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Laghu Pranpratishta Vidhi:(The shortest way to energize

any yantra, rosary etc)

This is my first post on the practical, ritualistic part of our religion. This post is about energizing
any yantras, rosaries and stones. This is the most brief way of energizing or doing a pranprathista and its
through Kaulachar. Kaulachar has a long way of doing it but still one can get the same benefit with this
procedure too.
Imagine you get an initiation of a Mahavidya and after reciting a certain amount of mantra you flow it in
the river and someday you feel like doing the sadhana again then normally you buy energized yantra and
rosary. If you are ok with the expense then its alright but if you think like me that spending extravagantly
on something when it could be easily available is simply a bad idea.So we should find a way for it and
this is where this post comes handy and people have made a business out of it. Feel free to use it and
also spread the knowledge too so that people wont make money out of you for such a simple step.
Please follow the procedure :

Please take a quarter tea spoon amount of water or the water of the
achamani in your palms and then recite:

(om asya shri pran prathista mantrasya aam vijam hroum shakti kroum kilakam mama yantrasya pran
pratishtapanarthe jape viniyoga)

Leave the water on the ground and then recite 1 round rosary of ( i.e om aam hrim kroum).
After this do panchopchar pujan (worshipping using gandha(scent), pushpa(flower), dhoopa(incense),
deepa(lamp) and naivedya(food offerings) of whatever you want to energize whether it be idol, yantra,
stone, pendant etc
Then take a panchapatra and put add 2-3 drops of ganga jal on it, tie mauli around it and in four corners
of the panchapatra put tilak. Take a flower, (i prefer sunflower) or a durba and give 51 chita of ganga jal
water by either durba or flower to the yantra or the one that you want to energize with the following
(Om aam hrim kroum iha prana ihagacha ihatista)
(for mala and remember to give chita to sumeru)
(for eg kalimata yantra pran pratishta)
(substitute the name of the devi in kalika for another goddess pran prathistha)

Then after this wipe the yantra or the mala and then its ready for use. Its a very simple ritual,
any person can draw a yantra on a paper and energize themselves and do the sadhana instead of
wasting money buying the things again or you can check this video of Mahayogi Satyendra Nath Ji
Maharaj for further information that is given above for reference.

its the same process, in the viniyoga section replace yantra with or and the mantra
becomes /
and later you can use the last two mantras for pranprathista, if you want to
energize the idol of a female god follow the above mantra and for a male deity it will be like this:
(Shiva) (Vishnu) Drake