she rvas trying to keep her legs together and resist
tl,e rnclestation. At other times she rvas not r:esisting as much as she was sin:rpiy
being brutaillr toftured. A blur spgt u,as ahva),s placed over the hancls c1'the cop on
the right to prevent us liom seeii:g exactl,v rvhat he rvas doing to her legs and body,
but rve can hear her'prirnal. anirnalistic screan-rs of rrain. While the cop on the right
crr-relly'torlured Hope, the cop on the leli never stopped lrvisting her arm behind
her back and pushing her against the edge of the platfbnn. When Hope's bodv
contorted in agqn]' tiom the things the cop on the right did to her. the__gop on the
left leaned into her harder pushing l-rer dou'n, rnaking her feel nore pain. [n solre
scenes }Jope clenches her fists in pain. There is a shot-t scene rvith a ),ellovv,ish hue
to it, rvhich seerns to take place sorne tirne into Hope's rlrdeal. I'ler bcd.v"has been
moved an inch ol'two arvay frorn the platfbrrl and the edge of the platfbr:n is
qlqsqrto herlhroat, prqpping up herhead like a rag doll so she lookg straiqht
ltlrrvard, 'fhe trvo cops have both leaned in close to Hope as the) torment her: and it
appears that the edqe of the platfclrlr rra,\-'be restricting her abilit)' to breatheThr.
camera person makes no attempt to do an)' more than point the camera in the
general direction of this scene fior-n l-rel1, and there is alu'a.vs the ever present blur
spot, but it's so obvious that this rvoman u,as sadisticail.v tortured and it also
qppears lhat she rna.v have been subjected to a painful and degrading cavit), search.
This video. rvhich has reached the public is onl)'a snippet. Hope Stefte), was naked
in a iail gell &r six houts and its possible that she rvql n-rolqllgj and tqrJured fbr
hor-rrs. Baseci cn the severit)' cf her treatrnent in the fe*' seconds that we l"rave been
aliowed to sgs: we can assune that her entire treatnent rvas extremql,v brutal from
beginning to end. and that there reqlly'vvas notlring that the Stark Cor.urt)' sheriffs
department cculd send to Hope's larvyer that r.vor.rldn't incriminate them.There is
one final scene in the short video rirhich takes place at sorre point in the uriddle of
Flope's rnind bending ordeal. lt begins rvith the sarne tu,o sherit?s deputies and a
third man, a vo,veur. standing on the left side of the cell. Hope is still la),ing t'ace
dorvn on thgedse cf'the sleeping platform. She is t1')'ing to support her self with
her right ana but the edge of the platfor*r is cutting across her neck ar"rd she tums
her head to the side, perhaps in order to breathe. The big cop on the light has his
back to F{ope and he has her legs locked apart b}' kneeling on top of hel rieht lee
rvith helleft toot weciged pair-rfullv undel it. He has his left forearm lesting on his
knee. With his right hand he appears to be reaching dou'n into her genitalia. lt is
impossible to see a:r), details under the blur spot. but the shapes of the shadows are
an ominous indication of sornething fbr more sinister than a simple strip searcl-r.
Hope is still tr-ving to move. The cop on the 1eft twisting her arrn behind her back
lets her pull her hand dou'n to her lou'er back. then l-re presses dorvn on her elbour
causing her pain. so she returns her arm to the cenler of her back. The c jip ends
when the carlera person backs out of the cell. allorvinLthe door to close on this
scene of these two men brutall)z and endlesslr- tofiurinLthis u,oman, Hope Steffe,v.
To rn,v knorvledgs the Steflb)''s are not clarning that there $'as a cavitl/ search
conducted b,v male sheriffs deputies. rvhich would rnake this more similar to rape.
During a television intervieu, Gree SteffeJ- said that his wife "felt like she had been
raped without penetration". The reason u'hy Greg Stefte.v made that statement
could be verv cornplicated. Hope Steffe), has been deeply traurnatized. It is
difl-rcult to tell u'eather all of the facts concerning exactl-y u,hat happened to her in
the Stark County jaii will ever be known b.v the public. Here is how Stalk Cout).
sheriffs deputes could -iustily doing a "Bod), cavit)' sealch, strip search:" to Hope
Steffev under Ohio's twisted 1aws."Bod-v cavit-y search. strip search:( I 't "Body
cartity search" means an inspection of the anal orr,'aginal cavit),of a person that is
conducted visually. manuallv. by means of anlr instrument. apparatus. or object. or
in any othgr manner u'hile the person is detained or arrested for the alleged
commission of a misdemeanor or traffic offense.V/hen asked ii she posed a danger
to herself, Hope replied, "|ilow or ever?" In a wa,v it's like a trick question.
Anything other than a clear'No' answer can be interpreted as an admission thal one
iq lqicidal" which is considered'Probable Cause' under Ohio 1aw:(3) A body cavity
search or strip search lna.v be conducted fbr any legitimate medical or hygienic
reason. The medical reasons are an admittance to prior thoughts of self-injur.v-.
According to nationaljail safety research studies people u'ho are suicidal l-rave a
higher incidence of harrning thernselves w{rile in police custodlr or incarceration.
Hope probably received a cavit.v search to determine if she had anlr u'eapons or
sharpobjects hidden in her anus or vagina that she could possibl)' harm herself
With. This rvas their twisted lo*eic and excuse lor their actions.{4) Ijnless there is a
legitimate med1c4] reason or medical ernerseflcy iustifv-ing a r.varrantless search" a
body cavitv search shall be conducted onlv alier a search u'arant is issr-red that
authorizes the search.Here is r.vhere sheriffs deputies violated their ou,n requlations
on everlz count, remember the ever present voyeur ol the left side of the cell.(6) A
body cavitl- searcli or strip search shall be conducted by a person or per:sons whr:
are of the san:re sex as the person r.vho is beilg searched and the search shall be
conducted in a manner a*d in a location that permits onl)'the g.'rson or perso_ns
r.vho are phJ-sical1), conducting the search and the person whc is being searched to
cbger,'e the search.Hope StefTey has a legal right to suLe:he State of Ohio: (3) lf a
person is sub.iected to a body'cavity search or strip search in violation of this
section, an), person may cornmence a civil actiou to recover compensatoly_
damages fbr any injury, death, or loss to person or property or any indignity arising
from the violation. In the civil actiol. the courl rnay award punitive damages to the
plaintiffs if tlie,v prevail in the action. and it rna]: award reasonable attorney's fees
to the parties who pr"evail in the action After the male deputies tired of toriuring
Hope. she describes being rolled onto her srornach and handcuflbd. Or-re foot was
placed on top of the other and her legs r.vere tblded back painfull),'. Hope says she
rvas litied and carr.ied into another cell b)' rnale sherifl's deputies, who tossed her
nude bod,v to the concrete floor. Hope r,vas left alone b.v her torrlentors scratched.
covered r.vith brriises ard abrasions, injured and naked. She tried to cover her
private parts with toilet paper to prevent male sheritfs deputies from seeing her
rvl-ren thelz peeped in the cell. Eventuall.v, Hope rvas told by a guard that she was
being charged with resisting arrest and disorderl,v conduct. During her six hour
imprisonment Hope was never qiven any rnedical care b.y the nurse at the jail. She
rvas treated only with deliberate and dehurnanizing indiffbrence. Sheriffs depr.lties
may have knor,r'n that Hope had been seriousl.v injured duling the assault b.v--
Gurlea. but it didn't matter to them. Hope r.vas never allou,ed to urake a phone call
to a lau,.",rer: or a familv mernber. To humiliate her. Hope was given onl]'a
sleeveless vest to lvear when she r,vas taken to booking. She was fbrced to remain
naked frorn the waste down as she ra,as paraded through a police station full of
rnen. Stark County Sheriff Tim Srvanson. actually said the reason Hope Steffe),'s
clothes and panties r.vere taken arva)r and she rvas left naked rvithout even a blanket
to cover herself in a cold jail cell w'as for her orvn safbt)'. Sheriff Swanson
maintains that his deputies are not guilty of any u,rongdoiag and that their job is to
protect prisoners in their custody. He says that his officers did everything b)'the
book. but according to the Stark County Sherifls department's orvn polic)'on strip
searches- "The officers conducting the search must be of the same sex as the
prisoner". Greg Steffey agrees saying, "It's cornnon polict,eveqrwhere. lt's ir.rst
wrong that they do this to people. She called for help. She Asked them for help not
for this." The reckless actions of Gurlea and the other Stark County sheriffs
dqputies lvere intended to cause emotional distress and ph,vsical iniury to Hope.
She sustained a cracked tooth and a verr- serious bulging disc in her lou'er back.
She has aiso suffered extreme ernotional traun-ra. Her phvsical and rnental injuries
are pennanent and she needs costl]' lnedical and pslrchiatric treatment indefinitel),.
T'he actions of Gurlea and the other n-ren and ivornen sheriff's deputies constitutes
extrerne. cutrageous and perhaps crimir":al conduct. 'fhe rnental daraage sufl-ered by
Hope has negativel):affected her marriage and has certainl)' impacted all aspects of
her lifeHcpe rvas rvas a beautifr.rl vibrant strong ph.vsicall), health,v ps.vchologicaltr.-v
nor:mal 41 ),ear old wonran u,hen she encountered Stark County' sheriff s deputies
on Octerlrer 20. rvas a miracle that her ribs rveren't broken and she didn't
$uffbr: a concussion or colna when she was the road. {t_all}'tirne
while Hope was being torlured sire could have gone in to shock or died tiorn hearl
lailure. Onl), b.v" the grace of God did she survive her ordeal at the Stark CqU!-ty
Jail to tell about it. 460 people are sl-rot, tazered, beaten, and abused to death. die
accidentall.v, or die fiorn unknorvn causes each -vear q,hile in police custod). in
Arnerica. Hope could easilr- have been one olthose r.rnfbrtunate peopleHope's
iqiulies r.vere sustained by her as a direct result of policies, condoned and
implemented br- Stark Count,v SherifTTimoth,v A. Swanson. Swanson rvas
deliberatel,v indiflbrent and tbiled to sr-rpen,ise his subordinates. Sr,vanson
ar,rthorized, and approved of unconstitutional policies arrd condr-rct b.v* Gurlea and
the other deputies r"rnder his supen'ision. These actior-rs were taken b)' Swanson and
his subordinates r-rnder the color of lau,. These actions and fbilures to act deprived
Hope of her rights secured b,v the Fourlh. Fifth and Four-teenth Amendments to the
Ljnited States Constitution. Wl-rat l-rappened to Hope Stetl'e,v has happened to others
living in states rvith strip search. cavity' search larvs like Ohio's. The use of nudit,v,
humiliation, and torlure. b:y United States law'entbrcement replesents an ovelail
bt-eakdown in Arnerican morals, r,alues, fi'eedoms, Conslitutional rights, and
hurnan rights. These ilarved policies- bad larvs, will continue to victimize
Atnericans ur:til they start rvriting to and callinq their representatives in
Washington ald telling them to change these larvs or get them off tire books
This ;*"/ic/e is posted on Permission is grtmtecl,for'
reprint in print, entail, blog. or v,eb media if this credit is attached and the title
remains unchanged.

Ihe restless frustrotion of us by the orrogonce of police officer's is ostonisly unjust

ond demorolizing io us oll .police culture thot pressures new officers to conform
to cerioin ospects of ihe Blue Code of Silence thot con moke o criminol
subculture proteciing the interests of police who violote the low ond o
perspective in which outsiders ore viewed with suspicion or distrusi .commond
ond control structures with o rigid hierorchicol foundotion ond deficiencies in
internol invesiigotion ond no occouniobility mechcnisms in the internol
investigotion processesl think it is o very significont pottern of continucl
horossment ond octions of the intrusted is to destroy if not to dissolve ore righl's.
police officer's leoding criminol investigoiion into it's members consider issuing
indictments ogoinsi the victim's of there criminol octivite .the enforcement to
stop lowsuits ogoinst the people thot violote cre right's to be secure in ore
person,houses,popers ond effectts with out o seorsche worront ond deprive us
of life,liberty ond property is unjust.the government thot ignore's the grevonces
of the people or preson's will not lost .we the people must reestoblish the
rule's ond right of the constitution .we musi demend the lhot ore elected
represeniotive's stop the toking of ore right's with out due process of the lcw
.lt's time to toke Americo bock ond live by the Constitution.the religious,
sociol,culturol bigotry by the these extremist is unconstiiutionl.the corrupion of
ore police ond dcfs/cps deportment's to ihe pont ihot there thug's think ihot
there obove the low or the constitution is corrupt.the crimes ossocioted these
corrupt people is nol the woy of ihis country ond is o disgroce to ore ormed
forces.thot people live in feor of hoving the dcfs/cps kicking in there door ond
kidnoping ihere kid's in the deod of night becuse of o phono coll .people like
sqm brower. florq iessop.lourie qllen.corolvn iessop . nqncv qrqce ond other
extrimist hove o footholed on useing uncorroboroted stotemenis is ostonisly
omoute of orrogonce.ore govermeni hos possed low's with some mone hole's in
them thct it only toke's o cps/dcfs/dfcs cose worker 30 min. to element your
right's .the constitution ore job's ond indostrehos bin sold io the highis't bider
.the willfully determined morol police wonie us to wolk in lockstep to there
morolity ond not the fundomentol righi's we hove.never mied thot the third
district Texos Court of Appeols honded down its decision ofter onolyzing the
evidence thot hod been provided of ihe originol heoring. lt ruled in fovor of
demonding the return of the children to the 38 mothers. The Deportment wos
given 14 doys to oppeol or to reiurn the children. ln its Moy 22 decision, the
Court noted ihct twenty femole individuols from the ronch were olleged to
hove become pregnont between the oges of l3 ond lZ. Fifteen of them ore
currently odults, including one who is a 22 yeor-old odult who ollegedly become
pregnoni of ,l3. Of the five others who ore still minors, four ore I Z ond one is l6
yeors old, with oll five minors olleged io hcve become pregnoni of oge l5 or 16.
No evidence wos provided to determine the moritol stotus of the remoining five
minors. ln Footnote of the ruling, the Court wrote, "Under Texos low, it is noi
sexuol ossoult to hove consensuol sexuol intercourse with o minor spouse to
whom one is legolly morried. Tex. Penol Code Ann. Section 22.011(o), (c) (1),(2)
{West Supp. 2007). Texos low ollows minors to morry -- os young os oge l6 with
porentol consenf ond younger thon sixteen if pursuont to o couri order. Tex.
Fom. Code Ann. Section 2.101 (West 2006), Sections 2.102-.103 (Wesi Supp.
2007). A person moy not be legolly monied fo more thon one person. Tex. Penol
Code Ann. Section 25.01 (West Supp. 2007)." The Courl olso noted ihol the
Deportment's own wiinesses hod ocknowledged thot the FLDS community wos
divided into "seporote fomily groups" ond "seporote households." Thereby, the
Court determined thot such evidence disproved the osserted theory thot the
entire community wos o single "household" which the Deportment used os the
justificotion for removing oll children in one brood sweep. Accordingly, eoch
fomily (with the mothers referred to os "Relotors" in the Court decision iext) hod
the right to be deolt with on on individuol bosis. Using itolics to emphosize the
word, "physicol," the Court soid thoi, when removing children from o fomily,
Iexos Low - specificolly, Section 262.201 (b) - required thot "the donger must be
to the physicol heolth or sofety of ihe child. The Deportment did not present ony
evidence of donger to the physicol heoih or sofety of ony mole children or ony
femole children who hod noi reoched puberty. Nor did ihe Deportment offer
ony evidence thot ony of the Relotors' pubescent femole children were in
physicol donger other thon thot those children live of the ronch omong o group
of people who hove o 'pervosive sysiem of belief'thot condones polygomous
morrioge ond underoge femoles hoving children. The existence of the FLDS
belief system os described by the Deporiment's witnesses, by iiself, does not put
children of FLDS porents in donger. lt is the imposition of certoin olleged tenets of
thot belief system on specific individuols thot moy put them in physicol donger.
The Deportment foiled to offer ony evidence thot ony of ihe pubescent female
children of the Relotors were in such physicol donger. The record is silent os io
wheiher the Relotors or onyone in their households ore likely to subjeci their
pubescent femole children to underoge morrioge or sex. The record is olso silent
os to how mony of Relotors' children ore pubescent femoles ond whether there
is ony risk to ihem other thon thot they live in o community where there is o
'pervosive belief system'thot condones morrioge ond child-reoring cs soon os
femoles reoch puberfy." .the enthusiosm ond excessive discontent to eliminote
ihe ihe bill of riqhl's is o threoi to the sovereignty of humeniie it self.the people
thot do there job's the right woy ore loft of or outright fired for doing it the righi
woy .os we scnd on the down of the new millennium we musi look to ihe post
for help in ore furtere endeovours to push beon the constrictions of ore
humoniie ond to succeed in oll of ore endeovours to moke the boseic humone
right's io life,liberty ond the pursuit of hoppiness ond in promoting the
fundomentol freedoms of oll menked.l ihink it is o very significont pottern of
continuol horossment ond octions of the trusied to investigote in orgonized
witness tompering , froud like thot of o crime syndicote.the federol government
ond the siotes hos resisted thot ideo of investigote these crimes . pcrticipotion
con be described os o "wifch hunt " in the collected petition of the extremist to
stop the one's thot stond up for them self's. if we con't eliminot religius ,sociol
ond culture intoleronce how con we push the bondres of humonite ond science
ond go beoned ore limitolions.we must endeovour to to go beoond ore
collective conscionusness.we must oviol ore self's to go beond ore
politicol,economic,sociol ond cultuer,religius bigotry.promoting the
self-determinotion for the odvoncement of science ond there principle
soveriegty.thot science ond it's odvoncement con't be subject to the prejudice
or the provision of one one religion,sociol ond culturol lliminition's. ihot group's
like "Sofe Children Coolition" soid o women's home wosn't big enough, even
though she hod o 5 bedroom home ovoiloble. No chorges were ever brought
ogoinst her, but they took her kids onywoy. They tokes children from good ond
sofe fomilies ond puts them in unsofe one's ond only loking children of poor
fomilies os they do not hove the money to fight bock ogoinst fhe syslem .the
toxe money thot we poy to fix ore rood's ,street ond other public work's ond io
poy for ore E.M.S/POLICE ond FIRE go's in to the pocit of the crupl.we hove seen
ore bluecollor job's go overseos for cheeplober ond the compine to ovode
poying the foxes.job's thot ore lost io corprit greed .people who losi there job's
so o c.e.o con hove four hommer's instod of only three .todoy more ond more
working mon job's ore cut but you never see o c.e.o tcke o poy cut .you will
see the working person wiih o fomily toke o poycut or get loedoff with oui
poy.lhe ceo's get there million dollor bonis in seod of puting the money in to the
compen.the corrupt court's thot lockup the viciom ond innocent ond reword
the criminol hos bin demonstroted iime ond time .100 yeor old cose low is used
in the preveniion of ore righi's .the morolity police use rocim / bigotry ond feor
for there benefit is totolly out of conirol.ihe suppreeion of corroborote
stotement ond documents ihot do not ossossinot the sovereignty of this
notion must stop. the obuse thoi o preson, fomily ond people of the hond's of
corrupt govermeni ogenty's ond group like Sofe Children Coolition ,the
defente of fomily ond people like som brower. floro iessop, lourie
qllen.corolyn iessop ond noncy groce need to be stop. exomple of sociol
horm thot the government moy properly torget irrespective of odverse impoct
on religious proctice thoi "Conduct remoins subject to regulotion for ihe
protection of society. The freedom to oci must hove oppropriote definition to
preserve the enforcement of thot protection octions which were in violotion of
sociol duties or subversive of good order. Lows ore mode for the governmeni
of octions, ond while they connot interfere with mere religious belief ond
opinions, they moy with proctices. Con o mon excuse his prociices io the
controry becouse of his religious belief? To permit this would be to moke the
professed doctrines of religious belief superior to the low of the lond, ond in
effect to permit every citizen to become o low unto himself The United
Stotes Supreme Couri mode this DISCUSSION in lB78 it's 2008 thot o 130 yeor's c
go .it is '130 yeor's loter ond we still see women os the victim .in the norrow
morgin whereby the frogility of pureiy politlcoljudgment will be the misfortune
consequences of ore future generotions to come .The norrow veiw of siotes
on domestic violence is oll most the some os the veiw on child obuse ond
groups like "Sofe Children Coolition" who help the stotes toke your kids. "Sofe
Children Coolilion " took this womens kids ond soid her home wosn't big enough,
even though she hod o 5 bedroom home ovoiloble. No chorges were ever
brought, but the stote ond the group iook her kids onywoy. The "Sofe Children
Coolition" tokes children from poor fomilies os they do not hove the money to
fight bock ogoinst the system ond puts them in unsofe locotions so thot they con
continue to be funded by your tcx dollors .ore toxs dollors ore oll so used to
funed the ultroconservotiver domestic violence lows ond police trioning cnd
proctices thot presumes the mole is the guilty .the nonexistents of due process
mones ihot your innocents is of no consequence ioo them till you con prove
you ore innocencet. This in o lond chorged in the Preomble to its Constitution
" insure domestic tronquility..." ln coses of women stolking men, restroining
orders ore violoted in nine out of ten coses but if o mon violoted these orders he
go to joil.o women is five times more likey to use o weopon in iniimote portner
violence .Those who obuse cnd boiter their lovers ond children come in every
shope ond size, from every income level ond sociol sect ond of either sex, ond
some sex orientotion.thot ore men ore being thrown into ihe streets here every
yeor without couse or redress.the reol domestic violence is perpetroted by these
droconion lows used by rodicol militint feminist guoup's soy lt connot be
ossumed thot men ore bound to be on osset to fomily life, or thot the presence
of fothers in fomilies is necessorily o meons to sociol hormony ond cohesion."
ond " if we wont fathers to ploy o full role in their children's lives, ihen we need
to bring men info the ploy groups ond nurseries ond the schools. And here, of
course, we hit the immediote difficuliy of whether we con trust men with
children." .As the women chollenge there ex or future ex with chorges of folse
domestic violence ond obuse, ond physicol ond sexuol obuse of the children to
goin odvontoge in o divorce or custody bottle in divorce couri to moke them
poy .often the reol victims is the husbend /boyfriend .women thot hove found
themselves in lesbion offoirs or in some-sex relotionships offter divorce ore now
ignord victims domestic violence .these lows ore use to moke true romonce ond
normol sexuol octivites in io o crime.lows thot ore destroy fomilies by the
hundreds of thousonds ond drive fothers from their children with nothing more
then the clothes on there bock. Boih men ond women become more ofroid of
the Stote thon they ever were of their portner becouse of "no drop lows" . Under
the nightmore world of todoy's wor on domestic violence, orrests ore made
without ony pretense of c worroni ond these mondotory orrests ore bosed on
noihing more thon heorsoy. non-resisting citizens ore bludgeoned and Moce'd
within their homes ofier police force their woy in without o worront . Accused
ore ossumed guilly until proven innocent. Police seorches of their homes ore
mode without consent or worront .. The right to confront the occuser ond obtoin
witnesses in one's defense is denied. Heorsoy is odmissible os evidence.
Punishment ond imprisonment occur before o triol or without one. men ore
publicly occused of crimes they hove not committed. And these ore not
limited octions nor ore they limited to moles lesbions in the community ore
subjected to this some treatment becouse of their lifestyle. Despite the foci
thot o greot mojority of these folse Chorges of domestic violence mode by the
girlfriend/wife hove become the weopon of choice in divorce ond child
custody bottles., women ore reworded with the house, kids, child support, ond
olimony for mcking such stotements, ond foce no penolty in court for iheir
occusotions.the feminist refuges continued to creote troining progrommes thot
described only mole violence ogoinst women
ond thot "All women ore innocent
victims of men s violence," they declored.ftre
potice ond other orgonizoiions
were broinwoshed into ignoring the reseorcrr
ihot wos provin! mun could olso
be victims'l9th cenfury gtitisl-, ond Americon low
required o hirsbond to go io
debtors' prison even if if wos his wife who spent
them into debf. with
responsibility come the obility to enforce.
The mole role wos to his fomily whot
the role of the militory is to o notion: Both
ore ossigned the role of protector; but
the power it tokes to proiect, when broken
down, can be obusive. But the
obuse is not the role, it is the role broken down.
He wos not treoting her os
property' he wos toking responsibility for
keeping ihe propertv intoct for the
entire fomily's proiection. lf he should foil, heis
oit to joil. Thct,s why I coll it the
responsibility to discipline ond not. mole privilege.the
domestic violence industrys
we-understond-ond-we-know-better ottitudeihot ihese
droconion lows present the orrogonces of the feminists unbolonced
violence'fhis veiw gives women olree poss veiw of domestic
to use the low in the destruction of
ihe preson she sees os o threct to
osking for o doie. theoe soys fhere is busy.'you
vo, .ttr o preson up thot you met
see the preson somewhere
ogoin ond soy hi. smires so you try for onother
doie. No hove o
disogreement ond the preson never wonts to
see you ogoin. you send roses with
o noie' No response. You iry colling o couple
oi ti*ur.vou write them o leiter or
emoil soying you're sorry, ond you wouid like
to moke up. you work in the some
building ond you leove the letier on ihere
them' Your cor breoks down ond you ridechoir of work or send the emoil io
the bus for o week. rhe bus stop is
outside where there working. rhe bus is usuolly
toJe ond you ore stonding there
woiting doy ofter doy' You've broken up. After you try colling ihem o couple
of times you run into some their friends ond
ort ho* their doing. they works of o
business you frequent ond you smile
ond flirt with them, os they do with you. you
try to moke o dote or see them ouiside
of work. .Most people would regord such
events os well within the normol course
we've mode it o crime. ls ihoi wise? in such
of The pcih io true romonce but now
proof is nof required,if the
victom is o femole she will believed without coses
reservotion or question, ond possible
thot the victim courdbe poronoid or psychotic
considered regordless of the octuoi circumsiontes.How nno her feor must be
such chorges os revenge for some reor likely is it she might use
or imogined wrong you moy hove done
him or her in the cose of ihe dr.phil shows
+ plrt episode obsessive love. but
:y:l';'yr::'l: g::l:rwirr,wiih
preson she sees os o ihreot to
,, eyil
evir ilinrentLl
ilrirrt lJc useo ln lne destruction
in rhe destrucrion ofthe
sidert"ping the row she con ond do,s
of th
nsubstqnlioled anar anr.
ns no motter how controdictory her
cloims. o
rf?: o woTon who rokes o,t"o;;;;;i,,;n ;1.'#l;
;; ;;;;.;';;i

