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Dougy, John Moloney

Plotline Activity - The following are progression points in the story,

but they have become jumbled. Find the correct order and write the
information out in the correct order of events.

1. Gracey wins the final and becomes State Champion

2. Rains to the north of town cause the river to rise and the
townspeople begin sandbagging to keep the rising waters out
of town
3. Gracey and Dougy run to the hall with Craig and Brett to hide
from the shooting
4. Mr Price goes to Johnny Warren’s house to try to talk to him
5. Mr Jenkins and Paddy O’Shea organise for Gracey to race in
6. Dad tells the story of the Moodagudda
7. Raymond grabs the gun from Ron Kendall
8. Cooper turns up on ‘Sesame Street’ with some friends to try to
find Johnny Warren
9. Cooper and Ron Kendall break into the hall
10. Gracey hurts her arm and Cooper runs off
11. Gracey’s school friends are divided over the money
Gracey’s family is getting to travel to Brisbane to watch her
12. Gracey falls into the flood waters
13. Mum, Raymond, Gracey, and Dougy take a train ride to
14. Mum organises a party to celebrate Gracey’s race win
and her scholarship to be held at the local hall
15. No one knows who fired the first shot
16. Raymond shoots Ron Kendall
17. Raymond runs commando style to get into the hall
18. Mrs Granello offers Gracey a scholarship to study at
Hamilton College in Brisbane
19. Gracey convinces Ron Kendall to tell the truth about
Melissa and stop the ‘whites’ from any more shooting
20. The town is a ghost town, the people don’t return.
21. The rising waters start entering the hall and Dougy finds
safety for his family in the ceiling of the hall
22. The helicopter comes to rescue the kids from the hall
23. Gracey’s school friends celebrate her good fortune in
getting funding to go to Brisbane
24. Gracey saves Tiny and brings him into the hall and Tiny
tells what happened really happened to Melissa Brodie in the
sand hills
25. The final body is pulled from the raging river