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By Acharya Shree Dhruv
August 2003
Dhotirvastistatha Netishtratkam Nowlikam Tatha Kapalbhatischetani Khastkarmani Prachate — Hathayog

According to Hathayog Pradipika, there are six types of hathayoga: dhauti, vasti, neti, nauli, tratak and
kapalbhati. These are all yogic processes (shat karma) which apart from imparting physical and mental peace
also provide spiritual power. The first four, i.e., dhauti, vasti, neti and nauli are related to purification of the body,
while the last two, tratak and kapalbhati, are related to spiritual achievements.

Due to this. hypnotic and spiritual power. by focusing your eyes and attention on any . Three types of tratak sadhana (a) Inner tratak Sadhana (b) Middle tratak sadhana (c) Outer tratak sadhana Inner tratak sadhana is closing the eyes and focusing your attention on the middle of your forehead. memory and mental power. you get foresight. Besides. keep the lamp or shivlinga at a distance of 20 inches at eye level so that there is no strain or pressure on your neck. For this kriya. And a time comes when we are able to perform an unusual feat. In the beginning you may feel some pain or heat in your head but do not worry. gradually we start experiencing peace of mind. In Middle tratak sadhana. focus your eyes and attention on either the flame of a lamp (which is lit by the oil of black sesame) or on a crystal shivlinga. But what is tratak sadhana? It is defined as focusing your attention with concentration on a point or on the flame of a lamp continuously. close your eyes for some time and then again repeat this kriya (process). If you get a burning sensation in your eyes. Benefits: Improves concentration. Benefits: With this yogic action you can hypnotise any person who is very far from you. as it will normalise gradually. and thereafter we start getting rid of unwanted thoughts. But when we attain tratak sadhana. It will also help in building your confidence.How does tratak sadhana affect us The flow of thoughts in our brain is an on-going process. It will even take away negative thoughts and desires from your mind and will give you peace. without blinking. Outer tartak sadhna can be performed at anytime of the day or night. where Lord Shiva’s third eye is located. intelligence and patience. Try to keep your entire attention on this point. With this process we start gaining more and more energy. 80 per cent of our energy is wasted and our central nerve system loses its balance. It also increases your working efficiency and the ability to read others’ mind.

Keep negative thoughts and lust away from your mind. While practising. Sit on a blanket in sukhasna or sidhasna and keep back. Rules of suksham pranayama: Sit in sukhasan without any body movement and take in and release long deep breaths slowly. It will be better to start trarak sadhana after this. patience and concentration. Always practise in a closed room and be by yourself. It is effective if practised at a fixed place and time. 6. neck and spine straight. If your mind is not peaceful or comfortable. For tratak sadhana: 1. 9. Benefits: Helps in getting rid of mental disorders and improves motivational power and foresight. . heart diseases. Sit like a statue. do not move your body. leprosy and eye diseases should not practise tratak. Leave all addictions. Do suksham pranayam before practising tratak because this sadhana requires mental peace. 7. Out of the three ways of practising tratak. choose the one with which you feel comfortable. This has to be done for 21 days regularly for 15 minutes a day. you cannot be successful. Those suffering from tuberculosis. moon. Those who have a weak eyesight cannot perform this. 3.object like the sun. stars. Try to spend more or equal time in this sadhana as you spend on the first day. 4. With suksham pranayama you can control your mind. 5. 8. Do tratak with dedication. 10. 2.

Avik I am 36 years old with Myopia (-4 and -3. baldev Any one can learn and do tratak you donot have to keep eyes open and stare at anything distant or near .6).11. Choose any one of three kriyas and practice it continuously for three months. Share on Tumblr Share 28 Comments 1. 12. preferably white.look at the center stage between your eye brow feel pulsation there and continue Reply 2. raj kumar as per guideline it was said that tratak should not be done by person having eye disease pls clearify which disease u mean whether low vision comes under this disease Reply . Can I do Tratak? Reply 3. Practice after taking bath and wear loose clothes.simply close your eyes and fix all thoughts on the center of the eyebrow and observe the in coming and out going breathe and sit like a stone do not move or scratch yawn and cough or birp .

