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World History Pre-AP – Duez NAME________________________________ PD

Chapter 12 “Renaissance & Reformation” Time: 2 Weeks
Big Ideas and Questions:
1. How do the ideas of the Renaissance also influence the ideas and birth of the Reformation?
2. What was the impact of the Reformation on life today?
3. Does a struggle still exist today between secularism & humanism and the purposes and direction of the
Student-Friendly Learning Target Statements
• The Italian Renaissance introduced Europe to a secular worldview and a boom in artistic and
intellectual development. Intellectual change led to Christian humanism and, finally, the Reformation—
Knowledge a break with the Catholic Church and the birth of Lutheranism.
• The crusades brought new wealth through Italian port cities. The Italian Renaissance was a rebirth of
“What I need the ancient Greek and Roman worlds.
to know!” • The power of the church declined, a new view of human beings emerged – one of individual ability and
human worth.
• Nobility became more sophisticated – although they were still born into a noble family, one had to
develop military skills and classical education as well as follow a certain code of conduct.
Renaissance dowry Jan van Eyck
Petrarch Dante Michaelangelo
Albert Durer Leonardo da Vinci Cosimo de Medici
Lorenzo de Medici Niccolo Machiavelli Mona Lisa
• Christian humanists believed in the ability of human beings to reason and improve themselves. They
wanted to reform the Catholic Church through developing inner piety.
• Martin Luther came to reject the Catholic teaching that both faith and good works were necessary for
salvation. He believed human deeds were powerless to affect God and that salvation was through faith
“What I can alone.
do with humanism indulgence salvation
what I predestination John Calvin Henry VIII
annul Ignatius Loyola Charles V
• Humanism was a key intellectual movement of the Renaissance, focusing on the study of the ancient
Greek and Roman classics. While early humanists emphasized solitary learning, fifteenth century
humanists stressed intellectualism in the service of the state. Humanism encouraged the use of classical
Skill • Protestants “protested” the Catholic Church policies of indulgences and believed that the Bible, not the
Targets Church, was the only source of religious truth.
“What I can
• King Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife, but the pope was unwilling to annul his marriage. Henry
demonstrate. broke away from the church and created the Church of England.
” • Division in Protestantism appeared in Switzerland under the leadership of Huldrych Zwingli and then
John Calvin. Calvinists’ belief in predestination spurred missionaries to spread their faith.
fresco Martin Luther Desiderius Erasmus
Edict of Worms mercenary Charles I
Secularism Baldassare Castiglione Edict of Worms
Product Lutheranism Protestants Queen Elizabeth I
Targets Explain these statements:
“What I can 1. “As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the soul from purgatory springs!”
make to 2. “Erasmus laid the egg that Luther hatched.”
show my

Questions are due on Monday, Feb. 1st 6. p. 387 #5
7. p. 387 #7
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5. p. 386 RC 1 Vocabulary Quiz on Tuesday, Feb. 2nd
Test is Wednesday or Friday, Feb. 5th