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The best way to prepare
and for the Formula SAE competition
Western Section
organizes a
5 Day Certificate Course
in association with
OptimumG, USA
ARAI, Pune

8th – 12th
March, 2010

5 Days of shared knowledge and experience with
a renowned race car engineer and FSAE Judge - Mr. Claude Rouelle

“I feel that I learned more in Get a head-start as you begin to design your car for the Formula SAE competition.
those three days than I had The course will be presented by the experienced race engineer and OptimumG consulting
learned the entire semester. company owner, Claude Rouelle.
I've read several books on
vehicle dynamics and To register for this course, please mail your name, college, SAE Membership
instrumentation but none of Number, Contact Details and Demand Draft (details on next page) to:
it really clicked for me until I
attended the seminar.
All in all it was the best class, Mr. Sagar Murugkar
dollar for dollar and word for SAEINDIA Western Section
word, that I've yet taken in C/o, ARAI,
my collegiate career.” Post Box 832, Pune 411004.
S.No.102, Vetal Hill, Off.Paud Road,
Kothrud, Pune - 411 038.
Scott Race Tel. 020- 3023 1136 /1245 Fax. 020-25434190
UMR FSAE Email :,
Team Secretary & Drivetrain
Design Leader
Be sure to register soon as seats are limited!

The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) is the nodal SAEINDIA is a premier professional society that serves the Mobility
center for research and development in automotive engineering. Engineering Community engaged in design, manufacture and
The main objectives of ARAI are:
service of self propelled vehicles and systems that move in land,
 To carry out sponsored R&D work along with development and
sea, air and space. Its vision is to continuously enrich knowledge
certification testing.
 To prepare and harmonize automotive standards. base of practitioners in mobility industry and institutions in the
 To disseminate information and create a forum for knowledge service of humanity.
Please visit for more information. Please visit for more information.
What is discussed?
Claude Rouelle  Tire. Tires are the only elements of your race car in contact with the ground.
Understand why and how much of the grip, balance and performance of a car is
Claude Rouelle is a high decided by the contact patches and deflections. This section of the seminar also
performance race car designer covers tire data collection, analysis and how to use tire data in the race car
and research and development design and setup.
engineer with over 30 years of  Aerodynamics. After a review of aerodynamics basics, this section focuses on
experience in design, test and the understanding of aero-maps, wings, gurney flaps, static and dynamic ride
racecar engineering. He holds height settings and how to integrate them into the design of a suspension.
Master Engineering Degree  Kinematics. This part of the seminar will explain why wrong kinematics cannot
from Institute Gramme, Liege, be “patched” by spring, antiroll bars and shocks. In addition, why, from the design
to on-track testing and racing, the kinematics definitions and understanding are
Belgium and 25 years of race
essential to the efficiency of race tires. This chapter also explains by example the
engineering experience in F-1,
essential differences between kinematics and force roll centers as well as
CART, Indy Lites, Formula 3,
kinematics and force pitch centers.
ALMS, NASCAR, European &  Steady State Weight Transfer. Understand step by step the weight transfer
Japanese Touring Cars & calculation in steady state and the notion of transient weight transfer. This
Australian V8 Supercars. He is chapter also focuses on the influence of tire vertical stiffness and chassis torsion
an acclaimed International stiffness on the weight transfer distribution as well as the interdependence of roll,
teacher and has hosted Racecar pitch and yaw inertia. You will get guided exercise on weight transfer calculation
Dynamics & Data Acquisition under combined lateral and longitudinal accelerations.
Seminar supported by MoTeC,  Shocks, Ride and Transient Weight Transfers. After a brief description of
has conducted over 200 dampers technology, this part of the seminar will focus on damper settings
seminars with thousands of influence on tire load, tire load consistency and racecar performance. A practical
satisfied attendees and also guide and guided exercise related to spring and damping calculation as well as
dozens of in-house engineering choice and fine-tuning of these suspension elements will help you to
seminars for major considerably diminish the amount of time spent in testing and makes sense of
corporations engaged in simple simulation tools.
motorsports. In 1997, Claude  Data Acquisition. This seminar section describes both technical and practical
created OptimumG, a aspects of data acquisition used to measure and develop racecar and race driver
consulting company that performances. This knowledge will help the engineer to appreciate the
challenges and the satisfactions he faces with data acquisition system
teaches racecar engineering
understanding, choice, installation and calibration as well as efficient data
and data acquisition to
analysis. The seminar presenter will focus especially on mathematical data
individuals and small groups
analysis and their direct application on race driver performance and racecar tire
through seminars organized performance and endurance evaluation.
worldwide. He also organizes  Car design, tuning modification and chassis setup. Several young and
seminars for companies like experienced racecar engineers went through this part of the seminar telling that
Ford, GM, Daimler Chrysler, they got many new ideas, new engineering principles and new perspectives
Goodyear, Michelin, AP Racing, related to car design and testing. The participant will receive a lot of practical
Dynamics, and several high information and many perspectives on in-shop and on track car setup. The “tips
performance and racecar and tricks” focuses on engineering and constitute a practical application of the
component manufacturers. vehicle dynamics knowledge taught in the previous chapters. The “tips and tricks”
focuses on engineering and constitute a practical application of the vehicle
dynamics knowledge taught in the previous chapters. And anything else you
About OptimumG wish to discuss…

OptimumG is an international A comprehensive, well-organized proceeding containing more than 500 pages of
vehicle dynamics consultant explanatory text and illustrative diagrams will be given to each participant. Several
group that helps automotive and examples of setup, data, and practical experience will also be shown and given as
race car teams to enhance their illustrations. Whether this is your first or thirtieth year in racing, this seminar will
understanding of vehicle help you start out the competition armed with the information you need to help
dynamics and data acquisition you every step of the way.
through seminars, consulting and
software development. For more REGISTRATION FEES and MODE OF PAYMENT
information, contact OptimumG. Send a Demand Draft in favour of
“The Automotive Research Association of India”,
payable at Pune.
OptimumG LLC Total Registration Fees
Category Fees (Rs.)
8801 East Hampden Avenue. including 10.3% Tax (RS.)
Suite 210 Non – SAEINDIA Members 22000.00 24266.00
Denver, CO 80231, USA
Phone 1 303 752 1562 SAEINDIA Members 20000.00 22060.00
Fax 1 303 368 0121 SAEINDIA Faculty Members 15000.00 16545.00
SAEINDIA Student Members 10000.00 11030.00
(Fees include 500 page proceedings, breakfast and lunch for all 5 days)