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Equicapita Signs Agreement with ATB Corporate Financial Services for Acquisition Facility
Calgary, Alberta January 20, 2015 Equicapita Investment Corp. (Equicapita or the Fund) is pleased
to announce that it has signed an agreement with ATB Corporate Financial Services ("ATB") to provide an
acquisition credit facility to Equicapita (the "Facility"). ATB is a progressive leader in financial services and
the largest Alberta-based financial institution. The Facility is comprised of a revolving committed
operating loan for the purposes of acquisitions, refinancing existing credit facilities, day to day operating
requirements and capital expenditures. The Facility is secured by among other things, a general security
agreement that Equicapita holds in certain subsidiaries.
This credit relationship is an important next step in the evolution of Equicapita. The Facility supplements
our strong balance sheet and provides Equicapita with additional flexibility to be opportunistic with
future, accretive acquisitions, commented Greg Tooth, Director and Co-Founder of the Fund.

Founded in 2013, Equicapita is a Calgary based investment fund; established for the purpose of
acquiring private, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in western Canada. Equicapitas
mandate is to acquire a diversified portfolio of private businesses with enterprise values ranging from $5
to $20 million, primarily from retiring owners seeking liquidity. Equicapita is a buy and hold fund that
partners with existing management teams, over a long investment horizon, in an investment vehicle that
streams income to a diverse investor base (
ATB Financial is the largest Alberta-based financial institution, with assets of over $33 billion. ATB provides
retail, business and agri-business, and investment solutions through 171 branches and 130 agencies to
over 650,000 customers. Through its ATB Corporate Financial Services division, ATB offers a wide range
of custom-built solutions from capital, cash management and financial markets to commercial and
corporate business operating in industries critical to the Alberta economy including the energy, real
estate, food & forestry and diversified sectors. ATB Financial also has a strategic alliance with AltaCorp
Capital Inc. an institutional financial advisory firm offering a full spectrum of value-added financial and
advisory services to corporations in varied stages of development.

For more information please contact:

Greg Tooth
Tel: 587.887-1527

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