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The in vogue nature of solar contact for increasing good health, increasing bodily and mental
strength and therapy for Prana Energy intensification and soul uplifting is as ancient as human
birth. In virtually all religions of the world at some time or the other a widespread popularity of
solar meditation and worship has been noted. The chief reason for this is that the sun joins our
daily living in a very intense manner.
As per scriptural utterances right from the direction, management and control of activities and
functions of creation of life on earth to development and post death be it in a direct or subtle
manner, is going on thus because of the sun. The sun is said to be the fount of manifestation of
the 5 elements that create the body. The most potent amongst the 5 material elements is air
which if gets tainted or distorted results in weakness and various diseases. Lest if by controlling it
optimally in order to render it terrifically powerful not only can we live a very long healthy life
but that right from attaining Ridhi-Sidhis (Divine Powers) to the opening of the gates of heaven is
The Vedas ordain us to perform solar meditation in order to attain Ojas, Tejas, Brahmavarchas
(Divine Aura). In Yajurveda (chapter 13, Mantra 43) it has been said that one must worship sun
or Savita since it is the witness of all good/bad actions performed by every human being. None of
our activities or behavior remains hidden from the sun. The visible and invisible rays of the sun
after piercing all problems and walls, gathers news of every particle of the world. This is also a
scientific fact. Man either directly or indirectly remains in contact with solar rays because the sun
is the very eye of the world.
In both the material and spiritual realm all Rishi texts are full of the all pervasive nature of solar
meditation/worship and benefits accruing because of it. In Skand Purana (Kashi Khand, 9/45-48)
there is a description of attaining fruits of the 4 categories viz. righteousness, wealth, desires and
salvation via solar worship. Solar worship helps us attain wealth, good food, long healthy life,
son, animal wealth, all sense objects, heaven etc. In Rigveda there are many episodes of solar

meditation wherein prayers are sung for liberation from sins, disease free life, long healthy life,
attaining happiness, destruction of ones enemies, warding off poverty etc. In Mantras of Rigveda
(9/995/6 and 90/37/4) and Yajurveda (20/30) etc the sun is said to aid in overcoming bodily and
other problems, warding off sins, overcoming dangerous situations, saving us from ill fame and
bestowing development and prosperity. In Yajurveda (5/33 and 8/40) it is said that Savita leads
the devotee to the Devyaan Marg and render him/her divinely radiant and supreme in all ways.
In the chapters 29-30 of Brahmapurana looking upon the sun as the supremely great deity it is
said that other demigods are the suns light manifestations and it is said that when one
worshiping and meditating on the sun offers anything to sun god devotionally, the latter gives
back the same to the solar devotee in manifold measure. Followers of the Solar Sect and devotees
of Super Power Gayatri even today worship the sun in its 3 forms. At sunrise in the form of
Brahman and its divine energy, at noon as Maheshwar and at sunset in the form if Vishnu it is
worshiped. The sun oozes with incomparable imaginative power, inspirer of Sidhis (Divine
Powers) inspirer of actions of all and one who bestows a great sharp intellect. In Yajurveda a
wonderful description has been given regarding the suns beautiful radiant form. The Rishis by
bringing it to the level of actual experience have described benefits that accrue from it. In
Patanjali Yoga Darshan it is said that by focusing on the sun one gets wisdom of the entire
cosmos. Even during ordinary programs of spiritual practices if one does Tratak (one pointed
gazing with eyes open) on the sun or else by meditating on the golden rising sun the devotee
attains the divine 3rd eye with the help of which if one sees anyone one can gauge that persons
material nature and all incidences that have taken place in his/her life. One can also thus attain
knowledge of far off objects, incidences and subtle movements taking place in the womb of
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By meditating/worshiping Savita deity (sun) one can fulfill ones desires. A lot of proof regarding
this can be found in scriptures of yore. In the history of solar meditation one finds mention of
famous episodes like Lord Rama gaining victory over demon Ravan and Samba getting liberated
from the leprosy disease. In the Mahabharat epic while mentioning siring of a son via solar
worship it is described that mother Kunti who worshiped the sun very devotedly attained the fruit
of bearing a son called Karna who was born with an armor and earrings on his body. King
Ashwapati by meditating on the sun regularly sired a daughter called Sati Savitri. This daughter
later married Satyavan who with her power of intense penance forced Yamaraja the lord of death
to give back her husband live who had just died. The great poet seer Kalidas in his wonderful
literary work Raghuvansh has mentioned about Seeta doing Tratak on the sun when she was
dwelling in exile in the forest. Over here it has been stated that Seeta sent a message to her
husband Lord Rama that after giving birth to her children in the womb she would meditate on the
sun so as to do austerities with one pointed devotion as a result of which she could again become
the wife of Lord Rama in her subsequent birth.