,:';:::'*'ii: ?3' ?g:l':,T ig :' !'r 3 ; k' #ff : uli t n o n

likelv io use on object os o *"opon ihon men *n"i il:;
which con't equolize the level of injury men susioin oi the honds of the wife or
girlfriend. those who only wont to emphosize ihe level of physicol ,verbol,
emotionol ond psychologicol injury ogoinst women will never discuss ond
evein sidestop the verbol, emotion, or psychologicol obuse mony men ond
there lesbion portners experience from their wives or girlfriends everydoy .lt is no
diforent thon the religious group who roises money to help storving children then
uses the money to not only help the molnourished children but to olso
indoctrinote the culture with their porticulor religious or conservofive beliefs.the
low sidesteps the domestic violence in lesbion-portner ship ond these ore the
most violent of obuse coses.women con perpetrot the most violen ossoults in
domestic-violence on there girlfriend ,boyfriend ond husbends.the most violen
child obuse coses ore thot the honds of the mother or the fothers grirlfriend.the
complex network of sociol workers, mentol heolth , ond low enforcement
officiols ond other professioncls encouroges chorges of child obuse wheiher
they're reosonoble or in the domestic violence industry. creoted o virtuol
child obuse industry, populoted by people whose livelihoods depend on more
ond more ollegotions going into the system.most occusers ore women ond
moking on occusotion of child cbuse is fhe perfect weopon ln divorce coses.
ollegotions of obuse con come up in o voriety of woys ond lt's simple, fost, ond
guoronteed to ochieve the desired result o women who deliberotely moke
folse ollegotions to hurting iheir ex- husbonds os much os possible .They'll
frequently cocch their children inio moking stotements ogoinst the ex, ond will
shop oround for o theropist,doctor,or other professionol ond the low who will
support their unbolonced cloim thot ln one step, she con gei him completely
oui of her ond the children's lives, ond ossure complete custodiol control. And
con compleiely destroy the his life, ond ony semblonce of o normol life
between him ond the children. child protective services worker premoiure
conclusions ond frequently overreoct to ordinory things in the kids life like dioper
rosh ond bruises in this type of situotion, the concerned theropist, physicion, ond
low enforcement overeoct ond jump to false ollegotions os the iruth But
whether o folse ollegotion of obuse is mode moliciously or genuine the result is
the some for the occused. Unlike the "innocent until proven guilty" thing you
heor oll the time when il comes to child obuse, you ore guilty until you con
proves yourself innocent And thot's not eosy . the children by this time hove
probobly been seen by theropists ond child protective services officers who see
their role to volidoie the occusotion. And things move pretty quickly from there:
the instont the ollegotion is mode the occused contoct with ihere children is cut
off completely ond on investigotion begins. ln most stotes, child obuse
investigotions ore supposed to be hondled by both low enforcement officiols
ond cps workers colled differeni things in different stotes ln generol, police
officers hove received extensive troining in investigotive iechniques ond there ot
leost ostensibly neutrol. Most CPS workers don't even moke the move to
pretense neutrolity ond thot they believe ond support iheir clients no motier
whot those clients soy. .conservotive religious groups with there extremist views
woni to moke o AMENDMENT'S to the stote ond u.s.constitution to outlow
some-sex merroge ore showing how extremist thot they ore. domestic violence
is quite o rore crime ond the level of whoi the overoge person will come in
contoct with in his or her life is extremely low ond you ore more likely die from
the flu thon of domestic violence. these gruops don't wont you to know thoi
.they oll so count couples who hove bitterly loud orguments,push ond shove,
S&M ond other oberrot sexuol octs couples moy engoge in like on open
morroge or the wife is bisexuol with the husbend know full well she is os octs of
domestic violence. o survey of citizens who believe o crime hos been
committed ond not if ii wos reported to police or outhoriiies.Notionol Coolition-
Agcinst Domestic Violence estimotes in their generol informotion pocket thot:
"Over 50% of oll women will experience physicol violence in on intimote
relotionship, ond the bottering will be regulor ond on-going.ond you ore not
beoting your wife, then the guy next-door must be beoting his of leost
occosionolly. And the womon living with the guy two or three doors down is
getting beoten of leost once o month lf their stotistics were volid.their mony
more men whose femole pcrtners hove obused them both physicolly ond
mentolly, os well os obusing the low by bringing folse ollegotions ond
fobricoiion domestic violence or obuse ogoinsi them. brooder question of
whether or not o womon is ever ossoulted in her relotionship with o mon or
women ,ex or boyfriend ond/or girlfriend. o strotegies to moximize there
reported they use some minor octs like pushing or slop os severe violence.the
foct thot people like Molly Yord, former heod of the NOW, in o l9B9 sod obout
chinese birth control policy, "l consider the Chinese government's policy
omong the most intelligent in the world."Hove digroced the worke of people
like Morgoret Songer the founder of plonned porenihood wos similorly
chorged.under The Comslock Acf in enocted Morch 3, l8l3 is o United Stotes
federol lqw which mode it illegol to send onv obscene, lewd, cnd or loscivious
moteriols , includinq controceptive devices cnd informotion ond the
istribution of inf r educoiionol thr
moil. ln oddition to bonninq controceptives the followinq The text of the federol
bill: Be it enocied... Thot whoever, within ihe District of Columbio or onv of the
itories of the United Stotes...sholl sell to sell. or to lend. or to oiv
owoy, or in onv monner to exhibit, or sholl oiherwise publish or offer to publish in
onY monner, or sholl hcve in his possession, for ony such purpose or purposes, on
k. oomohlet nt. circulor. orint. oictur
owino or ol e. or imooe on or of ther
moteriol, or ony cost instrument, or other crticle of on immorol noiure, or cnv
or medicin rticle w ver, for t revenfion of
for cousinq unlowful obortion, or sholl odvertise the some for sole, or sholl write or
print, or couse to be writien or printed, ony cord, circulor, book, oomphlet,
odvertisement, or notice of ony kind, stotino when, where, how, or of whom, or
bv whot meons, onv of ihe oriicles in this section...con be purchosed or
obtoined, or sholl monufocture, drow, or prini, or in onv wise moke ony of such
qrticles, sholl be deemed guilty of o misdemeonor, ond on conviction thereof in
ony court of ihe United Stotes...he sholl be imprisoned oi hcrd lobor in the
penitentiory for noi less thon six months nor more thon five veors for ecch
offense, or fined not less thon one hundred dollors nor more ihon two thousond
dollors, with costs of court On oppeol, her conviction wos reversed on the
grounds thot controceptive devices could legolly be promoted for the cure ond
prevention of diseose.ln l932Ihe prohibition of devices odvertised for the
explicit purpose of birth control wos overturned . ln o federol oppeols
court ruled ofter she file o lowsuit in United Stctes v. One Pockoge of Joponese
Pessories thot the federol government could not inierfere with doctors providing
controception to their potients. When U.S. customs confiscoted the pockoge os
illegol controcepiive devices.we most endeovovr to fully go beyond the people
thoi hove predetermin our future with there morol extremist veiw ond billed o
future of collective toleronce ond occeptonce and to insure our sovereignty in
the forbid the religious,sociol ond cuturol of sirtion groups is nothing
more then suppression of humonity it self.the horror ond suffering of this plonet ot
the honds of one group or persons will not promote the progress of life it
self.the presumobed elitis elements of there extremist view most be sfoped.we
ore of the steps of economic disoster with tens of of fomilys being put out
on the streei .the prevention of bosic humon righis to sum becouse they cre
not port of there morol conservotive,s with millions of dollers ore fireing
the people who live poydoy to poydoy .we poy wiih ore blood sweetond teors
so thot there kids con go to privote school,B bedroom house ond new cor o
evey yeor.we put holf ore poy in gos ond food .the goldinporochutes thot ceo
hove used to get millions when the people thoi work for them ore put out on the
street.Women ore coerced into occepting their cultish indoctrinotion of
domestic violence gruops vio the use of ihreots, intimidoiion, ond the fecr of
losing their children...Women ore ordered to leove their husbonds, even in ihe
obsence of reol domesiic violence or obuse. They ore ordered to never let ihe
fothers see their children, or DSS will chorge the women with neglect. We'll
permit o womon to ride o moiorcycle with no helmet, but we won't trust her to
decide whether or not to hove contoct with her innocent-uniil-proven-guiliy
husbond of ihot she hos bin morryed io for yeors.'lt is o common propogoted
lie by prosecutors ond judges thot if the defendont occepts o pleo borgoin the
record will be "seoled" ofter the probotionory period is completed" right ond
heilier wos misundersud" . Thot is never true in ony stote. The "horror" of intimote
violence toword men is somewhot different. hundreds of men killed eoch yeor
by their pcrtners the wife /girlfriend . o minimum of one-fourth of the men
hove bin killed hove not used violence towords their homicidol portners. they
hove been shot, stobbed, beaten with objects, ond been subjected to verbol
ossoults ond humiliotions in plocses like the dr.phil show. Noneiheless, these ore
the "horrors" of violence ioword men thot is the continued stotus of bottered
men os the "unherd persons" of the domestic violence problem. Mole victims do
not count ond ore not counted. domestic violence identified os o gender
crime. None of the neody billion dollors of funding from this is directed towords
mole victims. Some "Requests for Proposols" reseorch on mole victims or
progroms for mole victims will not even be reviewed, let olone funded. funds
typicolly poss to o coolition ogoinst domestic violence or to o bronch of o
stote ogency designoted to deol with violence ogoinst women. the most
common responses to this hos been the removol of children from iheir fomilies
without due process, without offording either the children or their porents the
right to equol protection. it is estimoted thot over children hove been
so token in the post three decode. Yet over thirty yeors ogo, our United Stotes
Supreme Court, in Goult vs. Arizono 3BZ U.S. I (1967) o cose in which o sheriff,
without notice or o worront to orrest, took c 1S-yeor old - boy from his porent's
home in their obsence .it recognized this oction os violoting the essence of our
righis ond overturned Arizono low on ihis issue. Bui the significonce of the Goult
decision hos been buried in the post three decodes by ideologues who ignore
civil liberties..The reol purpose is to prevent or to eliminote one porent during
divorce proceedings. This is now common knowledge in legol circles.Restroining
orders ore on indispensoble tool to keep the regime of uniloterol divorce in
business, becouse they prevent involuntorily divorced porents from running into
their children in public ploces. Anyone con ottend o child's first little leogue
gome ofier cll onyone but their forcibly divorced fother, who will be orrested if
he shows up. domestic violence groups thot only see the women os o victim
.this oll so the problem wifh women who morrys o omericn con use the domestic
violence lows io get outomemtic citinship or o omericon wife uses the low to
keep the fother out of the US. there ore severol indicotions thot such
broinwoshing ond lesbionism succeeds in mony coses, especiolly in coses where
the "victim" is oll ioo willing to blome everyone bui herself for her problems like
this cose of the dr.phil show thot wos frist toked obout .These deodly women
it^tCluded:elizabeth" Blood Countess" ba'thory She is possibl)' the most prolific female serial
killers in history and vera rencze romanian serial killer /delphine lalaurie a new orleans serial
killer in the 1800s/ linda burfield hazzard /belle sunness one of America's most prolific known
female serial killers /amy archer-gillisan/ianie lou gibbs/ and The "Liverpool Murder
Syndicate"/katherine knight/blanche taylor moore/ruth ellis /lainz anqels of death Maria
Gruber. Irene Leidolf. Stephaniia Meyer. and Waltraud Wagner made up one of the most
unusual crime teams in 20th Centurv europe and melinda loveless/brenda spenceri tracey
wigsinton and diane downs /sylvia seegrist and christina marie riggs.there reporis from
vorious sources thot, in oddition to indoctrinotion ond proselyiizing, shelters
subject women who go to them to obuse ond intimidotion by other women who
ore either on the stoff ond stoying of the shelter, ond oct os centers for lesbion
seduction os well.there is noi much public support for corrupting women's
shelters into centers for Morxisi ideology ond lesbionism cults thot promoies
hotred ond strife beiween mon ond womon.thot the shelters ore now hot beds
of lesbion sex,rope ond force there proposes to substitute lesbianism for
heterosexuol relotionships.thot the sex is often octed oui in frunt of there children
. Children see ond wotch there mother/ sister or both in octs of lesbion sex thot is
some times some cose the sex is drected to womens dougthers
ond do not report it out of feor of physicolly horm to thom or the child..mony
women ore brionwosh in into o lesbion life by cbuse ond intimidotion form other
women who ore eilher on ihe stoff or the women stoying of the shelfer .Mony
women who hove achieved ony degree of moturiiy hove mole friends, reloiives,
ocquoinionces, or ossociotes who hove been obused or boftered by wives,
girlfriends, or femole relotives. Their experience denies the feminist outhoritorion
moniro thot it is olwoys the mon who botters not the womon who is the victim
ond some times thot she is botters.Feminists hove long noled thot domestic
obuse included both physicol ond emotionol ospects. they ottempt fo hide is
the foct thot emotionol obuse is mosi commonly ossocioted wilh women who
obuse there children/husbind /boyfriends ond fomily members ond ore the
one's lhct kill there kid's. Todoy, despite every indicotion thoi crime is dropping,
we ore met with the propogondo thot indicoiing domeslic violence is on
exponentiolly increosing problem. Focts such os "One in four of Americon
women reports thot she hos been physicolly obused by husbond or boyfriend
ond One third of oll emergency room visits by women ond fhe ones hoveing
resuscitotion being performed on them "thot is cpr" ore lhe result of domestic
violence." And the list of obuses seems to grow unlil every mon is o " botterer"
ond every womcn o "victim." Common sense hos disoppeored into moss
hysierio for the lost 30 yeors.these ocis mondoted:. Arrests ihot ore mode
without o worront doys, weeks, months even yeors ofter the olleged incident; .
men ore to be forced from their homes ond children with nothing more thon the
clothes on their bock without even the pretense of due process;. Seorches ore
to be conducted without o worrontin oll coses. mens property is to be seized
without redress of the cose.there is o Mondoiory orrests ore lo be mode ond
con be bosed on noihing more thon heorsoy. Heorsoy is to be odmissible os
evidence;. The occused is to be ossumed guilty until proven innocent;. Mere
ollegotions ore io suffice os proof;. Accused ore to be denied the right to
confront their occuser or obtoin witnesses for their defense; . Defendonts ore to
be denied the ossistonce of counsel;. Boil is to be set of unreosonoble
omounts;. men ore to be incorceroted for indefinite periods without
opportunity to post boil;. Use of torture ond intimidotion is to be condoned;.
Punishment ond imprisonment is to occur before o triol or without one;. The right
to triol by jury obridged or obondoned;. Perjury ond the subornotion of perjury
ore to be overlooked or even encouroged;. Men ore to be publicly censured
for crimes they hove not committed;. lndentured servitude ond slovery is to be
promoted under color of low.lhe possoge of VAWA in 1994 wos followed by the
droconion loutenberg omendment in 1996 thot mokes it o federol felony with
o 5 to 10 yeor mondotory minimum sentence under lBu.s.c.-922(g) (Bond9( for
onyone who ships, tronsports, owns, possesses, or uses guns or ommuniiion if they
hove been convicted of misdemeonor or felony domestic violence, or who if
they ore under o restroining (protection) order for domesiic obuse. This low olso
mokes it unlowful to sell or give o fireorm or ommunition to such person. As with
other folse flogs ihe low hos been exponded ond includes restroining orders
routinely issued in o divorce cose os well. The Emerson cose is the most infomous
exomple of injustice under this droconion meosure.The loutenberg
omendment wos only o one-quorter of o poge buried in 740 poges of the
Omnibus Consolidoted Appropriotions Acl of 1997 {Public Low when
odded os on omendment. Mosi Representotives ond Senotors did not reod the
entire bill. Those thot did reod it hod to sign it os is or no reporotions would be
funded to their stotes if needed.As o result of ihe Loutenberg Amendmeni ony
militory personnel, police officer, or other individuols who normolly corry
weopons in the course of their occupotion lost iheir jobs or were summorily
dischorged if convicied of "domestic violence" or who hod o permonent
restroining order entered ogoinst them.The Deportment of Defense olso put in
ploce DoD Drieclive 5220.6thoi denied o security cleoronce to onyone
convicted of "domestic violence." lnterstote tronsport of other hozordous
moteriols is olso bonned by onyone convicted of "domestic violence." lndividuol
stotes olso put in ploce o voriety of other penolties ond resirictions on
individuols, usuolly men, convicted of domestic violence or under o permonent
restroining order. Typicolly, such penolties include loss of professionol licenses,
bonding, holding public office, etc.As o result on estimoled99.9% of men
cought up in the hysterio generoted under "domestic violence" lose their jobs,
children, homes, ond virtuolly everything else they possessed. Thot, of course, is
the redfem objective ond why their folse flog operotion hos been so successful.
The legol profession ond bor ossociotions, including ihe ACLU hove been
fellow trovelers with this fifth column inosmuch os they grow rich . increosing
oggressiveness of women os o culturol shift women ore be more physicolly
violeni moritol situotions .this is woy thot domestic violence needs io be look ai
(THE Conflict containment principles of the united states army):1. Problem solving is a
collaborative effort to resolve a mutual problem. Each issue, regardless of who raises it. has
implications for the level of satisfaction of each. Positive change will benefit each. thus. all
problems are mutual.2. Two winner (win-win) tactics should be used. The goal should be that of
lution acceotable to both. with vour soouse.3.
Each partner should follow the "change first" principle. Each partner should be prepared to "pa)'
" by changing their own behavior first. rather than insistine that thev will cha
when their r chanses.4. of two distinct. non
phases: Problem definition and problem resolution. Problem definition should continue onl), until
both agree on a common definition of the issue. Once problem resolution has begun. the issue
redefined nor should additi cross comolainins).5.
Problem definition should be brief. positive. specific and future oriented. Don't confuse talkine
about a problem with problem resolution. Give only enough examples. in issue not
personality terms. to define the issue not overwhelm your partner.6. Onl)' one - problem at a
time should be discussed. Break problems- down into small. solvable steps. Don't take on more
issue at atime.7. The communicati validation. feelins-tal
positive expression and negative expression should be followed. The feeling that one is beine
listened to and taken seriously may be more impofiant than winning.S. Problem solvine should
be modest and limited in focus. You should recognize that vou won't get everlthingyou want.
The best solutions will come when both are invested in the change process.g. Conclusions should
be detailed and repeated by each. Once a neqotiated compromise has been reached. congratulate
each other on )zour mutual success and celebrate )'our accomplishment.ROughly 50% Of the
hundreds of morried men chorged with domestic violence ofter they find their
wife wos hoving or ore hoveing on offoir. Though it must occur, we hove not yet
heord of o cose where the husbond become violent. The worst we heor of is the
husbond threoiens ihe wife's lover, e.9., see the emerson cose which is
considered to be for which the husbond is to be punished.thot we todoy must
demod thot the iruths we hold to be self-evident ,thot we oll ore creoted
equol ond in endowed wiih certoin unolienoble right's to life,liberty ond the
pursuit of hoppiness ond in promoting the fundomental freedoms of oll without
distinction os to culture,sex, religous belief ond protection of the law regardless of race,
creed, color, religion, ethnic origin, age, handicaps, or sex.and to be sirtion thot no
restriction ore ploced on them.we must show universol respect for the right's ond
fundomentol freedom's of oll humon's.we must demond prooble couse why o
govermini ogentecy is forcing it woy in to ore home with out o violoted worroni
being issued or be subject to cruel ond unusuol punishment with out couse
these ore the fundomentol rigths of freedoffi. the disregured for Your rights
under due processl. You have the right to receive notice of charges in a
timelv fashion.2. You have the right to be presumed innocent until
proven guiltv.3. You have the right to be presented with a search
warrant. Without one. it is unlawful for the police or anv government
official to enter vour home. search. or seize vour propertv.4. You have
the right to be presented with a warrant for vour arrest unless the police
actuallv saw vou commit a crime or have probable cause to believe vou
have committed a felonv based on their personal investigation at the
scene.S. You have the right to a writ of habeas corpus if vou are arrested
and imprisoned.6. You have the right to remain silent and speak with an
attornev before making anv statement to the authorities.T. You have the
right to confront vour accuser and to cross-examine witnesses against
vou 8. You have the right to refuse to answer questions that might
incriminate vou.9. You have the right to a transcript of all proceedings.
hearings" and trials though vou will have to order and pav for them.l0.
You have the right to appeal anv findings of a lower court.ll. You have
the right to subpoena witnesses and anv documents or other evidence
that mav support vour position or contradict evidence presented against
vou.12. You have a right to a trial bv iurv in all criminal matters and in
civil cases where the value in question exceeds $20 bv an impartial iurv
of vour peers.l3. You have the right to the protection and provisions of
the Constitution of the United States and the State Constitution.14. You
have the right to protections expresslv created in statute and case law
precedent.l5. You have the right to equal protection of the law
regardless of race, creed, color, religion, ethnic oriqin" age, handicaps, or
sex.16. You have the right to a remedv. bv recourse to the laws. for all
iniuries or wrongs that vou mav receive in vour person" propertv, or
character.l7. You have the right to iustice. without being obliged to
purchase it: completelv. and without anv denial; promptlv. and without
undue delav .

