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Weekend School Core Classes

Salam Alaykum WA Rahmatuh Allah WA Barakatuh

The ICEP Weekend School offers Islamic & Quran studies from kinder
through high school grades for students ages 4 years by Sep. 1 of
the school year up to 18 years old.
The curriculum consists of instruction taught through the use of books, guest
speakers, as well as teachers materials in the subjects of Islamic & Quranic
studies, positive behavior, self-image, current events, professions, and
community service. Classes will focus on helping students maintain a
positive American Muslim identity as they grow and mature into young
adults. Islamic teachings contribute to society in positive ways through
personal behavior, community service, and the professions they choose.
Students are able to participate in a variety of activities and field trips for fun
to further develop positive behavior, leadership, social and organizational
skills class curriculum, structure, and topics relevant to todays youth so they
enjoy coming to ICEP and serving their community.
The School day consists of four classes:
Arabic Language classes- Focus on learning to read based on the book
GATEWAY TO ARABIC. In the early grades, students learn to recognize and
recite the alphabet, then move on to learning vowels and the first, middle,
and end position of the letters. Students progress to read small words by
joining letters and gain proficiency as they progress through upper
elementary grade levels and on.
Reading Quran classes- reading ability: students are evaluated and placed
in the appropriate class level, based on their current knowledge, so classes
are not too easy or difficult for the student, appropriate level evaluation will
be determined so that students will benefit and improve their skills. Surah
Memorization will focus on memorizing selected surahs at different levels.
Early grades will memorize the small surahs, later grades will study longer
surahs learning the meanings and history of each.
Islamic studies classes- focus on learning about significant people and
events in Islamic history, with emphasis on the Madinah and Makkah periods
in our prophets (PBUH) life. Early grades learn simple concepts and build
upon the knowledge gained, leading into more in depth study in later grades.
The curriculum to follow will be WEEKEND LEARNING.
Field Studies - Students are able to play and socialize with classmates
during the break and participate in field trips for fun and to further develop
positive social skills, they may bring a snack from home or purchase a snack
at ICEP vending machine during break time.
For further assistance, please see the weekend school
administration staff in the ICEP school office on Sundays during
school hours (9:45 am 1:30 pm)
Jazak- mu- Allah Khair