JAIN RELIGION: Very much akin to Hinduism in Jainism am Buddhism ever since they came
into being solar meditation has been in vogue. The proof of this is solar images found in caves of
Bodh Gaya, Bhaja and Orissa. In Jain Agamas especially in Surya Prajnapti there is mention of
wisdom wealth to be attained with reference to the sun. Similarly in the Agama scripture called
Bhagwati many such incidences have been detailed from which it becomes clear that many
applications of Munis spiritual life are related to the sun. They believe that due to proximity to
the sun if one imbibes its energy augmentation of strength and radiance in the body, Ojas and
Tejas (divine aura) is seen along with Prana Energy becoming very potent. In order to attain
divine aura (Tejas) in Jain scriptures ordain devotees to do austerities facing the sun for 6
months and thus imbibe brilliant solar aura and energy. For warding off dire reactions of actions
performed and augmenting ones aura and halo one meditates on the sun or its brilliant rays.
IN GREEK PHILOSOPHY: According to the renowned thinker AB Keith solar meditation is
believed to be very ancient in Greek Philosophy. The famous philosopher Galis too has
emphasized on the above observation. The Greek philosopher Empodils says that it is the sun
who is the creator of this world. He has described the sun as the root fount of fire. Even today in
Greece during marriage functions the solar verses or Mantra are chanted. In Rome Sunday is
believed to be very holy and it is believed that worship and meditation done on this day gives
more beneficial results. According to the great philosopher Theodosian on Sunday one must
abstain tasks of dance, musical instruments, music, theater, circus and other forms of
entertainment along with gambling, court cases etc.

The illustrious philosopher of China called Li Ki in his book Ki Ao Teh Seng opines that the root
basis of astrology and astronomy is the sun only. He calls the sun son of heaven and by saying
that it is the giver of day, knowledge and science has worshiped it.
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Similarly in Islam by looking upon the sun as a center (ilm ahkam an najum) it is meditated upon
and worshiped. As per data unearthed by great historians Emperor Akbar was a solar worshiper.
Daily by facing the shining sun he would chant the 1000 names of the sun (Surya Sahasranam)
and offer worship to it. He had given a command that in his kingdom daily in early morning
hours, noon, sunset and at midnight (totally 4 times) the sun should be worshiped and meditated
on. Greeces Emperor Alexander too was a solar devotee.
In Christian Religion solar worship has an important spot. Regarding it in Christian scriptures
(New Testament) a detailed description regarding this is found. Since Sunday belongs to the sun
the latter is given a lot of importance by Christians for worship practices. Saint Paul opines that
this day rendered holy by the sun it is expected that a lot of charity be given. Christians believe
this is a very sacred day to worship Lord Jesus Christ.
While describing the deep import of the sun in Sandhyabhashya it is said that worship of the sun
that creates all animate inanimate beings of the world destroys all our sins. It leads our intellect
towards the path of divine greatness and truth. The sun is called Savita since it gives zest gives
mobility to the world awakens farsighted discrimination and sacred inspiration. In the Super
Mantra Gayatri one is exhorted to daily worship that unseen energy principle embedded in the
He used to call the sun as the greatest Sanyasi. According to him the sun is the one that illumines
everything, giver of sacred inspiration and one bestowing life force. It carries out the task of
giving light of wisdom to all and thus this light is the greatest teacher/Guru of the world. By
seeking its shelter man can ward off dark spiritual ignorance and 3 fold sorrow. By taking
recourse to divine wisdom and farsighted discrimination man can walk on the path of spiritual
glory and can also become the lord of material grandeur or Ridhis and spiritual wealth.
Meditation and concentration on Savita deity or sun which is the infinite storehouse of
knowledge and science is very helpful in worship and other rites.
