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In this project you will use GIMP to create an image in which a silhouette blends into a
background of a slightly different shade of the same color.

Part 1. Prepare the silhouetted image.
Open an image with a transparent background or extract an image.


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Apply the Threshold filter from the Colors menu. Move the black slider left to get more white
in the image, right for more black. I used 100.


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Use By Color from the Select menu to choose the white area.
Invert the selection, Select – Invert, then Clear from the Edit menu.


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Invert the selection again. Assign the color of your choosing to the foreground color swatch,
then fill the selection with that color, Edit – Fill with FG Color. Deselect.

Part 2. Create the background layer.
Add a new layer (Layer – New Layer...) at the bottom of the stack in the Layers pallet. In the
Edit menu, click Fill with FG Color again, the same fill color you used earlier should still be
active. The entire image will appear to be filled with that color.

From the Colors menu choose Brightness-Contrast..., then move the Brightness slider to
the left until you're pleased with the effect. I used -80. Now click OK.


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Part 3. Apply a graduated mask to the image layer.
Be certain the image layer is active and add a mask to that layer, Layer – Mask—Add Layer
Mask. (White, full opacity).

Reset the color swatches to the default. Select the Blend Tool from the Toolbox and from the
Tool Options choose a FG-to-BG linear gradient.


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With the Blend Tool, drag from the center of the bottom upward about two-thirds of the


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Below is another example in which I used the same technique.

You can get some nice results with radial gradients as well. Experiment, too, with the amount
of black versus white in your image when you apply the threshold filter.
Note: Because GIMP is used across multiple platforms, I generally use menu choices in these
projects rather than keyboard shortcuts or contextual menus which may vary according to
your platform. Personally, I like to use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible. - TAB


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