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Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 39-02 Des Plaines, IL 9TH WR
FC Robert Reczek VFC Chas. Hague FSO-PB Chas. Hague Vol. XLII – No. 1 –January 2010

Des Plaines Park District
Prairie Lakes Community Center
515 East Thacker, Des Plaines, Illinois
19:30 hours


Launching the new Flotilla


Flotilla 3-02, (9th WR) Monthly meeting, 16 December, 2009, 19:30

ATTENDEES: Ron Tragasz Bob Reczek Barry Jacobson Chas. Hague George Schmidt
Jim Davy Jerry Warych Mike Schlachter, Rolf Larson, Linda Larson,
Bill Robinson Dave Traiforos, Ginny Haase

DIVISION MEETING REPORT: New Division being set up. Three members of our Flotilla will be
staff: Barry will be DSO-PA, Ron will be DSO-FN, Chas will be DSO-PB.
Communications: Bill Robinson -- Nothing to Report
Computer Svc: Bill Robinson -- Nothing to Report
Finance: Ron Tragasz -- Finances reviewed and approved
Information Svc: Bob Reczek -- John Johnson turned in 803 hours. Flotilla has done 2978
hours for the year.
Materials: Jerry Warych -- supplied stamps to Chas.
Member Training: Barry Jacobson – will do MT on Info Tech in February, Vessel Exams in March,
Program visitor in April. Will be doing hypothermia MT for other groups.
Operations: Bob Reczek -- Nothing to Report
Public Affairs: Barry Jacobson -- Sign up for boat shows at District website. Bass Pro will be
having events, may participate there.
Publications: Chas Hague – Nothing to Report
Public Education: Ron Tragasz – Nothing to Report
Personnel: George Schmidt – Flotilla gavel is AWOL. Bill has rubber mallet that was
original 2218 gavel, will see if he can find it.
Program Visitor: Mike Schlachter -- Nothing to report
Vessel Exam: Jim Davy -- 2010 VE decals should be ordered soon.
NEW BUSINESS: Dave Arnold passed away

Meeting concluded at 19:55. Holiday potluck enjoyed by all.
From the
by Bill Robinson, FSO-CM

*** New Year; New Forms ***
As surely as night follows day, the new year and the reorganization of the Auxiliary have brought with
them a supply of new forms! The first one to hit the street is a revised ANSC-7029 Member Activity Log
(also known as the “99” form). This new form is effective IMMEDIATELY and older versions MAY NOT be
used. The old mission 99 form has been expanded into 5 sub-missions; 99-A through 99-E. They are:
99-A - AUXILIARY LEADERSHIP: Report all time spent by elected and appointed staff performing
National, District, Division, and Flotilla position duties. This includes all time spent for preparation and travel
for these duties.
99-B - RECREATIONAL BOATING SAFETY (RBS) SUPPORT: Report all time spent in RBS Support
that is not otherwise reported on a 7030, 7038, 7039, or 7046. This includes all time for preparation and travel
in support of missions reported on 7030, 7038, and 7046.
99-C - MARINE SAFETY (MS) SUPPORT: Report all time spent in MS Support that is not otherwise
reported on a 7030 or 7038. This includes all time for preparation and travel in support of Marine Safety,
Marine Environmental Protection, Commercial Fishing Vessel, Uninspected Passenger Vessels, and
Uninspected Towing Vessels.
99-D – TRAINING SUPPORT: Report all time spent in Training Support that is not otherwise reported on a
7030 or 7039. Any hours spent as a Trainee, other than attending a workshop, should be reported here. This
includes all time for preparation, study, homework, and travel regardless of the level of training.
99-E – AUXILIARY ADMINISTRATIVE/LOGISTICAL SUPPORT: Report all time spent for Auxiliary
and CG Support missions not otherwise reported on any other form or any other Mission Code above. Include
all time working on committees or attending meetings (if you are not an elected or staff officer.) This includes
all time for preparation and travel.
Fields have also been added for Non-Reimbursable Miles Driven and, Tolls and Parking. These two
enhancements will provide the Coast Guard with important “Return on Investment (ROI)” information relating
to the Auxiliary.
As of this writing (7 January) the new version has been posted at the regular forms website:
( along with a worksheet and instructions, so you can go there to check it
out and see what it looks like. However it has not yet been posted at the email forms website:
(, but I am sure this situation will be corrected shortly (if it hasn’t already).