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The arrangements of the marriage of Princess Sharifa Salva, daughter of Malayas King
Parmesuri Agong were going on with great pomp. The marriage program was celebrated with
grandeur. But on the day of marriage it rained very heavily and everywhere there was flooding of
water. Now what was to be done about the marriage? A Tantrik female called Nidan Rehman was
invited with royal honor and she was requested to show a way as to how this rain could be
stopped. As a result it was amazingly seen that although it rained in that region yet in the area
where the marriage was to take place not one rain drop poured down. Thus the marriage festival
went on unobstructed. A similar incident took place in that country in the year 1964. In those
days the nations sports team had come to play cricket and a big crowd had arrived to watch the
match. Again as luck would have it intense raining was noted. Dark clouds loomed large over the
city of Kuala Lumpur. Now what would happen to the game? Since the play ground was soaked in
water it would take days to dry it. In order to solve this problem the authorities thought of taking
help of well known Tantriks. Hence the chief of Malaya Cricket Association requested the well
known Tantrik of Remvau to help them. The Tantriks methodology of solving the problem was
mind boggling. A sort of invisible umbrella hung above the cricket ground and hence although
heavy rains were seen outside the ground not a drop of rain water fell on the ground.
A 3rd incident too has been the topic of discussion at the international level. The shooting of a film
called The Year of the Dragon was going on. On the day when the main scene was to be shot it
started raining cats and dogs. On this occasion too help of a renowned Tantrik called Abdulla bin
Omar was taken and thus the film shooting area was rendered devoid of rains.
The chief of The Royal Astronomical Society and other important officials have written details
about the stupendous art exhibited by Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm. The world famous inventor of
radiometer and one who deeply researched into thelium and golium Sir William Crookes had
minutely studied the skills of Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm but did not find any wiliness in it.
Amongst these skills are rising high up in the air, walking in air, catching hold of burning coal in
ones hands etc. Sir William Crookes was a great well known scientist/chemist of his times. He
minutely searched the hands of Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm but did not find anything there. Holms
hands were delicate and soft. Then while Sir Crookes was watching intently Mr. Daniel Douglas
Holm took a very fiery burning coal from a furnace with his bare hands and continued holding it
for some time. His hands were devoid of any bruise including burn marks, boils etc.
In Report of the Dialectical Society Committee of Spiritualism even Lord Adare has described
Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm. Lord Adare said that along with 8 other people he was present in a
sance. Not only did Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm hold burning coals in his hands but made others
too hold them in their hands. Seven of them without getting burnt at all held these burning coals
in their hands. Amongst these 4 were women. Two other people could not endure the burning.
Lord Adare has written about many such other experiences which throw light on Mr. Daniel
Douglas Holm possessing Extra Sensory Powers (ESP) and that he had contacted subtle unseen
energies. Amongst these observations is the fact that in a room filled with people, various objects
getting rattled simply as per the will of Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm, objects like a chair or table
hanging in air 4-6 feet above the ground and that these kept hanging in air as long as Mr. Daniel
Douglas Holm wanted them to hang. Further if one even shook this table hanging in air things
like a piece of quartz, paper, pencil etc kept on it would not fall down on the ground and
remained put at their place on the hanging table.
Sir Crookes has described things like a beautiful hand suddenly appearing, that hand pulling rose
petals from the rose attached to the coat button of Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm, some objects
moving on their own, bright clouds appearing in their midst, then these clouds getting converted

into a hand and on touching this hand one experienced intense pain, sometimes heat and
sometimes coolness.
Americas well known psychologist Dr Ralph Alexander after awakening subtle energy could
either dispel dark clouds or create dark clouds as per his will. For many years he practiced
concentration of the mind so as to influence creation/destruction of clouds. In the year 1951 in
Mexico City within 12 minutes created clouds in the sky that had rain water. At that time many
scientists and other scholars were present. Although there was difference of opinion amongst
them regarding Dr Alexanders miraculous powers yet everyone accepted that when in the sky
there was not even 1 rain cloud yet within 12 minutes many rain clouds did gather and that a few
rain drops did fall on the ground.