Prashant Duragkar I had done almost all types of tratak sadhana its amazing Reply 5.4. If I want to practice all of these. Reply 8. Aur hypnosis me interested hu.koi muje sikhayega ya fir ahmedabad me iski class chalti he to mujhe batao plz. rajendra vyas let me practice first from today Reply 7.7-8 din se kar rHU KOI MUJE TRATAK SIKHAYEGA …. Aur me roj tratak karta hu. You mentioned about Inner. All of these have their own specific benefits. what should be the order and the frequency of the three. Dr. Mid and outer Tratak. naimeesh plz teach tratak – me diye ke samane 35-40 minit sadha karata hu . 9662673484 Reply 6. Devang Me 15 years ka hu. MO . I will wait for your reply to start my practice. Sumit I wish to start practicing the Tratak as I am a lot of time consumed by unnecessary thoughts and hence unable to focus compoletely on work at hand.

Shipra . swami ram bharti I would like some changes in the method of Tratak.e. Reply 11. sunil sharma can we use any mantra while doing inner tratak i. put it aside & bring the inner eye (the sakchhi) on the fore and look gently with your sakchhi on the third eye without blinking your eyelids. naimeesh me diye ke samane 35-40 minit sadha karata hu . Dr. Rather than concentrating on the third eye with your mind( the drasta). consentrating between forhead and same time chanting mantra Reply 13.7-8 din se kar rHU KOI MUJE GAINAN KASO …. Raj How can you hypnotise others by this kriya???? Reply 12. MO 963 88885628 Reply 10.963 88885628 by: naimeesh Reply 9. This gives an accelerated result.

Reply 18. des dereglements totales etc….its fells verry better. RANGANATHA . thanks a lot for the information. I learn very much from this. D´autres parlent de mystiques après l´ouverture . Reply 14.. Thank you Reply 17. Rupali Hi. or after 2 hrs of taking food…is that true.où est la verité built our internal power. Andre Je te remercie sur la sujet de Tratak Yoga .as I heard it should be do before 2 hrs. prem thanks sir .It is realy very iteresting.? Reply 15.Can i do this Kriya with black Bindu ? Please guide me. savita thanks a lot to giving the tratak details . Mais quels sont les dangers d´ouverture du troisième oeil ? On parle surtout des avantages mais quels sont les inconvients ? IL y a des gens qui parle des troubles mentales .It is not only an exercise.. Reply 16.I wanted to know there is any restriction about food.ou contact avec l´autre monde ? etc… alors .

Thx for your gyan abot tatak.In a day how many times i can do the tratak prayog ? Secound question is reason of countinues eyes open water is runing so after this prayog can i wash my eyes? Third question is when can i realise i get sucsess in tratak plz replay i will wait .Dear Sir.way to acheive the gods grace Reply 21. (The One) willing to Destroy the evils Great…n …. Rao Reply 19. Amit Dear Sir. Thank you very much for giving details of how to do Tratak Sadhana. Kindly guide to me for tratak meditation. sanjeev Kumar Respected Sir. Thanks very much for the message on thratak yoga Reply 22.Perfect…. Reply 20.because in my both eyes have small catract from my birth and i am wearing glasses from past 10 years. Harish Gupta Hi. i have some question i can see the lamp with my open eyes more then 35 minit.

surya narayana The information given by you is simply informatic and it creates more intrest to know about yogaprakriyas.Regards Amit Reply 23.and I will pray to god you go ahead in this way. a well wisher thanks for providing good and correct information…………. Mayuresh This is really Knowledgeable information for all Reader Regards. Reply 24. Reply 27. Rajeesh Very nice Reply 25. Reply .I am thankfull to you. Mayuresh Reply 26. mitul Good One.

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