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An old and interesting city in the northwestern

part of Romania, it played an important role

throughout the country's history, as a major
cultural, economical and military location. It is
worth a visit because of the large number of
historical monuments, museums and other
cultural landmarks, as well as for the
atmosphere, shops, restaurants and bars.
Especially in the past, Oradea was a meltingpot for different religions and minorities, which
together with the Romanian majority managed
to give the city an interesting image. It was also
an important center for Greek - Catholic
believers, especially after Pope Pius VI
founded the Bishopric of Oradea.

influence of those times, Oradea rapidly grew

and in a rather short amount of time several
new churches, cathedrals, museums and
impressive buildings appeared, the economical
significance of the city grew, as did it's

that the Jewish community has had over the

years in Oradea. The rii Criurilor
Museum is certified for a visit, as it's
collections are rich and diverse, focusing on the
art, culture, traditions and discoveries from this
region, and also presenting in detail the history
of the city.

(Town Hall)

(Fortress of Oradea old view)

Among the objectives you can admire here, one

of the best known is surely the Fortress of
Oradea (Cetatea Oradiei), which was built in
the 12th century to protect the city, but later
destroyed and rebuilt in the 16th century, this
time in an Italian style, which makes it even
more interesting. Very well kept for it's age, it
is a good starting point for discovering the past
of the region. Due to the strong Austrian

There are many palaces and official buildings

in Oradea, such as the Town Hall (built in 1902
- 1903 by the architect Rimanoczy Kalman, a
strange and asymetrical structure), the Justice
Palace and the "Black Eagle" Palace (one of the
main landmarks of the city, built at the
beginning of the last century, one of the most
beautiful architectural projects in the city), the
Baroque Palace, the Apollo Palace or Stern
Palace. Each of these is special in it's own way
and does it's part into creating a special city.
There are also some interesting churches, such
as the Church with the Moon, the Cathedral
(one of the most important and well known
buildings in the region), both impressive
examples of the Baroque style. You can also
find a synagogue, a symbol of the importance

(The Black Eagle Palace)

(The rii Criurilor Museum)

(The National Theatre)

(The Synagogue)

Oradea must be included on the list of "places

to see in Romania", as it is a different, beautiful
and interesting city, with several architectural
projects of importance, some museums, a good
theatre and the likes.

(The Church with The Moon)