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Institute of Te

Subject: Supply Chain Management


Evolution of SCM, essential features and functions,

SCM and Indian infrastructure, Various flows (cash, value and information),
key issues in SCM , Drivers of SC performance, Structure of Supply chain, Pull
and push based supply chain

Efficiency vs responsiveness, Identifying appropriate pull and push strategies,

Achieving strategic Fit
Case Discussion

Session delivered by
(mention Guest faculty
from industry or academics

Inventory, costs associated with inventory, Inventory control models, EOQ ,

ABC analysis, Buffer stock, lead time analysis, re-order level, methods to
improve inventory management

Numerical problems on Inventory management

Bullwhip effect
Supply Chain Management Simulation Game

Purchasing - centralised vs decentralised, Warehousing strategy, Just in Time,

Mr Pankaj Kumar Singh,
Kanban , Vendor Management- Risk portfolio, selection, rating and development, Manager (Purchase)
UFLEX Ltd, Noida
Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Case, article discussion and presentation

Logistics cost, different models, Inbound and outbound logistics, Third Party
Logistics (3PL), Fourth Party Logistics (4PL), Logistics scenario in India,
Transportation in Supply Chain, Modes, cost, Design options for a
transportation network, Trade offs in transportation design

Case, article discussion & presentation


Supply Chain Integration and role of IT, Green Supply Chain, Demand Chain
Management, Reverse logistics


Case, article discussion & presentation

Institute of Technology & Science, Ghaziabad

PGDM (2014-16) Trimester - III

Case Study

Pre - reading Material( books /Ebsco

reference /Weblinks /Others)

Rethinking the Supply Chain by Rajeev

Singh & Suneetha Nagaraj, Indian
Management, January,2011


Session Assignment

Lecture and article


SWOT analysis of Indian


Issues in Supply Chain Management by

Douglas M. Lambert & Martha C Cooper

Case on Walmart

Lecture, Case
Chapter 1 & 2, Supply Chain Management
reading and
by Sunil Chopra, Meindl, and Kalra

Marks of assignment

Oiling the Chain (Emami) by Sayantani

Chapter 6
Supply Chain Management by D K
Agrawal (Macmillan)

Lecture and article


Group Presentation: Take a

company/ Industry of your
choice and make a presentation
on supply chain practices of the

Group (3 students)
Assignment : Presentation of
Article from Ebesco

Numerical exercise

This Supply Chain Management

Simulation Game, inspired by the Beer
Game (conceptualized by the MIT Sloan
School of Management).

Purchasing must become supply

management by Peter Kraljic, HBR
Making supplier relationships work by
A.T. Kearney

Video Case on

Online simulation
Game in Computer

Logistics players are ramping up services

Chapter 11
Supply Chain Management by D K
Agrawal (Macmillan)

Mini Project on supply chain

practices of a given company

Key terms in SCM

Online Quiz
Mid Term Exam


Chapter 14, Supply Chain Management by

Sunil Chopra, Meindl, and Kalra

Case on Dell

Indian SCM: A Reality or chimera, by

Karunesh Saxena, Indian Management
Game changing trends in Supply Chain
First Annual Report by the SCM faculty at
the University of Tennessee, 2013
Chapter 16
Supply Chain Management by D K
Agrawal (Macmillan)

Case on Marico

Session Learning Outcome

Understanding of Supply Chain of a company, role of a Supply Chain

manager and status of Indian Infrastructure.

Understand the difference between efficient and responsive supply

chain and the trade-off between push and pull based supply chain.
Understanding the Supply Chain practices of walmart.

Examine the role and position of inventory in SCM. Understanding

contribution of inventory management in minimizing total cost.

To enhance decision making skill about inventory control and

management regarding when to order and how much to order. To
improve analytical ability.

To learn the basic principles of Supply Chain Management (SCM)

and appreciate the challenges faced by Logistics managers in a
variety of businesses.

Understand the impact of purchasing on organisation's performance.

To understand key operational practices in Supply Chain. To
understand trade offs between single vendor and multiple vendors.
To develop mechanism for vendor rating.

To compare the logistics scenario in India with other countries.

Managing obstacles and enabling coordination in supply chain. To
know transportation system and how it affects a supply chain.
Designing transportation network for various businesses

Understanding role of IT in improving Supply Chain effectiveness.

Understand various dimensions of web based supply chain
integration and emerging IT tools. Understanding contemporary
practices in Supply Chain Management.