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Name: Jewel Manelle L. Amante
Nickname: Jewel
Yr. And Course: 4 BS Electronics and Communications
ns Engineering

Date of Birth: 06 October 1994

Address: Rm 301, University Residence Halls-South,
University, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
Contact Nos.
0936 967 6557

Age: 20
Ateneo de Manila
Email Address:


Name of Organization
P&G CEO Leadership
November 2014
Ateneo Student
October 2014
Leaders Assembly
Social Media Team
Manager of Project LAANs Official
Project LAAN
July 2014- Present
Facebook page
June 2014AJMA
October 2014
June 2011-present
June 2011-present
COA Lead


November 2013

AECES Credentials: (What had been my participation in AECES for the past year/s? e.g.
Officer, Project Head, Core Group Member, Volunteer/Participant in
Projects -please specify)

Vice President for Special Projects 2014-2015

o Generated the first fundraiser party for AECES (Operation Amplify)
o Created the first Code of Internal Procedures for the Special Projects
Team Head- Corporate Relations Elite Team, 2012- 2013

Successful Sponsors Contacted for AECES: Universal Robina Corporation

(Interface 2012), (Media Sponsor for Interface 2013),
Red Roaster Bistro (VIP Card 2013)
Publications & Design Team Member, Promotions and Publications, 2013
Program/ Logistics Head- Survival kit, 2013
Project Head- OJT Talk, 2014
Volunteer- 2nd AECES Got Talent, 2013
Attended AECES Sportsfest
Finance Head- Thesis Orientation, 2013
Project Head- First General Assembly, 2013
Finance Head- ECCE OrSem, 2013
Finance Head 1st AECES Got Talent, 2013
Marketing Head- Project Delta, 2012
Volunteer (Station Manager)- Project Delta, 2012
Programs Head Thesis Orientation, 2012
Attended Second General Assembly, 2012
Volunteer (Registration Committee)- Tambay Week, 2012
Attended Tambay Week, 2012
Attended First General Assembly, 2012
Volunteer (Runner) ECCE OrSem, 2012
Attended Culminating Night, 2012
Attended AECES Christmas Party, 2011
Attended Second General Assembly, 2011
Attended Tambay Week, 2011
Volunteer (Shirt Sale) AECES Food Fest, 2011
Attended First General Assembly, 2011

Plans and Platform: (State your plans and platform for AECES, particularly leaning towards
the role of the position you are running for.)
Thou shall not do better sameness
As President, the main thrust that I want to do is to give AECES its relevance and purpose
not only for the members, the Ateneo community but also the greater community ahead.
As a person passionate for change, I want to be able to lay out a foundation for structural
changes this year internally as well as to lead AECES into greater heights externally. I want
to get AECES on the right track and to achieve this I want to revolve around CHANGE. As a
leader aspiring to bring about positive change, my plans revolve around the refocusing of
ideals and a radical shift in perspective of the members.
Guided by this thrust, I want to strengthen the identity of AECES by concretizing its core
competencies and for this to be communicated better to the members. I want to steer
AECES into greater heights with the core competencies as its driving force. I aim for a
clearer vision concretized through our projects and the holistic formation of its members. I
am greatly disturbed by how AECES has so much potential unutilized. This year, I want to be
able to address these potentials as an engineering organization honing engineering
students with a capacity for leadership and social involvement which is beyond our
academic life.
I firmly believe that once AECES has something to fight for, a purpose, and relevance,
everything would fall together. There will be an increase in member participation and
involvement and financial stability because AECES` finally does something that actually
matters. I divided my plans for change into two parts; internal and external.

Internally, I want to lay out a strong foundation for the major structural changes in the
systems I want to implement next year and for the coming years after my term.
There have always been limitations into what the members see and know about whats
happening inside the Central Board. This year, I am aiming for greater transparency. I want
to generate opportunities for member-to-Central Board conversation and member
involvement in the upcoming structural changes. This can be done through generating
more Focused Group Discussions and actual conversation of the members of the Executive
and/or Central board with the members through Individual Consultations. Actual member
involvement in Constitutional changes (Con-Con) and Planning and Evaluations Seminars
(PlanSem and PlEvSem) would also help in trying to get more members involved in the
internal procedures of the Central Board. I want AECES to open its doors to members who
wants to get involved with the internals and to Vision and Mission of AECES better.