chopler two

Arbeit Mach Frei

[Work makes Free]

the feminisi orgonizotions invoke the specter of domestic violence os

propogondo direcled ogoinst men ond thot only men ore the obuser'
expendoble powns to the feminst greed ond the highjcck of obuse,Child
Support,divorce, ond domesiic violence,child obuse (oll type's) low's.Before o
mon is joiled for not poying infull to the now ex-wife the new proctice is to toke
owoy his drivers license ond ony professionol licenses This includes medicol, reol
estote, stockbroker, ond ony other license issued by the stote. Of course the
mon is then olmost olwoys unoble to eorn o living even for himself, let olone poy
the often outrogeous "child support" thot frequenily is whoi the judge thinks the
you the fother should be poying not whot you con poy. oll she hos to do moke
on ollegotion of obuse true or noi ond the stote will help her oll she wont's to
prove the chorges ogoinst you . A court order borring you from living in your own
home even if you own or leosed it prior to the morrioge ond her nome is not on
the tiile or leose. lt is not uncommon for you to end up hoving io continue
poying the mortgoge or rent on whot is now "her"ond her new " boy or girl "
fdend's house. Folse ollegotions of domestic violence ore o very good woy for
her to gei the house, the kids, the cor, the bonk occounis, ond onything else
she wonts. No oction will be token ogoinst her for such molicious oct's ond filing
folse reports. the foct is public funds will be used to help her prove the chorges
ogoinst you ond to defend her ogoinst ony counterchcrges you might foolishly
bring ogoinst her.Accusotions of Anything she moy hove done wrong will be
seen os her response to his "unreosonoble" ond "obusive" behovior in the eye's of
fomily in the obove dr.phil show. When the domesiic violence chorges
ogoinst you fcil, ond you wonts joini or complete custody of the children now
o common toctic is to occuse you of child or sexuol obuse of the children.
restroining order forbidding you to come wiihin 100 yords of your home or
onyploce she might be. And she moy stolk him with impunity in order to insure
you violotes the order. The restroining order or domestic violence chorges will
ollow her to move her new mon or the women you didn't know obout into
the house before you hove o chonce to move out. Any personol property you
leoves of ihe moritol home will be destroyed, sold, or given owoy to her new
frend. Whotever she believes you holds importont or voluoble in life ore the first
things she will dispose of or destroy . A bon on oll contoct with your children
becouse the woy you mokes her feel undermines her cbility to look ofter them
reol or imoged or some oiher such psycho nonsense.Experience is suggesting
thot in these kinds of divorce there is obout o one-in-three chonce one, more or
oll of her children ore not your's. The restroining orders ond keeping the kids
owoy is often on otiempt to prevent you from getting DNA poternity testing
done.A letler from her ottorney, soying thot the children no longer wish to see
you beccuse you "frighten" them or her Or she soys the children do not love
you ony more. ln such coses she will do her utmosi to olienote ihem ond drive
you owoy ond is often quite successfully in this. Her efforts will be especiolly
vindiciive if she knows, or suspects one or more of the children ore not your's.
The purpose of these gomes is to help her to goin on unfoir odvontoge eorly in
ihe proceedings, to throw you off-bolonce Expect her to use shock .Often
fime's you moy reoci in utter disbelief thoi onyone could lie so brozenly ond
behove in such o disgusting woy. Yet ii hoppens, ond it hoppens oflen. lf she
wonts io ploy the victim ond not the foct she is the obuse ond she's ollowed
too. lndeed, she will be encouroged ond instructed on how to do so by her
oitorney, victims odvocotes or girlfriend who is her new lover,co-worker's ond
workers of shelters for "bottered" women which ore publicly funded ond her new
lesbion lover who you ore poy to sii your house ond to hove sex's with your now
ex-wife. A demond to support her cnd "her" children ond lover for os mony
yeors os her lowyers con negotiote with o judge, including their lifetime if she or
her attorney con convince the judge ony of the children ore disobled or
hondicopped in ony woy.Child support will probobly be colculoted on her
lowyer's ond the judge's estimotion of whot you "copoble" of eorning noi on
whot you octuolly eorns. Rest ossured thot the imputed income will be
considerobly greoter thon octuol income, especiolly ofter you losi your job ond
professionol licenses becouse of oll the criminol chorges she hcs brought ogoinst
you. lf you more likely connot poy the omouni of court-ordered child suppori
you will go to prison, oftin times even if DNA evidence conclusively shows you
ore not the fother of your ex-wife's child if one exists for the moter. she will ond
con cloim thot she wos deceived inlo signing o pre-nupiiol ogreement by you.
Lowyers ofien chollenge pre-nups os o motter of course. your lowyer hcs io
defend this ond his legol bill goes up. Attorneys thus profit going inlo ond
coming out of o morrioge ond you loses both woys.IA deliberote demond for
significontly more in o setilement thon she expects to receive, so thot you will
negotioie it down io the figure she wonted oll olong, o victory in her cose.I
Expect her to mox oui ony ond oll credii cords ond withdrow oll fhe money in
the bonk ond ony joini occounts you hove with her.[She moy ond will defoult
on loons, clcim to be disobled, or file for bonkruptcy. The judge will ihen likely
moke you poy for them.[She moy ond will cloim to hove losi o lot of money
gombling. The scom is io withdrow the money of o cosino, turn it into gombling
chips ond chonge ii bock ct o loter time.[Numerous court heorings will likely be
required. This is intended to moke life os difficuli ond os expensive os possible for
you. She wonls you fo woste your money becouse, ultimotely, she'll get whot
she wonts onywoy. so ony wosted money hurts you of o time when you hos the
fewest funds.under current lows o you hove to be functionolly insone to morry
ond o drooling idiot to sire o child in this doy ond oge..Alcoholic: The spouse of
on olcoholic. lhese ore things you need lo do: Do nol move oui of the house. lf
no custody order is in ploce, ond you moveing out, you ore groniing your
spouse de focto custody of your children; you immediotely expose yourself to
petitions for child ond spousol support; you obondon olljoinl possessions ond
even your personol possessions to your spouse ond possession isg/10ths of the
low ond you give your spouse leove to petition for exclusive possession of ihe
house in perpetuity in thus moking the house os on osset. Throughout the
period of finol co-hobitotion do not engoge in ony verbol bottles with her.
Period. lf ihe situotion is volotile, do not engoge in ony discussions oboui legol or
settlement issues. Do not engoge in ony kind of verbol or physicol confrontotion
wiih her. lf you do, you put yourself of the risk of her getting on order to hove
you thrown out of the house ond possibly restroined from going onywhere neor
her, the property ond, possibly the children. lf she becomes confrontotionol,
wolk owoy ond ovoid close contoct. Moke the only diologue between the two
of you be obout the core ond well-being of the children ond the doy-to-doy
running of the house. lf you simply must communicote directly to your spouse
regording motrimoniol issues, do so in o written note ond moke copes. You con
orgonize your thoughts better thot wcy ond ovoid o verboljousi. Do not use
inflommotory longuoge ond stick to the focts. Dote the note ond write "Withoui
Prejudice" ot the top (this protects you from loter use of your note ogoinst you in
the court of low). And keep o copy of it for your files. Throughout the period of
finol co-hobitotion with your spouse eliminote your consumption of olcohol. lf
you hove o drug / olcohol problem, get help immediotely, otherwise you moy
be deod in the woter. Alcohol ond most drugs reduce your inhibiiions ond moy
moke you more oggressive cnd thus in donger of confrontotion with your
spouse. And loter, when you come down from your high, you will suffer from
depression ihot will impoir your obility to function ond moy moke you susceptible
to suicide. ln olmost oll coses of murder/suicide in moritol disputes, olcohol is o
contributing focior. lf there ore fireorms in your home get rid of them now she
con use them on you. Toke obsolutely no chonces thoi someone moy lose it
ond grob o gun. Get emotionol counseling if you need it. There is no stigmo
ottoched to getting help for the siress ond the onxiety depression thot
everyone experiences during the ordeol of o high-conflict divorce. chonces ore
thot she con ond will cleon out the occounts before you do. Hove your spouse's
nome removed from olljoint credit cords for which you ore responsible, get her
spousol cords from her ond destroy them. Engoge legol counsel sooner rother
thon loter. Be prepored for the foct thot you will hove to provide o legol retoiner
of (typicolly) o minimum of $1,000 for o lowyer to begin working on your cose.
Moke sure your lowyer is on experienced fomily low speciolisi only not someone
who does port-iime. Ask him (or her) if he/she is owore of the bios of ihe fcmily
court system ogoinst fothers ond if he (we'll ossume ii's o mon from here on or o
women) is willing to fight for your rights os o porent ond not be intimidoted by
biosed court officiols. For your first meeting wiih him be prepored with o written
outline of the issues of your cose. Do not moke this o novel obout the emotions
of your moritol breokdown stick to the hord, cold focis. Go to oll meetings with
your lowyer with o written ogendo, ond with oll issues, questions, etc. spelled out
in detoil. Write down oll responses ond oction items. Be prepored io do ony
legwork for him thct you con (document seqrches, brief preporotions, etc.). Use
his time wisely. The meter is ticking oll ihe while you ore sitting in meetings with
him or consulting on the phone. And remember two things: he works for you so
be demonding; ond he will not nor shouldn't moke decisions for you .you must
moke them yourself with his guidonce. Siort ond mointoin in chronologicol order
o comprehensive ond well-orgonized file of oll documents, memos, letters,
briefings, offidovits pertinent to your cose. Your file is criticol for referring to post
ociions, issues, detoils. Toke oll relevont files wiih you for meetings with your
lowyer; ond toke the originols plus o second set of oll relevont files with you to
couri oppeoronces ond os back up in cose your lowyer does not hove the
opproprioie ones with him. Court octions. Don't even think obout going to court
without o lowyer. ln most coses, judges willjust lough ond scoff oi you " literolly "
ond tell you to get represenlolion. lf you persist in forcing them io ollow you to
represent yourself, her lowyer ond the judge will toke you oport. Consult with
ond rely on your lowyer for the timing ond the opproprioteness of court octions.
It moy be in your best interests to get to court first with o petition or motion (to be
the "petitione/'); or the other side moy move quickly ond moke you the
"respondent" to o court oction. Your lowyer should know whot stroiegies ore
best. Assist him os much os you con with written briefs for the offidovits, finonciol
stotements, etc. he will prepore on your beholf. Stort, ond mointoin, throughout
the durotion of your cose, o doily journol of oll octivities relotive to your
interoction with your spouse ond the children. Memory is o foulty foculty. Being
oble to go to your journol to find the unfiltered focts regording events thot were
written of the time of occurrence con be o crilicol osset. IEJF comment: We
would especiolly slress this point os ollegotions of domestic violence, child
obuse, or restroining orders moy follow. You will then need ihis informotion for
your defense.l Micromanoge your money. Legol fees ond, inevitobly, support
poyments will be mojor finonciol hurdles you will hove to deol with. Go on on
ousterity budget. When you finolly physicolly seporote, you should be owore
thot you moy be primorily responsible for finoncing two households. Siort o wor
chesi of ony ond oll money you con squirrel owoy. Line up resources for
borrowing becouse, eventuolly, you ore going to hove to solicit loons.Be
- the
prepored for 'equolizotion of fomily ossets.'This meons thot, even though
your spouse moy not hove worked outside the house o doy in her life (her
porenting ond housekeeping ore her contribution to the morrioge), in generol,
she is due 50% of oll the ossets occumuloted during the morrioge. Thot is, in
generol: she geis holf the proceeds of the sole of fhe house ond properties, holf
the sovings, holf the invesiments, holf the fomily tiquid ossets, holf your
employment pension, holf the volue of oll vehicles ond holf the furnishings, efc.
of the home occumuloted during the morrioge. lf she works, oll her ossets
including pensions she moy hove occumuloted -
should be included in the
division of cssets. A note obout ihe seporotion dote: Ihis is o criticol dote for
figuring out ihe equolizotion of ossets. ln generol, you both keep whotever
ossets you brought to the morrioge. However, oll ossets occumuloted between
from the "dote of morrioge" until the "seporotion dote" ore split 50/50. The
seporotion dote is typicolly the dote thot one of you leoves the motrimoniol
home. The stotus of thot dote moy chonge if the one who left reiurns for ony
omount of time. A seporoiion dote moy be estoblished while you ore still
together. Usuolly, it's the dote thot you stop sleeping iogether in the some room,
but moy require the odded proviso thot you hove stopped doing things
together os o fomily. Be prepored io not get ony form of cusiody of your
children. ln generol, of ihe present time, if you go to court in dispute over
custody of the children soy you wont joint cusiody ond she wonts sole
custody the biosed judges in the fomily low system will rule thot: "since you two
ore in dispute over the cusiody crrcngement, joint custody will noi work.
Therefore'in fhe best interests of the children,'the primory coretoker of lhe
children (guess who?) will hove sole custody of the children." ln generol, the only
woy you will ever get joint custody is if she ogrees to it; the only woy you will ever
get sole custody is if she does nof wont custody of oll or you con prove thot she
is completely unfit ond incompetent to be the custodiol porent (ond you will
hove to hove comprehensive ond incontrovertible evidence). There ore coses
of enlightened judges gronting joint custody when there is o dispute, however, it
is o very rore exception. Be prepored io poy child suppori. Becouse you will not
get joint custody of your children in o contested cose, you will outomoticolly be
ordered io poy full child support for oll children of ihe morrioge, common-low
relotionship (or proven poternity situotion). The support order in Conodo is bosed
solely on your gross income and the number of your children relotive to tobles
provided by the government. And it will be enforced by the enforcement
bronch of your provinciol governmenl if you defoult on poyments. Once the
order is registered, the support omount will be outomoticolly collected from you
by o government ogency ond poid to your ex unless you both ogree to opt
oui of the plon ond moke orrongements for you to poy her directly. You moy
olso be lioble for o percenfoge of child core expenses, bosed on the inequity of
your solories, if your ex is goinfully employed. And you ore lioble for their
"reosonoble" extro expenses, i.e.: medicol, dentol, schooling, sports octivifies,
etc. Be prepored to poy spousol support. lf your wife is o homemoker, you will
be required to poy "spousol support" until such time os she con become
goinfully employed. Some judges put o time frome to spousol support
the wife o period of one yeor, etc. to find/return to work. ln some coses, where
the wife hos never worked ond is of home with smoll children, you moy be lioble
for spousol support for quite some time. lf your wife is o port-time employee or
"under-employed" you moy be required to provide on equolizing omount of
support relotive to your income ond hers. The foct thot women, typicolly, moke
less money thon men meons there moy be on equolizotion of income by woy of
spousol support. There ore no tobles for spousol support. The lowyers ond the
judge will work out on omouni ond you will be ordered to poy it. Poy your
support orders when humonly possible. You hove on obligotion to finonciolly
support your children even if you believe the order for support wos unreosonobly
orrived ot. lf you do not poy your support, the money will be gornisheed from
your woges of source ond your sovings, investments, etc. will be seized. You will
get yourself into very serious finonciol stroits if you let the ordered omounts
occumulote over the yeors. And you will be hounded forever by the
enforcement office. lf your income declines, go bock to court ond peiition for o
reduction in support. Bui poy the support os ordered until you get the omount
reduced. Do not withhold child support if your spouse is interfering with your time
with the children. The courts treot child support ond occess os two compleiely
seporote issues. And they ore. lf you withhold child support, you ore engoging in
the some dirty toctics thot she is. And ihe children ore ihe ones who suffer. And
you look like the bod guy. And you con't offord to look like the bod guy, given
the existing bios ogoinst you os o fother.Be prepored to fight for'occess'with
your children. When you don'i get custody siotus with your children, you will be
required to petition for regulor visiiotion or occess time with your children. The
terms "occess" ond "visitotion" ore demeoning to non-custodiol porents ("fomily
time with the children," olthough long, would be o better term.), however they
ore the terms used in the fomily courts. Depending on your circumsfonces:job
responsibilities, other personol obligotions, etc. you will figure oui how much time
you wish to hove with your children. lt moy be severol weekday evenings ond
one of ihe weekend doys with overnights, etc. Whotever your peiition, be
prepored for the mojority of judges in the fomily couri system to rule in fovour of
the mother's suggestions for your time with the children, invoriobly much less
time thon you wont. Typicolly, rulings ore for the fother to hove the children
every second weekend. Every other weekend is not neorly enough time to
mointoin the bonds you hcve developed with your children, but you will hove to
make the best of o bod deol. lf ihe mother does not wont you to hove
overnight visitotion, you con be sure, in generol, thot you won't get it. Once you
hove on order for occess in ploce, you con be sure thot the mother's control
freok noture will surfoce ond she will find oll kinds of excuses to withhold the
children from you on o regulor bosis. And, even though she moy be in contempt
of o court order, don't woste your money toking her to court. A judge will olmost
never penolize her in ony meoningful woy for her octions, except, moybe, io
lecture her (is onyone going to fine or throw o mother of children into joil?).
Keep o record of oll the withheld occess visits ond hove your lowyer lodge
officiol protests thot moy be used, cumulotively os proof of her contempt ot
loter court oppeoronces. lf you hove been cut off from seeing your children
becouse of molicious ond folse. ollegotions of cbuse: Toke ihe unusuol step of
petitioning for "supervised occess" of o centre provided by your locol or
provinciol government. There would hove lo be tremendous extenucting
circumsfonces for o judge io deny this kind of petition. Even though the
circumstonce of spending time with your children under supervision will be
sfressful ond humilioting, ii will ensure thoi you hove regulor contoct wiih them.
And, in the meontime, you con pursue hoving o "fomily ossessment" by on
oppropriote professionol to disprove the ollegotions. Molicious ond folse
ollegotions of child sexual obuse hove become on insidious phenomenon in
fomily low. A 1998 report by ihe Cttowo Ontorio Children's Aid Society reveoled
ihot, of 900 coses of ollegotions of child sexuol obuse linked to motrimoniol
disputes, 600 of them were proved to be completely groundless. Meonwhile the
victims of this devostoting wecpon fothers fighting for meoningful relotionships
with their children) ore required to prove their innocence. The custody/occess
issue grinds to o holt os the children's Aid, the police cnd psychiotric
professionols involve themselves in on olreody crowded process. Access
between the foiher ond his children is severely curtoiled or terminoted ond the
emotionol ond finonciol cosis of on olreody poinful process escolote. The
perpetrotor of ihis gross injustice (the mother, usuolly by prompting the children)
foces no recriminotion or penolty for her cctions. And the relotionship between
the fother ond his children is severely stroined or, oll too often, irreversibly
domoged. Fomily ossessments hove become o growth industry. With oll the
molicious ollegctions flying, courts rouiinely order "fomily ossessmenis" to be
conducted by socicl workers ond psychologists who hove trcined cs experts in
this oreo of the fomily low industry. They interview oll relevont porties ond then
come bock with findings ond recommendotions thol ore usuolly occepted by
the judge who ordered it. These professionols hove to be poid; ond guess who
usuolly gets stuck with thot bill? Ofien when o fcmily ossessment hos been
ordered, you of leosi get to suggest o condidote for the job. Moke sure you
propose someone who is of leosi importiol obout, if not outright sympotheiic io,
fcthers'issues. And leon on your lowyer to be forthright in the decision-moking
for the ossessor. Foce the foct thot you moy hove to endure o very long period
of frustrotions ond disoppointments. The processes of ihe court system ore slow
enough ond frustroting enough on their own. Then there ore the lowyers. ln
collusion with their intronsigent clients, they ore mosters of deloying ond
frustroting court octions. They conveniently ond consistently "miss phone colls,"
ignore messoges, "miscommunicote" ond "misunderstond;" disoppeor on
holidoys; osk for continuonces (deloys in proceedings), oll with ihe intention of
frustroting you from getiing court octions completed thot they moy feel ore not
in their client's interest. And ihe judges: it is so unnerving io go before o judge, os
o toxpoyer, sound citizen ond devoted fother ond to be regorded by this "god
in his kingdom" os c second-closs (ot besi) citizen, o wonnobe porent ond o
bottomless pit of finonciol resources. And, on the oiher hond, treoting your wife
os the only trustworthy, sone, long-suffering puriion in view. Poiience ond
persistence is the only thing thot will get you through, guys. Potience ond
persistence. Mointoin lines of communicotion with your children. Listen to them.
Let them express their feors ond concerns ond hurts. Reossure them, os much os
you con. Prepore for your time with them. Line up octivities: bowling, o movie,
etc.; hove the fridge stocked with their fovorite meols ifrom lists you con hove
them prepore). Don't just let them plunk down in front of the TV ond order in fost
food (clthough thot's whot they moy demond). Get them outside porticipoting
in sports ond physicol octivities, wolking by o loke or streom, visiiing fovorite
relotives (don't forget Grommo ond Grondpol). Avoid shopping even grocery
shopping with them. Your finonces will be stroined ond you don't need the
- will bring to beor on you to buy them "things." lnsteod, listen ond
pressure they
wotch for o speciol item they moy be yeorning for ond, where procticol, buy it
for them os o surprise gift. Moke sure you buy something for eoch child, though.
Do not trosh tolk your ex in front of the children. Even if you ore owore thot she
puts you down in their presence. The children love you both equolly ond your
criticisms of one onoiher will only confuse them ond stress them even more ihon
they olreody ore. ln the long run, it is counterproductive for either porent to put
down the other. Eveniuolly ond it moy be o long woy down the rood the
children will see through the criticisms ond lies ond will turn ogoinst the -
trosh-tolking porent. And never orgue obout ospects of the cose or ony other
issue in froni of them. This willjust moke them more onxious ond ongry obout
their new froctured life situotion. Keep in touch with your children through ony
chonnel possible when you see them very little or not of oll. Write to them, send
them cords ond little gifts, telephone them, send them emoils, hove o toll-free
telephone number they con use to coll you. Keep a record/copies of the things
you send if you suspect your ex is intercepting your correspondences ond the
children ore not getting them. Somewhere down the rood, you con show your
child proof of your efforts io keep in touch. And they ore going to know thot it
wosn't your lock of interest in being port of their lives, but their mom's
interference. Throughout the ordeol of the divorce process, rely on your spirituol
poth be it Christion, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist to help you gei through.
- -
Attend your church, synogogue, temple on o regulor bosis. Find some quiet time
for reflection ond meditotion, to drop right out of your ordeol ond renew your
soul ond spirii. Don't be too proud, os o mon, to rely on your friends ond fomily
for emotionol suppori. Don't think thot you hove to corry the often
overwhelming burden of the injuslices ond the stresses of your cose by yourself.
Your friends ond fomily, who love you, will usuolly be there to shore the weight of
the ordeol. Worning: reolize thot, even though your fomily cnd friends con lend
o sympothetic eor, they con olso get overwhelmed by your cose if you go on
obout it too much. Don't be o broken record; use their sympothy wisely. And let
your friends periodicolly entertoin ond distroct you to help you relieve yourself of
the seriousness of your circumsionces. Help others in similor circumstonces ond
join the fighl for Fothers' Rights. Be generous with your time ond odvice with
fellow victims of the shom of so-colled "fomily" low. Write letters to newspopers,
your elected represeniotives, the governing bodies for judges ond lowyers. Join
o foiher's rights orgonizotion ond picket ond protest the inequities in court
decisions. lt will toke serious ond concerled efforts by oll of us to bring obout the
chonges thoi ore needed in the true opplicotion of the principles of fcmily
low.Get regulcr exercise ond eot well. Try to jog or porticipote in sports on c
regulor bosis. Avoid ihe greose ond solt ond sugcr of fost food. Toke the time
ond core to feed yourself nutriiious ond heolthy foods. lt beors repeoting here:
eot lots of fresh fruit ond vegeiobles; hove good omounis of whole groin breods
ond cereols; eot lecn cuts of red meot, poultry ond fish. Moke sure you go for
your yeorly physicol.Get yourself o pei. Especiolly o dog. There's nothing like the
unconditionol love ond offection of o foithful pet when you relurn home from
work of the end of on exhousting doy. Thot wogging toil, offectionote goze ond
totol lock of ottitude con do wonders for you. And the wolk it will demond every
night will be good for your mind ond body too.Be eosy on yourself. You ore
going to feel like o foilure: o foilure in morrioge, o foilure to your children, o
finonciol foilure. Accept responsibility for the role you ployed in the debocle, but
don't beot yourself up over it. About the perceived foilure of your reloiionship
with your wife: reolize ihot "incompotibility is like roin: it jusi hoppens." Reolize
ihot your children need your emotionol support, so give yourself o breok: be
eosy-going ond offectionote with them. Reolize thoi you wolked into o finonciol
minefield when you entered the domqin of fomily low. Unless you storted off
filthy rich, you ore going to toke o finonciol pounding, ond it oin't your foult. Try
to not let it stress you out.Lost point: Women ore not the enemy. Just beccuse
your wife turned out io be your worst nightmore; ond just becouse fomily low is
completely biosed in fovour of mothers ond moihers from Hell; don't gei down
on lhe "foirer sex." Fomily low hos swung to the extreme ihot the consistent
lobbying effortsof feminist orgonizotions ond becouse of the overi octions of '
feminist-sympothizing politicions. However, your mother, your sister, your femole
friends, your new portner ore oll os oppolled os you ore of the injustice of it oll.
And they stond by to help ond support ond nurture you in your fight for foirness
for you ond your children. o husbend wos givin 20 yeors in joil becuse of the rop
shield low form his soon io be ex-wife thot os o history of mokeing foles report of
rop on him only to drop ii doy's or week's loter .,l6 teen more yeor's thon the
mox's of 4 yeor's .becuse of this low his lowyer wos not preminted to qwestin
his ex-wife ond ihe do ond ihe judge where up of reelection . these
controversiol obuse,Child Support,divorce, ond domesiic violence ,child obuse
low's hove resulted in severol notorious exomples of unintended consequences
including: A veteron of the first Gulf Wor who spent neorly five months os on
lroqi p.o.w. wos orrested the night ofter his releose for noi poying child support
while he wos o hostoge. A Texos mon wrongly occused in of murder spent
yeors in prison sued the stote for wrongful imprisonment ond there respon
wos with o bill for neorly $50,000 in child support thot hod noi been poid while
he wrongly in prison. A Virginio mon required to poy bock child support for o
child DNA tests proved thot he wos nof the fother. Morilyn Roy Smith, the
Chief Legol Counsel for the Mossochusetis Deportment of Revenue, Child
Support Enforcement Division mode ihis testimony before the US House of
Representotives ln September 1999 "As you know, under the Brodley
Amendment enocted by The U.S. Congress in I g86, o child support obligotion
becomes o judgment by operotion of low os of the dote thot thot it is due ond
unpoid. ln oddition, under Section 368 of PRWORA (42 U.S.C. 666 (o) (a)), on
odministrative lien olso orises by operotion of low ogoinst ony unpcid child
support. lt is therefore not necessory to return to court ofter eoch poyment is
missed to get post-due support reduced to o judgment in order to obtoin o lien
or enforce o judgment. This meons ihot o child support agency con move
quickly to seize income ond ossets of o delinquent noncustodiol poreni without
first possing through o judiciol or quosi-judiciol heoring process.The l986 Brodley
Amendment io Title lV-D forbids ony reduction of orreoroge or reirooctive
reduction for ony reoson, ever. This reinforces the opprooch thot inobility to poy
is no excuse.even if you cre ln o como ,A coptive of Soddom Hussein during the
first Gulf Wor,ln joil ond Medicolly incopocitoted ,Lost their job bui were
confident of onother so did nothing until ii wos too lote ,Did not know they could
not osk for retrooctive odjustments ond woited too long ond even if you Connot
offord o lowyer to seek odjustment when odjustment wos worronted, Wouldn't
use the legol system even if they could, feeling it olien from their world, so don't
osk for o reduction when the legol estoblishment expects them to. Needless to
soy, there ore endless siories of men who ore now crushed by o debt ihey will
never be oble to poy .Some soy this meosure is o violotion of due process ond
cruel ond unusuol os if removes the use of humon discretion from deoling with
individuol coses, not to mention removing humon compcssion. But
non-custodiol fothers do not hove fhe money to fight o constitutionol
cose."Almost never is the odulteress women whose behovior produced these
children held to occount. ln foci, they ore usuolly generously reworded. Nor ore
the one's who impregnote them likely to ever be foced with penolties for their
fornicotion. ln foci, he like her moy be finonciolly reworded by the courts os well.
While it is unusuol for the court to order the ex- husbond to poy child support
direcily to the biologicol fother, os in the Richordson cose, it is quiie common for
the wife's boyfriend to move into the fomily home with her ofter she geis o
restroining order ogoinst her suen io be ex- husbond. The two vultures then live
lorgely off the child support the court orders the former husbond to poy his
ex-wife. ln todoy's world the you ond your new wife moy olso be required to
poy the mortgoge or rent on his former wife's home cs well. All in "the best
interests of the child" he hos int see in week's or sum time's yeor's of course.4O%
of the hundreds of morried men ihot find evidence their wives ore hoving on
offoir. These men ore folsely chorged with domestic violence or obuse, ond
suffer the crushing weight of being driven from their homes ond children by
restroining orders thoi ore honded out by judges like condy. As o result of these
frequently folse ollegoiions, women ore given the house, the kids, the cor, the
bonk occount, very generous child support, cnd sometimes olimony os o
reword for their odultery. And when DNA poterniiy tests prove he isn't the fother,
ihe child suppori doesn't stop of oll.the importont contribution to our
understonding of divorce reloted hostilities As noted in the exomples the dr.phil
show provided in the beginning .the serious ottocks on divorcing men toke
ploce which ore beyond merely monipuloting the children, court's ond these
octions include o willingness by some women to violote the low by persistently
engoge in molicious behoviors designed to olienote their husdend out of there
life despite being unoble to successfully couse olienoiion becouse ihe
husbend wonts to work on the morroge .she will engoge in lieing ,offoir's "in
some coses with women " ond frequntly moke folse ollegotions of oduse to
hove the courts to give thom the house, the kids, the cor, the bonk occouni,
very generous child support, ond mosi times doesn't stop her form
useing her odultery to folsely chorge you with domestic violenc cose in ponit
the dr.phil show . evidence ihoi endless "crockdowns" on evicted men serve ony
purpose other thon enriching those in the domestic violence ond divorce
business . despite the more octive role mony fcthers toke in their children's
lives ond men in there morroges .todoy ore less likely to obtoin cusiody if they
contest it in court todoys society's messoge to divorced fothers is thot the only
thing required of them is money.. A US Government Accounting Office survey of
custodiol mothers who were not receiving the support they were owed found
thot two-thirds of ihose fothers who do not poy their child suppori foil to do so
becouse they ore indigent ond According to the lorgest funded study of
divorce ever conducted, unemployment, not willful neglect, is the lorgest couse
of foilure to poy child support ond olimony by ex-husbend/foihers. US. Office
of Child Support Enforcement doto shows thot two-thirds of those who owe child
support notionwide eorned less thcn $10,000 in the previous yeor thot owed
support is 2 to 3 times more. ln Jefferson County, Keniucky Attorney lrv Moze
recently published the nomes ond oddresses of olleged "deodbeot
porents" in the August 26,2A05 Louisville Courier-Journol. The move hos drown
proise notionolly However, most of the porents on Moze's humilioting list ore not
those who won't poy, but insteodond the humilioiing list is helping there
office locote debtors those who con't poy ond not ihe thoi will noi poy ond con
.less thon 1% of non-custodiol porents who suffer substoniiol income drops ore
oble to gel courts to reduce their child support poyments.ln such coses, the
omounts owed mouni quickly, os do interest ond penoliies. current liste of the
so-coll "deodbeots" ore of low income thot is typicol of the child support lisis
put out by most stotes .The driving force behind child support orreoroges is not
bod porents, but insteod rigid child support systems which ore mulishly
impervious to the economic reolities noncustodiol porents foce, such os loyoffs,
woge cuts, ond work-reloted injuries the list is topped by o loborer, o cornivol
hired hond, ond o construction worker, who collectively someho\M "o\ /e" over o
quorter million dollors in child support .not the deodbeots who ore well poyed
businessmen, lowyers,md's ond occountonts but thot of these men who do low
woge ond seosonol work, ond owe lorge sums of money which most could
never hope to poy off ond don't poy their child support do so becouse they
ore indigent.ln Jefferson County, Kentucky Attorney lrv Moze recently
published ihe nomes ond oddresses of olleged "deodbeoi porents" in the
August 26,2005 Louisville Courier-Journol. The move hos drown proise
notionolly However, most of the porents on Moze's humilioting list ore not those
who won't poy, but insteodond the humilioiing list is helping there office
locole debiors who con't poy ond not the thot will not poy ond con .less thon
1% of non-custodiol porents who suffer substontiol income drops ore oble to
get courts to reduce their child support poyments.ln such coses, ihe omounts
owed mount quickly, os do interest ond penolties. current liste of the so-coll
"deodbeots" ore of low income thot is typicol of the child support lists put out
by most stotes .The driving force behind child support orreoroges is not bod
porenfs, but insteod rigid child support lews which ore mulishly impervious to the
economic reoliiies foceing ex-husbend/fother foce os being loyoffs, woge
cuts, ond work-reloted injuries ond compones closeing its doors . the list is
topped by o loborer, o cornivol hired hond, ond c construction worker, who
colleclively someho\ / "owe" over o quorter million dollors in child support ore
colled "deodbeot dods" .not ihe deodbeots who ore well poyed businessmen,
lowyers,md's ond occountonts but thot of these men who do low woge ond
seosonol work, ond owe lorge sums of money which could never poy off in
more thon one life time ond don't poy their child support becouse they ore
indigeni oui of work or homeless becouse of the divorce.the wife/mother files for
the divorce ond move ihe fother/husbend out the house ond move in the new
boy/gitl friend in ond coll him on obuser.this is the some toctic the the
ultroconservotive religius right ond fhe conservofive feminist oggressive
determinotion in the domestic violience,divorce ond child qduse (oll types) ond
famili courts to fight o unconstiiutionol cose of the fothers/ex-husdend .the
pre-determined out come of these coses is guting the constitution of the united
-states .The low ond these coses ore opplied in cn ex posf focfo monner.ihe ex
-post-focto monner thot men ore being mode homeless in the pre-determined
court coses is out of control it must ihe time they could osk for
retroociive odjustments or Con offord o lowyer to seek odjustmeni iis to lote to
do so.The ex-wife/motherlive's high on the hog with ihe new lesbion lover in the
house ihe ex-husbend/fother buys before the morroge thot she now lives
in.Todoy in o new millennium women ore looked of os the victim of crime ond
not the oggressor.Society overlooked the possibility of femole seriol killers.One in
six seriol killers ore women. Femole seriol killers tend to torget both sex's ond ore
not gender specific in commiting their crimes. They derive their excitement for
killing from the sense of power it gives them. Most killings toke ploce in locotions
within the some city or stote os the person commiting the crimes, hoving long
undetected spree's. Femole seriol killers ore more quiet ond less likly to be
considered suspects. Todoy for ihe most port femole crime go under
reported.They look, ocl, ond sound normol . They ore psychopoths ond not
insone.Femole seriol killers ore divided into nine cotegories: block widows,
ongels of deoth, sexuol predoiors, revenge killers, profit killers, teom killers, killers
whose sonity is in question, killers whose motives defy explonotion, ond unsolved
crimes.Posi obuse, struggles with depression, feelings of onxiety moy oll
contribute to femole crimes ond violence. Like in civil low there ore the
constitutionol right you hove but in criminol ond fomily court your "righi's" doesn't
meon much .ln the eye's of the domestic violence ond fomily court's you ore
the perpetrotor.Once ongin the eliminotion of ore right's hurt's the innocent ond
sets the guilty free.Feminism become o new type of Mofio, protecting women
who bottered both men ond women becouse they ore women. Forgetting the
rights of women victimized by other women, os well os men ond children
viciimized by women is not looked oi.When we foil to believe reports of obuse
by men we put in jeopordize the innocent people in ore community. ls not the
"the sysiem's" foult thoi you ore guilty until pr oven innocent .These elecled