Hence Dr Alexander decided to experiment once more in such a way that no doubts would
remain. He hence told the audience that one of them must choose a particular cloud from many
dark looming clouds and that with his power he would remove it from that place. For this in a
place called Ontario Aurlea an exhibition was arranged on 12 th September 1954. Amongst those
who had assembled to watch this miraculous feat were about 50 scientists, journalists, leading
authorities of that city etc. Especially the city mayor was invited so that none could doubt the
success of this exhibition. Arrangements were also made for the fact that when the clouds were
dispelled very powerful cameras would click this scene. This was required because many felt that
Dr Alexander used mass hypnotism techniques to exhibit his psychic powers whereas in reality
the clouds never moved from their original position. Thus mans mind would get deluded and
hence if powerful automatic cameras clicked the scene no doubt would remain in anyones mind.
Cameras click only those scenes which its eye witnesses through the lens. A local newspaper
called The Daily Packet and Times published the events that took place later:
When people gathered Dr Alexander told them to choose a cloud on their own which they wished
to remove from its position. There were many clouds near the horizon. Between these the blue
sky too could be seen. Amongst these clouds there was a thin one but which was very dense and
was situated steadily in its place. This was the cloud which people wanted to see moved from its
place. Many cameras clicked photographs of this particular cloud.
Dr Alexander did Pranyam (Yoga breathing exercises) for some time and did Tratak (focusing eye
sight on a particular object without winking) on that very thin cloud strip. Suddenly a strange
change was seen in that cloud. The thin strip of cloud started widening and then started becoming
thin. The cameras were on and every second a photograph was being clicked. Minutes passed by,
the cloud started becoming thinner and its density too started decreasing. Slowly it appeared as
though someone was separating cotton strings from one another. Within 8 minutes everyone saw
that thin cloud totally disappearing from the sky whereas clouds surrounding it were in their
original position.
Everyones gaze was mind boggled. But Dr Alexander was yet not satisfied. It could be that some
people believe this feat to be a chance incident. Clouds are known to form and later break up too.
Hence he asked the assembled crowd there to choose another cloud and thus cameras now
focused on this new cloud. On that day this feat was executed 3 times and all 3 times Dr Alexander
successfully removed the clouds chosen by the crowd. When the films from the camera were
developed the clouds chosen by the crowd were clearly dispelled by Dr Alexander successfully. At
that time leading newspapers published the news of this feat as headlines on the front page.
In America this science is called Psychokinesis or PK and those deeply studying it proclaim that
after a certain time span not only dense clouds but that other objects too can be moved about at
A great miracle man of England Robert Hudchi celebrated his 100 thbirthday. He was said to be an
extraordinary personality of his time. During his lifetime Englands famous newspaper The daily
Mirror had cast many aspersions against Hudchis miraculous powers and they doubted his
prowess. Robert challenged all such critics as a result oif which at the time of experimentation he
exhibited a marvelous feat wherein Robert was tied tightly with heaven chains yet he broke them
with ease in 2 minutes as though they were made of cotton and freed himself without much
problem. He was then shut up in a room that was locked from outside yet with ease he came out
of this locked room. He was then shut up in a dark tunnel which was sealed tightly from both ends
yet Robert came out of it with ease. How was all this made possible? This mystery will unfold in
the will written by him during his birth centenary celebrations for the benefit of all.
In the streets of Varanasi (India), roams a naked Yogi. Householders are upset at his naked body
yet the police do not detain him. Varanasi police were hence criticized a lot hence at last they
approached the naked Yogi with an arrest warrant and locked him in prison.
Around 8 police personnel were told by others that the Yogi was seated at Manikarnika Ghat on
the Ganges shore. This was the hottest summer month of May where it is difficult to even move
out of the house. The police were wonderstruck to see this naked Yogi sitting on a rock that was as
hot as a hot pan used for cooking food yet they had to catch hold of him. The Yogi seeing the
police approaching him smiled as though he knew their intentions very well. Along with this he
was so beyond all worries as though he was the lord of Varanasi and hence fearless. A miniscule

police officer endowed with government authority does not fear anyone hence how could a great
Yogi endowed with great spiritual and divine powers fear anyone in the cosmos? Yet such great
Yogis like playing pranks like small children because divine bliss attainment is the supreme goal
of their life. Hence is it amazing that this great Yogi called Tailanga Swami desired
straightforward child like joy via various divine sports as mentioned above?