Minimum Action, Maximum Impact

AECES has a lot of projects aiming to cater to its VMO. This year, I want big projects which
cater to more aspects of the VMO instead of many small-scale projects. I want more focus
into large-scale projects to provide maximum impact to the members, Ateneo community,
and society. This can be done through creating a more thorough system of criteria of
projects, constant rethinking of all the projects during the Planning Seminars, and a better
communication of the VMO of AECES to the Central Board and members. Big projects are
to be the result of collaboration between the major departments and the Executive
Department. I want a shift in perspective of ideals as well as refocusing on the core
aspects of the identity of AECES through the strengthening of the core competencies by
creating projects which involve celebration of technology and innovation, member
development, and nation-building.
I plan on orienting the organization into becoming more member-based and therefore, the
growth of the members in terms of leadership should be given the most importance in all
aspects. I want to change the fact that AECES focuses mainly on the technicalities in
making great projects and focus instead on honing the leaders of projects and a great
project should only be the result of developed leaders.
Structural Changes
For this part, what I could give are merely suggestions because these major structural
changes I want to impart entails a discourse and detailed thinking and processing
between me, the Central Board, and the members. These changes I plan on implementing
next year along with a Con-Con at the start of my term. AECES has four major
departments: Research and Development (RnD), External Affairs (EA), Human Resources
(HR), and Special Projects (SP). I plan on concretizing the three core competencies of
AECES through its representation by the major departments. To explain further, I plan on
strengthening these core competencies because they should be at the heart of AECES. A
bigger part of the budget should be given to projects from these departments. This year, I
plan on putting Social Service through Engineering (SSE), one of its core competencies, into
the heart of AECES (a more concretized plan for SSE is at the next part of my plans external).
I plan on rebranding the identity of SP into specializing into a more relevant aspect of the
organization, SSE. Therefore, the biggest projects in the Special Projects department should
cater to more relevant issues in the society in which the members can be part of through
engineering. In line with this, the AECES Network Team (ANT) Head should be under the
Vice President as one of his/her Assistant Vice Presidents. The current SP projects are to be
handled by HR and SPs efforts should be directed towards social service.
Member Systems: I personally find the departmentalization system problematic. There is
inefficiency in handling 60-70 people under one department led by 2-3 people. The
departmentalization system doesnt work anymore because it leads to a greater divide or
cliquishness between the major departments in AECES. It makes more sense if HR would
handle all the members instead. I suggest having 6-8 committees (houses) represented by

heads handling a specific number of members. These committees are to be divided

depending on skills the members want to learn most about (i.e. Creatives, Marketing,
Finance, Project Management, Talent, etc). For this reason that I think the Batch
Representatives should be under the Executive Vice President (EVP). The EVP handles the
internal communication in the organization and the formation of future leaders of AECES
which is why I think the EVP should handle the batch representatives. The EVP should also
work hand-in-hand with HR in creating more projects addressing the leadership formation
of the members. More projects like leadership talks and seminars would be ideal. These
structural changes Im suggesting is a general idea and I wont go into full details (number
of committees, types of committees) for things I cant decide on my own because this
entails a full-on discernment process and FGDs between the Central board, COA, and the
More systematized social media representation: For the big changes I want to implement
the coming year, this is especially important since the marketing of the name of AECES to
the members, to the Ateneo and the society should be better. This system is to be handled
by the Promotions and Publications Department (PnP). This is important because I want to
be able to communicate the VMO of AECES more efficiently not only to the members but
to the Ateneo community and to the society as well.

