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Lever House, New York

Skidmore, Owings & Merril

Chrysler Building, New York

William Van Alen

Geodesic Dome

Buckminster Fuller

Sydney Opera House

Jorn Utzon

Solomon Guggenheim Museum

Frank Lloyd Wright

Parliament Buildings, Brazil

Lucio Costa & Oscar Nimeyer

Bauhaus Building, Germany

Walter Gropius

Einstein Tower

Eirch Mendelsohn

Chapel of Notre Dame

Le Corbusier

Cultural Center of the Philippines

Leandro Locsin

Tahanang Filipino or Coconut Palace

Francisco Bobby Manosa

Asian Development Bank, Philippines

C.C. de Castro

San Miguel Corporation Building

Manuel Manosa

Bank of China, Hong Kong

I.M. Pei

Twa Kennedy Airport, New York

Eero Saarinen

AT & T Building, New York

Philip Johnson


Form follows function

- Louis Sullivan

Form does not necessarily follow function

-Antonio Gaudi

Art and Architecture, the new unity

- Walter Gropius

A house is a house
- Louis Kahn

Cube within a cube

- Le Corbusier

A bridge is like a house

- Robert Maillart

Less is more
- Ludwig Mies Van de Rohe

Function influence but does not dictate form

- Ecro Saarinen

Modern architecture need not to be Western

- Kenzo Tange

Archtiecture must meet 3 requirements: strength, beauty, and unity

- Marcus Vitruvius Pocio


(HUDCC) Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council
An office mandated to coordinate and supervise the governments housing
agencies. It is also tasked in monitoring the performance of the housing sector, and
involved in policy formations.
(SSS) Social Security System
The insurance system for the private sector, where coverage is compulsory upon
all employees not over sixty years of age.
(GSIS) Government Service Insurance System
The insurance system for the Public sector or the government employee
A provident savings fund housing open to most private agencies.
(UHLP) United Home Lending Program
This is administered by NHMFC from funds contributed by SSS, HDMF and
(HDMF) Home Development Mutual Fund
This office administers the PAG-IBIG Fund, it entitles Pag-ibig members who
are public and private employees as well as the self-employed to housing loans.
(NHMFC) National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation
The agency mandated to administer take-outs of buyers originated by banks and
developers, faced with administrative problems in loan processing. It also provides
construction and development finance for housing.
(NHA) National Housing Authority
The agency tasked for the building of housing units and residential
condominiums. Facilitates joint venture projects among landowners, developers,
financial institutions and local governments.
(HIGC) Home Insurance Guarantee Corporation
The agency takes care of insuring the subdivisions and is also a lending entity.
(HLURB) Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board
The governments principal regulatory body in housing and land development.
It is to enforce, implement, coordinate the land use policies and regulations on human
settlements, including building rental laws.