The police were standing barely 2 yards away. Tailanga Swami got up and ran to the River
Ganges. The police ran after him. Swamiji jumped into the river. The police did not want their
uniforms to get wet and hence did not jump into the river. Instead they surrounded the area
where Swamiji had jumped from. At some point in time this sage will come out. An hour passed
by, 2 hours went by and the third hour too passed by but there was no sign of Swamiji. The sun
was now setting in the west. It is said that in the river water itself Swamiji sat submerged in
trance or Samadhi. For this he had already thrown a huge rock in the river water and it is said
that whenever Swamiji dived in the river he would sit under water on this rock for hours in
No one had seen Tailanga Swami eating anything yet his age was said to be 300 years. Even today
in every home of Varanasi one finds incidents of such miraculous kinds narrated about Swamiji.
Despite not eating anything every year his body weight increased by 1 pound. At the time when
the police ran to catch him, Swamijis weight was 300 pounds. Despite Swamiji being so obese
bodily the police could not catch him. Ultimately when the dark night arrived the police thought
he must have drowned. Hence although the police left that place to attend to other matters, the
lay public stood there watching all this. Even then Swamiji did not come out of the water.
Again next day in the morning the police arrived at the river area. There Swamiji was smiling so
sweetly as though in his life there was nothing else but divine bliss. Energy after all is energy and
in this world only its bliss prevails. It is least amazing that Swamiji was immersed in the bliss of
divine energy gathered by him via Yoga practices. Again when the police ran to catch hold of him
Swamiji rushed towards the river and shouting aloud to a boatman headed towards the opposite
shore he again dived into the river. People were hoping that like yesterday even today Swamiji
will hide under the river water and just like frogs under mud and bears of Uttarakhand (India)
bury themselves under snow without breathing in the same way Swamiji too will sit in trance
submerged in the river. Yet just as an air plane flies in air carrying such a heavy load by balancing
itself on 2 wings similarly Tailanga Swami ran in the river water in such a way as though he was
running on land. Before the boat reached the other shore of the river Swamiji had already landed
Swamiji sure must have known that the police troop is very harassed hence again he appeared on
Manikarnika Ghat and voluntarily allowed the police to arrest him. Hanumanji had destroyed all
weapons of demon Meghnad but when he saw the Brahmastra weapon he voluntarily got tied up
with a rope. It seems that Tailanga Swami too did not wish to disrespect social norms and rules
yet it was necessary to exhibit the fact that spiritual powers are n fold more potent than material
powers. It was hence that 3-4 times he escaped arrest by the police force and finally sat unmoving
very quietly as though he knew nothing. After handcuffing Swamiji the police locked him in
prison. At night the inspector of police slept deeply because finally he succeeded in arresting
Tailanga Swami.
The following incident has been taken from a book called Mysteries of India and its Yogis
written by Louis de Carte. A traveler from France called Carte unearthed many strange
happenings in India by travelling there in every nook and corner. The famous Indian Yogi
Paramhansa Yogananda in his book Autobiography of a Yogi page 31 has also described this
It was morning time and a cool breeze was blowing. The police chief went towards the jail but his
body started sweating profusely. At that time he saw Yogi Tailangaji zestfully roaming on the
terrace of the jail. The jail doors were closed and locked properly. Hence how did the Yogi
manage to climb on to the terrace? The police chief thought maybe the lower official had
unlocked the jail door for the Yogi. When the official said that the door had not been unlocked
even for one moment the question arose as to how the Yogi came out of a locked door? The
official knew this was because of the greatness of Yogic powers but the police chief refused to
accept this. Again the Yogi was locked in the prison. The lock on the door was sealed tightly.
Surrounding this area many police personnel were placed on duty and the chief himself decided
to sleep there with the keys in his safe custody. Next day he woke early to see how the prisoner
was. The jail door was locked and sealed too. Police personnel were guarding the jail too yet
Tailanga Swami was seated on the terrace practicing Pranayama. The police chiefs eyes popped
out in dismay and ultimately decided to release Tailanga Swami.
