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Why we chose this company

Both of us have an NVidia graphic card, as we really like
how the products are from NVidia we wanted to know
more about the company NVidia.
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What is their core business?
 Graphic processing units (The GPU)
 Graphic Cards
 Mobile chips and car safety systems (Tegra)
 Motherboard chip sets

Who is the founder of the company?
Three people co-founded NVidia in 1993:
 Jen-Hsun Huang previously Director of Core Ware
at LSI Logic and a microprocessor designer at
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).
 Chris Malachowsky an electrical engineer who
worked at Sun Microsystems.
 Curtis Priem previously a senior staff engineer
and graphics chip designer at Sun Microsystems

Statistics and some facts

 Tegra 3 is the world's first quad-core mobile processor. more than 50 systems were powered by NVIDIA GPUs.000 annual turnover  7. allowed or filed  Their slogan is “The way it’s meant to be played”  Ranked #10 “greenest” company in America by Newsweek in 2011  NVIDIA’s latest class of GPUs have up to 7 billion transistors.  On the June 2012 list of Top500 supercomputers. enabling surgeons to treat patients by guiding robotic arms that predict and adjust for movement. Jen-Hsun Huang is co-founder. president and CEO  Listed with NASDAQ under the symbol NVDA in 1999  Invented the GPU in 1999 and has shipped more than 1 billion to date  3.  There are even parents that call their children NVidia  Every film nominated over the past three years for the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects was made using NVIDIA technology.800.500 employees worldwide  $4 billion in revenue in FY12  5.  Medical researchers at France's LIRMM use Tesla GPUs to "virtually" still a beating heart.000 patents issued.  Animal friendly anyone that is in the office of NVidia is allowed to bring their dog or other animal to work.068. .

which uses GT and GTS in front of the product number and usually cost between 100 and 175 dollar  Enthusiast. intended for high-margin PC gaming market. 2002 Geforce FX series. The name GeForce comes from a contest held by NVidia in 1999 called “Name That Chip”. Every product that came out belonged to a serie and had a number. Because this serie is 13 years old they have made a sub categories which gave the name an extra word. This serie begun on August 31 1999 were the first GPU’s that were designed for use on add-on graphics board. There were over 12. for example there is graphics card called the 9600GT which belonged to the 9 series. which uses GTX in front of the product number and usually costs more than 175 dollar. 2003 GeForce 6 series. 2000 GeForce 3 series. from motherboard-integrated GPUs to retail GPU boards. which uses G and GT in front of the product number and usually cost under the 100 dollar  Video games.What is their bestselling product? Their best selling product is The NVidia GeForce series. Later this product-line covered all tiers of the PC graphics market.       GeForce 256. 1999 GeForce 2 series. I will quickly tell you the series and when they were introduced. 2004 .000 entries which the name GeForce won. The categories are:  Business. 2001 Geforce 4 series. Multimedia.

And not to forget the GeForce serie will always exist as gaming will never end. Lars: I would like to work their. 2011  GeForce 600 series. On the other hand they have the Quadro and the Tesla serie which are high-end graphics cards for business companies which will always need these graphic cards. if it would be one that gets my interest and it pays well I would definitely want to work at NVidia. why or why not? Anand: It kind of depends on what kind of position I would be working at. you get to see all the new stuff and know everything about the company even the secret stuff and I think that’s pretty cool! . 2005  GeForce 8 series. This will remove management distraction and help the profits. Would you want to work at this company.5 billion dollar into NVidia. 2006  GeForce 9 / 100 series. 2008  GeForce 200 / 300 series. Intel will put 1. Not too long ago Intel and NVidia also made an agreement which will make their future much and much more better. Since 2010 have they been developing chips for phones and tablets which is the Tegra serie that is becoming much more popular nowadays. 2009  GeForce 400 / 500 series. 2012 What is the future of the company? NVidia has gone through some dramatic and bruising changes but their future looks bright. GeForce 7 series.