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Lesson 1

Meditation upon the
Mother Erath
Today we’ll sit on the Mother Earth
to meditate.

• Mother Earth is
our planet, the
Earth, where we
But not only this…
Mother Earth is all the time taking care

of us, every day she give us food -



different fruits
Vast fields, thick
• She creates for us
unusually beautiful places
which we can enjoy – wide
fileds, dense forests ..
The generous Mother

•Gives shelter to us.

•Allows us to
build our homes
on her.
•And make us happy by beautiful
sceneries during the different seasons.
Our planet is of a round

• We all know that
the planet Earth
has the form of a
globe, but people
living at the lower
part of the globe
do not follow down.
Gravitation = love
o t h e r
u s e M
b e c a
•It i s a n
h a s l i t y –
E a rt h l q u a
t i o n a t h at
p so
exce t i on – h e r
a v i t a u s b y
g r a c t s
a t t r e
sh e d l o v
r a n
powe h e rs e l f .
w a r d
t o
Mother Earth is taking care of us, her
children, but we are not even aware about
Meditation upon Mother

• Let’s put our
hands on the
Mother Earth.
Let’s close the eyes ..

“Mother Earth, thank
you for everything
you are giving us all
the time: for the
food, for your
Please, cleanse me from all ..

• “Mother Earth, please cleanse me from
every bad thing I have in me!
Let’s love the Mother
It’s very
important for us
to respect and
enjoy everything
that Mother Earth
is giving to us.
Let’s watch the
earth, the
flowers, the little
children passing
by, instead of
looking at people
walking in front
Let’s our Prayer be:

“Mother Earth,
forgive me that
I touch you with
my feet."