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It is said regarding Tailanga Swami that just as after you add a drop of water to a vessel of boiling
oil its heat converts this water into steam immediately in the same way while Tailanga Swami ate

poison one does not know what kind of fire was there in his body but immediately the fatal
quality of the poison disappeared into thin air. Once a person acted wickedly and taking a vessel
full of lime water to the revered Yogi said: O sage! Take this vessel of pure milk. Swamiji
immediately picked up the vessel and drank all its content. But next moment the person who had
brought this lime water started yelling in agony. He fell at Tailangajis feet and begged
forgiveness. Only then his agony and burning stomach sensation subsided. Tailanga Swami said:
Dear brother! It is not my fault. It is Newtons 3rd law of motion which says every action has an
equal and opposite reaction force.
Mans body is like a machine, vital force/Prana is its energy, fuel is its power and mind is the
engine and driver. Any extraordinary task can be carried out with its help. Via material science
with the help of the body many extraordinary tasks can be enacted. But all these energies and
capabilities are present in Yoga Science and Yoga practices and only those with apt spiritual
credentials attain them and benefit from its joy bestowing nature.
Scientific journals published in English like Nature and New Scientist is world renowned. Its
editing and publication is carried out by world famous scientists of high caliber. Descriptions and
data published in them are said to be based on sound scientific research and full of logic and
proof. In it was also published scientific proof based description of Extrasensory Powers in the
body of Urigellar. He is only 60 years old. He was born on 20 thDecember 1946. His mother was a
German. When this young man was studying in Cyprus he found strange activities within his
personality and without any embarrassment he told his relatives about this. When he went near
clocks the latters needles would move about on their own by leaving their appointed place. In
front of school students via only his eye vision not only bent objects made of metals but also broke
them apart.
In open fields without any veils or curtains or any other miracle mongering has helped people
overcome all doubts via many exhibitions. If someone doubted that he was using tricking powers
he would give them a chance to test his ESP powers in the way they wanted to test. He has never
studied nor experienced miracle based tricks. He does not know the skill of hypnotism or
mesmerism. Whatever he does is as clear as daylight for all to see. In experiments conducted by
Stanford Research Institute and in the august presence of high stature research scientists he has
passed all intense tests. In the presence of well known journalists of Germany and England he has
shown his ESP skills and various television channels have also highlighted these feats of his.
Urilgellar can throw his consciousness to far off places. He knows in what state that region is in.
not only this but that he can as proof bring objects from those places. When he was told to go to
Brazil and get some object from there he did exactly that and along with describing the
contemporary situation there he brought a bundle of notes of Brazilian currency.
Urilgellar was supposed to meet 2 scientists of Philadelphia in their chamber. The names of these
famous scientists are Arthur Young and Thedbastin. After meeting these 2 when he went to the
lower floor a heavy idol kept in a room in the floor above came down and sat on Urigellars
shoulder. In the year 1971 he had gone on a trip to Sinai dessert accompanied by a New York
resident called Puhrik. The shutter of the movie camera belonging to Puhrik was mistakenly left
behind in America. As a result while clicking a photo dust gathered around the lens and thus it
became problematic. Urigellar asked him where the shutter was placed and in a flash that shutter
was transported from America.
On being questioned Urigellar said that this power or potential he has got without any effort and
unasked. For exhibiting this potential he does not have to make use of any Mantras, mediums etc.
at the time of visualizing the invisible in order to focus his vision at one point he raises an
ordinary curtain and on it he sees scenes passing by as though he is watching television.
He was also very well known for bending or breaking objects made of metals kept on tables
merely by focusing his gaze on them. These powers he can exhibit for hours at a stretch. In the
year 1969 he asked someone to bandage his eyes firmly and after sealing them from above, he had
driven a car on the roads of Israel.
His power to visualize invisible things too is mind blowing. His mother was immersed in
gambling. When she came home Urigellar on his own would tell her how much cash she had won
or lost.
Many a times his extrasensory potentials (ESP) were tested in the presence of big groups of
scientists and research fellows and he passed all such examinations with flying colors.
This incident took place on 25th March 1909. The grand master of the Science of Psychology Freud
was requested a meeting by his contemporary psychiatrist Carl Jung. The topic of discussion was
Super Mental Energies and Powers. Freud did not have faith in the existence of such special
psychic powers. Jung who had faith in such powers exhibited his prowess in a special way.
Objects placed in Freuds room started shivering in such a way as though a cyclonic storm had
entered his house. In the cupboard where Freud stored his books a sound of crackers bursting
was heard. Freud was just spell bound by all these happenings and immediately accepted that
indeed there are extrasensory powers hidden in this world.