wqnl lo loke wqv riohl's lo l. You hove lhe righl lo receive

nolice of chqrqes in q limelv foshion.2. You hove lhe rishl lo be
presumed innocenl unlil proven guillv.3. You hove lhe righl to
be one. il is unlqwful
lor the police or onv governmenl officiol lo enler vour home,
seorch, or seize vour properfu.4. You hqve lhe righl to be
o wqrronl for vour orresl unless lhe
ocluollv sow vou commil o crime or hove proboble couse lo
believe vou hqve commitied o felonv bosed on lheir personol
invesliqqlion ol lhe scene.S. You hqve lhe rishl lo o wril of
hqbeqs corpus if vou ore orresled ond imprisoned.6. You hqve
lhe righl lo remoin silenl ond speok wilh qn oflornev before
moki ou hove the riohl lo
confronl vour occuser qnd lo cross-exomine wilnesses oqoinsf
vou.8. You hove lhe righl lo refuse lo qnswer questions lhol
mishl incriminole vou.9. You hove lhe rishl lo q lrqnscripl of qll
prgceedings heqrings ond lriols lhough vou will hove to order

ond pqv for lhem.l0. You hqve lhe riqhl lo oppeol qnv findinqs
of o lower courl.lI. You hove lhe righl lo subpoeno wilnesses
qnd onv documents or olher evidence lhol mov support vour
posilion or conlrodicl evidence presenled qgoinsl vou.l2. You
hove q riqhl lo q lriol bv iurv in oll criminol motlers qnd in civil
coses wh rtiql
iurv of vour peers.l3. You hove lhe riqhl lo lhe prolection qnd
provisions of lhe Conslilulion of lhe Uniled Sloles ond lhe Stole
Consfilulion.l4. You hove lhe riqhl lo proleclions expresslv
creoted in slolule ond cqse low precedenl.l5. You hqve lhe
righl lo equol proleclion of lhe low reqordless of rqce creed
color relioion ethnic oriqin oge hondicops orsex.16. You
hove lhe righl lo o remedv bv recourse lo lhe lows for oll
iniuries or wrongs lhol vou mov receive in vour person,

wilh lhe lqws.These unelected group's think thot these right's ore for women
only.Thot's Heterosexuol Christion women only hove these right's thoi ore in the
constitution ond if you ore o lesbion,bi or o mon you hove no right to ihe group's
in question .lf you ore not of Jewish decent or christion you ore o cult so C.P.S.
will be coll ond they will toke your children from you.This is mid evil ihink o live
ond well in the new millennium.These group's don't wont you to know ihoi
counseling cost less thon using toxpoyer money to keep o men in prison. To soy
nothing of the onxiety o womon feels when her innocent husbond is in joil .The
best we con do is to know thot bottering decreoses os listening increoses. lt is
cheoper to empower thon it is to imprison.These group's ore no different then
Anihony Comstock. who '136 yeor o go hod whot is know os the comstock qct
possed " thot's 1873" .The onti-obuse group's ore not helping to siop obuse but
ore hurfing the reol obuse victim's. The onii-mole feminist thinking is ihot only
men ore perpetrotors of obuse ond ossoult the thinking thot obuse is ihe some
for men ond women. ln the dr.phil show i tolk oboui this women o wife/mother
wos humilioting her husbend publicly ond privotely .She wos withholding
informotion from her husbend ond deliberotely doing thing's to moke him feel
emborrossed by her octson with her friends ond co-worker's ond fomily of iime's
this is obuse bui becouse it's her in there thinking its not{ourth of the
men killed in the united stote hove not used violence towords their homicidol
wife,girlfriend or lover. Men hove been shot, stobbed, beoten with objects, ond
been subjected to verbol ossoults ond humiliotions be for there violence
deoth's.lf they do flee iheir ottockers find thot the oct of fleeing results in them
losing physicol ond even legol custody of their children ond worst if they flee
with there kid's they ore orrested for kidnopping.Those men who stoy ore
thought to be the"perps" ond believed they ore the irue obusers in the home
not the women.This thinking is in religion to thot morol extremist depiction non
jewish or christion religions ore cult's like whot's hopping in texos with the
F.L.D.S.Thot 97% child obuse coses ore "unsubstontioted" estimotes thot more
thon 90% of folse ollegotions ore filed by women ogoinst men or the susen to be
overoqe of S157,000 is poid q yeors by
lhe federol qovernmenl for eoch child loken inlo custodv bv
cps.l.lll children die eoch veor qs q resull of child obuse
which occur qfler cps lqkes cuslodv.Thois 90 to 9s% of ott chitd obuse
coses ore foles ond cps toke the child or children in io custody 95% of the time.ln
oll of these coses the men is the criminol ond the women the victim.ln ihe cose
where the wife die's her husbend con exspect her mother ond fother to sue for
cutody of the kid or children . lf ihe husbend die's first no one soy's o word obout
the kid's custody .lf o women flees with the children she fleeing ABUSE by her
husbend/boyfriend becuse oll she hos to soy is "l'AM BEING ABUSE"ond the
husbend/boyfriend is now looked of os o criminol .The runing is joke:Ex-wife: I
made my husband a millionaire.Friend: What was he before?Ex-wife: A
The spouse of sn alcoholic.Appointed Counsel: A risht avuilable for DUL
but not for false ullegations of Mom and her new bovfriend that vou
sexuallv molested ftheirl vour grown children.Attornevs Fees: Large sums
of monev qwarcled to Momls attornev. See ttermst and tcriminal contempt
fines.'Best Interests of the Child: Whut Mom and her new bovfriend want
todav.Child Abuse: Visitstion bv Dad.Child Support: See
Visitution.Commissioner/Msgistrate: Like u i udge, onlv
different.Contemnt: The onlv ressonable resction to all of this.Criminal
Contempt Fines: See Attornevs Fees.Cross Examination: A right
uvailuble in smsll claims court but not in fumilv court.Dad: See definition
of Father.Dike or Dvke: An earthen structure located in the
Netherlqnds.Domestic Violence: The qccusqtion thut Mom will make
a.gainst Dad shortlv after she shoots him, steuls the car, bulldozes his half
of the house, steals the creclit cards, druins the checking und savings
occounts, hus the dog put to sleep, drowns the gerbils, kidnans the kids
qnd moves in with her 400 oound Somoun bovfriend.Druggie: The spouse
of a nerson with a drug problem.Due Process of Law: fReservedlEx
Parte: See Familv Court.Familv Court: Where Mom's uttornev goes to
make phonev slleeations asainst Dad in violstion of his professional
resoonsibilities snd then sends vou the bill.Fqther: Mom's current
bovfriend.Harassment: When Dad calls Mom on the nhone to srrange a
pickup time.Insanitv: See Ex Parte, Show Cause, & Familv Court
Attornev Rules of Professional Conduct [Reservedl.Joint Custodv: Everv
other weekend and six weeks in the summer. Kidnupning: See
'Visitation.'Live Testimonv: A right avuilable in smull cluims court but
not in familv court.Natural Custodial Parent: A woman working eightv
hours a week st high-priced law firm, who can ufford a divorce attornev
and dav care.Pro Bono: Legal services performed bv Dad's attornev.Pro
T e m C o mmi s s i o n er : S e e C o mmi s s i o n e r/M ag i s tr ste. S up erv i s e d Vi s itcrtio n :
After Mom lesves, Dad hires someone to watch him wutch the
babv.Sexusl Abuse: Bsths und diaper chunges when performed bv
Dad.Show Cause: A procedure where Dad snd his uttornev appeur, but
are not allowed to answer false sllegations bv Mom and her lstest
bovfriend.Tender Yesrs Doctrine: Under this doctrine, Mom and her
attornev sre permitted to behsve as if thev were still of tender
vears.Terms: See Attornevs Fees.Transcript: A written record of doubtful
value preserved in civil and criminql matters, but not in familv court
where custodv and visitstion are interrupted and Duds are separated from
their kids.Trial bv Affidsvit: A procedure under which the court suss the
parties and sll witnesses with relevant knowledge and then permits
attornevs to testifv falselv und in violation of their professional duties as
to mstters not contained in the affiduvits. [See Fumilv Court, Ex Parte,
Show Cause qnd Commissioner.l/Trial bv Combst or Ordeal: A primitive
form of adiudicstion used in esrlv times. [See Familv Courtl/Trial bv
Waeer of Law: A primitive form of sdiudicution used in earlv times. [See
Familv Courtl/Visitution: See Child Support.

chopler 3
yeor will go down in history.For the first time o civilized notion hos full gun
" this
registrotion .Our sireets will be sofer,our police more efficient ond the world will
follow our leod into the future"


Todoy the extremist in the U.S. don't use weopon's of wor but money to push
there extrem thinking on oll of us.ANT- polygomy, onti-some-sex morroge ,onti-
goy right's .These people with there zero toleronce view of the world .Judeo-
Christian society has the Commandments:Thot we most live os one men ond one
women in o morroge or fomily in there extrem view .disfrict ottorneys who ignor
the rule of low like the d.o. in the CHINDY SOMMER ond DARLIE LYNNN ROUTIER
.ln the first cose of miss .sommer's o militory wife whese convicted of murder
whon no crime wos cumited.Miss routier's wos put on deoth row whon the court
ond the police's mode more thon 33.000 mstokes in her cose .ln this cose the
d.o. lie by soying thot the crime scene whos stoged .The focts ore thot low
enforcement ,ems ond on out side invostogoter moved items in ihe house ond o
hoir thoi they sod whos thot of mis.routiers whos in foct thot of o femole officers
.How ore we to trust low enforcement ,district ottorneys ond the justice system to
follow the low whon people ore worngy convicted .sommer's wos convicted
for whot hos been colled "conduct unbecoming o widow".The ovezeolous
prosecuior in the cose .Like thot of sTAcY BUTLER,STEPHANtE cRowE,AUctA
WADE ond DALE AKIKI oll hoppined in son diego, colifornio.MlSS.ROUTER'S cose is
form texos l.Thot's right texos the ploce of the flds couri cose.As John Adoms soid
when he wos representing the British soldiers occused of murder following the
"Boston Mossocre "focts ore siubborn things.They con't be chonged.They con't
be distorted,no motter how vigorous the effori like thot of miss.sommer's ond
miss,router's.Eoch of these ore ore exomples of justice gone owry.Distirict
Aitorney's "deny,deny,deny" in effort io obfuscote,deflect,distroct ond ovoid the
truth of oll costs.Any prosecuter con convict the guilty but it toke s reol skill to do
it to on innocent person. lt toke skill to convict o person of o crime when no
crime os been comited.This is the omiercon civil ond criminoljusiice system .

