SIMPSONS Comics Unchained
By Matt Groening

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Task 1,2 & 3 are Whilst reading activities – Set these up prior to reading the novel Task 1 – Character development: Complete the following: • For Simpsons 36 & 40, make a list of the characters as you meet them, make a note on their age and relationship as or to main characters. • As an extension this should be done for all 7 comics

Task 2. - Glossary of terms • Maintain a glossary of terms that are new to you or seem important. • Ensure you keep this going for the entire study in chronological order. Task 3. – Who said that? To complete this task you must have read ‘The absent-minded protester’. Rewrite the entire statement and record the character who said it. • • • • “As a great was hero I had clout” – Grampa Simpson page 31 “Put on your jams and surf” – Apu page33 “That’ what you’ve got my special ‘kickapoo joy juice’ for, sir” – Smithers 45 “Lordy. Some mysterious person has a potent message to get out.” Milhouse page 36

Task 4. – Moral? Is there a moral or message in the comic that is important to our lives? (The absent minded protester) • Identify a moral or message and in 40 or more words describe why it is important to you personally. • As an extension this could be done for all 7 comics. Task 5. - Interpretation If you were El Grampo, What would your graffiti look like and say? • Complete on an A4 sheet and give it an appropriate title. • In the bottom left hand corner of the page rule a 7cm X 4cm box. In this box write down why you chose the message/style you did.

Criteria rubric for tasks 1 to 5 Very High Understanding of the events, characters, morals and stories of the comic Use of glossary. Meanings inserted Mechanics of language – punctuation, spelling, grammar etc Adherence to presentation guidelines Completion of all activities Comments High Med Low Very Low Not Shown

Task 6. Reading Beyond the lines: Choose 1 to answer only (Use the TEEL process to answer this question. Minimum 100 words) • Why are old people (retired citizens) an important part of our society? • Explain why written or visual stereotypes are or are not appropriate for use in children’s texts. Use examples from the comics only? • How are smokers portrayed in these comics? Is it appropriate to have characters smoking in a children’s comic? • Write an exposé on the ‘Krusty brand fun factory’ for the Herald Sun newspaper. • Your own extension type question to demonstrate your understanding and deeper thinking about the issues in the text. (See Mr Thorne for approval) Criteria for Extended written task 6
Very High Understanding of the themes and issues within the text (depth of knowledge and contention) Spelling and expression (evidence of proofreading and appropriate language) Effective use of paragraphing Use of TEEL format (as or within paragraphs) Response was of a satisfactory length Comments High Med Low Very Low Not Shown

Task 7. – Oral Activity Create an original short dialogue between 2 or more characters from the comics and read to the class. • Script must be completed in ‘skit’ or ‘comic’ format. • The dialogue must last for 25 seconds or more. • Must be comical in nature. • Your voice should be used in a manner that allows the audience to clearly distinguish the different characters. Criteria for Oral presentation, task 7
Very High You showed evidence of preparation for the presentation (notes, script, evidence of rehearsal) Your presentation was engaging for the audience, ie speaking clearly, eye contact and effective use of body language The presentation demonstrated an understanding of the nature of the characters used Your presentation was long enough Listening to other presentations with respect. Comments High Med Low Very Low Not Shown

Task 8. – Imagine (Complete one or both of the dot points below) • Imagine you are Lisa or Bart and a military group of aliens has taken over Bendigo. What are you going to do about it? (Stay in character) Write an action plan of 10 or more dot points. • Use ‘Comic Life’ to create a two page (Minimum) comic based on the characters and topics of your choice. Criteria for Imagine written task 8
Very High Understanding of main characters, (depth of knowledge and action plan in character) or creation of characters and persona. Spelling and expression (evidence of proofreading and appropriate language) Response is of a satisfactory length Comments High Med Low Very Low Not Shown

Task 9. – Choices • If you were Matt Groening, which of the comics would you use to make your next TV episode? Why? (minimum 4 sentences)

Task 10. Going Further Investigation units Research at least 1 of these dot points • Springfield (The real Springfield USA Vs The Simpson’s Springfield) (can be done as a Venn Diagram or other visual aid) i. Location ii. Climate iii. Population iv. Other interesting facts Nuclear Power i. How does a nuclear power station work? ii. Has there been a nuclear melt down of a power station? Advertising laws i. What are Australia’s laws and regulations for Tobacco and Alcohol advertising? (Compare to those in the USA for extension possibility)

Criteria for Choices and Going further Very High Justification for comic chosen for TV The research question is fully completed. Appropriate length and accurate material. The research project shows planning, research and understanding. Comments High Med Low Very Low Not Shown

Extension Activities: Complete these tasks as an extension activity. a. Draw/Create your own cover for the comics and write a 40 – 60 word blurb. b. Matt Groening – Write a 200 word Biography and show research from at least 4 independent sources. Check with Mr Thorne for correct biography format. Criteria for extension task
Very High Demonstration of theme within cover Accurate biography constructed from various sources. Journey of the man in chronological order. Expression, spelling and punctuation (correct grammar, clarity of writing) Presentation (following the Presentation Guidelines) Comments High Med Low Very Low Not Shown

Have fun, Ask for help from a friend or teacher when stuck! Do not procrastinate!

A bonus for those who read the fine print. Create a new Simpsons character to receive a sticker on the reward chart.

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