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ERRATAS detectadas por los

usuarios de ENworld DEL

La gran mayoría de las erratas detectadas
alguno). Estos errores no se han incluido.
Otros errores son propios de faltas de
ortografía en inglés. Tampoco se han
incluido estos errores puesto que este error
se corrige en la traducción.
Hay otros errores que los traductores de
devir los han corregido al ser evidentes en
la versión inglesa. Tampoco se han incluido
estos errores.
error ha dado su
opinión. Los errores que tienen alguna
opinión personal son traducciones directas
de los usuarios de Enworld.
Al final se adjunta el texto en inglés
original por si hubiera alguna confusión.

p.205 Kelson es un mediano de tamaño
pequeño ya que cuenta con el poder racial
‘segunda oportunidad’ propia de los medianos.
Reemplaza “Humanoide natural Mediano, pícaro
humano” por “Humanoide natural Pequeño,
pícaro mediano”.
p.210 Añade el apodo de “Teldorthan,
Forjaférrea” en la primera frase debajo del
apartado ‘Gancho: piel de dragón’.
pegajoso’ en la estadística de los “2 Honderos
Kóbolds (Hn)” con lo siguiente: “A distancia
10/20; +6 contra Reflejos; 1d6+3 daño; el
termina).” (Esta estadística corregida se
corresponde ahora mejor con la del Kóbold de
la página 180 MM).
p.221 Añade el rango de páginas “60-69” en el
apartado ‘Rasgo del terreno’ de tal manera que
quede: “Rasgo del terreno 60-69, 110”.

110" with "terrain features.159 under 'Starvation. not as outlines of a campaign (which this blurb implies) [Bolongo] ✦ p. and can sometimes regain limited powers they’ve expended" [Simon Marks] ✦ p.-=Dungeon Master's Guide=- ✦ p. are able to use magic rings.217: the Kobold Slinger's Glueshot ability targets Reflex and doesn't deal damage. while in other descriptions (MM. p. replace "DC 20: The character notices the firing mechanisms in the .208: under 'Races'. 60-69" [mrtomsmith] ." [Hexdump] <added 13 June> ✦ p. in the 'Dwarf' section.145: under 'Campaign Handout' it says.205: under the 'Kelson' stat block replace "Medium natural humanoid.221: replace "terrain features. which would mean higher level characters could not survive as long as lower level character in the same situation (given the high amount of hit points compared to level at lower levels) [FabioMilitoPagliara] ✦ p. "This information sometimes interacts with other game rules.198: under the 'Defense' section of the 'Fallcrest' description it says.213: in the 'Dart Trap' stat block.168. "The Fallcrest Guard numbers sixty warriors (see the accompanying statistics block)". Thirst. just fluff [Bolongo] ✦ p.195: under 'Playing without a DM' replace “They doesn't need to be the same person” with “They don't need to be the same person” [bardon777] ✦ p. the referenced page only refers to handouts as props.206) and a Dwarf's overland speed (PHB.146: under 'The Paragon Tier' remove "are able to use magic rings" from "They can spend action points to gain additional effects. the dwarf armorer" [No Name] ✦ p." with "DC 20: The character notices the firing mechanisms in the suit of armor.261) it should only take three to four days to get to Winterhaven from Hammerfast [pukunui] <added 25 June> ✦ p. p. the dwarf armorer" with "The player characters are hired by Teldorthan Ironhews.202: under '14. You might want to revise it from time to time. there is no such block present [Darkness] ✦ p. under 'Perception'. "Keep a copy of the handout you made for your players (page 25). in the 'Dwarf' section. this page on the PHB gives no information on rule interaction with power sources. The Bluffs' replace “roll about 2d6 [ts] 10 feet" with “roll about 2d6 x 10 feet" [Canageek] ✦ p.188: under 'Warlord NPC'. on the Weapon Proficiency line.210: under 'Hook: Dragon Hide' replace "The player characters are hired by Teldorthan Goldcap. halfling rogue" [Henrix] <added 17 June> ✦ p. See page 54 of the Player’s Handbook for more information". human rogue" with Small natural humanoid. replace "a dwarf character could easily be a native of the city—perhaps a relative of Teldorthan Irontooth" with "a dwarf character could easily be a native of the city—perhaps a relative of Teldorthan Ironhews" [No Name] ✦ p. replace "military ranged" with "simple ranged" [Flazzy] <added 15 June> <WotC update> ✦ p.176: under 'Duplicate or Conflicting Monster Abilities' replace "See 'Bonuses and Penalties' on page xx of the Player’s Handbook" with "See 'Bonuses and Penalties' on page 275 of the Player’s Handbook" [Canageek] ✦ p. KotS) it targets AC and deals damage normally [godfear] ✦ p.191: under 'Doors' replace "Refer to page xx in Chapter 4" with "Refer to page 64 in Chapter 4" [Underage AOLer] ✦ p.182: under the 'Power Source' section of 'How to Read a Template' it says.208: under 'Races'. and Suffocation' it says PCs take damage from lack of food/air equal to their level. summarizing the major events of the campaign to date and adding hints of things to come".88: under 'Doomspore' replace "Level 3 Obstacle XP 350" and "Upgrade to Elite (700 XP)" with "Level 3 Obstacle XP 150" and "Upgrade to Elite (300 XP)" [OakwoodDM] <WotC update> ✦ p. as using the map of the area (p. "a week's travel" may be overdoing it.