Digital Lessons Group Project Details & Guide Secondary

Establish a Group Leader Consult John's Presentation for 21st Century Skills

First Hour

1.0 Draw a simplied diagram of 21st C. skills & literacies


Create a graphical organizer using Inspiration, Kidspiration, PowerPoint, Keynote, Gliffy, or Google Presentations. /Handouts_files/twca.pdf com_content&task=view&id=57&Itemid=120

1.2 com_content&task=view&id=60&Itemid=120

Save organizer on group leader's computer. com_content&task=view&id=61&Itemid=120 com_content&task=view&id=266&Itemid=120

to Google Docs/ Spreadsheets

First Hour

2.0 Brainstorm lessons you have recently taught but require improvement or revision.


Create and share a Google word processing "document" to simultaneously edit list of lessons.

2.2 teams/participation/brainstorming.asp tools_ideation.htm

Use brainstorming ideas to encourage the best contributions from each member of your group.

Each teacher's username in Google Docs is their e-mail address. Google Apps works best with Firefox.

First Hour

Choose a lesson to modify for 21st century learners.


Chunk-up lesson into steps with details so each member clearly understands the lessons, including the standards covered.

You can transfer the chosen lesson into Google Docs and work on the lesson together electronically, or you can find another means that each member of your group can work on the lesson simultaneously.


Reformat lesson into a presentation.

First Hour

Second Hour


Collaboratively design a Google Presentation with details of the lesson plan.


Check John's Checklist for a lesson that includes characteristics for digital learners. id=dcjfgwn_3g5z9s4cn


Include the graphical organizer from step 1.1; how the updated lesson has been modified, and appropriate Virginia Technology SOL.

Second Hour

Export lesson from presentation into PDF.

Only the group leader needs to export the presentation as PDF.

Establish VoiceThread accounts for each member of the group.

Second Hour


Leader to import PDF as a VoiceThread project.

Don't forget to share your creation and make it public after you upload the PDFs and comment!

Emergency! What if VoiceThread doesn't work today??? Try Keynote and AudioRecorder for steps 6-7. But do try out VoiceThread. It's cool.


Add voice comments to VoiceThread from each member in your group.


Explain the 21st Skills Diagram and you grouped things together (leader)


Each member voicecomments on what area of 21st century skills/literacies they want to focus upon through next school year.


Various group members comment on the details of the lesson through each "page" of the PDF.

Second Hour

These are the secondary teacher groups we created on our Ning network. These groups have three interactive components. First, they have a "Box" where you can feature text, a photo, a video, or a "widget." Consider this "permanent" content.

There's also a "Comment Wall," where you can leave messages for the group. The heart, however, is the "Discussion Forum." Click the "Start Discussion" button to create a new forum within your group. Use the "box" to paste the embed code that VoiceThread creates to embed your VoiceThread video. When saved, you'll see your project appear on your group's page. These are the groups you will meet with today to create your project. Make sure your group leader lists all member names underneath your video in step 8!


Embed completed VoiceThread into Ningbased social network "Goochland Teachers 2.0."



Leader uses EMBED code from VoiceThread to add the movie to your Ning group page.


Include all group member names in details about the movie within the Ning group page, below the EMBED code.

Second Hour

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