1 Alicia Wade was a 8- livin in San

ia. when ra
w. There h ultiple ather cases in the
b sex offender Carder.
tlls and the many similarities between thase cases and Aticia's, ihe
ornev's office. in the person of DDA Jane Via. souaht a
Drstnct Attornev's
attained the removal of Alicia from her father. James
Wade. Mr. Wade was a twentv :tear chief in the Navv with no criminal
Alicia th ver a vear of hothe
athleen 'riend.
desr, force her to incri inate her f,
After than a fo rnsr'sf the stra
ibed in her. the
t=eQhniQuQs used by the therapy eventuallv led her to incriminate her
father in late June 1990. Because Mr. wade's wife, Denise, knew he
and lovi and re believe
her husba S had re ia from r
se Wade' stati, '-ailure to beli tion
ade her as a mother. B fhr's case
att n Dece James W,
sted and with the ra da
t 'orts of a fine attornev - McGlinn -
would stains be fr Alicia's clothi senf for DNA
fesfr, Ihe fesfs e that Jim Wi NOT have
and EX im.After
vears Superior Court Judqe Frederic Link dismissed the case. He
also went one step further, making a rare factual findinq of innocence
and orderinq Jim Wade's arrest record destroyed. Alicia could qo
home.Even after the dismissal, the D.A.'s office assefted the
proprietv of their conduct. Via continued to assert that thouqh she
knew about the Carder prosecution (she had prosecuted them
herself) she asserted there "are no similarities
to this. it's a waste of time to even consider it." Not long later, more
accurate DNA testina confirmed that stains had a 10a% match with
the DNA of Carder.
Jurv later found Via's actions incomprehensible and recommended
that the state investiqate her for possible conflict of interest and
ethics violations and demanded chanqese to the D.A.'s practices. Via
remains employed bv the District Attornev office as a lawver.ln 1992,
James Wade filed law suits in San Dieqo Superior Couft aqainst the
government aoencies and parties that harmed his familv. Via claimed
absolute immunity. The Wades, who were bankrupted bv the
litigation and forced to leave California, ultimately received
settlements of $3.7 million. Kathleen Goodfriend surrendered her
license to practice on April 15, 1996. Via remains in the D.A.'s office.
(Counsel, who was at the time teachinq at U.S.D. law school, recalls
how quiet Ms. Via seemed when she was a student in his class.)

----2 Dale Akiki serued with his wife as

volunteer babv-sitter with the Faith Chapel church in Sprino
Vallev.California. He was mentallv handicapped and suffered from
Noonan syndrome. a rare aenetic disorder which left him with a
concave chest. club feet. droopinq evelids and ears. ln 1991 he was
arrested and charqed with 35 counts of child abuse and kidnappinq.
and held without bail for 30 months before trial.The qovernment filed
its first case aaainst Akiki on Mav 10, 1991 , in San Dieoo Superior
Court. lt followed that up with a second case aqainst Akiki on
February 20, 1992. His trial started in Sprinq of 1993. The cases
aqainst him included no phvsical evidence. but testimony that he
killed a qiraffe and an elephant in front of the children, drank human
blood in satanic rituals, and had abducted the children awav from the
church despite beinq unable to drive. The trial took 7.5 months: the
iurv acquitted him of all charqes followinq less than seven hours of
deliberation. commented about "ovezealous prosecutors". "child
sexual abuse syndrome", and "therapists. -q!.a witch=hu.nt.The San
viewed the $kiki. cases in 1994 and
ffire is no iustification further
rituat mot7stq.tian in tlLe inv-estioation
." On Au.gust 29" 1994' h" filed
o and others'The case settled
for $2 million.

,i,,r"-ou,r", t"@ ,nu,o"o *or.-""

"uouu' 'u'0"'' bv
ia iury' he was rePresented
hanqed th?orie\-and decided to
rttess and filed felontt 'murder
feilow oano mgmbers' inclq.dino
rePfegented Mr' Bradshaw't The
ffistatements to the defense that as soon.qs one
the shooter' the others w-ould be
stimonv of one Darin Revnaud
ote grou7 had attemated to rob a
ieer Hartless haPPened on and was
im?r s cr-Qdibilitv Yvas at issue in
e D. A.'s .office, but Palmer -denied
Butler" Bradshaw and others who were
sentenced to life im7risonment.
named Prosecutor of the -Year bv the
soci.ation basgd on his work"and the
ed chief depult district attornev'However'
arrested.for armed robbery himgelf and
osecute him aS a three strike offender'
the Attornev GeLeral who caused the
and orosecuted Palmer' At that point'
dom bV revealing thqt in fact he had
sfrom the D'A. durinq the Butlertrial' even
to the point of beinq allowed to have sex
mpreonate the law librarv of the
.A.'s ctajln that this was ail a defense
is wife. revealed PhotoqraPhs she
er husband naked and enqaoinq in

The five convicted defendants filed habeas corpus petitions, which

were qranted after the San Dieao Superior Coutt iudqe who presided
at the two trials, William Kennedy. found that prosecutors had
granted undisclosed favors,including a favorable plea barqain in an
unrelated case. Palmer was made "a temporarv member of the
prosecution unit in this case," Kennedy said.
Conflict of Interest
Judqe Kennedv also found that the District Attorne:l's Office had a
conflict of interest in continuinq to orosecute the case once its
inteqritv. and the adequacy of its previous internal investioation into
the conduct of its own emplovees, was questioned. The Attornev
General's Office took over, and neootiated pleas in which the five
defendants pled auiltv to voluntary manslauohter and were
sentenced to time serued.The D.A. investiqator involved was fired,
but DDA Burt, was allowed to resion from his chief deputv post and
retain a position of civil seruice protection and remained in the D.A.'s
office to this date. despite the fact that he allowed
Palmer to lie to the iury that he received no favors from the D.A.'s
office and despite the fact that he assisted Palmer in qettino the
potential third-strike charoe dismissed in 1995 after the defendant's
wife made her initial threat to oo to the media.

4 Stephanie Crowe a Twelve-vear-old who was found stabbed to

death on the floor of her bedroom in Escondido,Calif., on Jan. 21,
1998. Within weeks her 1 4-vear-old brother Michael and two teenaqe
friends were charaed with conspirinq to kill her, larqelv due to their
confessions. After confrontinq Crowe with some troublinq lie detector
evidence. lead Escondido police investiqator Ralph Clavtor told the
teen of physical evidence linkinq him to his sister's murder."lts verv
difficult for the person who did it not to oet blood on them and not
transfer that blood to other parts of the house," clavtor told crawe
durinq the videotaped interroqation. "we found blood in vour room
alreadv.""Gad." Michael responded, beqinninq to cry. "Where did vou
find it?"
Actuallv. no blood was found.Durina pretrial hearinas San Dieoo
Superior Court Judqe John M. Thompson ruled that police made
illeoal promises of leniencv to Michael, tellinq him on several
occasions that he would oet "help" if he confessed but would qo to
iail if he didn't. The confessions of the other two teens were excluded
because one suspect was denied sleep and food and the other was

read his ted a

the killino a red Michael to be in
Union Tribune, Column b:r Ruben Navarrette Jr., April 25. 2008

The cookies cuter woy ihe system works is puting the innocence in joil .The police
use intengotion's thot ore outlowed by the westen militory system ond the U.N to
gei foles confessions.Thoi most crimines ore wrong by there very noture like
murder,rop but most of ore lows ore there becuse the low sod there wrong .Like
being goy or o lesbion wos sene os being mentil ill in iill the 1920s. ?0% of the
lows on the books moke things wrong ond illegol is becuse we sod their wrong
like polygomy .The system is their to moke justice FAIR ond to proterct ore rights
but it do's torns the innocent people in to criminols .My cose in point cindy
sommer's comes to mined.The stondord of police is thot we ore oll criminol's it is
in there trioning ond thinking thot doy to doy things we dow ore sene os criminol
to them.The estoblished thinking is ihot men ore obuser's women ore the victim
ond we ore oll criminol ' is o mod dosh for these group's to suck of the breost
of billion in goverment money .So thot they con go on with their unyielding
morxist ond outhoritorion woy they wont us to live.We os omericons ore the
becon of the world to restore the fundomementol foith ond dignity thot mokes
us oll humon.The world looks to us to estoblish jusiices ond mutuol respoci for oll
so thot we oll live together in peoce ond to promotion of the intelligent
odvoncement of oll humoniiy.Children ore torn from their porents with no
justificotion by government ogents ond ore roilrooded inio joil with no
semblonce of due process of low.They find iheir heoring topes dociored, their
cose files folsified, ond themselves fromed ollwith the full knowledge of the
court system. Mothers ore ordered to divorce their husbonds or lose iheir
children. Fothers ore forced in to the street when they hove not committed o
crime. People who speok out ore look of os nuts . Fothers ore summoned to
court ond ordered to poy the infloted child suppori fees ond joiled when ihey
ore unoble to poy.The 60.000 polygomist ond o unknow number of some-sex
fomilys ore dqnined ihe some rights os oll us.The societol ond morol disopprovol
of goys, bigomy polygomy ond nudity ,pornogrphy ond ihe sexuol octs
between iwo consenting odults like ihot of prosiitution .The extermist bigotry of
the religious thot only men ond women con hove o fomily ond
morroge.Feminist thinking ihot only men,fother ond hushends con be obusers
ond use fiction os foct to poss unconstitutionol lows.The normol o every doy
things thot o fomily moy go throw ore turn in to criminol octs.But we never heor
the other sides of the stories from this system. we never heor of its mony
successes, such os when second chonces ore offered ond seized, ond o fomily is
empowered to foster peoce in its home. We never heor of the times where
dogged investigotion by both sides uncovers truth ond exoneroies one folsely
occused. And more imporiontly you never heor of the countless victims who qre
victimized by the very system built to prolect them. Husbond ond wife hove on
orgument. Moybe the wife colls the police becouse she wonts help colming her
husbond down mokes the coll ond os they question the husbond ond wife, it
comes out thot he grobbed her wrist os they orgued.he is orrested ond goes io
ioil.The wife sioys up oll night, fronticolly trying to get someone to tell her how to
siop this process. She is given informotion on shelters ond injunctions, victims
groups to oid her in his prosecution, but no one will tell her how to help her
husbend. she will not be iold how to ovoid him being ordered to hove no
conioct until the cose is over form severol months to o yeor or more.She hos o
constitutionol righi to be heord.She willl leorn thot her "right" doesn't meon o
dom thing of leost not if she wonis to help her husbend .She post o bond to get
him out of joil $2,500 in the nome of protecting the victim ond the community
ond beors no relotion to onyone's sofety of oll.Now ofter bonding the husbond
out with the fomily's rent money she's going to toke whot's left over ond gei him
o lowyer if there is ony left .Moybe the lowyer con osk ihe court to ollow the
couple to regoin contoct. Unfortunotely, it won't motier whot reolly hoppened
thot night, or how copoble she is of deciding for herself whether she needs
protection . They con stond by ond iell thot victim thot she doesn't reolly know
whot's best for her ond her fomily. She is o victim how con she possibly know
whot's best ofier whot she's been through.The sod truth is ihot there ore victims,
plenty of them, who hove been through such domestic ordeols ond ore noi in o
position to judge cleorly whot is best of the time. But these ore not the mojority of
the people coming through our domestic violence system under ihe unwelcome
heoding of "victim." Mony of these people know exoctly whot is best for them
ond their fomilies, ond yet ore revictimized by the powerlessness imposed upon
them by o system of people who soy we know betier then you do.A husbend
ond wife hove consenting sex with o women thot live with them ond help toke
core of the kids .Two weeks loter theirs o knock of the door it's o c.p.s coseworker
ond I0 low enforcement officers to toke the children becouse of the ihere
reosonoble couse to suspect obuse. KGB type investigotions siorts.
Child Protective Service investigotors will conduct investigotions of
obuse . They will involve low enforcement ogencies without your
knowledge thot on investigotion is even being conducted. They con ioke
your children ond conduct strip seorches on them, no motter whot their
oge or gender, ond you con do nothing obout it. They con kick in the
door of your home with out o worrent bosed on o "preponderonce of
suspicion" without ever giving you the chonce lo produce ony evidence
to the controry. You will lose your job ond reputotion without being
contocted by CPS. You ore guilty until proven innocent in their eyes. Even
thow oll 3 of you ore consenting odults.Child protective service oct ond ore
obove the low becouse of the Child Abuse Prevention ond Treotment Act of
l974,ln Woshingtion stote o women with two kids wos threoiind by c.p.s with
criminol chorges of wellfoir frod ond kidnoping .The d.n.o of her ond the two kids
did not moch.C.p.s colled ond sod she is pregnont with her 3rd kid ond the court
ordered o cose-worker to be of the birth ond toke d.n.o form her ond the boby
.This time they ore one ond the some .lt truns out thot you con hove two difrent
D.N.As.The full store bellow.

fhe exfreme exfro-consflfufion al powers gronfed fo US Sociol

Source: ABC lVews
Dated: 08- 15-2006
She's Her Own Twin

Two Women f)on't Match Their Kids' DNA -- ft's a Medical Mystery
Lydia Fairchild was a proud mother who faced the most unusual of
challenges. She had to fight in court to prove the children born from her
body were her own. "I knew that I carried them. and I knew that I delivered
them. There was no doubt in m), mind." Fairchild said.Fairchild's fight for
her kids began when she was 26-years-old. unemploved and applying for
public assistance in Washington state. Everyone in her family had to be
tested to prove the]' were all related.The Department of Social Services
called Fairchild and told her to come in immediately. What Fairchild
thought was a routine meeting with a social worker turned into an
interrosation. The proud mother was suddenly a criminal suspect.
There Must Be an Explanation: "As I sat down. they came up and shut
the door. and they just went back and just started drilling me with questions
like" 'Who are )rou?"' Fairchild said. The DNA test results challenged
eveqything she knew about her family. Yes. her boyfriend was the father of
the children. and. ves. they were all related, according to the DNA. except
for Fairchild. She was told she wasn't the mother.Fairchild was certain a
mistake must have been made. but she recalled a social worker sayinLto
her. "Nope. DNA is 100 percent foolproof and it doesn't lie."Fairchild was
not onl)' denied government assistance for her young children. she was now
suspected of possibl]'acting as a paid surrogate mother and committing
welfare fraud. She was in danger of having her kids taken away for good.
Fairchild said before she left. the social worker told her. "You know. we're
able to come get your kids at an)' time." Fairchild began to panic. She knew
they were her kids. So she rushed home to search for photos of her
pregnancy and found her children's birlh certificates. She told her parents.
who couldn't believe the test results."I thought she was,ioking but then she
started crying on the phone. I said'Oh. it's got to be a mistake. I was there
when the kids were born. I saw them come out. I held them in m
know,"' said Fairchild's mother. Carol Fairchild. "I almost went insane
inside. I couldn't imagine whlr if this could happen. mlz daughter is not a
liar." said Fairchild's father. Rod Fairchild.Fairchild called her obstetrician.
Dr. Leonard Dreisbach. He was there for all the births and assured Fairchild
he'd vouch for her in court."I would have told them that she certainly had
these three kids. and that the), were hers. and that I don't know what's wrong
with the DNA testing. but I know that she had the kids." Dreisbach said.But
none of that seemed to matter. because DNA tests were considered infallible
-- the gold standard in court. DNA showed that Fairchild's genetic makeup
did not match that of her children.To eliminate any chance of human error.
new DNA tests were ordered from different labs. It was an agonizinq wait.
but the results were the same: The children weren't hers.Fairchild knew then
that she was close to losing her kids. After three court hearings. she said the
judge looked at her and told her to find a law).er.
Battling in Court: It was another uphill battle in the courtrooms. Most of
the attorneys Fairchild turned to were not willing to fight DNA
evidence.Attornelz Alan Tindell finalllz agreed to take the case. but he
questioned her extensively about her connection to the children. "These
aren't )rour sister's children? These aren't )zour brother's children? You didn't
abduct these children from anyone?" Tindell said that given how adamant
Fairchild's answers were. he decided to believe her.But Fairchild and her
famil)z remained frightened. fearing a knock at the door at any moment. So
they made plans to hide the children from authorities."Getting that summons
in the mail to go to court. that thelr were trying to take my kids from me. my
stomach just went into a big old knot. I just started crying. and I called my
family. and I held m), kids and was scared." Fairchild said."I'd sit and have
dinner with my kids and just break out crying. They would just look at me
like. 'What's wrong. Mom.' They'd come get me a hug" and I couldn't explain
it to them. because I didn't understand," Fairchild explained.Fairchild was in
a tough spot. up against a government that thought she was at the verv least
a fraud. with foolproof scientific evidence weighing against her.But then
she got a break. Across the country. there was another woman with DNA
that didn't match her children's. but in this case. the doctors had cracked the
medical mlzstery.
Another Woman, Same Story =In Boston Karen Kee
chilling phone call from her doctor. It came during a very difficult time in
her life. -iust as she needed a kidney transplant.Keegan recalled what the
doctor said to her: "Mrs. Keegan. we have some unusual news to report to
you. We've never had this happen before" but your children don't match your
DNA." That revelation came after her family members had had their blood
tested for compatibilit)'."An]'child from a mom and dad should inherit
genes from both the mom and the dad. In Keegan's case, it appeared that her
two bolzs hadn't inherited any of her DNA." said Dr. Lvnne Uhl. a
pathologist and doctor of transfusion medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center in Boston. "Thelz weren't hers. So we scratched our heads
and said. 'This is realllz unusual. How can this be?"'Boston doctors asked
Keeean the same tvpe of questions that had been asked of Fairchild in
Washington Thelz asked Keegan where her two sons had come from. since
their genetic code was not the same as hers."They wanted to know the name
of the hospital where m)' children were born. They had some other thoughts.
like perhaps this was some kind of in vitro fertilization or even worse. that
this woman iust might not be completel]' telling the truth or even be
psychologicall)r unbalanced in some way." Keegan said.Keegan's doctors
investiqated the case further."It was a medical mlrstery. Certainllr there were
individuals whom we ran the storlz blz who said. 'There must be a skeleton in
the closet," Uhl said.Doctors took DNA samples from all over Keegan's
bodlz. They tested her blood. her hair and swabbed her mouth. Still nothing
matched her sons'DNA. But Keegan had another idea.Keegan told Uhl that
she'd had a thyroid nodule removed a while back.After an extensive search.
doctors found a sample of her thyroid tissue saved in a nearby lab in the
Boston area. According to Uhl. this piece of tissue was the key to solving
the medical mystery.The DNA that would match her sons' DNA could have
been an)rwhere in Keegan's body. But her thyroid was where she matched
her sons' genetic code.
The mystery was solved. In a way" Keegan was her own twin.
"In her blood. she was one person. but in other tissues. she had evidence of
being a fusion of two individuals." Uhl said.It's a rare condition called
chimerism. with only 30 documented cases worldwide. In Greek mlrthologlr.
"chimera" means a monster: part goat. part lion. part snake.In human
biology. a chimera is an organism with at least two genetically distinct tlzpes
of cells -- or. in other words. someone meant to be a twin. But while in the
mother's womb. two fertilized eggs fuse. becoming one fetus that carries
two distinct genetic codes -- two separate strands of DNA.The twin is
invisible. but for chimeras the twin lives microscopicallv inside the bod)' as
DNA.When Uhl told Keegan she was her own twin. Keegan said she was
shocked. "You wouldn't imagine that that could even be possible."
Still Fighting to Keep Children :But what did this ne
for Lydia Fairchild. the woman living across the country who'd been
fighting to keep her children?The state was still so suspicious of Fairchild
that when she gave birth to another child. a court officer stood in the
delivery room to witness an immediate DNA test."They took DNA from the
baby and myself right then and there, after birth. and it came back that there
is no way possible that bab]' is mine." Fairchild said.Even though they'd
witnessed the birth. officials believed she was acting as a surroeate" possibly
bearing a child for money.Fairchild's attorney was determined to solve the
m)zstery. That's when he came across Keegan's chimera story in the New
Eneland Journal of Medicine.
"I asked the judge to postpone the case until these tests could be done."
Tindell said.
After the tests were done. there was proof that Fairchild was her own twin
as well. The judge finally believed Fairchild was the bioloeical mother of
her children and dismissed the case."I probably wouldn't have m], kids today
if thelz didn't discover her situation. The)r wouldn't have known to even
consider me as a chimera." Fairchild said.
If not for Keegan. Fairchild said she might have lost her famil)'forever.

These ogencies ond gourps ond there cruel punishmeni ihot is hondout by
ihem violote the united stotes constotitution ond the stote constotitution .They
ore nothing more ihon morxist dictotors hell bent on ruling the world.The obove
coses ore bui o smell port of foleur of the omeircoin criminoljustice system
lodoy .The use of 100 yeor old cose low ond troning of o blied eye to the system
thot is going no where fost.Thot 25%of stote 63%federol inmotes ore non-violent
drug offenders.there were 112,329 federol inmotes in 2000 of ihot 63,898 were
for non-violent drug offenders ihots 55.5% or there wood be only 48,431 for oll
others if there where no drug offenders . Jomes Mqdison soid.'l believe there ore
more instonces of the obridgement of the freedom of the people bv groduol
ond silent encroochments of those in power thon by violent ond sudden

Authorities in Possoic (puh-SAYK') County, N.J., chorged o l4-yeor-old girl

with child pornogrophy for posting 30 nude photos of herself on lf
she is convicted this teenoger could foce sevenieen yeors or more in joil ond will
be forced to register os o sex offender for the resi of her life under Megon's Low.
The unlucky teen now seeing sex os o criminol oct with o life sentinces of being
stolked,herossment ond thot of consensuol sexuol conduct os criminol .Jessico
percifull ond Heother shelton boih of whom ore chroged with o sex
crimes.Ms.shelton so coll victim is l8.She is focing chorges ofter she ollegedly
hod sex with on 18-yeor-old student.Twenty-two-yeor-old Heother Shelton is o
teocher's ossistont occused of hoving o sexuol relotionship with o high school
senior of the school she worked ot, North Buncombe High School in North
Corolino .the ridiculous port of this store is thot Shelton didn't meei the guy of the
school, she didn't teoch him, ond he's of legol oge. How is this ogoinst the low?
He's l8l Detective Anne Benjomin soid Shelton ond the unnomed 19-yeor-old,
who wos not her siudent, hod sex April 1. lf they hod woited two months uniil he
groduoted, no chorges would hove been filed .
Jessico percifull According to on indictment by the grond jury, Percifull
"knowingly did directly or by meons of elecironic communicotion disploy or
expose to o minor, moteriol contoining sexuol octivity, or simuloted sexuol
octivity ihot is potently offensive, for the purpose of sexuol orousol or
grotificotion."ln Tennessee ond North corolino its o crime to show o breost exom
chori. .Megons lows where possed to stop violent sex offenders not non-violent
frist time offenders with no criminol history before or ofter.The new jesrey slotute
for those how ore over the oge of l8 not of the some oge .We todoy hove over
2 million people in prison ond joil ond of thot million ore non - violent
inmotes.lf you toke out the million thot theves only 500,000 violeni inmotes in
stote ond federol prison. All you hove to do is look of the stote of TEXAS._
Beniomin Fronklin sod'They thot con give up essentiol libertv to purchose o little
tempororv sofety, deserve neiiher.' . Like isod in the begining this women in her
self rights thinging thot she whos the boss ond the only one who hod rights . Thot
her husbend did not hove o dom thing to do with her octson .The most dogrus
thing to this women wos her self .this is but o smoll look in lo whot we live with
doy in ond doy out in omeirco .Shouldn'i it be "There is never on excuse for
hitiing" ond " not oll sex is o criminol oct ".

