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From crackle-glaze pottery and cascading light installations to reversible pendants studded with diamonds, WA&A editors select their favorite objets dart

Axis Pendant
by Robin Waynee
As the only Native American to have won the most
prestigious international design award, the Saul
Bell Design Award, and as the only person to have
won it three years in a row, jewelry designer Robin
Waynees portfolio needs no padding. Still, in 2014 she won two


other top awards in jewelry design: A NICHE award and the MJSA
Vision Award. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Waynee says her

Pot Rack
by Hammerton

exquisite designs always center around the stones. She draws inspirations from
the gems themselves and from architecture and the natural environment. The Axis
Pendant is reversible, with one side coated in glittering diamonds and the other

Hammerton melds frontier elegance

with the simplicity of nature in this
charming pot rack. Available in sev-

in shimmering pink gems. It was named for the pearl that turns on the pendants
axis to roll coolly across the skin. Its the clean, sculptural design that Waynee is
known for, and it even offers two looks for one.

eral finishes and customizable with


different types of foliage, this space-

1.25 x 2.5 inches

saving kitchen accessory keeps pots


quick at hand while offering a touch

of rustic ambience. Founded in 1995,

Hammerton is a custom lighting
designer and manufacturer whose artisan-crafted fixtures can be found in
luxury residences and leading hospitality properties around the world, but like
many businesses it started with two
young men in a garage. Hammerton got
its foothold by serving the burgeoning
second-home market in Park City, gaining recognition for its unique fixtures
that are beautifully crafted in proportion and detail. Theyve long since outgrown the garage, and today operate
from a 50,000-square-foot facility in
Salt Lake City.

12 pot hooks

A little bohemian but never far from

elegant, Dana Waldon uses reclaimed
materials such as Navajo weavings and
vintage horse tack to create her line of
one-of-a-kind handbags, the Santa Fe
Scout Collection. The Dakota bag features warm hues of pumpkin, chocolate,
cream and red. Couple these delicious colors with rugged raw-edge leather, handtwisted fringe, sterling Navajo buttons and a repurposed sterling and turquoise
concho belt for a bag steeped in the soulful appeal of the Western tradition. This
bohemian chic line is created by hand in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and each bag is



by Santa Fe Scout Collection

named after one of Waldons beloved dogs or horses.

10 x 14 inches

The Harris Chandelier

by Modern Relics

Victorian Glory
in San Francisco
and the Bay Area

by Paul Duchscherer and

Douglas Keister

Kathy Burk creates an assortment of fine art

in glass from her studio in Bozeman, Montana.
From pictorial mosaics to kiln-fired glass bowls
to abstract wall hangings and functional fine art

Victorian Glory in San

Francisco and the Bay Area
is an insightful study of
history through a survey of Victorian homes
located in and near
San Francisco. The
book is chronologically arranged by chapters that represent
the Gothic Revival,
Italianate, Second Empire, Stick
and Eastlake, Queen Anne and

lighting, her work emphasizes the multifaceted nature of her

medium and her background in interior design. Her company, Modern Relics,
offers a series of artwork designed to unify a homes interior, with sconces that
complement hanging light fixtures, and kiln glass bowls and mosaic landscapes
that help tie room together. Living in the West, I am strongly influenced by the
dynamic landscapes, constantly changing environment and industrious nature of
the people who live here, says Burk. I attempt to reflect these influences within
my art by merging organic design with industrial style. My designs incorporate
glass, steel, found objects and objects from nature. Working with glass allows me
to explore emotive thought and feeling using color, texture, depth and design.
The Harris Chandelier is built from kiln glass and steel. As all of Burks work is
influenced by nature, this piece was inspired by the illusion, color and depth of
local rivers and streams and reflects her clients love of kayaking.