The above incident has been described by Nandor Fodore in his book Between two worlds.

These incidents are such which a few people may have seen visibly. Yet for the majority these
incidents regarding psychic powers are mere tales or faith based miracles. There could be a group
of people who are such that they will label such incidents as baseless and unscientific. This can
only happen when such people are totally unaware of the science underlying the reality regarding
incidents of extra sensory potentials or ESP. those who have even minor knowledge of the Science
of Vital Force or Prana and the subtle body which is created by it will never call such ESP
capabilities as blind faith or unscientific. The energy underlying these ESP miracles is so potent
that any other worldly miracles pales greatly.
If via a glass lens solar rays are focused at one place fire sparks erupt from there. Fire, energy and
electricity are present in light and everyone knows the importance of these forces. It is the
miracle of rays that it can tell us which inner bodily part has deteriorated. Everyone is aware of
potency of X-rays.
For the first time in 1964 American scientist Dr Charles Town proved that light is more
extraordinary and miraculous. In the red oxide of aluminum one can also find a little bit of
chromium. Via this red oxide he converted ordinary rays into laser rays tremendous energy
manifested from it. Just as due to goalless thinking and wild imaginations no great task can
succeed in the same way light particles that get scattered roam about aimlessly and very weakly.
But when Charles Town focused them at one point its untold energy manifested. Today these
focused laser rays are looked upon as the 8th wonder of the world. For this stupendous feat Town
was honored with the Nobel Prize. Although in 1960 a scientist called Theodore Simon had
unearthed these laser rays yet he did not get the Nobel Prize because he could not pinpoint their
utility value and application.
America has designed such a technology which via 1 laser ray generates 5 billion watt electrical
energy. What is simply amazing is that these rays are very thin and miniscule. In order to control
these rays that are spread out and in order to focus/concentrate them at one point such a glass
lens is made use of whose diameter is as tiny as 1000th part of a centimeter. If it is made even
more subtle and tiny its energy and power can be that much more terrific.
One can identify this energy from the fact that if carbon in order to be melted and converted to
steam takes hours on end by ordinary means, laser rays can do this in 1millionth part of a second
i.e. carbon can be converted to steam in that time span which is beyond human imagination. This
is like a miracle and it forces us to think that when not only Indian Yogis but that realized great
saints of other countries in a flash can help people overcome diseases, via mind boggling powers
of Maran/Mohan/Ucchatan/listening to far off sounds/seeing far off objects, is it not possible that
human consciousness is also making use of that light principle?
Diamond is a very hard ore. It is very difficult to cut it. Laser rays can cut diamonds in 1/50000
seconds meaning if 50000 diamonds are kept in one row and from one of its ends laser rays are
allowed to enter them then in 1 second 50000 diamonds can be cut. A big stick of wood with a
diameter of 100 inches takes many hours to cut into 2 pieces but laser rays can cut it in 1/7
The benefit of this focused controlled light energy can be seen in eye operations wherein not one
surgical instrument was made use of. In this method light rays are made to enter the eyes and it
performs the most subtle operation. It is said that in the Mahabharat Era such weapons existed
which were operated using machine power and they worked according to ones will power but that
its gross form could never be seen by human eyes. These invisible weapons were called Narayan
Astra, Pashupat Astra, Sudershan Chakra, Varun Astra etc. Up till now maybe the principles
behind Mahabharat Era energies were looked upon as overstatements but today laser guns have
proved that such technology and Sidhis or Divine Powers are not the figment of wild imaginations
but are very factual and real. It is said that whoever bowed his/her head in front of an attacking
weapon called Brahmastra it would not kill that person. Such technology/weapons appear beyond
ones imagination but laser rays have such special qualities wherein guns made from lasers pierce
balloons made of all colors except red color. Lasers are attracted by red color and hence instead
of attacking red colored objects they remain serene and docile in front of them.