*** Operations Workshop for 2010 ***
The Response Department has posted the Operations Workshop materials for 2010. This workshop is
recommended but optional for operations currency for 2010. To view and download this training presentation
and slide show please visit

*** Brochure Center Expands ***
The new Brochure Center ( for the E-Department has added
13 brochures for Public Education use. The Brochure Center lists the Item Name, Item Description, ANSC
Order Number and a camera shot of the contents. Click on the camera in the right column to actually see the
brochure prior to ordering.
Story and photos by Barbara Burchfield, Flotilla 12-3 Public Affairs Officer, D7
Reprinted from “The Breeze” the publication of District 7, Dottie Riley, Editor
From SITREP; National emagazine

When U.S. Army 360th Civil Affairs Brigade paratroopers execute a jump, they are called “sticks” by
fellow soldiers, possibly because of the multiple jumps and precise timing out of the aircraft. Or, it may be
that they just look like sticks as they exit the aircraft one after another.
The “sticks” jumped out of an Air Force C-17 Globemaster III air transport at 11:00 a.m., on Sept. 12,
2009, in a series of passes on the drop zone at Lake Murray. Dubbed “Operation Back in Black” by the Army,
this occasion commemorated the final group jump of the 360th airborne paratroopers since the group will soon
be disbanded and transferred to other Army units.
Following this final jump as a member of the 360th Civil Affairs Brigade, the paratroopers were required
to turn in their paratrooper maroon berets in exchange for the generic Army black berets. They will be “Back
in Black.”
The large aircraft flying low over the lake was a sensational sight for spectators as it dropped the
paratroopers at 1250 feet into the 85 degree water. According to the Jumpmaster, the aircraft made six passes
over the Lake, and a total of 78 paratroopers dropped like sticks from the plane. Not a common sight!
Auxiliarists from Flotillas 12-3, Lake Murray, 12-1, Lake Marion, 12-6, East Cooper, 12-8, Charleston and
12-12, Edisto Island launched support vessels from Flotilla Island as the primary retrieval boats. Richard
Miner, Flotilla Commander for Lake Murray, S.C., Flotilla 12-3 recalled, “This is the most number of Lake
Murray Auxiliary operational facilities (OPFACs) that I can recall in one mission at one time.”
Activity began at 0730with OPFACs and participants arriving by land and water. Vessels from Lexington
County Sheriff’s Office, Richland County Sheriff’s Office and Department of Natural Resources also assisted
and provided a much needed safety zone perimeter on this busy Saturday. It was an impressive assembly of
more than two dozen participating OPFACs rafted up at Flotilla Island for the early morning multiagency
Tasked with the prompt and safe retrieval of soldiers and their equipment, Auxiliary vessels worked
quickly to pick up and transfer the soldiers and their gear from the drop zone to nearby pontoon boats.
Each Auxiliary vessel carried an Army safety swimmer on board, a big help in hauling in the wet and
heavy parachutes. The paratroopers would be helped aboard only after the chute was retrieved. They then sat
on the chutes to save deck space. A quick transfer of the soldiers and equipment was made to pontoon boats
operated by private volunteers. Timing was critical for the boats to be back in position along the drop zone
before the aircraft made another approach with the next group of “sticks” jumping out.
A steady flow of pontoon boats ferried the wet soldiers and their equipment to Pine Island where waiting
family and friends greeted them at the commemorative ceremonies. Several hundred attended the party to
celebrate the group jump and the history of the 360th.
Aboard the Auxiliary Tactical Communications vessel, Sherry-Lynne, Auxiliarists Jerry Ruschkofski and
Russ Jernigan, Flotilla 12-3, coordinated the action and details between the aircraft, vessels and radio base
station located at Flotilla Island. Also aboard PATCOM were MSGT Nick Vidrine, U.S. Army 360th CA
Jumpmaster, two Army personnel, and BMC Travis Andrews, USCG Station Charleston, Auxiliary Liaison
MSGT Vidrine said, “I would like to express my gratitude to the Coast Guard Auxiliary for their support
in this mission and its successful finish. The Auxiliary provided the main boats for the retrieval of the soldiers
and their gear, and it was not completely without risk. Thank you all for your participation, we are grateful.”
For our part, the Coast Guard as proud to be a part of this historic event and honored to pick up their
“sticks.” Pictures on next page
Prepping the operational facilities prior to launching Auxiliary facility on the way to the target zone