Human Riqhts Watch describeders

Jameel N.for
the public response to his inclusion on his state's online
reqistry:When people see mv picture on the state sex offender
reqistry they
assume I am a pedophile. I have been called a baby rapist bv my
neiqhbors: feces have been left on my drivewav; a stone with a note
around it telli
mv window, almost hittinq a quest. What the registry doesn't tell
people is that I was convicted at aqe 1 7 of sex with mv 14-vear-old

completed my therapy. and that the judqe and my probation officer

didn't even think I was at risk of reoffendinq. Mv life is in ruins, not

because of how mv neiqhbors have reacted to the information on the

With states inactinq residency restirction law for all sex affenders .

lnG ced a 26-vear-old

woman to move from her home because it is too close to a daycare
center. She is reqistered as a sex offender because she had oral sex
with a 1S-year-old when she was 17.This women will more than likev
be on reqistry for life .

Georgia State House Majoritlr Leader Jerry Keen, who sponsored the
ithin 1,000 feet of places
where children qather, stated durinq a floor debate, "Mv intent
personally is to make lresidency restrictionsl so onerous on those

another state."
Todoy this is the criminoljustice system in the UNITED STATES.

chopter 4

" Any prosecutor con convict o guilty tokes reolskill to convict the
innocent when no crime os toke ploce"

The disregord for ihe principle of innocent until proven guilty is is o foct of life
todoy.Todoy it's not "WE THE PEOPIE" .The stondord operoting procedure for the
prosecuiion is to convict oi oll cost.The reol role of the proscution is o sovereignty
whose obligolion to govern importiolly is os compeling os its obligotion to govern
of oll,ond whose interest,therefor,in criminol prosecution is not thot it shollwin o
cose ,but thot justice sholl be done(people vs.hillil998)17 col.4th 800,820.)
Prosecutors hove o speciol obligotion to promote justice ond the oscertoinment
of truth . ... The duty of the district ottorney is noi merely thot of odvocote.His
duty is not to obtoin convictions,but to fully ond foirly present the evidence.
(people vs. kosim (1997)56 col.opp.4th .l360,,l328.).Todoy insted of protecting the
right's of the people it is how mony conviction they con get.Not with stonding
thot there ore thousends of reports thoi women ore the some os men in
commenting crimes,murder,rop,child obuse ond inoment portner obuse.A low
enforcement officer in colifornio ottended o domesiic violence troining closs
dripping with mole hotred thot everyone in the closs mole ond femole officers
felt extremly uncomfortoble of this extrements view on the subject.Therapist
Edward Dunninq recounts his experience with a male client who
was punched repeatedlv bv his wife. She was arrested twice on
domestic violence charges and was later convicted. Although
the man had no historv of domestic violence. the divorce court
iudqe somehow regarded the wife as the true victim and qranted
her sole custodv of their son. Dunning notes. "lt's not unusual
for violent women to be qranted custodv of the children.

David Woods of Contra Costa. California. was repeatedlv

assaulted bv his wife,
includinq havinq a liquor bottle cracked over his head, being
kneed in his qroin
16 or 17 times. and havinq a shotqun pointed under his chin. At
one point. his
wife called the police requesting protection from herself.
When the police arrived. thev promptlv wrestled Mr. Woods to
the ground.
Despite his protests. the police would not release him until the
couple's dauqhter
informed the police. "No. it's not mv daddv. lt's Momma."

Thot cynthio sommers nightmore storted with the deoth of her husbend on
the night of feb.l 8,2002.She leord on moy 4 ,2009 thot she will need ot whote till
november of this yeor if her cose will be dissmissed for good .


Sommer's bid to be forever free of charges that she killed her Marine
husband was postponed aqain vesterdav. at least until the California
Supreme Court acts on the case."l will never qive up," Sommer said
outside court yesterdav. "l think it's important for me not to qive up
and to give other people hope."
Sommer, 35. was convicted in Januarv 2007 of poisoning her
husband with arsenic. She was granted a new trial in November 2007
and freed in April after prosecutors asked a judqe to dismiss the
case, revealinq that new tests showed no arsenic in tissue samples
from Sqt. Todd Sommer's bodv. The case was dismissed without
preiudice, giving prosecutors the option of later resurrecting murder
charges aqainst Sommer. Sommer's lawver, Allen Bloom, has asked
the San Dieqo Superior Court to dismiss the case with preiudice.
which would bar anv future murder prosecution. He wanted a prompt
hearing on the matter. Prosecutors argue that the countv court
doesn't have the authority to take such an action, and thev asked the
Supreme Court to settle the matter. Superior Court Judqe John
Einhorn said "it would be a poor use of iudicial resources" to conduct
a hearing on Bloom's request without knowing what the Supreme
Court will do. Deputv District Attornev Richard Armstronq told
Einhorn that he doesn't expect to hear anythinq from the Supreme
Court until late next month at the earliest. with late November more
likelv. Einhorn set a Nov. 14 hearinq for an update on the case.
Sommer said the delay has caused problems for her because she is
trvinq to reqain custody in Michiqan of her three sons. aoes 8. 12 and
14. She said she moved to Michiqan after her release and lives there
with her 17-vear-old dauqhter.
Sommer said Michigan courts are unwilling to grant her custodv of
the children as lonq as there's a possibilitv - however sliqht - that
she could end up back in iail to be retried on murder charges.
Bloom sai
life bv not aqreeinq to dismiss the charges with preiudice. Bloom has
accused prosecutors of misconduct for mishandlinq evidence that
r in her trial. He
prosecutors are delaving a final resolution of the case because it has
been an embarrassment to them. "Everything they're doing is iust to
avoid gettinq to the truth in the case," Bloom said outside the
courtroom. Armstrong declined to respond to Bloom's accusation.

This is whot you hove of look forword to in fomily,domesiic violence court if

you ore o men .We your oll gilute in ihe eyes of criminl couri even if you ore
inncent.SUSAN WRIGHT ond CLARA HARRIS bothe covicted of murder. Wright
got 25 yeors ond Horris 20 yeors .lf these iwo women where men they wood be
sencented to deoth.THEY deliberotely close their eyes to the foct thot there
excesses ond incorrect stotements becouse they do not wont to undermine
efforts to bring obout more of ihe tens of billions of doller in tox money . Thus
scholors hove suppressed doio on violence by women in service of o so-colled
morol ogendo.
ln for too mony coses, femole oggressors ore denied help, mole victims ore
treoted os perpeirotors, restroining orders ore issued with no cloim of physicol
violence, persons ore folsely occused ond orrested for obuse ond rop ond
constituiionol proiections ore circumvented oll in the nome of curbing portner
obuse.The feminists deliberotely use foles ,outdoted ond missleding info thot
doto hos shown to be incorrect .these discriminotory movements undermine ore
efforts to siop oll forms of obuse . To stop this discriminotory ond unconstitutionol
ottock.lf you look of the 4port dr.phil show Obsessive Love 3 1/2 of the 4 houres
where oll obout colling him obuse ond her o victim.This men wrighis to the show
for help ond the help gos to her to get him orrosted ond coll o wife better ond
ropisi for life .Dorlie lynn routier sits on deoth row on ihe testemony of two low
enforcemeni officers .Thot these officers sod ofter 20min of the crime sence she
stoge holl thing .The stotes theory is thot she did this oll in 2 minute ond six
seconds .The ?l I coll losted only 5 minute ond 44seconds ond lminute ond l0
seconds befor the poromedic sow domon toke is lost breoth.Bui how con forget
the sillystring tope.Thot whese 5 minutes of o 90 minute tope .

The UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION hos no mening to out of controll low

enforement,d.o's ond there stoff .These big billy bodosses do not core obout
your righi's it's your gilute .Non-government orgonizotion ore dicktoteing to your
government whot lows it con ond con't poss.The hundreds of report on
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE show thot men ond women ore the some to initote ond
engoge in domestic violence ond thot holf of ollcose ore mutuol oggression.WE
hove gone form worront(required) to worroniless orrest.Similorly removeing of
fother ond peront's righis is the norm in fomily court .As we look to the fuiure of o
new millennium the low must to .The low is o living thing thot must move wiih us
threw time .lT musi meot the needs of iodoy ond must move olong with the
footsteps of humonity.We must protocte the inncent form the uniloterol denile of
due process of low.To estoblish Justice ond promote the generol Welfore to
secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves ond our Posterity, oestoblished in the
Conslilution of the United Stqtes .

Domestic Violence Factoids

Richard J. Gelles
University of Rhode Island Family Violence Research Program
Published: 1995
Copyrieht @ 1995 Richard J. Galles

Understandins Domestic Violence Factoids

Accordins to the FBI" A Woman is Beaten Everv (fill in the blank)
First. the FBI does not calculate. tabulate. or track data on domestic
violence. The FBI once did estimate that a women is beaten every 15
seconds. but they derived this estimate from Murray Straus. Richard J.
Gelles. and Suzanne K. Steinmetz's book. Behind Closed Doors: Violence
in the American Famillz.
Various other fact sheets list various other number of seconds. The number
of seconds depends on the study (if there actually was one) and how
violence was defined. For example. some versions of this factoid state that a
women is beaten every 9 seconds and cite a study done blz the
Commonwealth Fund in July. 1993. The Commonwealth Fund studv used
the same measure as was used by Straus and his colleagues. Unlike Straus
and his colleagues who defined "abuse" as acts of violence that were likel)'
to cause and injury. the Commonwealth Fund defined "abuse" as ever)' thing
from pushing. shoving. and slapping to usine a gun or knife.
There Are Four Million Women Beaten and Abused Each Year
Same problems as above. The Straus. Gelles. and Steinmetz survey
estimated that 2 million women were abused each )rear b)' their husbands.
Straus and his colleagues speculated that if all the respondents told the truth
and if ex-husbands and boyfriends were included. the number could be as
high as 4 million. However. no study to date using a representative sample
and measuring severe violence. has found more than 2 million abused
women each )rear.
Domestic Violence is the Leading Cause of lniury to Women Between
the Ages of 15 and 44 in the United States - More Than Car Accidents,
Muggings. and Rapes Combined
This factoid has been attributed to both Surseon General Antonia Novello
and the Centers for Disease Control. The actual primary source of this
"fact" is research by Evan Stark and Ann Flitcraft. It was probabl), Stark and
Flitcraft who supplied the fact to CDC. who then included it in material
supplied to the Surgeon General. Unfortunately. as good a sound bite as this
is. it is simply not true. The original source of this statement goes back to
two papers by Stark and Flitcraft. First" the actual research the "fact" is
based on is a rather small survey of one emergency room. Second. in the
original articles. the). said that domestic violence may (emphasis added) be
a more common cause of emergency room visits than car accidents.
muggings, and rapes combined.
Linda Saltzman from the Centers for Disease Control tells all journalists
who call to check this fact that the CDC does not recognize this as either
their fact or a reputable fact.
The March of Dimes Reports that Batterering During Pregnancy is the
Leadins Cause of Birth Defects and Infant Mortalify
The March of Dimes actually reports that they know of no such study.
Sixtv-three Percent of Young Men Between the Ages of 11 and 20 Who
Are Serving Time for Homicide Have Killed Their Mother's Abuser
This factoid is often used by Sarah Buel in her speeches. It appears to be )'et
another fact from nowhere. The FBI has published no data that supports this
claim. The FBI's Uniform Crime Reports has no tables that report on prison
populations. let alone a table or figure that breaks down prison populations
by age of offender and relationship to victim. There are no Department of
Justice reports that report on what number or percentage of young men kill
their mother's batterer.
Family Violence has Killed More Women in the Last Five Years as the
Total Number of Americans Who Were Killed in The Vietnam War
This factoid was often used blr Dr. Robert McAfee. past president of the
American Medical Association. There were about 55.000 American
casualties in the Viet Nam war. According to the FBI. Uniform Crime
Statistics. about 1.500 women are killed b)'their husbands or bo)'friends
each year. The total number of women homicide victims each vear is about
5.000. Thus. in 5 years" even if every women who was killed. was killed by
a famil)z member. the total would still be 1/2 the number of American
casualties in Viet Nam.
Women Who Leave Their Batterers Are at a 75%o Greater Risk of
Being Killed by the Batterer than Those Who Stay
Women are more likely to be victims of homicide when thelz are estranged
from their husbands than when thev live with their husbands--BUT NOT A
75 % GREATER RISK. The risk of homicide is higher in the first two
months after separation.
SOURCE: Wilson. Margo and Martin Daly. (1993) "Spousal homicide risk
and estrangement." Violence and Victims. 8. 3-16.
Women Who Kill Their Batterers Receive Longer Prison Sentences
than Men Who Kill Their Partners
This factoid is often attributed to someone from Pace Universitlr. There is
no actual published source for this. According to the Bureau of Justice
Statistics. Violence Between Intimates (November. 1994). the average
prison sentence for men who killed their wives was 17.5 years; the average
sentence for women convicted of killing their husbands was 6.2 years.

Other Factoids from Nowhere

4.000 Women Each Year are Killed by Their Husbands, Ex-husbands.
or Bovfriends
The FBI reports that approximatelv 1.500 women are killed each year by
husbands or boyfriends. Even if one factors in the number of women killed
by unidentified or undetermined assailants" the number could not be 4.000.
Women of All Cultures, Races. Occupations, fncome Levels. and Ages
are Battered - by Husbands. Boyfriends. Lovers. and Partners
While this fact is technically true. it is also true that domestic violence is
more likely to occur in homes below the poverty line. in minority
households (even controlling for income). and among men and women 18 to
30 years ofage.
Nationally.50To of All Homeless Women and Children are on the
Streets Because of Violence in the Home
An interesting factoid stated by Senator Biden" but one without any actual
published scientific research to support it.
There are Nearly Three Times as Many Animal Shelters in the United
States as There are Shelters for Battered Women and Their Children
Another great sound bite. but one not actualllz based on a verified count of
either type of shelter
ln domestic violence court if you ore mole you hove no rights's or in the roir
cose o women.The some gos in fomily court.Todoy it's the 2l century inquisition
on oll forms of obuse ond in religion.All o women os io do is soy three little word "
I'AM lN FEAR" to win the court lottory.lf you ore mole you ore locky if you wolk
owoy with the clothe on your bock.
With thot sod we hove whoi is coll the sofe boby lows .Thot you con leve your
boby of o police ,fire stoiion ,school ond hospitiol no ? osk.But iodoy you heor
on the news the police wont your help to fied the moiher fo o newborn lefted ot
the police stotion.The united stotes criminoljustice system is orrest ond convit ot
oll cost ond to hell with the constitution .Thot's how i see's obuse 24/7 a men
opens his mouth ond its obuse .C.P.S is coll ond you hove no right os o porent. lt's
women ore to feebull to know whene she o victim of o crime.There is no octuol
sclentific reseorch to bock them up.There is no verified study thot these groups
con point to.All of the verified scientific studys siote ond show with out o dout
thot they ore wrong.Thot with the woy thing's ore go if you ore o mole you
hove no right's .lt's now " WE THE WOMEN" of the united stotes.ln 99% of fomily
court's ihe women wolks owoy with the house,cor,kid's ond the oll of the house
hold money.The men will wolk owoy with nothing but the clothes on his bock.He
willwolk owoy bored form his kid's ond house on the word of the people more in
to the money thon helping the victim of obuse mole or femole ond porents.

1. You have the right to receive notice of charges in a timelv fashion.

2. You have the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
3. You have the right to be presented with a search warrant. Without
one. it is unlawful for the police or anv government official to enter
your home, search, or seize your property.
4. You have the right to be presented with a warrant for vour arrest
unless the police actually saw you commit a crime or have probable
cause to believe vou have committed a felonv based on their personal
investigation at the scene.
5. You have the right to a writ of habeas corpus if vou are arrested and

6. You have theright to remain silent and speak with an attornev before
making any statement to the authorities.
7. You have the right to confront vour accuser and to cross-examine
witnesses against you.

8. You have the right to refuse to answer questions that might

incriminate you.
9. You have the right to a transcript of all proceedings. hearings. and
trials though you will have to order and pav for them.
10. You have the right to appeal any findings of a lower court.
11. You have the right to subpoena witnesses and any documents or
other evidence that may support your position or contradict evidence
presented against you.

12. You have a right to a trial by iurv in all criminal matters and in civil
cases where the value in question exceeds $20 bv an impartial iurv of
YOUr peers.

13. You have the right to the protection and provisions of the
Constitution of the United States and the State Constitution.
14. You have the right to protections expressly created in statute and
case law precedent.

15. You have the right to equal protection of the law regardless of race.
creed, color. religion. ethnic origin. age. handicaps, or sex.

16. You have the right to a remedy, by recourse to the laws, for all
iniuries or wrongs that you may receive in vour person, property" or
17. You have the right to iustice, without being obliged to purchase it;
completely. and without any deniall promptly. and without undue
delay: in conformance with the laws.

Gender terms used here a.,re {or w::n she gets qustqdl' of the-
Alcoholic: The spouse of an alcoholic.
Appointed Counsel: A right available for DUI, but not for false
allegations of Mom and her new boyfriend that you sexuallv molested
ltheirl vour grown children.
Attorneys Fees: Large sums of money awarded to Momts attorney. See
ttermst and tcriminal contempt fines.'

Best Interests of the Child: What Mom and her new boyfriend want
Child Abuse: Visitation bv Dad.
Child Support: See Visitation.
Commissioner/lVlagistrate: Like a iudge. only different

Contempt: The only reasonable reaction to all of this.

Criminal Contempt Fines: See Attorneys Fees
Cross Examination: A right available in small claims court but not in
family court.
Dad: See definition of Father.
Dike or Dyke: An earthen structure located in the Netherlands.
Domestic Violence: The accusation that Mom will make against Dad
shortly after she shoots him, steals the car. bulldozes his half of the
house. steals the credit cards. drains the checking and savings accounts,
has the dog put to sleep. drowns the gerbils, kidnaps the kids and moves
in with her 400 pound Samoan boyfriend.
Druggie: The spouse of a person with a drug problem.
Due Process of Law: [Reservedl

Ex Parte: See Familv Court.

Family Court: Where Momrs attorney goes to make phoney allegations
against Dad in violation of his professional responsibilities (and then
sends Dad the bill). See also 'Wheel of Fortune'.

Father: Mom's current boyfriend.

Harassment: When Dad calls Mom on the phone to arrange a pickup
Insanity: Ex Parte. Show Cause. & Family Court Attornev Rules of
Professional Conduct fReservedl

Joint Custodv: Everv other weekend and six weeks in the summer.
Kidnapping: See'Visitation.'
Live Testimony: A right available in small claims court but not in
familv court.
Natural Custodial Parent: A woman working eightv hours a week at
hiPh-priced law firm, who can afford a divorce attornev and dav care.
Pro Bono: Legal services performed bv Dadts attornev

Pro Tem Commissioner: See Commissioner/Magistrate

Supervised Visitation: After Mom leaves. Dad hires someone to watch
him watch the babv.
Sexual Abuse: Baths and diaper changes when performed bv Dad.

Show Cause: A procedure where Dad and his attornev appear. but are
not allowed to answer false allegations bv Mom and her latest
Tender Years Doctrine: Under this doctrine. Mom and her attornev are
permitted to behave as if thev were still of tender vears.

Terms: See Attorneys Fees.

Transcript: A written record of doubtful value preserved in civil and
criminal matters, but not in familv court where custodv and visitation
are interrupted and Dads are separated from their kids.
Trial bv Affidavit: A procedure under which the court gags the parties
and all witnesses with relevant knowledge and then permits attornevs to
testifv falselv and in violation of their professional duties as to matters
not contained in the affidavits. [See Familv Court. Ex parte. Show
Cause and Commissioner.l

Trial bv Combat or Ordeal: A primitive form of adiudication used in

earlv times. lSee Familv Courtl
Trial bv Waser of Law: diudication
times. [See Familv Courtl

Visitation: See Child Support

Miscarriage of iustice
A miscarriage of iustice is primarily the conviction and punishment of a person for
a crime that he or she did not commit. The term can also be applied to errors in the
other directionndash "errors of impunify"ndash and to civil cases" but those usages
are rarer. though the occurrences appear to be much more common. Most criminal
iustice svstems have some means to overturn. or t'quash". a wronqful conviction,
but this is often difficult to achieve. The most serious instances occur when a
wrongful conviction is not overturned for several vears" or until after the innocent
person has been executed or died in iail.

"Miscarriage of iustice" is sometimes svnonvmous with wrongful conviction,

referring to a conviction reached in an unfair or disputed trial. Wrongful
convictions are frequentlv cited bv death penaltv opponents as cause to eliminate
death penalties to avoid executing innocent persons. In recent years. DNA evidence
has been used to clear manv people falsely convicted.

Scandinavian languages have a word, the Norwegian variant of which is

"iustismord". which is literally translated "iustice murder". The term exists in
several languages and was originallv used for cases where the accused was
convicted. executed. and later cleared after death. With capital punishment
decreasing. the expression has acquired an extended meaning. namelv anv
conviction of a person of a crime he/she did not commit. The retention of the term
"murder" both demonstrates universal abhorrence against wrongful convictions
and awareness of how destructive wrongful convictions are.

General issues

Causes of miscarriages of iustice include:

*confirmation bias on the part of investigators
*withholding or destruction of evidence bv police or prosecution
*fabrication of evidence
*biased editins of evidence
*poor identification bv witnesses and/or victims
*overestimation/underestimation of the evidential value of expert testimony
*contaminated evidence
*faultv forensic tests
*false confessions due to police pressure or psychological weakness
*misdirection of a iury by a iudge durins trial
*periured evidence by the real guilty partv or their accomplices (frameup)
*periured evidence bv the supposed victim or their accomplices

The risk of miscarriages of iustice is one of the main arguments against the death
penalty. Where condemned persons are executed promptlv after conviction. the
most significant effect of a miscarriage of iustice is irreversible; wrongly-executed
people are nevertheless occasionally posthumouslv pardonedndash which is
essentiallv a null actionndash or have their convictions quashed. Manv states that
still practice the death penalty hold condemned persons for ten years or more before

Even when a wrongly-convicted person is not executed, spending years in prison

often has an effect on the person and their family that is irreversible and
substantial. The risk of miscarriage of iustice is therebv also a reasonable argument
against long sentences. like life sentence. and cruel sentence conditions.