Regarding the great commentator of Mahabharat War, Sanjay it is said that he had attained Yogic
vision. His 3rd eye had awakened. According to Indian Spiritual Seers if we focus our psyche on
the Ajna Chakra situated between the 2 eyebrows one can spread it as electromagnetic waves and
send them anywhere. In this way one can carry out miraculous feats like gaining knowledge of far
off objects, predicting the weather, hearing far off sounds and other such extraordinary acts. This
was proved on 21st July 1969 when Americas rocket reached moon manned by a human. Its very
efficient commander Neil Armstrong placed a laser machine on moon after landing on it. With
the help of this technology by making its single ray into a medium akin to a wire one could
converse from both ends. Further weather could be predicted, the distance between
stars/galaxies etc can be measured and photos of far off regions can be clicked. Today lasers can

be used in medical therapy field in such a way which can be given the form of technology based
The light energy of laser rays is even more potent than atomic bombs. It is believed that in a short
time Science of Light will transform the methodology of industry management, social lifestyle
and culture. None should least be amazed by all this. Light can be used to unearth secret thinking
of peoples mind too.
In Nighantu (5/6) Sthaniya 31 there is a description of demigods. All these divine energies have
been partitioned from one conscious existence. Light is but a form of root consciousness and
many of its other forms have not been unfolded by us till today. The day we attain its complete
knowledge for a creature living in any corner of the world will realize that the entire cosmos is
but a global village wherein there are only few buildings and very few known villagers reside in it.
In the human body resides such an existence called Prana or vital force. Bodily heat, magnetism,
aura, attractiveness are its manifest qualities. In its un-manifest form in the subtle body made of
vital force based waves like laser rays many potent powers dwell on attaining which man can
become the lord of the world and living God. Miraculous incidents written in previous pages are
but feats of this potent energy which is attained either via spiritual endeavor (Sadhana) or due to
Gods grace.
In Yoga Science there is a detailed description of 8 Sidhis or Divine Powers attained via spiritual
practices which are Prana based and these are Anima (rendering the body weight less), Garima
(rendering the body very heavy in weight), Laghima (rendering the body tiny in size), Praptya
(easily attaining objects that are difficult to get), Prakamya (fulfilling ones desires), Ishatva
(omniscience) and Vashitva (subduing others under ones control).
Western scientists have unearthed certain extrasensory powers (ESP) which they have
categorized in 4 ways:
Clairvoyance which means attaining that knowledge of objects or incidents which is
attained without the ordinary means of unearthing information.
Knowledge of future events without use of ordinary means.
Attaining knowledge of the past unknown incidents without using ordinary means of
doing so.
Telepathy wherein one transfers ones thoughts to others without using any
technology/apparatus and in this way also reading thoughts of others.
If the above classification is further deepened it can be portioned into 11 functions. Miraculous
experiences can be categorized in the following ways:
Without any means of knowledge attaining information regarding incidents taking
place in far off regions.
A person knowing the mental state and condition of another person.
Predicting future events well in advance before they actually take place.
Knowing the activities of dead souls thus one directly experiences their existence.
Children, youth or other people telling us those incidents of their previous lives,
which they have never been told about by any other person and which can be matched by us as
Via another person very casually manifesting ones knowledge or experience in such
a way which are different from his/her own potential and personality and which is of a higher
Ones body with ease manifests such energy which influences others who come in
contact with it a great deal.
One possesses such terrific will power that highly impossible tasks are executed very
facilely like a divine sport with its aid and via ones zeal miraculous feats are enacted.
By contacting invisible souls one can attain extraordinary cooperation and help from
10. One can give curses and boons which influences other people and objects for a long
time span.
11. One gets the power to enter the body of another via the soul.
The basis of all these Sidhis or Divine Powers is Prana Sadhana or vital force based spiritual
practice. On its basis the Pranamaya Kosha or vital force sheath of the human body is rendered
advanced, controlled and made use of. These facts till today may be based on deep faith but
modern science has now commenced accepting these spiritual truths and is also researching into
them. Vital force is such an energy which if activated totally, man can become the master of those
Divine Powers/Energies which are but miracles for ordinary world humanity.
AUTHOR: Shriram Sharma Acharya founder of the International Gayatri Family was a great Yogi
seer and incarnation of God who wrote volumes of scientific literature mainly on spiritual
subjects for world welfare and peace. For more scientific e literature pls
visit www.akha and DESCRIPTION: Free e-books on Chakra Meditation-ESP,
Nirvikalpa Samadhi or Thought Free Trance, Attaining Ridhi-Sidhis or Divine Energies, Future

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uniting the world peacefully as a family. Ours is a strictly non-commercial website which aims at
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