I plan on leading AECES into greater heights through externalization. With a huge potential
for growth of innovation and nation-building, AECES deserves to have a voice to be heard
in the Ateneo community as well as the greater community beyond Ateneo. I want to
transform AECES to an organization of purpose. To do this, more socially-relevant projects
are to be produced for us to orient our potentials as engineering students for the greater
Ateneo Community
I want AECES to be more visible in the Ateneo community in terms of celebration of
technology and innovation. I want to propose one big project catering to the whole
Ateneo which caters the presentation of the newest technology available. I want greater
visibility of AECES in terms of being the premier engineering organization of the Ateneo.
Educational Sector: The AECES Network Team (ANT) is a special group in AECES which
creates and repairs PCs from spare parts and deploys these to our partner school.
However, there is a staggering lack of relationship between our members and our partner
school. I want to develop a real relationship between majority of the member and our
( is interested in forming projects in
collaboration with AECES. The general idea of this start-up venture is that they have an
educational module for K+12 and they produce blocks which represent electronic
hardware for safe and easier learning of students. They are interested in collaborating with
AECES and our partner schools. They can provide us with the module and blocks and the
AECES community can join together to be part of area visits to these schools and teach

children the basics of electronics. In this set up, a real relationship between us and our
partner schools is formed.
Development Sector: Opportunities for involvement in the development sector is significant
as well. Many start-up social ventures are in need of manpower to greatly improve the
scope of their innovations. This is why I think they are more open to collaborations. I have a
wide range of contacts with regard to social entrepreneurship in which engineering could
be of big help to. For example, SALT Inc is a start-up company funded by IdeaSpace
developing salt-powered lighting to areas without electricity in the Philippines. I find it
bothering to realize how much underdeveloped other parts of the country are for them to
not even have the slightest bit of electricity which is one of the basic necessities in the
modern life today. Look at how much potential we can be of help to this company. We
could provide manpower and we could deliver these lights to areas in the country without


Interface 2015: Engineering by Design: For EA, which handles the flagship project of the
organization called Interface, I plan on getting more involvement from the members.
Ideally, I suggest an Investigatory Project contest for High school students, in partnership
with IdeaSpace, a start up venture funding innovative ideas. This is to ignite creativity and
innovation in high schools. An all-day talk or a competition for college students would be
ideal as well. Also, a better relationship with the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the
Philippines (IECEP) and Philippine Computing Organizations Alliance (PCOA) for the major
projects in EA should be formed.
AECES x Tactiles Inc.: For this project, I am aiming for more member involvement in
spreading the advocacy of AECES regarding computer literacy. I want to be able to
provide opportunities through area visits and teach basic electronics to grade school and
high school students to develop a relationship with our partner institutions. I want to be able
to ignite the passion in members for them to utilize our engineering skills for more members
to get involved in social service through engineering.
AECES Week: This is a weeklong project with the collaboration of the whole Central Board
with each other and with participating companies to showcase innovation and the latest
emerging technologies to the Ateneo through an exhibit, handle university-wide
competitions on basic robotics and programming. A particular department will showcase
its own departmental skill per day as well (Creatives, Marketing, Project Management, etc).
AECES Lead Series: This will be a series of leadership conferences and group dynamics to
the members to hone the future leaders and engineers of AECES. The goal is to invite
speakers to recognize different aspects of growth and to hold a talk series involving group
dynamics as well. Another goal is to be able to develop a system of mentoring of the
Executive Board and the members.

What is my vision for AECES? (Guide Question: How do you envision AECES in five or ten
years? How would your vision become a reality?)
Engineer for Others
Being an idealist, I am ambitious. I imagine AECES in the future as a family of engineers
working together building projects catering to the greater good. I imagine AECES as the
organization who hones Engineer for others in a more concretized viewpoint. I see AECES
as an organization having a strong network of connection of its members with a common
goal, which is oriented towards the Ateneo principle, being men and women for others. I
see future projects oriented towards cura personalis, with future engineers working together
and utilizing their skills to be able to help other people. I see it as an organization working
hand in hand more active in response to the social problems of the country.
Engineering the Future
I imagine a future of a more member-based organization. AECES is an organization honing
leaders in the field of engineering as well as providing more avenues for growth in the
members doing the application of their engineering skills in a more relevant manner. I see
AECES developing engineers to be more capable in their own respective fields and talents.
The Goal: My goal this year is to make transformative, radical change happen. I want to
be able to enable innovation among the members and the society. This needs to be done
in concrete steps for this year. I want to be able to lay out a strong foundation for the core
competencies this year to be able to concretize my vision better. I cant expect everything
to happen and to fall together in my term. But what I can give is the willingness to risk for
the big changes I want.

**** Please dont forget to attach a certified photocopy of your grade report last semester
with cumulative QPI. Thank you very much! AECES needs you to be our Future LEADER! ****