Cases in numerous countries

* Colin Ross was pardoned on May 27,2008.86 years after his conviction and
* Darryl Beamish and John Button were convicted of murders committed by Eric
Edgar Cooke in 1961 and 1963. respectively.
* Ray. Peter" and Brian Mickelbere were convicted in 1983 of the Perth Mint
Swindle. In 2002, Tonv Lewandowski came forward and admitted the police had
framed the brothers.
*Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton was convicted in 1982 for the murder of her 9
week-old daughter. Azaria, after claiming that the babv had been taken off bv a
dingo. In 1988. her conviction was overturned and she was released from prison.
* Andrew Mallard was convicted for the murder of ieweler Pamela Lawrence in
1994 after eight unrecorded hours ofpolice interrogation and a briefrecorded
I'confessionf that followed. In 2005. the High Court of Australia was advised that
the prosecution and/or nolice had withheld evidence which showed his innocence.
and overturned his conviction. As such. Mallard was released from prison. A "cold
case" review of the murder conducted after Mallard's release implicated one Simon
Rochford as the actual offender and Mallard was exonerated.
* Salvatore Fazzari. Jose Martinez. and Carlos Pereiras were convicted in 2006 for
the murder of Phillip Walsham in 1998. The conviction was overturned bv the
Western Australian Court of Appeal in 2007 on the grounds that the verdicts of the
guilty were unreasonable and could not be supported on the evidence. I
WebVw/2 0 0 TIYAS CA 0 I 4 3 /$ FI L E/2 0 0 7 WA S CA 0 I 4 3. p df J udement o f th e S ap re me
Court of Western Australia in the Msrtinez, Fauari and Pereiras appeall I
*Roseanne Catt was convicted in 1991 on 9 counts including attempted murder of
her husband Barry Catt. She was arrested after she had agreed to assist the
Department of Family and Communitv services in the prosecution of her husband
for molesting his children (her stepchildren). The detective leading the investigation
(Peter Thomas) was a business associate of Barrv Catt and had had a previous
antagonistic relationship with Roseanne Catt. The investigation was carried out
from the home of a friend of Barry Catt rather than from the local police station.
The crown prosecutor was Patrick Power who later pleaded guiltv to possession of
child pornographv. In 2004" after an 18 month investigation bv Judge Davidson. Ms
Catt's appeals against seven of the nine convictions (including attempted murder)
were upheld whereas the other two convictions were allowed to stand. I
000000000000/61ad9c8eAa3550aca2570d5007ee6527opendocument Judeement of the
Court of Criminal Appeal of NSW in Reeina v Cattl ,l

* Robert Baltovich was convicted in 1992 of the murder of Elizabeth Bainl released
in 2000 to prepare an appeal based on new evidence; although he has not been
officiallv exonerated. the Crown has not pursued the case since his release: new
evidence points to Paul Bernardo, an acquaintance of Ms Bain's. as her killer.
* James Driskell. Canadian wronsfullv convicted in 1991 of the murder of Perry
Harderl his conviction was quashed and the charses stayed in 2005 due to DNA
testing, but he has not been fully exonerated.
* Donald Marshall. Canadian Mikmaq Aborisinal wronsfully convicted in 1971 of
the murder of Sandv Seale: acquitted on appeal in 1983 after an additional witness
to the murder came forward.
*In 1969. David Milgaard. a 16-year old, was convicted and given a life sentence for
the murder of 20-year old nursing aide Gail Miller. After 23 years of imprisonment.
the Supreme Court of Canada allowed for the release of Milgaard. Five vears later
DNA testine proved his innocence.
* Guv Paul Morin. Canadian wrongfullv convicted in 1992 of the murder of
Christine Jessop: he was exonerated by DNA evidence in 1995.
* Thomas Sophonow" Canadian wrongfully convicted in 1981 of the murder of
Barbara Stoppel: acquiffed on appeal in 1985. and conclusively exonerated by DNA
evidence in 2000.
* Ronald Dalton. wrongfullv convicted of murdering his late wife. Brenda Dalton in
August 1988. It was later found that Brenda Dalton choked on cereal.
* Steven Truscott's wrongful conviction of murder in the death of Lvnne Harper
stood for 48 vears before finally being overturned August 28. 2007.
*Jama Jama was charged with battering a police officer. but later there was
evidence found to prove that in fact the officer was the one who assaulted Jama
Jama. The police officer ended up losins his license.

*Joan of Arc was executed in 1431 on charges of heresv. She was nosthumouslv
cleared in 1456.
*Jean Calas from Toulouse was executed on March 10. 1762. for murder of his son
Marc Antoine. The philosopher Voltaire. convinced of his innocence" succeeded in
reopening of the case and rehabilitation of Jean in 1765.
for treason in 1894. After
's Island. he was nroven innocent with the assi
definitivelv rehabilitated only in 1906. See the Drevfus affair.
* In 2005. thirteen people were finallv proven innocent of child molestation after
having served four years in prison. A fourteenth died in prison. Only four people
were proven guilty. This infamous case" which has deeplv shaken the public opinion.
is known as the "Affaire d'Outreau". the Outreau case. from the name of the city
where these people lived. in the north of France.
*Pietro Valpreda. an anarchist condemned for the 1969 Piazza Fontana bombing.
was finally found innocent sixteen years later. He was framed since it was planned
to blame the crime on the radical Left" while it was committed bv Neo-Fascist
groups as the first step ofthe stratew oftension.
*Enzo Tortora. a nopular anchorman on national RAI television. was arrested in
L983 and held in iail for months after trumped up charses bv several pentiti of the
Camorra and other people already known for periury. It was soon noted that this
was most likelv a wrong identification with a man bearing the same surname
(meaning rrturtledoverr). but the rtpentiti" kept on accusing Tortora of the gravest
offenses related to drug dealing. He was sentenced to ten years in iail in his first trial
held in 1985" being spared further incarceration onlv thanks to the providential
intervention of the Radical Partv who offered him a candidacy to the European
Parliament. a place Tortora won in a landslide as the country divided between those
who held him guilty and those who held him innocent. He was completely acquitted
and rehabilitated in 19861 he returned the next year to his work in tv. to a movins
comeback in his "Portobello" show. to die in 1988 from cancer and become an icon
of iniustice and a perpetual reminder of the gravest public blunder of the ltalian
iudiciarv system.
*Daniele Barilli. an entrepreneur mistakenly identified as a maior drug cartel boss
in Milan, spent more than 7 years in iail in 1992-1999" despite srowing evidence of
his complete innocence and non-involvement in any criminal activify. To this day.
the Italian state hasn't awarded him anv compensation.

* Sallins Train Robberv

*Sakae Menda was convicted for a double murder in 1948 and was sentenced to
death. but was cleared in L983 after further evidence backing up his alibi came to
*Hiroshi Yanagihara was convicted of rape and attempted rape. but the true
culprit. Eiichi Otsu, was arrested after Yanagihara's release. Otsu was charged with
14 rapes and Yanagihara was cleared bv retrial in 2007. I
[ Court acquits msn but kept
lid on forced confession I The Janan Times Online I I Atsuwas sentenced to 25 vears
in prison. I I h ttp : //www. b r e it b a rt. c o m/art i c I e. p h p 7 i d: D I S TB 0 F O 0 & s h o w a rt ic I e: I
&catnum:0 'Resl culprit' of Tovama sexuql assaults gets 25 vrs I I

= The Netherlands:
* The Schiedammerpark murder case (2000): Cees Borsboom was released in
December 2004 after serving four vears in prison of a sentence of 18 years for a
murder in June 2000 of a lO-vear old girl in a Schiedam park. He was released after
Wik Haalmeiier confessed to the murder. This confession was confirmed bv DNA
evidence on the victim and the description of the attacker given to the police bv
another victim. Maikel, who narrowly survived the attack. Investigation of the
manner the prosecution acted in this case revealed that the police and the public
prosecutor made substantial mistakes, ignored relevant information. and brutalized
("strangulation" during police interrogation) the LL-vear old victim Maikel.
Minister of Justice Piet Hein Donner had to take all responsibilitv. In September
2005. he survived a no-confidence motion in parliament but did set up the
Posthumus I and Posthumus II committees. The state of the Netherlands paid Cees
Borsboom € 600.850.- compensation and the parents of Maikel an unknown amount.
* The Putten murder case (1994): in this case" the 23-year-old stewardess Christel
Ambrosius was found murdered in her grandmother's house" which was remotely
located in the Veluwe. The police arrested four men who had been in those woods
that weekend. Even thoush sperm found didn't match the DNA of any of the four
men. Wilco Viets and Herman Dubois were convicted to 10 years' imprisonment
anywav, of which they'd serve two thirds for good behavior. In April2002" the
Dutch high council (Supreme court) declared both men innocent. shortlv after thev
had completed their sentences. Another suspect was apprehended in May 2008"
based on a DNA match.
* The Posthumus committees: the Schiedammernark murder case. as well as the
similarlv overturned case of the Putten murder. led to the installation of the
"Posthumus I committee", which analyzed what had gone wrong in the
Schiedammerpark Murder case. coming to the conclusion that confirmation bias led
the police to ignore and misinterpret scientific evidence (DNA). Subsequently. the
so-called Posthumus II committee was set up to investigate whether more of such
cases might have occurred. The committee received 25 applications from concerned
and involved scientists" and decided to take three of them into further consideration:
the Lucia de B,erk case, the lna Post l>nl icon [ Post
The Ina post case (Dutch wikipedidl I case. and theEnscbede incest case.ln these
three cases. confirmation bias and misuse of complex scientific evidence is claimed
bv independent researchers (professors Wagenaar. van Koppen.Isra€ls. Crombag.
Derksen) to have led to miscarriages of iustice.
* Other potential cases: there are also continuing attempts bv concerned scientists to
get the well-known Deventer murder case. the Overzier murder case. the butler
case" the Ene incest case. and the Kevin Sweenev case reonened.

New Zealand
* Arthur Allan Thomas. a New Zealand farmer. was twice convicted of the murders
of Harvey and Jeanette Crewe on June 17, 1970. He spent 9 vears in prison but was
given a Royal Pardon. and was released and awarded $1 million compensation for
wrongful convictions. A Royal Commission in 1980 showed the prosecution cases
were flawed. and that police had deliberately planted a cartridge case in the
Crewesr garden to use as evidence.
*David Bain was convicted in 1995 of the murder of all five members of his familv
the previous vear. After 13 years in prison. his convictions were finallv overturned
in 2007 bv the Priw Council. who found that a substantial miscarriase of iustice
had occurred. He has been granted bail pending a retrial.
*David Doughertv was convicted in 1993 on charges of abduction and the rape of an
ll-vear-old girl. After serving over 3 vears in prison. he was acquitted in 1997 after
new DNA evidence ruled him out. Compensation of over $800.000 was paid bv the
New Zealand Government and an apology given for the wrongful conviction. The
real culprit. Nicholas Reekie. was later convicted of the crime.
*Tania Vini. Macushla Fuataha. both 14. and 15 vear-old Lucv Akatere were iailed
for terms of up to two vears for the aggravated robberv of a 16 vear-old school girl
who was viciously slashed and bashed by five teenage girls. The girls served seven
months in prison before being released. The actions of the Police in their
interviewing of the girls was shown to have been overbearing and deceitful. In
overturning the convictions, Court of Appeal iudge" Justice Gault. said the three
girls had the court's sympathv for the iniustice that had wrongly sent them to
prison. He went on to say the "investigation and the trial system failed in this case"
and the wrongful conviction 'oraises questions of conduct by the police which is a
serious matter and must be properly investigated". The allegations center on the
alleged misconduct of the then Detective Constable Trevor Franklin. with serious
allegations of misconduct in relation to his tactics.
*In 2000. a man. whose name is suppressed. was exonerated of allegations of
indecent assault on his two sons. both then aged under 12 years. He was convicted in
1995 and spent 14 months in prison before the Court of Appeal quashed the
conviction after both sons retracted their allegations. The allegations were
withdrawn by the children within 48 hours of being made. but police failed to make
those facts available to defense counsel and continued with the prosecution. Over
half a million New Zealand Dollars was paid in compensation
*Rex Haig was convicted in L995 of the murder of Mark Roderique. a crew member
on Haig's fishing boat. Antares. The murder conviction was quashed by the Court
of Appeal in August 2006. nearlv two vears after Haig's release on parole having
served a full sentence for the killing. Haig's nephew. David Hogan. who claimed that
he saw his uncle kill Mr Roderique. is now regarded bv the Court of Appeal as a
susnect for the murder. and. by at least one of the three Appeal Court Judges. as an
outterlv unreliablet witness.
*Aaron Farmer served 2 years and 3 months in prison for the rape of a
Christchurch woman before being exonerated bv DNA evidence. At the time of
Farmer's sentencing District Court Judge Murray Abbott criticized aspects of the
police inquiry regarding disclosure of evidence and deficits in transcripts of a police
video interview. Issues regarding analvsis of samples submitted to Environmental
Science and Research had not been followed through in a timelv way. and no
satisfactorv explanation had been given why an identity parade had not been
conducted. The Appeal Court highlighted that in a taped interview with Farmer. the
detective gave the impression that DNA evidence implicated Farmer when it did not.


Despite Norwav's international reputation. Norwegian police. courts and prison

authorities have been criticized and convicted on several occasions bv the European
Court of Human Rights for breaking the principle of "innocent until proven
quiltv". the use of solitary confinement as a softening process in interrogation and
the use of civil courts being used against cleared defendants as a mean of
"salvaging" cases and partially label the person as a felon.
*Per Kristian Liland" wrongfully convicted of murderins two of his friends in 1969.
He was cleared in 1994. His case is known as The Liland Affair.
*Fritz Moen was wrongfully convicted for senarate murders of two 20-vear old
women in 1976 and 1977. He was cleared of one murder in 2004. After his death in
March 2005, he was cleared of the second murder based on a reinvestigation of the
casebv lhtttt:// Norwav's Criminal Case
Review Commissionl .
* Ihttp://no.wikipedia.ors/wiki/Rsdseth-saken Sveinung Rsdsethl waswrongfullv
convicted in 1981 for the murder of his S-month old daughter. He was cleared in
*Atle Hase was wrongfully convicted for incest to his two children in 1984. His wife
accused him when the couple divorced. Hage committed suicide in 1987. his life in
ruins after time in prison. In 1997 his two children. then 20 and 22. demanded the
case be reopened. claiming that no molestation had taken place and that Hages wife
had lied. Hage was cleared in 1998. Hages ex-wife. Ada Borthen. later made similar
accusations against her new husband. She has never been charged for makinq false
*The Biugn-case 1992: Accusations of molestation of school children in the small
town of Biugn saw seven people placed under arrest and charged. One person was
trialled but was cleared. Damages were was denied Lrecause the court felt that the
accused had failed to prove his innocence. This decision was reversed bv the
European Court of Human Rights.
*The Birgitte-case 1995: The murder of Birgitte Tenss sparked a huge investigation.
The following year a cousin was arrested and charged. He was later cleared for the
murder but was later sued in civil court and found liable for the unlawful death of
Birgitte Tengs. This decision was later reversed bv the European Court of Human
Rights. and the Norwegian courts were convicted for human rights violations.
Further investigation concluded that false confessions had been made under
psvchological pressure and extortion by the police.
*Former "Laqmannsretts" iudge Trygve-Lange Nielsen has worked with dedication
to clear victims for wrongful incest convictions. himself responsible for numerous
convictions from his own career as a iudge.In 2004.24 cases were solved as
wrongful. Nielsen has stated that as many as 150 convictions or more probablv are

The Constitution of Spain guarantees compensation in cases of miscarriage of

* The case known as "El crimen de Cuenca" (the crime of Cuenca) where in 1910
two peasants were convicted of the murder of another peasant who had disappeared
even though the body was never found. Some years later the disappeared peasant
showed up again and proved the conviction was wrongful.
* The so-called "Wanninkhof case" where Dolores Vazquez was convicted of the
murder of Rocfo Wanninkhof in 1999. Later DNA evidence exonerated her.
*Joy Rahman. a man of Bangladeshi orisin, was in 1994 wrongfullv convicted to life
imprisonment for the murder of an elderlv ladv. After almost nine vears in prison.
he was freed by the Svea Court of Appeal. and later awarded 8 million SEK. the
highest compensation ever awarded to a person in Sweden for wrongful conviction.
I f Alternative Report to the CERD-
Committee with respect to Sweden's commitments according to the ICERDI , United
Nations Association of Sweden. 20041 Jov Rahman used the monev to found the Jov
Rahman Welfare Foundation. which provides healthcare and micro-loans to poor
people. On 29 March 2008. Joy Rahman was arrested in Bangladesh on suspicion of

United Kinedom

England and Wales and Northern Ireland

In the United Kingdom a iailed person whose conviction is quashed mav be paid
compensation for the time they were incarcerated.

It was a notable problem that the parole svstem assumes that all convicted persons
are actuallv guiltv. and that it poorlv handled those who are not. In order to be
paroled. a convicted person was required to sign a document in which. among other
things. they confessed to the crime for which they were convicted. Someone refusing
to sign such a declaration of remorse ended up spending longer in iail than a
genuinelv guilty person would have. Some wrongly convicted people. such as the
Birmingham Six. were refused parole for this reason. In 2005 the system changed in
this respect. and a handful of prisoners started to be paroled without ever admitting
In the event of a "perverse" verdict that involves the conviction of a defendant who
should not have been convicted on the basis of the evidence presented" English law
has no means of correcting this error: appeals being based exclusivelv upon new
evidence or errors bv the iudge or prosecution (but not the defense). or because of
iury irresularities. It occurred fhowever in the 1930s when William Herbert
Wallace was exonerated of the murder of his wife. There is no right to a trial
"without" iury (except during the troubles in Northern Ireland when a iudge or
iudges presided without a iurv).

During the earlv 1990s there was a series of high-profile cases revealed to have been
miscarriages of iustice. Many resulted from police fabricating evidence" in order to
convict the person thev thought was guiltv" or simply to convict someone in order to
get a high conviction rate. The West Midlands Serious Crime Squad became
notorious for such practices, and was disbanded in 1989.In 1997 the Criminal Cases
Review Commission I f Criminsl Csses Review Commissionl I
was established specificallv in order to examine possible miscarriages of iustice.
However. it still requires either strong new evidence of innocence or new proof of a
legal error by the iudge or prosecution. For example" merely insisting vou are
innocent and the iurv made an error. or stating that there was not enough evidence
to prove guilt, is not enough. It is not possible to question the iury's decision or
query on what matters it was based. The waiting list for cases to be considered for
review is at least two vears on average.See" for example:
* the Darvell brothers
* Dannv McNamee
* the M25 Three
* Jonathan Jones
* Sheila Bowler

Other miscarriages include:

*Robert Green, Henry Berry and Lawrence Hill were hanged in 1679 at Greenberry
Hill on false evidence for the unsolved murder of Edmund Berry Godfrev.
*Adolph (or Adolfl Beck, whose notorious wrongful conviction in 1896 led to the
creation of the Court of Criminal Appeal.
*William Herbert Wallace who was convicted of murdering his wife. but the
conviction was overturned by the Court of Criminal Appeal in 1931.
*Walter Graham Rowland was tried for a murder in Manchester and hung in 1947,
despite poor identilication evidence and a confession from another.
*Timothv Evans' wife and voung daughter were killed in 1949. Evans was convicted
of killins of his daushter and hanged. It was later found that the real murderer was
John Reginald Halliday Christie. another tenant in the same house. who eventuallv
killed six women. Evans was the first person in Britain to receive a posthumous free
*Derek Bentlev. executed for murdering a police officer. The charge was based on
the fact that during a police chase. he shouted to an armed friend 'Let him have it'.
The case is often said to be a miscarriage of iustice. and the verdict was overturned
half a centurv later. It should be noted. however. that the grounds for overturning
the verdict was that the trial had not been fair. due to various procedural defects.
Had Bentley still been alive. there would certainly have been a retriah he was not
pronounced innocent by the Court of Appeal.
*Stephen Downins was convicted of the murder of Wendy Sewell in a Bakewell
churchyard in 1973. The L7-vear-old had a reading ase of 1l and worked at the
cemeterv as a gardener. The police made him sign a confession that he was unable to
read. The case gained international notoriefy as the "Bakewell Tart" murder. After
spending 27 vears in prison. Stephen Downing waq released on bail in February
2001. pending the result of an appeal. His conviction was finally overturned in
Januarv 2002.
*John Joseph Boyle aged 18 was convicted under the pretenses of an alleged
confession at Belfast Citv Commission on 14 October 1977 of possession of firearms
and ammunition with intent to endanger life. and membership in the I.R.A. He was
sentenced to ten years in prison on the first count, and to two years in prison on the
second count" the terms to run concurrently. A suspended sentence of two years
imprisonment imposed for a previous offense was also invoked. making a total of
twelve vears in prison. When released he underwent a long fight to prove his
innocence. In 2003. his conviction was quashed but he has been denied
*Andrew Evans served more than 25 years for the murder of l4-year-old Judith
Roberts. He confessed to the 1972 murder after seeing the girl's face in a dream. His
conviction was overturned in 1997.
*In 1974 Judith Ward was convicted of murder of several people caused by a
number of IRA bombings 1973. She was finally released in 1992.
*The Birmineham Six were fraudulently convicted in 1975 of planting two bombs in
pubs in Birmineham in 1974 which killed 21 people and iniured 182. Thev were
finallv released in 1991.
*The Guildford Four were wronglv convicted in 1975 of being members of the
Provisional IRA and plantins bombs in two Guildford pubs which killed four
people. They served nearlv 15 years in prison before being released in 1989. (See
Tonv Blair's apologv under The Maguire Seven below.)
*The Maguire Seven were convicted in 1976 of offences related to the Guildford and
Woolwich bombings of 1974. They served sentences ranging from 5 to 10 years.
Giuseppe Conlon died in prison. Their convictions were quashed in 1991. On
Februarv 9.2005. British Prime Minister Tony Blair issued a public apology to the
Masuire Seven and the Guildford Four for the miscarriases of iustice they had
suffered. He said: "I am very sorry that they were subiect to such an ordeal and
such an iniustice. They deserve to be completely and publicly exonerated."
*Stefan Kiszko was convicted in 1976 of the sexual assault and murder of an ll-vear
old Lesley Molseed in 1975. He spent 16 vears in prison before he was released in
1992. after a lons campaign by his mother. He died of a heart attack the following
vear at the age of 41. His mother died a few months later. In 2007" Ronald Castree"
of Shaw. near Oldham. was found to have the same DNA as Lesley's attacker and
was convicted at Bradford Crown Court. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.
*The Bridgewater Four were convicted in 1979 of murdering Carl Bridgewater, a
l3-vear-old paper bov who was shot on his round when he disturbed robbers at a
farm in Staffordshire. Patrick Mollov died in iail in 1981. The remaining three were
released in 1997.
*The Cardiff Three, Steven Miller, Yusef Abdullahi. and Tony Paris were falsely
iailed for the murder of prostitute Lynette White. stabbed more than 50 times in a
frenzied attack in a flat above a betting shop in Cardiff s Butetown area on
Valentine's Day 1988" in 1990 and later cleared on appeal. In 2003. Jeffrey Gafoor
was iailed for life for the murder. The breakthroush was due to modern DNA
techniques used on evidence taken from the crime scene. Subsgquently" in 2005. 9
retired Police Officers and 3 serving Officers were arrested and questioned for false
imprisonment. conspiracv to pervert the course of iustice and misconduct in public
*Peter Fell, a former hospital porter, described in the media as a
"serial confessor"
and a "fantasistf '" was sentenced to two life terms in 1984 for the murder of Ann Lee
and Margaret "Peggy" Johnson. who were killed whilst they were out walking their
dogs in 1982. His conviction was overturned in 2001.
*Sallv Clark was convicted in 1996 of the murder of her two small sons Christopher
and Harry, and spent 3 vears in iail, finallv being released in 2003 on appeal. The
convictions were based solelv on the analvsis of the deaths by the Home Office
Pathologist Alan Williams" who failed to disclose relevant information about the
deaths, and backed up by the paediatric professor Sir Roy Meadow" whose opinion
was pivotal in several other ehild death convictions, manv of which have been
overturned or are in the process of being challenged. In 2005 Alan Williams was
found guil8 of serious professional misconduct and barred from practicing
patholow for 3 vears. In Julv 2005 Meadow was also removed from the Medical
Register for serious professional misconduct and prohibited from practicing
medicine. Sallv Clark became an alcoholic as a result of her ordeal and died of
alcohol poisonine in 2006.
*Angela Cannings also iailed wronglv for 4 vears on the now discredited evidence of
Sir Rov Meadow. Ansela was later stalked by a iail inmate she befriended. and the
strain of the wrongful conviction destroved her marriage.
*Donna Anthonv" 25 at the time. was wronglv iailed in 1998 for the death of her 11
month old son. and finally released in 2005" also because of the opinion of Sir Roy
*The Gurnos Three. also known as the Merthyr Tydfil Arson Case (Annette
Hewins, Donna Clarke and Denise Sullivan). Wrongly convicted of the arson attack
on the home of Diane Jones" aged 21. in October 1995. Someone had torn away part
of the covering of her front door and poured in petrol to start the fire. The fire
spread so rapidlv that Ms Jones and her two daughters, Shauna. aged two and
Sarah-Jane, aged 13 months. were all killed. The convictions of Ms Hewins and Ms
Clarke were quashed at the Court of Appeal in Februarv 1998 and a retrial ordered
in the case of Ms Clarke.
*Michelle and Lisa Taylor. wronslv convicted for the murder in 1991 of Alison
Shauehnessy. a bank clerk who was the bride of Michelle's former lover. The trial
was heavily influenced by inaccurate media reporting and deemed unfair.
*Paul Blackburn was convicted in 1978 when ased 15 of the attempted murder of a
9-year old bov. and spent more than 25 vears in 18 different prisons. during which
time he maintained his innocence. He said he had never considered saving he was
guiltv to secure an earlier release because it was a matter of "integrify". He was
finally released in May 2005 when the Court of Appeal ruled his trial was unfair
and his conviction'unsafe'.
*The Cardiff Newsagent Three" Michael O'Brien. Darren Hall and Ellis Sherwood"
were wrongly convicted for the murder of a newsagent. Phillip Saunders. On
October 12. 1987 Mr Saunders. 52. was battered with a spade outside his Cardiff
home. The day's takings from his kiosk had been stolen, and live days later he died
of his iniuries. The three men spent 11 years in iail before the Court of Appeal
quashed the conviction in 1999. The three have since been paid six figure
compensation" but South Wales Police had still not apolosised or admitted liability
for malicious prosecution or misfeasance.
*Andrew Adams. wrongly convicted of the murder of a retired teacher. His
conviction was finally quashed on 12 January 2007, after spending 14 vears in iail.
*David Carrington-Jones was released on October 16.2007 after srrending 6 vears
in iail for a rape he did not commit. having been previously found guilfy on two
counts of rape and sexual assault against a pair of teenage sisters in December 2000.
One of the accusers subsequently admitted to police she made up the allegations
against her stepfather Mr Carrington-Jones because she 'did not like him'. It has
transpired that the girl had previously made up other allegations of rape against her
brother. fianc6e. stepfather and even a customer at her work, but the iury was not
told of this. and Mr Carrington- Jones was sentenced to a ten-year iail term at
Lewes Crown Court. He was later refused parole hearings because he refused to
admit his guilt. Mr Carrington-Jones is said to be discussing claiming compensation.
*Barry George was cleared on I August 2008 of murdering Jill Dando after a retrial
in which police were unable to rely on discredited forensic evidence.
*Kenny Richey. a UK citizen" spent 21 vears on Death Row in the US falselv
convicted of starting a fire that killed Cvnthia Collins" 2 years old. The conviction
was reduced to theft and he was released in 2008. after three attempts to execute
him failed.
*Colin Stasg falselv imprisoned for the murder of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon
Common" London in 1992. but cleared in 1994.The case was thrown out on the
grounds that police had used a "honev trap" plot in a bid to encourage him to
confess. On 28 November 2007. Robert Napper was charged with her murder on the
basis of new DNA evidence.

