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Leap frog in the hallway
2. Philly Cheese steak Challenge
3. All day COD sesh(7 hours minimum)
4. Fuck with B***s house again
5. Go to a strip club
6. Kegstand
7. Make an insane binger
8. Giant slip and slide
9. Freeze at the same time
10. Hook up with someone from the top 10
11. order and cancel 500 dollars worth of Chinese food
12. Destroy an open house
13. BBQ in the parking lot
14. Corrupt J Day
15. Fuck with a cripple
16. Get up and walk out of class without saying a word
17. break out into song and dance in the middle of class
18. Fake a giant fight at school
19. mushrooms
20. pick up girls in a diff state or country
21. visit a college kid from last year in vermont
22. Fuck up a hotel room
23. tell jeff......
24. scare the shit out of someone(strangers)
25. get shitty at a soccer tournament
26. steal a road sign
27. cut down a tree on g-pike
28. get coach johns number
29. tie a freshman to a tree
30. draw a penis on the rock
31. spread ridiculous rumors about jeff
32. Fuck with Evan C's car
33. cow tipping
34. blow something up
35. get head in less than a sentence
36. feed a chicken KFC
37. Buy a gun
38. Make alex and gabe smoke and dip
39. mess with mcdonalds people
40. take a mailbox
41. Skunk someone in bp
42. Have a bonfire
43. pick up chicks on the highway
44. teabag a doughnut and give it to someone
45. graffiti
46. Cliff jumping
47. start a fight
48. car surfing
49. ghost ride
50. ask 5 girls "are you tryin to get your bumhole licked"
51. play chicken
52. break dance randomly
53. nerf gun fight
54. yell "this is sparta", or "for narnia" while running through the hallway
55. do something ridiculous in the pep rally
56. come dressed in a costume to school
57. have a five course meal in the middle of class
58. organize an entire class to start singing the same song
59. longboard a complete circle on the top floor
60. donate sperm
61. road trip
62. squap someones mcdoanlds order
63. get a hug from Dr. Norell
64. collect 50 hugs within 10 min
65. brown paper bag a girl
66. plant a christmas tree at the 50 yard line
67. switch every single thing in two teachers rooms to make it look like the other
68. goat 10 random people
69. partyboy in the hallway
70. fork the courtyard
71. do the morning announcements one day, but make it funny
72. naked mile
73. learn how to do a standing backflip or back handspring
74. play penis at an assembly
75. watergun drive by (read less)
76. Drive blindoflded when someone navigates
77. Get tasered
78. Climb in LHS roof
79. Pee in the courtyard
80. Get schwasted before school
81. Get Gabe to hook up with his ricer maker
82. Engage in intercourse with a girl during school
83. Get a day of school canceled
84. break a bottle on a sign
85. teepee someone's house
86. give someone xlax brownies
87. go in a parade
88. shave someones hair with long hair
89. mess with a teachers stuff while not in school
90. shots on the roof like hangover
91. go bowling shwasted
92. scavenger hunt
93. go lazer tagging shwasted