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2.gsf. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER AND NOTE DOWN YOUR LOGIN NAME AND PASSWORD FOR ALL FUTURE LOGGING INTO OUR WEBSITE. b. Enter your correct Mobile number and correct e-mail id because all messages will be sent to your mail id and to your mobile only. PAYMENT OF BOOKING AMOUNT FOR PISTOL : a. ONLINE BOOKING PROCESS 1. Wait for 2-3 working days.32" pistol: (i) Valid Arms licence with endorsement to purchase Pistol.000/. Visit any bank of your own e. GETTING REGISTERED WITH www.AND FINAL PAYMENT IS Rs. Create your own Login name and password. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS REMEMBER AND NOTE DOWN THE EMAIL ID THROUGH WHICH YOU HAVE REGISTERED YOURSELF. It is also requested to use a dedicated internet connection while making any sorts of transaction like placing order or paying online so that there submitted records are saved a.25.HOW TO BUY PISTOL HOW TO BUY PISTOL CURRENT PRICE OF PISTOL IS Rs. d. 88. Your user type should be Pistol customer. (ii) PAN card. IT IS ALSO SUGGESTED TO PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT ON REGULAR BASIS FOR CHECKING REGULAR UPDATES.515/[Customers are requested to use Internet Explorer 7 or later or Latest version of Mozilla Firefox as web browser for using gsf.32" PISTOL Customers (Indian citizens only) should possess the following documents for purchase of Click on the option New User Registration. and then check your mail INBOX or SPAM mail to get the activation message from GSF. c.515/BOOKING AMOUNT IS Rs. preferably State Bank of India and . 63.] ELIGIBILITY CONDITIONS FOR BOOKING 0.

Login into our website with your login id and password. Punjab & Sind Bank --. that the amount you pay should be exactly 25. then click on REPRINT OF RECEIPT OF ONLINE PAYMENT. i. 3121015420.Transaction number starts with SDC. GSF Branch. Please also fill up the correct UTR / transaction number.Transaction number starts with SM. and also please retain the original counter-foil of the bank deposit slip.Transaction number starts with SAA.] c. your pistol registration number will be generated immediately. This deposit slip is required at the time of pistol collection. 4. PNB --. Please note. Axis Bank --. After that. Canara / Syndicate Bank --. BALANCE PAYMENT . so you have to ask them the transaction number. you will get a mail in your e-mail inbox / spam mail about this approval. UCO/UBI --. please login to our website with your user id and password. and click on APPLICATION FORM print and send this printed and signed application form and all enclosures by Speed Post.Transaction number starts with SD. e.000/-. you will get a mail requesting you to pay the final payment towards pistol. b. b. 25.IN A SINGLE UTR in favour of General Manager/ GSF Pistol Account No. Click on 'Terms and conditions'. 3. Upload the arms licence and PAN card less than 100 KB size each. Wait for 2-3 days after payment. Gun & Shell EXACT AMOUNT OF Rs. Cossipore. h. Then change your password . ICICI --. directly to Marketing cell.Transaction number starts with SDL. and then Submit. Re-type the new password. IFSC : CBIN0283983. After successful submission. d. Please remember. c. Write the licence number and date of issue in the licence column of the application form. and click on "Submit". Eg. d. h. After some days. that our system does not accept UTR numbers of the following few banks. Dena Bank --. [Change of password is mandatory for every user while logging in for the first time.Transaction number starts with AXISF. Central Bank of India. g. Fill up the application form. Kolkata-700 002.Transaction number starts with P.000/. f. After approval. and not more or less than that. SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION FORM : a. for our approval. Ask the bank for the UTR number.

32") Basic Price 68800 Central Excise Duty @ 8256 . : Customers who has cancelled their order are requested to send their bank details for refund (Bank a/c no. Specification / Characteristics of 0. You will also get an SMS in the registered mobile number.32" Pistol Calibre 0. Height .44" approx. RH Action mm PRICE BREAK-UP FOR PISTOL AND MAGAZINE Product Name Price Breakup (in rupees) Civilian Pistol (0. c. IFSC code. please send an e-mail to marketing.a. 4. Now. Rifling 6 grooves spiral 1 in 16] For any pistol related queries or information.32" Magazine Box type capacity : 8 cartridges Barrel length 3.gsf@nic. A/C holder's name & Scanned images of Bank Deposite Slips) to marketing. b. Width . Please don't email to any other email id or call at any other number. This deposit slip is required at the time of pistol collection. . After 2-3 days. you will get a Priority number.B. You should pay the EXACT balance payment IN A SINGLE UTR in the same way as you paid the booking amount. enter this UTR number in the PAY ONLINE menu after logging into our website with your user id and password. You are requested to pay the balance payment only after you are requested to do the same. Immediately.105 mm. [N. Chamber Suitable for 0. Branch. wait for call-letter. d. simple Blow Back Dimensions Length . you should check your e-mail inbox /spam mail for the pistol collection dates.gsf@nic. CALL LETTER a. or you may contact 033-25575432. Regularly.32" ACP Rimmed Cartridges Weight of Pistol 680 gms Sight Fixed Safety On left side of receiver Trigger pull 5 to 7 lbs.158 mm.

Total Price (Pistol + Magazine) 12% of basic price Cess @ 2% of excise duty Higher Education Cess @ 1% of excise duty VAT @ 14.5% of Total price Total Price Rs.515/- 166 83 11210 88515 . 88.