Errors of impunity
*John Bodkin Adams. is a particularly notable case when a man was acquitted
when he mav. now with access to archives. tre considered to have been guilty in all
likelihood. Adams was arrested in 1956 for the murders of Edith Alice Morrell and
Gertrude Hullett. He was tried in 1957 and found not guiltv of the first charge and
the second was dropned via a "Nolle prosequi", an act which the presiding iudge.
Lord Justice Patrick Devlin. later termed "an abuse of power". [Devfin, Palricfr,'
"Easine the Passing", London, The Bodlev Head, 19851Police archives, opened in
2003" suggest that evidence was passed to the defense by the Attornev-General
Reginald Manningham-Buller in order to allow Adams to avoid the death sentence.
then still in force. Home Office pathologist Francis Camps suspected Adams of
killine 163 natients in total. lCullen, Pamels V., "A Stranger in Blood: The Csse Files
on Dr lohn Bodkin Adams", London, Elliott & Thompson, 2006,ISBN 1-904027-19-
9'l Adams was onlv ever fined for minor offences and struck off the medical register
for four years.


Reflecting Scotland's own legal system. which differs from that of the rest of the
United Kinsdom. the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC) was
established in April 1999. All cases accepted by the SCCRC are subiected to a
robust and thoroughlv impartial review before a decision on whether or not to refer
to the Hish Court of Justiciary is taken.

United States

Province of Massachusetts Bav

*Salem witch trials. malicious sossip sone awrv resulted in the killing of 19 innocent
people before the sentences were overturned (1692).

After independence
*May 1886; Chicaso" Haymarket Riot: eisht anarchist labor activists sentenced for
a bomb explosion during a demonstration.
*19201 Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti. two ltalian anarchists. tried and
sentenced to death for the killing of two people during a robberv in 1920. In 1977.
Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis issued a nroclamation stating that Sacco
and Vanzetti had not been treated iustly and that "anv disgrace should be forever
removed from their names."
*1923: Marcus Garvev
*1931; Scottsboro Boys
*1937; Isidore Zimmerman" was imprisoned from 1937 to 1962 for a murder he did
not commit. 21 vears later the New York Court of Claims awarded him $1,000,000
for his ordeal. He died 4 months later. after having spent 24 of his 66 vears in
prison. Zimmerman had his death penalty commuted to a life term iust hours before
he was scheduled to be electrocuted (he willinglv sought execution because of the
intense psvchological torture of Lreing on death row). I
[,9171,949292.00.htm1 The Lone Waitl I
* 19 49 lv a T o guri D' Aqaino w as h ttp : //i u s t
: I ic e d e n i e d. o r g/is s u e/i s s u e
2&/tokvo rose id28.html convicted of treasonl for alleeedlv beinethe notorious
'Tokyo Rose'. when federal prosecutors knew she was innocent. Based on the proof
of her innocence. President Gerald Ford pardoned her in Januarv 1977.
*19541 Dr. Sam Sheppard" American convicted in 1954 of killing his wife in their
home: Sheppard maintained she had been killed bv an intruder, appealed his case to
the Supreme Court. After serving ten vears in prison" he was granted a new trial
and was finally acquitted. A television series and film (both titled "The Fusitive")
are widely believed to have been inspired bv his storv.
*1961; Clarence Earl Gideon who was convicted in 1961 of robbery. successfully
argued in the Supreme Court in the case Gideon v. Wainwright that his trial was
unfair due to his lack of an attorney because of his inabilitv to pav for one. He was
given a retrial in 1963 with a free public defender and was acquitted.
*1965; Peter Limone. Joseph Salvati and the families of the two other men
who died
in prison were awarded $101.7 million as compensation for framing by the FBI. I
[|7/US/law/07/26/wroneful.convictions.ap/index.html CNNI I
*1976; Robert Wilkinson. Pennsvlvania Philadelphia Countv. 1976: police
- beat
him into signins a confession and intimidated witnesses to identifv him. He was
convicted of arson and murder and sentenced to five consecutive life terms. He was
released later in the year after the actual perpetrators were convicted in federal
court. The charges were refilled in 1977; indictments dismissed three months later.
A federal court ruled prosecutor David Berman ignored. withheld and/or destroved
exculpatory evidencendash the actual perpetrators came to him and confessed. In
dismissing Wilkinson's later indictment. the court ruled the prosecution was being
maintained in bad faith. Prosecutors still insist he is euilty.
*1976; Randall Dale Adams convicted of the 1976 murder of police officer Robert
Wood in Texas largely due to testimony from David Ray Harris. who was later
executed for a similar murder. Errol Morris' film" "The Thin Blue Line" explored
his case and caused a closer examination, resulting in his release after 12 vears in
prisonndash 4 of them on death row.
*1979: Gary Dotson. was the first person whose conviction (in 1979) was overturned
because of DNA evidence, in 1989.
*1981; Clarence Brandlev, Montgomerv Countv. Texas. was convicted of capital
murder in 1981. In 1989. the Texas Court of Criminal Anpeals overturned
Brandlev's conviction, finding that police and prosecutors. including James
Keeshan. failed to investigate leads pertaining to other suspects" suppressed
evidence placing other suspects at crime scene at time of crime. failed to call a
witness who didn't support the state's case. allowed the periured testimony of a
witness to go uncorrected. and failed to notify Brandlev that another man later
confessed to the crime.
*19821 Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz. Pontotoc Countv. Oklahoma. were
intimidated by police into confessions for the 1982 rape and murder of Debra Sue
Carter and convicted. In 1999. DNA evidence exonerated them.
*1983: John Gordon Purvis, Broward Countv, Florida" a severely mentally ill
person, despite no phvsical evidence that he was even at the scene of the murder.
was intimidated by police into confessing to the murder of Susan Hamwi and her
daughter in 1983.Later. investigators found that Paul Hamwi. Susan Hamwi's ex-
husband, had hired Robert Wavne Beckett Sr. and Paul Serio to murder Susan
Hamwi and Purvis was exonerated in 1993.
*1984: Darrvl Hunt. convicted in 1984 of the rape and murder of Deborah Svkes.
spent 19 vears in prison. 9 of which were served after DNA evidence indicated that
he did not commit the rape. Since Hunt was an African American. the case was
heavilv charged with the topic of race relations.
*1984; Juan Roberto Melendez-Colon was wrongly convicted of the Florida murder
of Delbert Baker. He spent over 17 vears on Death Row and was released from
prison on Januarv 3" 2002.
*1992; Joshua Rivera" 36, was sentenced 37 vears for a 1992 murder. On September
19. 1992. Leonard Aquino was in front of a building and was approached bv a
couple of men who spoke briefly. then opened fire. Mr. Aquino was killedl another
man, Paul Peralta. was shot. but survived. Rivera was known to people in the
building and had a conviction for gun possession. He was charged and convicted of
the crime. In 2006 Jaime Acevedo confessed he drove the real killer to the murder
scene. and that Rivera was not involved. Prior to a court decision. Rivera accepted a
plea agreement where he pled no contest to manslaughter. Dy'ew Iorlr ?r'raes,'
November 16.2006: In Murder Case, New Evidence but Same Celll I
f Defendant Wins
Freedom, But Not Vindicstionl l
*1999; The Tulia incident. in which 46 people" fortv who were African-American.
were arrested on a drug sting under undercover officer Tom Coleman. Despite the
lack of credible evidence" many nled guiltv to receive lesser sentences believing thev
would not receive a fair trial (those convicted received harsher sentences). Further
investigations and other evidence led to the release of most of the 'rTulia 46" bv
2004, who were further compensated a total of $6.000.000 collectively to avoid
further litigation.
*Dwayne Allen Dail. iailed for 18 years in a child rape case. was released from
prison after new DNA testing cleared him of the crime. I
[http://www.usatodsv.con/news/nation/2007-08-28-charges-dismissed N.htm Msn
clesred after I8 vears in prkon - USATODAY.con I I
*Derrick Bell. who was serving 12 L/2 to 25 vears in prison for the robbery and
shooting of Brentonol Moriah in Brooklvn in 1996, had his conviction vacated. I
f - 2nd Circuit Upsets
Conviction Over Defense Failure to Test Victim's Memorv I I
*Claude McCollum. convicted for murder and rape in 2005" had his conviction
overturned.. I fhttp://www.lansinsstateiournal.cont/apps/pbcs.dlUsrticle?
AID:/20080119/l{EllSQI/801180373/O/special LV'hv was Claude McCollum wronelv
convicted? I I Lansing State Journal I I
*Charles Dubbs. convicted for two sexual assaults. was set free after another inmate
confessed to committing the crimes. I
[http://www, Freed after Other Inmate
Confesses to Sexual AssaultsVBC 27 News I I
*Steven Phillips. sent to prison for a 1982 rape and burglary, was found to be
wronglv convicted. I l 0286-
32890753 ITM DA: Man wronelv convicted in '82 rape: He could be 14th cleared
after DNA points to another. I Dallas Morning News (Dallss, TXI (September. 20071 I I
*Richard L. Kittilstad. sentenced to ten vears prison sentence in 2001 for soliciting
prostitution" had his conviction overturned. I
[]&formaf-print JS Online:
Minister's conviction overturned I I
*Ronald Gene Tavlor was set free after DNA cleared him in a 1982 gang rape in
Dallas Countv. I
[| Finallv
free, Ronald Tavlor has no grudges I Lisa Falkenberg I - Houston
Chronicle I I
*John White was released from prison after a DNA test cleared him of rape. I
[,23599.22911611-40l,00.html DNA clears iailed man
of rape after 27 vears I l1
*Marcus Lyons was cleared of rape bv DNA evidence. I
[ but still strussling/ Exonerated But Still
Straseline I ABA Journal - Law News Now I1
*Floyd Brown. held since 1993 in a mental institution without trial for beating
Katherine Lynch to death, was released after all charges against him were dropped
Ihtto ://www. c h srlotte. c o m/5 9 8/sto rv/4 I 3 5 2 1. htmil
*Martin Tankleff was released from prison and his 1990 conviction quashed after
new evidence cast doubt on the police tactics and methods used to gather evidence.
He was originally convicted of killing his parents. but new" unspecified. evidence
cast serious enough doubt on that to cause an Appeal Court to quash the conviction.
I f urticle id:
504886&in pase id=1811 Man convicted of killing parents 17 vears aso is freed after
court overturns verdict I the Dailv Mail I I
*A Colorado iudge ordered on Januarv 22, 2008, the immediate release of Tim
Masters. DNA research bv Richard Eikelenboom from Independent Forensic
Services in Nunspeet disproved his connection with the death of Peggy Hettrick in
1987 inFort Collins. I [http://www.nos.nUnosiournaal/urtikelen/2008/1/22/220108
mosters vriilating.html NOSJOURNAAL - Masters vrii na Nederlands dna-
onderzoek I I
*David Scott was released from prison after DNA evidence determined he was not
the man who killed 89-year-old Loretta Keith of West Terre Haute. I
[httn:// WTHR -
Indianapolis News and Westher - DNA evidence frees inmate I I
*Kennedv Brewer was exonerated of a 1992 rape and murder of a 3-vear-old child
after sp endine I 5 v ear s b ehind b ar s. I I h ttp : //ww w. s un h e r s I d. c o m/3 0 6/v -
print/storv/355760.htm1# : Man chareed in child slaving for which
unother sentenced to death I I
*Lvnn DeJac. convicted of killing daughter. was exonerated after a iudge
overturned her conviction based on new Dl{A evidence implicating her former
bovfriend in the l<tllins.. I fhttp://sbcnews.eo.cott /TheLadwireStorv?id=42874361 I
*Rachel Jernigan, convicted of bank robberv in 2001. was released from prison
after another woman confessed to the crime. I
fhttp : //www. fox I I az co m/n ew s/to p s to r ie s/s to r ies/k ms b - 2 0 0 I 0 2 0 7-sp i c-
mothrefreed.9bb7bSa6.html Arizona mother freed from prison for crime she didn't
commit I Top Stories I FOXlIAZ.coml News for Tucson, Arizona I1
*Willie Earl Green. sent to prison in 1983 for the murder of a woman. was released
after a chanse in testimonv. I f
me-overturnlImarL1,1,200327l.storv After 25 vears, new hope for inmate - Los
Aneeles Times I I
*Robert Gonzales. a mentally retarded man who falsely confessed to the slaving of
an 11-year-old girl in 2005 was released from iail Friday after a national database
matched DNA in the case to another man in custodv for another crime. I
I http : //www. ko at. c o m/n ew s/l 6 73 2 5 3 9/d et ail. ht ml C h sre e s D is mis s e d A eain s t C h ild
Rape, Murder Suspect - Albuquerque News Storv - KOAT Albuquerque I I
*Patrick Waller. who was convicted for a robberv in which four people were
abducted and a woman was raped, has been exonerated. I
nerate.dcdl9fe.html Patrick Wsller, exonerated bv DNA, grants first interview I Dullas
Morning News I News for Dallas, Texas I Latest News I I
*Raymond H. Jonassen spent four months in iail based on information that turned
oat to be false. I f 22-
20/TOP Storv expired! ( I I
*Dean Cage was exonerated of a rape conviction after 14 years in prison. I
webmav28,0,5734277.storv DNA exonerates inmate on rane conviction after 14 vears - I1
*Walter Swift was wrongly convicted of raping a pregnant Detroit woman in 1982.
I [ WWJ Newsradio 950 - Adiustine to
Freedom Trickv for Walter Swift I I
*Levon Junior
"Bo" Jones. sentenced to death for the 1987 murder and robbery of
Leamon Gradv. was released after nearly 15 years in prison. I
[http://www.newsargus.cor?r/news/archives/2008/05/04/man freed after I5
vears on death row/index.shtml Goldsboro News-Argas I News: Man freed sfter IS
vears on death row I 1
*James Lee Woodard was released from prison after DNA tests and changes
witness testimony proved that he did not rape and murder his 2l-vear-old girlfriend
in 1980. I
oneration.aclea2cc.html DNA evidence frees man imorisoned 27 vesrs in Dallas
Countv I Dallas Morning Nerrys I News for Dsllas, Texas I Breaking News for Dallss-
Fort Worth I Dallas Mornine News I I
*Cynthia Sommer. convicted of killing her Marine husband with arsenic to pav for
breast implants. was cleared after new tests showed no traces of poison. I
fhttp ://www. c h ic s g otrib une. c o m/n ews/n ationw o r ld/c hi-cv nt h ia-s o mme r-0 8 0 4 I I -
ht, 1,6 7 I 0 3 0 3. sto rv ? trac k:rs s Cv nth ia S o mmer mur d e r c h ar g e s dis mis s e d - I I
*Thomas Clifford McGowan was freed after spending nearly 23 vears in prison for
a rape he did not commit. I [http:/
3216986359 x.htm DNA frees man who spent almost 23 vears in prison for rape - I I
*Nathaniel Hatchett. who spent 12 years in prison for rape. was released after
prosecutors decided to drop charges based on DNA evidence that shows he was not
the raaist. I fhttp ://www. detn ews. com/app s/p b cs. d I l/articl e 7
AID:/2 008 04 I S/METRO/&A4 I 5 03 7 I/1 4 |9/METRO Man exonerated after I 2 vears in
prison I I
*Glen Chapman. who spent 14 vears on death row. was released after
the District
Attornev dismissed murder charges against him. I
[http :// obs erver. com/news/crime s afetv/storv/I 0 2 3 0 74. html I Another innocent inmste leaves death row I I
*Guv Randolph was exonerated bv a court
iudge after the district attorney's office
acknowledged that he had been wrongly convicted. I
[htto:// convicted man seeks
comDensstion/ Wronglv convicted man seeks compensation - The Boston Globe I I
*Hattie Douglas's charge of murdering her 1l-month-old son bv noisoning
him with
alcohol was dismissed in Mav 2008. The murder charge was dropped after new tests
cast doubt on the theory that the death of her son was caused bv alcohol.
I h tto : //www. c I ario n le d s e r. c o m/ap p s/p b c s. d I l/art ic I e ?

AID:/2 0 0 I 0 5 24/NEWS/8 0 5 24 0 3 3 8/1 0 0 I /n ewsl

Together, www. FreeKelsevsMom. com and are hoping to
educate the public about wrongful convictions bv holding s rallv on June 21. 2008 in
Harrah, Oklahoma at Heritage Psrk.
oklahoma Citv. oK (Billboard Publicitv wire / PRWEB) Mav 23.2008 - The
recent release of wrongfully convicted Cynthia Sommer has brought awareness to
the imprisonment of the innocent. The trend of crime lab mistakes" iudicial errors.
and incorrect evewitness accounts is spreading nationwide. These contribute to
years being stripped away from those who are mistakenly confined in a system that
promises "Justice for all." Together. and www.Raye-of- are hoping to educate the public about wrongful convictions by holding a
rally on June 21.2008 in Harrah. Oklahoma at Heritage Park. Oklahoma's own
"Innocent Man" Dennis Fritz and Tabitha Pollock who was exonerated in an
Illinois Supreme Court after six vears in prison are among scheduled guest
speakers. Ultimately. we want to educate the putrlic of this very real epidemic of
wrongful convictions.
To quote Sommer's website. "Putting an innocent person in iail is the legal
equivalent of a plane crash." Unfortunatelv. these "plane crashes" are part of a
trend that is being seen across the countrv. With high profile cases such as
Sommer's making the nightlv news" the public is now opening its eyes to the realitv
that wrongful imprisonment can happen to anvone. In Oklahoma. awareness of our
"iniustice" svstem has gone virtual with the websites
and These sites are in support of a woman named
Raye Dawn Smith. Free Kelsev's Mom members believe Smith has been wrongfullv
convicted bv a one-sided media blitz that altered public opinion and led to an unfair
trial. Durins the trial. Richard Smothermon. District Attorney for Lincoln County,
Oklahoma. stated that he believed Smith's daughter. Kelsey Smith-Briggs. was
sexuallv assaulted and murdered bv Mike Porter. Smith's ex-husband and Kelsey's
step-father. According to Smothermon. Smith "should have known" Porter abused
Kelsev. (Oklahoma Case(s) CF-06-00033 & CF-07-00134)Smith now sits in an
Oklahoma prison waiting for her appeal to the 27-vear sentence she received for
"should have known." Evidence in support of allegations of periurv. iury tainting.
iuror misconduct. timelines. the conspiratorial emails. and other documentation can
be found on Smith's sites at

Like Sommer's case. Smith's has gained local and now worldwide attention due to
the YouTube videos and media blitz launched by Kelsev's paternal grandmother.
Smith's site has members from as far awav as Denmark. Australia, Canada. South
Africa. and the UK. These members believe that it was the media and Smith's
silence that convicted Smith before her case went to trial on July 9.2007. Oklahoma
Citv based news channels reported 910 times on this case from October.2005 to
April.2007. During that same time period. the Dailv Oklahoman published 59
articles and the Shawnee News-Star published 62. With the media, billboards.
buttons" bumper stickers. and Smith's side of the story silenced and ignored. Free
Kelsey's Mom members believe Smith did not receive a fair trial.

On Tuesdav. Mav 20.2008. Smith's familv members gathered at the State Capital to
deliver a letter from Smith to Oklahoma lawmakers. They also delivered evidence of
Smith's alleged innocence. and two petitions; 664 signatures and sentiments have
been gathered in support of a fair trial for Smith, and 505 signatures have been
collected to release the records of Kelsey Smith-Briggs as Oklahoma's Title Ten calls
for in the death of a child. Smith's familv members were met bv a local television
crew that "scooped" the letter from a House of Representative's office after the
family refused to turn over a copy of the letter. Before the family left the Capital.
the letter was posted on the paternal family's website along with plentv of bashing of

Nationwide coverage is needed to bring attention to this the iniustice that Rave
Dawn Smith and her supporters allege. Read the evidence at and ask yourself - as a societv. are we to stand bv.
quietlv thinking "someone else" will bring awareness to wrongful convictions and
report Raye Dawn's side of the storv? Give Raye Dawn a voice. Tell her story so
others will not suffer her fate. Visit and bring
awareness to the truth and raise much needed funds for Smith's defense. (Oklahoma
Appeals Case #: F-2007-1196)

the fote of ore criminol justice system .convict the ond

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imprison the innocent .thot todoy itis not justice but injustice for