Shingle Victorian styles, as well

52 x 20 x 14 inches

as the Edwardian era (1901


1914). There is also a Before

and After section, that presents

architectural transformations of
period-appropriate remodeled

No. 6 Diego Footed Bowl

by Frances Palmer Pottery

Victorian houses. Find additional design inspiration in the

chapter on Victorian Revival
Interiors, which showcases

Frances Palmer was trained as an art

recent period-style, interior design

historian, yet found that she always made work with her hands. First as a print-

projects. This book is an excellent

maker and now as a potter and gardener, Palmer loves the process of changing

historical and visual resource for those

ideas into form. Her handmade ceramics are functional art that can be used on a

interested in Victorian architecture.

daily basis. In her creative process, she strives to create uniqueness in each piece,
allowing the clay its own discretion and gently shaping it into its finished form. As


a ceramicist since 1987, her work ranges from whimsical to classical using white

Hardcover, 208 pages

earthenware, porcelain or terra cotta clay. Each piece begins as a lump of shapeless


earth. Then using water and a potters wheel, she shapes each vase, plate or bowl

by hand. Palmer lets it dry for a few days and then returns the piece to the wheel
for decorating, adding scalloped edges, beads of clay or cutouts to give each work
a distinct personality. The pieces are then glazed, either with a classic clean white
finish, a white crackle glaze, celadon, shino or a swirling mix of blues and pinks,
as found in her Cambridge series.
13 x 7 inches




The Pour
by Design Haus Liberty
Created by Design Haus Liberty,
The Pour was the result of a clients
request to create a light installation
in a room with exposed industrial columns on either side of a
dropped beam. The client wished
for a lighting sculpture that hung
from the beam and created an architectural relationship with the space.
DH Liberty began their process by
exploring the concept of rain and
how water droplets magnify light in unique ways. Then, they worked with U.K.-based glassblowers and metal engineers to
individually create each drop. The raindrops were secured in the distinctive shape of water pouring from a carafe, and the
installations mirrored base reflects light and raindrops endlessly. The Pour is a wonderful example of the beauty that results
when art becomes architecture.
custom sizes available

From Cowboy to Contemporary

Clockwise from left: Interior courtesy of Violante & Rochford; The Tyrants by Thomas Quinn; Pony Express by Gibb Singleton

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Aura Single Ring Chime

by Ladies & Gentlemen
The Aura Chimes series is a special
edition collaboration exploring sound
and kinetics. Metal, wood and leather
components by Ladies & Gentlemen
Studio (L&G) are combined with
handmade ceramic pieces by Seattle
artist Nicholas Nyland to create a
functional sculpture that sings a soft,
delicate, metallic song with the breeze.
L&G is a Seattle, Washington-based
design studio that focuses on creating a diverse set of products from
small objects and home dcor goods
to jewelry, furniture, lighting and
more.Founded by Dylan Davis and
Jean Lee in 2010, L&G Studios playful explorations in materials blends
with their resourceful curiosity for
an unexpected pairing of form and
function. The Aura Single Ring Chime
is designed for indoor or outdoor use.
10 x 15 inches

Greg Woodard | Ricochet

Greg Woodard Reception Dec. 27th, 5 PM to 8 PM

Creighton Block Gallery | Big Sky, Montana

33 Lone Peak Drive Big Sky, MT
406.993.9400 |




by Deny Designs
Based in Denver, Colorado, Deny Designs is a modern, think-outside-the-box home
furnishings company that seeks to transform dull household accessories into original
statement pieces. Deny offers a wide assortment of home design products that can be
customized with a personal image or artwork by
featured Deny artists. When you choose an image
from Denys gallery, that artist earns a portion of
the sale, enabling Deny to support art communities all over the world. Fade-resistant dyes are used
to transfer the artists image, or your own, onto almost any interior object you can think
of throw pillows, wall magnets, duvet covers, sheets, shower curtains, coasters, clocks
and more. We love this BlingBox for its sly facade. Doubling as both art and an organized
hanging jewelry box, the BlingBox can hold more than 120 pieces of jewelry and showcases
the work of artist Kangarui, with the print Romantic Boho Buffalo.

15 x 15 x 3 inches