“Sticks” over the target one. The Auxiliary vessel
ready to recover the paratroopers.
Bringing a parachute close aboard.
Note the paratrooper in the water (lower left)

Don Davis (L) from Flotilla 12-3 and James Ramsey,
Transferring a paratrooper to the pontoon boat Flotilla 12-6 coordinate multi-agency radio communication
procedures for operational briefing to all agencies
January 2010

UPCOMING EVENTS They are asking each of us to consider making as
13-17 Jan 2010 Chicago Boat Show, generous a donation to WWSPA as possible, so
McCormick Place that 067 will continue to be available as an
28-31 Jan 2010 Strictly Sail, Navy Pier operational facility to the Coast Guard Auxiliary.
19-21 Feb 2010 Our World Underwater, Rosemont
19-21 Feb 2010 District Conference (same NEW 2029 FORM
weekend) By Bob Reczek, FC
27 Feb: Chicago Maritime Festival, History There is a new 7029 form. 7029H (01/10) Use
Museum the new form NOW - Old 7029 cannot be entered
With multiple conflicts, we are going to need help The E-MAIL form is not up yet! It will be
manning show booths. Volunteer! Go to the available at a later date.
District on-line sign-up: The new 7029H form has 5 Mission Codes for reporting:
pa_public_affairs.html#boatshow 99-A Auxilliary Leadership
99-B Recreational Boating Safety (RBS)
February: ????? 99-C Marine Safety (MS) Support
99-D Training Support
CROSSING THE BAR 99-E Auxilliary Administrative/Logistical
As most of you know, DVC Dave Arnold crossed Support
the bar on 11 December 2009, after a long illness. Section 3: Here you report Non-Reimbursed
Donations may be sent to the Grosse Pointe Expenses incurred and Miles driven during
Lighthouse Preservation Fund, 2601 Sheridan Auxiliary Activity.
Road, Evanston, IL 60201-1752. To get more detail go into CGAUX.ORG,
Also, Mike Muller passed away on 2 January. He Members, Forms, select “7029 with
was a member of Flotilla 3-09, and the Fox Instructions”. Barry will give a brief talk about
Waterway Council. Our thoughts go out to the this form at the meeting.
families of both men. Also you must submit any mission hours (all
Forms) no later than 30 days after you performed
FACILITY 251067 those tasks.
Our Division’s primary facility on Lake Michigan,
251067, has troubles. The port engine has a GEORGE AND ROLF CAN IGNORE
cracked block and cylinder problems, and the THIS
starboard engine is pretty well worn, too. It looks When driving in winter conditions, you should
like both engines will have to be replaced before have an emergency kit in your car. This should
the boat can be used. This will cost approximately include warm clothing and a blanket, a shovel,
$25—30,000. The Coast Guard and DHS are sand, towing strap, jumper cables, tools, and your
being asked to contribute, but the claims procedure cell phone and charger. If you’re driving where
is expected to take a year or more. you might get stranded, a bright cloth for a signal
The Wilmette Water Safety Association, who runs banner, whistle, candles, matches, high calorie
the 067, must raise $25,000-$30,000 within the snacks, and water and a can to melt snow are good
next several months, or 067 will no longer be ideas, too.
available as a facility And, by the way: Be a volunteer lifesaver – Give
for use by the Coast Guard auxiliary. Blood!