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What Are The Ethical Implications Of Stem Cell Research
The documentary, Mapping Stem Cell Research or the Perils and the Promise of Stem
Cell Study, brings out the social, legal, ethical, scientific and the moral themes in the stem
cell research done by Jack Kessler. Once a neurologists, Doctor Jack Kesslers daughter
injurers her spine while skiing; he turns his energies toward discovering a technique to
refurbish the injured spinal cord. He refocused his research on developing a therapy using
embryonic stems cells. Kessler used these stem cells to redevelop the injured fractions of the
nervous system. His research takes him to a politically and a very crucial area where
Catholics and the fundamentalists Christians observe the beginning of a life exercise as a
powerful influence (Finitzo, 2007).
Jack Kessler exercises his power and position through public meetings and through
writing articles to different newspaper articles. This is to educate the people about the
importance of the stem cell study. He works alongside his two graduate students; vibhu and
Vicki, whom he directs on a thorough painstaking medical assessment on mice with spinal
cord injury. He also talks about the religious disapproval and misapprehensions on the stem
research study with his students; to prepare them incase of any opposition while undertaking
the research (Finitzo, 2007).
Doctor Laurie Zoloth, Kesslers partner shares in jack Kessler public education
efforts. He also probes into some moral and ethical matters concerning the research in her
lessons on bioethics. The questions are quite hard because they involve diverse spiritual
values and the real meaning of human anguish. Responding to the analysis of the majority;

the congress surpassed the stem cell study and the Development act of 2005 that was rejected
by President Bush. Another bill behind the stem cell study managed to pass through though
the congress in 2007 also received a presidential ban. These discussions and debates continue
as individual state pass this law that affects the stem cell research, to proceed in this field
(Finitzo, 2007).
Doctor Jack Kessler tried to balance his work, family and beliefs to be able to
undertake his research. He stood for what he believed to be the cure even though he faced
oppositions all over. These oppositions were mainly political and religious, Christians
believed that it was against it religious beliefs. The government refused to pass the law and
her daughter was denied to work in a certain company because of her disability. The urge to
get a cure and help the injured persons is what drove him to work on the stem cell research
and to be able to cure her daughter. Nonetheless, he faced oppositions from churches and the
government but he still worked on the project to upheld the study; socially, scientifically, and
ethically as the patients searched for employment (Finitzo, 2007).
I think that if jack Kessler did not face opposition his work is quite impressive and his
mission to educate the public is a sign of his faith in the research. The fact that it worked on
the mice the probability of the stem cell research success is relatively high.

Finitzo, M. (Director). (2007). Mapping Stem Cell Research: Terra Incognita [Motion