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Ni Hao! Wanshan hao! Good afternoon!!.

Directors, students, friends, ladies and gentlemens

Its a honor to me to be here today representing a Mxico and to all my
classmates in this closures ceremony and thank you for lessening to my speech,
especially to the president of Jianghan University, Yang Wei Dong, the vice
precedence Sang Jian Ping, the Dean at the school of Medicine Ai Yong Xun, The
deputy dean of School of International Education, Chen Kai, To Mr. Lei Wanzhog
the party secretary, and all the directors and teachers at the different schools in
this great university.
In the name at Mxico, Mxico state, the Universidad Estatal del Valle de Toluca
and the Universidad Estatal del Valle de Ecatepec get you a greetings for the
Chinas government, the Jianghan University, the school of medicine and the
Wuhan TCM Hospital to be here for all this month, special greetings for your
hospitality and Is a pleasure for us to be invited to the into the acupuncture study
programs for international students at Jianghan University, in Wu Han, Hubei,
Traditional medicine is the mother of modern medicine, the Chinese people is the
living example of that Western medicine and Eastern can be complemented by in
the preservation of health and is for that richness we come here to know about
your culture, and in the present month be a lot of wonderful experiences, all kinds
of flavors, smells, feelings flooded our senses, allowing to soak us the delights
offered by the Chinese culture, in and out of the university.
The teachers and doctors, who with their prodigious minds and magical hands
entered us both the fundamentals of Chinese medicine like a acupuncture,
cupping, moxa, massage, and pathologies to be treated commonly, change
completely our perception, correcting our mistakes and allowed us to understand
the value that has debugging techniques as well as their effectiveness in medical
treatments in the hospital. All this experiences have enabled us to reinforce the
knowledge acquired during our academic training and upgrading from the root of

our being the commitment we have to the society and the people that we owe
ourselves, recalling the true aim of practicing traditional medicine.
Almost they dipped our bodies and minds in the techniques of Chinese art,
museums, music, writing, paint and the Shao Lin and Wu Shu marcial art, allowing
reflect in the mirror and be able to see our weaknesses, giving opportunity to
expand our resistance and individual strength and paint in our souls an ideogram in
which each line, each stroke is a reflection of our heart, our moods but above all
the opportunity to modify them and we have today been tattooed on the skin like a
thousand of colors in our conscience.
No doubt is that the bond that has formed between Jian han University, the
Universidad estatal del Valle de Toluca y Ecatepec is not only an opportunity for
the students, it is a multidimensional door that will bring benefits to what I now call
schools China-Mexico Sister, maybe separate by ocean but united by the
knowledge and the health.

Before I finish I need to says thanks to Michel, Daniel, Wendy, Miss Qi, Sky, Zao
Chang, Ian and all the students, volunteers, friends and every people help to us in
this adventure and now are ours brothers.

Today this dream is finish for us here, my mind is sad, but my soul and my heart is
happy to have lived this experience, and I know the finish is only a new began to
everyone, the roads are unlimited and maybe tomorrow we meet again.

At the end of this speech, I want to say thanks again to the government, Jianghan
University, the Wuhan TCM hospital; the most important is saying great thanks to
all of you, thanks for listening to my speech, I really feel happy!

Xie Xie Nin!!.

Erik Ignacio Contreras Lpez

Universidad Estatal del Valle de Ecatepec