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EXTRAORDINARY ABILLTO BE PRESENTED ATA MEETING OF PARLIAMENT A,B for an Act to amend the Boxing Commission of Fi Promulgation 2008 is Published as a ‘supplement 1 this Gazette and be introduced at a meeiing of Parliament. R015) 1100) LOST CERTIFICATE OF TITLE Tevu and known as Lot 32 on DP 3165 known as pyitpe0” & “Dresa” (part of) containing 20p more or eae S.CHAND RR 753693 Registrar of Titles ————__ Bestar of Titles to LOST CERTIFICATE OF TITLE NoTice is hereby given that duplicate Cenifcate of Title Ro, 13856 now standing in the name of Ram Prasad ake ‘Lochan situate in the. district of Suva island of Viti Leva and Bao & “Naivodo" (per of) Lot 1 on DP 3474 containing Zfemore or less, having ben lost and necessary cpptcatog S.CHAND Registrar of Titles CS 120605 WEDNESDAY, 28th JANUARY 2015 02) IN THE HIGH COURT OF FULAT LAUTOKA BANKRUPTCY AND WINDING UP (CAUSE No. 28 oF 2014) Jnthematter of Fonune & Limited a imited liabity ‘company faving iis registered office at Level 3, Alia Center, Maint, Nacl and in the matte of the Campanies Act, ROTEE is seveby given tha «pedttone forthe winding up © the above company by the High Cour of Fi at taco Bas on 20th day of November, 2014 presented to the said Daa, by Andalusia Limited (formerly called Sonaisalt Island Resort Limited) a limited lability company having ig Renee office at KPMG Suva Central Bullding, Remick KRISHNA & CO., Solicitors for the Petitioner, whose address for service is at their chambers at 27 Nev Street, Lautoka, ‘NOTE: Any person who intends to appear on the hearing of {he petition must serve on or send by post to the above, Signed by the person or ism, or his or their Solicitors (i any) and must be served or if posted, must be sont by postin; sufficient time to reach the above-named no ines than 4 o'clock inthe afternoon of the 20th Janay, 2015. 8 120603 122 MINISTRY OF iTAUKEI AFFAIRS KAMAKOREWA L., Principal Administrative Officer, renewed from 8th January, 2015. EDP 45218 BURE L.,Assistant Accounts Officer (Finance & Accounts], Tenewed from 8th January, 2015. EDP 60636 BAINIMARAMA E, Senior Administrative Officer, renewed from 8th January, 2015. EDP 53738 RASOLO M, Administrative Officer (Culture) renewed from un January, 2015, EDP 48495 WAQAIVOLAVOLAJ., Executive Officer [Editor] renewed from 8th January, 2015. EDP 64564 TAWAKE A... Secretary, renewed from 8th January, 2015, EDP 63181 VATUKARAWA L, Secretary, renewed from 12th January, 2015. EDP 91269 105) ‘CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF FUT (Section 92(4)) APPOINTMENT TO ACT AS MINISTER FOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS INexercise of powers under section 92(4) of the Constitution— REAR ADMIRAL (RETIRED) JOSAIA VOREQE BAINIMARAMA, is hereby appointed to act as Minister for Foreign Affairs With effect from 20th January 2015 to 30th January 2015. Dated this 2ist day of January 2015. 8. KIRAN Secretary to Cabinet 106) CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF FLI (Section 92(4)) APPOINTMENT TO ACT AS MINISTER FOR AGRICULTURE, RURAL AND MARITIME DEVELOPMENT AND NATIONAL DISASTER MANAGEMENT IN exercise of the powers conferred upon him under section 92(4) of the Constitution of the Republic of Fiji, the Honourable Prime Minister has appointed— HONOURABLE OsEA NAIQAMU to act 2s Minister for Agriculture, Rural And Maritime Development And National Disaster Management with effect from 24th January 2015 to 6th February 2015. Dated this 21st day of Jenvary 2015, S.KIRAN Secretary to Cabinet (107) TELEVISION (CROSS.CARRIAGE OF DESIGNATED EVENTS) DECREE 2014 (DECREE No. 19 0F 2014) AMENDMENT OF DESIGNATION OF EVENTS INexercise of the powers conferred upon me by section 5(2) of the Television (Cross-Cartiage of Designated Events) Decree 2014, I hereby amend the Designation of Events, (Gazette Notice No. 565 of 2014) and remove the following events— Rugby World Cup (Sevens And Fifteers) IRB Sevens Series Dated this 15th day of December 2014. A. SAYED-KHATYUM Attomey-Geneval and Minister for Finance, Public Enterprises, Public Service and Communications — ees REISS and Communications fos] VALUERS REGISTRATION ACT 1986 (ACT NO. 7 OF 1986) REGISTER OF VALUERS ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE PURSUANT to section 10(1) of the Valuers Registration Act 1986, notice is hereby given that every registered Valuer other than Valuer who is a Public Officer is 0 pay the annual registration fee of $5750 (VIP) effective immediately. Made this 21st day of January 2015. L.NAYACALEVU Registrar of Valuers (109) LOST NATIVE LEASE Notice is hereby given that duplicate Native Lease No. 25296 now standing in the name of Edward Phillip Das of 98785 Lewistain Road, CA 98785 United States of America Retired situate in the district of Vitogo island of Viti Levu and known as Waiyayi Subdivision Stage 1 Lot 41 ‘on DP 3031 and containing 159m‘ more or less, having been lost and the necessary application fled, it is my intention after fourteen days from the date of publication hereof to issue a provisional Native Lease ia liew ofthe sald duplicate Native Lease. S.CHAND cS 120608 Registrar of Titles