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Alcoholics suffer from a physical disease.

Know the facts.
Alcoholism is a disease that affects
the mind and body.
People may become alcoholics if they consume 2. Can you drink more than your companions
alcohol and develop a physical and emotional without feeling a buzz or having a hangover?
3. Do you find yourself drinking alcohol more
An alcoholic’s body processes alcohol differently frequently throughout the day, week, or month?
from a non-alcoholic’s body.
4. Have people approached you with concerns
Alcoholics’ bodies adapt to allow them to drink about your drinking?
greater amounts of alcohol.
5. Have you ever felt embarrassed or ashamed
Alcoholics must drink in response to a physical about your drinking?
*14 million people in the U.S. abuse alcohol or are
Alcoholics may feel sick when they do not drink. alcoholic. 1 in every 13 adults is affected.*
Source: National institute of alcohol abuse and alcoholism
Web site @

Know the effects.
Know the signs.
Signs that you should be concerned Why you should be concerned.
Alcoholism can cause a person to feel out of
1. Do you feel sick when you go without drinking
alcohol? Alcoholism can decrease the joy once felt for every
day life. recovery group meeting to increase your hope and
chances for success.
Abuse of alcohol can cause serious medical
problems that may lead to death. Enroll in a detox program.

Alcoholics have an increased risk of depression, Health care professionals can provide medication
anxiety and other mental illnesses. and counseling programs to ease the symptoms of
Alcoholism can lead to suicide.
Join a support group to ensure a successful
*In 2000, there were approximately 85,000 deaths recovery when you leave any program
attributable to either excessive or risky drinking in the
U.S., making alcohol the third leading actual cause of *700,000 Americans receive treatment for
death.* alcoholism everyday.*
Source: Center for Disease Control Website @ Source: National institute of alcohol abuse and alcoholism
Mokdad A, Marks J, Stroup D, Gerberding J. Actual cause of death in the Web site @
United States, JAMA 2004;291:1238-1245.

Know how to stop. Know how to live.
You can stop drinking You can live without alcohol

Surround yourself with people who will Establish healthy daily routines
support your efforts.
Dispose of all alcohol and remove any items that
Attend an Alcoholics Anonymous or other addiction might increase your urge to drink.
Assume responsibility for your physical and mental Develop skills that could open up new opportunities
health and happiness.
Share your achievements and become a role model
Bath and dress each morning so you look and feel for the successful recovery of others.
your best.
Attend support group meetings and form
Eat well balanced meals throughout the day to friendships with sober people who will support your
maintain your energy and decrease cravings. efforts.

Get plenty of sleep each night to allow your body Take advantage of social activities that support
and brain time to rest. groups may offer.

Clean and organize your home to reflect your
change in lifestyle. Celebrate your personal accomplishments!

Fill your time with new and rewarding Know where to go for help.
experiences You are not alone

Emergency assistance and information
Develop hobbies and get involved in activities in an
environment free of alcohol.
National Alcohol and Substance Abuse
Volunteer to help others Information Call Center
24 hr hotline for treatment programs AA Massachusetts
1-800-784-6776 (617)-426-9444
24 hour hotline for detox centers
SMART Recovery (Self management and recovery training) (A non faith based support group for addicts and alcoholics)

To find the shelter nearest you contact:

Massachusetts Coalition for the homeless Use your insight to guide your quest for a new life.
Acknowledge the strength it takes to achieve
Massachusetts Housing & Shelter Alliance sobriety.

Aid for endangered or battered women can be
found by calling Safelink at 1-877-785-2020

Support Groups

Alcoholics Anonymous
(A faith based support group for alcoholics)

AA National