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Republic of the Philippines

Caraga Administrative Region

Division of Butuan City
Los Angeles National High School
Los Angeles, Butuan City
Third Periodical Examination in T.L.E
I. Choose the correct answer from the given choices and write it in your paper.
1. A tool that is used to push back or loosen the cuticles.
a. Cuticle remover
b. nail file
c. cuticle nail pusher
d. emery board
2. An implement that is used to shape the free edges of the nail with the coarse side and
bevel the nail with the finer side.
a. Nail cutter
b. nail file
c. nail trimmer
d. nail buffer
3. The equipment which is used to sanitize or kill bacteria or micro-organisms in metal
a. Hand spa machine
b. buffer
c. solvent
d. sterilizer
4. The implement with pointed and rounded ends to remove excess polish.
a. Orangewood stick
b. nail file
c. nail buffer
d. emery board
5. The electronic gadget which is used to soothe pain of arthritis, muscle spasms and dry
skin of the hands.
a. Sterilizer
b. foot spa machine
c. hand spa machine
d. manicure
6. Differentiate sterilization with sanitization process.
a. Sterilization is the process of destroying all the micro-organisms while sanitization is
the process of destroying some, but not all micro-organisms.
b. Sanitization is the process of destroying all the micro-organisms while sterilization is
the process of destroying some, but not all micro-organisms.
c. Sterilization and sanitization have the same function; to destroy all the microorganisms.
d. Sterilization and sanitization are processes that have no effect when being
7. The following are the steps on preparation of metals implements for sterilization except
one: write the letter that is not belong to the group.
a. Soak the tools/ implements in hot, soapy water solution to remove any debris and oil
residue. Rinse them thoroughly.
b. Place the tools/ implements in a 70% to 90% alcohol solution for 20 minutes.
c. Remove the tools/ implements from solution, wipe them dry, and place them into a dry
d. Then, place them into the jar filled with 70% to 90% alcohol solution.
8. What to do with the implements/ tools/ equipment before using them to your costumer?
a. sterilize or sanitize them first
b. put them in a dust proof container
c. wipe them dry and arrange in a trolley
d. do not remove them in its places
9. Nail care, once considered as luxury for the few or as a mark of distinction between the
rich and the poor, is now within the reach of the general public, why is it said so?
a. Because everyone may learn on how to do the nail care
b. Because nail care in salon is cheaper and affordable
c. Because everyone is required to do the nail care on their home
d. Because you could be a manicurist or pedicurist if you are willing
10.Why we need to keep metal tools/ implements inside the dust proof cabinet after being
a. To keep it clean and avoid contamination for the next costumer.
b. To keep it free from rust and dust.
c. To maintain its durability and free from rust.
d. To preserve its beauty and durability
11.What do you think is the best reason why we need to dispose our wastes in a trash bin
with cover?
a. For sanitation and safety purposes, also clean surroundings
b. T o make the parlour pleasant to the eyes of the costumers

c. To attract more patron and passersby.

d. For the benefits of the costumers and workers.
12.Why is it important to observe safety rules in the salon?
a. Because it is the best thing for all
b. To keep the personnel and the costumers away from dangers or accidents
c. To lessen the tasks and responsibilities of the workers
d. To let the costumers feel comfortable
13. All beauticians should maintain a high standard of personal hygiene. Wherever possible,
use disposable products. From this statement, why it is said that as much as possible use
disposable products?
a. Disposable products could be reused after cleaning it well.
b. Disposable products are used once and thrown after, so it may not be a carrier of
c. Disposable products are comfortable to use because these are light weighted.
d. Disposable products are made of colourful a material that is why it is nice to look at.
II. Direction: Write True if the statement is true and False if the answer is wrong.
14.______ Tools which are made of metal should be kept clean and sanitized properly in
preparation for the next client.
15.______ The hand and foot spa machines must be kept dry after disinfecting them.
16.______ Tools/ Implements which are made of porous materials such as nail files, buffers,
nail brushes and orangewood sticks cannot be sterilized. These tools should not be reused.
III. Direction: Arrange the following steps on how to do the pedicure by putting the number 1, 2, 3
on the provided space.
17.______ Place a tissue or disposable pedicure mat on your lap to catch any nail clippings or
filings. 3
18.______ Prepare the tools, materials and equipment neatly on a trolley. 1
19.______ Place towels on your lap; one is for your lap and the other is for drying the patrons
feet. 2
IV. Direction: Identify the following implements by choosing your answer on the box
Manicure Pillow



Foot Spa Machine

Manicure Tray

Foot File

Toe Separator












Direction: Elaborate the following statements. (3 points each)

26.Why is it necessary to sterilize/ sanitize the implements, tools, or materials before using
them with another costumer?
27.What do you think is/ are the reasons why people go to the salon or do manicure,
pedicure, foot and hand spa at home? What is the importance of having it done?
28.How often does a beautician sanitize her hands? Why?

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